Summary for Helphub Meeting August 22nd


The introduction pages for contributing to HelpHub, in the docs handbook, have been updated to help with onboarding new contributors, and a contributor document has been added to the project on GitHub.

General migration of documentation is moving along at a decent pace.


Input is being provided on the various visual elements of the project, and tickets are being created for tasks that need addressing in relation to this.


Documentation on code contributions is in the works.

We’re also looking into possibly having everything under a team as it can become messy to mix plugins and themes in one large repository, splitting plugins into separate repositories for management purposes would help with that and needs a team to keep track of the mall in one location (as a continuation on the sub-modules discussion form last week).


@kenshino, @milana_cap, @sergeybiryukov, @atachibana, @davidmlentz, @picturecities, @mapk, @clorith, @kafleg, @hugo-finley and @joyously attended.

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Summary for Helphub Meeting 15 August 2017


@kenshino @sergey @picturecities @davidmlentz @bravokeyl @aion11 @atachibana @mapk @andrealeebishop @joyously @clorith @milana_cap

Migration / Editing

Content is shaping up to a final state at steadily pace and can be released as is. Editing work on Helphub should be viewed as an iterative process. It is reported (by @atachibana) that HelpHub team has more than 3 active editors. @joyously pointed out that the migration workflow is hard to understand in Documentation Handbook – @atachibana @bishop will help to work on it.


Design is currently focused on UX, @mapk is doing marvelous job on reporting issues and proposing solutions. Aim is to get back to UX design once the UI gets to a level where developers and editors can actually use the site in a proper manner.. Testing UX with real users could give valuable feedback and @mapk volunteered to help with this.


Huge leap has been done since last meeting. Travis issues have been fixed and theme styles converted to sass partials for easier collaboration. All thanks to @clorith. UX issues are also started to be taken care of. It is noted that introducing sass and gulp can result in narrowing possible contribution to code due to lack of guidelines on how to use them.


GIT Submodules

It is suggested by @kenshino to use GIT Submodules as the method to pull in plugins that that are already pre-approved by or the Helphub Team (such as Jetpack, SyntaxHighlighter etc). This way these pre-approved plugins can skip Travis and reduce the complexity on the code base. Custom built plugins by our collaborators should still be submitted via the normal commit and subsequent code review process.


As proposed on last meeting, in attempt to move things forward Development team had first bugscrubs last week. Attempt seem to be successful which will be reported in separate post.

Conclusions / Tasks

It is quite unclear how to contribute to HelpHub team, or Documentation team in general. We want more people to be able to help…. Helphub so we’re working on the following tasks:

  • Better explanation of how to contribute to HelpHub with content – allocated to @atachibana and @andrealeebishop
  • UX testing with real users – allocated to @mapk
  • Detailed guide for contributing to HelpHub with code (including setting up development environment and using grunt, gulp and sass) – allocated to @clorith and @milana_cap
  • GIT workflow explained and documented – allocated to @kenshino

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The bug scrub transcript is available here.

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Summary for Helphub Bug Scrub 10 August 2017

First bug scrub for Helphub happened last Thursday – slack transcript available here.

Travis issues were major blocker for dev team and it was fixed by @clorith in #112. Huge enhancement in productivity is converting all theme styles into sass partials, also done by @clorith.

Closed issues

  • Table of Contents – #108, #6, #81
  • Links to translate Codex pages – #80
  • Search form in header – #110
  • Main menu styles – #106
  • Removed comment form – #107
  • Travis issues – #52, #103

All closed issues

Closed PRs

  • TOC – #102, #100
  • Contributing guide – #120
  • Links to translated Codex pages – #48
  • Search form in header – #117
  • Gitignore improvement – #121
  • Gulp modifications – #118
  • Style.css to SASS – #115
  • Grunt modifications – #116
  • Removed comment form – #113
  • Travis issues – #97, #104, #112

All closed PRs

Huge thank you to all who contributed, you’re megastars.

Another bug scrub will happen today, Thursday, August 17, 2017, 17:00 UTC in #docs channel and you all are invited. Here are issues we will discuss.

#bug-scrub, #summary

Summary for Helphub Meeting 8 August 2017


@milana_cap @sergey @kenshino @atachibana @mapk @kafleg

Migration / Editing

@atachibana reports that editing remains at an even pace.


@mapk has been tasked to create issues on Github for quick wins to getting the staging site to look…. proper. The whole ‘under construction’ look while backend work was being worked on and it was proving a distraction to those working on the project.

After the quick wins are covered, we will move on to proper UX design.


Fixes were being held back due to a backlog of Travis issues. @clorith volunteered to fix them.

To get away from the style.css conflict, it’s been decided to keep plugin styles within plugins.

@kenshino is to update the collaborator list to more accurately reflect the people working on the project.

@milana_cap suggested we create a fixed date where we do a quick bug scrub weekly.

Update: Travis issues are fixed and we’re back on track and the bug scrub happened on Thursday.


We spent a little bit time discussing on how to increase the quality of our meetings and get more participation.

It was noted that the following would help

  • Proper meeting summary to be written always, possibly to have this task rotated every meeting
  • More interaction between meetings – a bug scrub was suggested as one of the things we could do
  • Tasks should be properly assigned and documented (Development and Editing progress to be updated on Github and Trello respectively)

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives.

The bug scrub transcript is available here.

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Summary for Helphub meeting February 28


@clorith, @milana_cap, @mapk, @versatility

Community Summit

All Helphub team members are also automatically part of the Documentation Team. All Helphub team members are encouraged to submit nominations or their own names to attend the WordPress Community Summit 2017.

People who are interested in attending but find it tough to justify the financial burden it’d place on you or your family can look towards the  travel assistance programme.

In addition, we need list down some pertinent topics for work/discussion on during the summit. Take note that it is key that we raise these topics early to promote cross team discussions and collaboration. Topics have been suggested and listed on the previous Documentation Team meeting summary, all Helphub team members are encouraged to submit more topics for discussion, particularly ones that revolve around Helphub.

People who are interested in the summit are encouraged to speak to @Kenshino

Migration Updates

Looking at the docs spreadsheet, we’re down to 15 remaining articles (10 being re-written, and 5 in need of some last minute polish)

Design Updates

@Kenshino needs to get the key styles from (the new ones) applied to the Helphub site to get the work moving ahead. @versatility is eager to press on.

It is possible to get some tips on this via @obenland who has apparently done something similar with the wp-org learn child theme.


Developers are mostly waiting for design work to be take shape so that they can do the front end development. A fair bit of the backend work has already been finished.

Meeting time

A proposal has been put forward to move the meeting time back an hour to 1500 UTC. No disputes were made on this.

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Summary for Documentation Team Meeting February 16



@drewapicture @Kenshino @desrosj @hardeeparsani @cais @milana_cap @kafleg @mrahmadawais @juhise

Change of timing

We moved the meeting forward this time due to conflicting schedules. Apologies to those who were thinking attending it at the original timing.

We are perhaps thinking of moving it up 2 hours to 2017 15:00 UTC. What do you think?

General Updates

  • Helphub is moving ahead slowly.
  • Theme Developer Handbook was released
  • DevHub comments / code suggestions clearing is going too slow (@drewapicture will help to clear)

WordPress Community Summit 2017

The community summit will be held in conjunction with WCEU this year in Paris. The last time it was held alongside WCUS in Philadelphia in 2015.

The summit will be held June 13-14, preceding WCEU, June 15-17.

The Community Summit is less like an actual contributor day and more of an opportunity to discuss and make decisions and plans for your respective teams.

Typically, for instance, you’ll see the core team make roadmap-related decisions about what’s coming up in core development for the next two years. Talk about priorities, active projects, projects you want to work on, Very much like a retreat.

The Docs team launched the Plugin Developer Handbook, for instance during the San Franciso Summit in 2014

It usually proves to be very productive for every team that meets and has a presence. It’s also an opportunity to have discussions with other teams, especially for discussing cross-team projects like helphub (docs + support + meta), devhub (docs + meta), inline docs (docs + core), etc.

People attending

@kenshino, @drewapicture

People wanting to attend

@milana_cap, @atachibana

We would love to have more people to attend from the Helphub, Theme Developer and Plugin Developer Handbooks teams. If you are working on a documentation project for, or if you’re a documentation junky who wants to contribute, please let @Kenshino or @drewapicture know that you’re interested.

Attendance to the WordPress Community Summit is through nomination by the Make / WordPress team leads. We can only nominate you if you let us know you’re interested!

We will have to submit this by the end of February. Please let us know by then!

Summit Discussion Topics 

  • Game plan for recruitment
  • Onboarding Plan
    • We get a ton of people wanting to contribute but we have no established recourse for providing that access.
  • State of Doc’s Team (own) documentation
  • DevHub and Helphub translation Mechanism (Docs + Meta + Polyglots)

We would love to cover more in the summit, so please post topic suggestions in the comments!

WP CLI Code/Command Reference

We’ll probably be restarting devhub meetings soon, so for now, I’d say just leave the command docs in control of and we’ll look at short-term and long-term solutions to bringing those docs over.

The upside of wp-cli command docs is that they’re already written in PHP and use phpdoc to parse into the staticly-generated pages, so we might be able to fork the parser we use for the code reference.

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Summary for Helphub Meeting Jan 17

Migration Updates

23 articles left to get through with basic re-writes.

All work should be documented on Trello

Design Updates

As the design meeting was postponed due to schedule conflicts, there were no updates this meeting.

Development Updates

There are a total of 17 open issues still, most of which have to do with front end design that require decisions to be made by the Helphub design team.

Open Floor

Category Editors

There are only 2 category editors still, @normalize for ‘Getting Started’ and @atachibana for ‘Security’, we need some of the key editors that have been working on the project to take up the mantle.

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Summary for Helphub Meeting Jan 10


@chetansatasiya @wizzard_ @hardeepasrani @normalize @juhise @mitraval192 @afazalmultani @sagarprajapati @miyauchi @ramiy @versatility @carl-alberto @kailanitish90 attended

Migration / Content Updates


The preliminary (2nd time) categories that we’re going with are

  • Installing WordPress
  • Getting Started
  • Security
  • Updating your WordPress
  • Themes
  • Plugins


A glossary is being worked on and will likely use custom post types

Category Editors

@normalize will be Category Editor for ‘Getting Started’

Other editors are still pondering.

One-topic Articles

All articles should be on one specific topic only – I think it’s a good idea and this is how we’re separating the Security Articles. E.g. 2FA is one article instead of one sub section in a huge security article.
Editors should sort out articles into bite-able and functional chunks as a priority – In general think about what kind of things people would ask.
Guides are logical grouping of single topic articles. For example, a person looking into 2FA solutions for security, may also follow a guide that contains that information with other security recommendations. This does not however distract a person looking for specific information.
All work should be documented on Trello

Design Updates

Design meeting summary is available here

Development Updates

I believe we’re building some solid code now with @netweb, @miyauchi and a few others that are putting up Travis CI and writing Unit Tests.
@carl-alberto is working on the Category Widget
All development efforts are now being managed on Zenhub (an addon for Github). See this link to get started.
We need more developers so that everyone can have a bite size task. Not a full time job 🙂

Open Floor

A deeper discussion regarding the WP_Versions post type that houses all information about WordPress version was had with @ramiy, he will be submitting a pull request for review. In general, he suggests more information should be placed in meta fields so that it can be retrieved via the REST API.


Summary for Helphub Design Meeting Jan 10


@mapk @krogsgard @v @wizzard_ @versatility @Kenshino @hlashbrooke attended

User Personas

The initial overlook into understanding user motivations has led us to discover the possibility of a need for Guides. Guides are logical grouping of single topic articles. For example, a person looking into 2FA solutions for security, may also follow a guide that contains that information with other security recommendations. This does not however distract a person looking for specific information.

Components Inventory

We are working on on creating a list of components of Helphub so we’ll be able to create quick prototypes for UX testing


The team with @wizzard_ leading survey efforts will continue to work towards churning our surveys for both users and the Support Team. To better understand user motivations of course.

Information Architecture

Based on the quick general categories that @wizzard_ has created to categorise the articles, a proper IA is being built.

Style guide

While this is more related to content, each basic article should be written on one single topic. This is built to adhere to the known motivation of a user wanting specific information.


We are working on individual tasks via Trello. Join us there?

Moving ahead

We’re hoping to have some quick development tasks for the developers who are finishing up

Design Lead

A design lead will be nominated to head design efforts. Nominations can be made for self or others.

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Summary for Helphub meeting 3 January 2017


@aternus @wizzard_ @normalize @lumberhack @chetansatasiya @adamsilverstein @bhavesh @afzalmultani @clorith @Kenshino attended


@wizzard_ will come up with a list of suggested categories (top level at least) for teh next meeting

Ideally, editors should pick a category that they are comfortable with and specialise in it. A good example of this is the security category whereby @atachibana is working with @perezbox and @markm , security experts who’re able to offer real subject matter expertise.

Design Updates

We had our first design only meeting for Helphub and the summary is available here –
The design work will come up fast after we get the user research portion done, do read through the summary and please feel free to post thoughts in the comments.

Development Updates

Some development around getting Travis CI to work were done and more tests need to be created to get it up to scratch.

@lumberhack will be working on the autolinking function while @clorith is tasked to clear PR reviews.

Open Floor

Subscribe to Make / Docs – because pings don’t work now (properly) and we want everyone updated.

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