Summary for Docs Team Meeting: February 17, 2020


@kenshino, @wpza, @sasiddiqui, @atachibana, @milana_cap, @felipeloureirosantos, @bph, @leogermani, @estelaris, @nobnob, @sukafia, @tomf, @marcio-zebedeu

Facilitator: @kenshino
Note taker: @valentinbora

Actionable points

  • @everyone to review and give feedback on the Handbook refresh efforts here
  • @leogermani to spearhead Handbook refresh efforts, @milana_cap to help with feedback
  • @leogermani to open a ticket on Trac regarding #meta statistics and invite @kenshino to draw attention from the appropriate stakeholders
  • @tomf to audit content for outdated or irrelevant links and compile a list
  • @estelaris to write up notes from the WCVienna working session on classifying docs and post them on this site

Next meeting

Monday, February 24, 2020, 15:00 UTC on Slack #docs (follow here)

Handbook refresh

For the detailed document, see @leogermani‘s New Handbook pages on Google Docs.

@leogermani gave an update on the Handbook refresh effort and found out that the “Welcome box” is really outdated with confusing links, so he started a proposal to change that as well as give the Handbook a new home page with a short overview and links to more detailed pages

@leogermani also raised the issue about our internal codenames such as DevHub and HelpHub which can be confusing for end-users, so instead he decided in favor of using and, respectively

@kenshino agreed we should stop using codenames in public information and address them by their URL only or both codename + url.

@milana_cap mentioned that we might still want to explain our codenames on specific detail pages in order to help users find the appropriate Components on the Meta Trac when they wanted to raise issues vs.

@sukafia raised the vs. issue again (reminder: people confuse the two when looking for help, documentation)

@tomf added that they had the same issue during content migration where they noticed some content linking to docs when it shouldn’t have (we’re only concerned with here)

@kenshino asked whether we had a list of content that contains outdated or irrelevant links and @tomf answered that we didn’t. As such, @tomf agreed to lead the effort to audit content and compile a list

Open Floor

@leogermani was tasked with reaching out to #meta for statistics but didn’t receive anything back yet and doesn’t know who to specifically reach out to. @kenshino suggested to have a ticket open on Trac to help make it happen

@estelaris organized an interactive session at WCVienna this past weekend and together reviewed a series of articles and classified them with proper categories and subcategories

For context, there is an ongoing effort to reorganize documentation. For details, see Working File – HelpHub Article Categories

@estelaris mentioned that some articles didn’t have proper titles, other articles were (very) outdated and finally some articles were redundant in that they only linked to other pages

@estelaris agreed to @kenshino‘s invitation to write up some notes from the working session and post them on this site

@kenshino observed the efforts of @estelaris (Categorization) and @tomf (Content Audit) to be complementary and recommended they worked together

@kenshino mentioned that @coffee2code updated everyone with the appropriate Team and Contributor badges. Also, there’s a list of people that shouldn’t be holding a Team badge anymore due to inactivity


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Summary for Docs Team Meeting 20th January 2020

Facilitator & Attendance

Facilitator: @felipeelia

Attendance: @milana_cap, @atachibana, @marcio, @bph, @audrasjb, @tjnowell, @nullbyte, @pbrocks, @carike, @tomf, @kulsumsiddique, @nobnob, @kartikshukla, @estelaris, @kenshino, @clorith and @fierevere.

Note-taker: @audrasjb

Next week Facilitator: @kulsumsiddique

Meeting transcript on Slack

DevHub migration status

@atachibana shared some stats about this project: 322 of 1069 pages were re-routed from Codex to Code Reference, which is 30.1% of all.

This is one of the ongoing efforts of the Documentation team. If anybody wants to help, they can contact @atachibana via DM or via #docs Slack channel.

New contributors are encouraged to read this handbook page to learn more about contributing to HelpHub articles.

Discussion on the Docs team organization in general

As WordCamp Asia is coming, it would be nice to reach an agreement on two items: Team Workflows and Badges distribution.

Team workflow

It refers to reporting an issue about WordPress documentation. There is a Trello board for that. Most workflows are covered, if not all.

@milana_cap hopes to have the Workflows page published in the first week of February.


Contributors are encouraged to leave comments and suggestions on this post by the end of this week so @milana_cap can start working on a P2 proposal.

@felipeelia pointed out the example of someone who noted an error on one of the available docs and asked if they would be elligible to receive the docs contributor badge. @bph noted that it’s a micro-contribution. Several micro-contributions could lead people to receive a contributor badge. @felipeelia pointed out that it would need to keep track of each contribution in a document. @bph added that normally each contributor could keep track of it and let the Team know, when the threshold is reached.

@estalris noted that the design team do triages and people who participate on triages don’t receive a badge, because that is a micro-contribution. Only members with a specific project or role in the team are the ones that receive badges. Note: it’s for the Team badge.

Support team has a 400 replies goal to receive the contributor badge. Becoming a moderator comes with the team badge.


@atachibana is working on the progress and will prepare something for the next meeting.

@kenshino said he would love for that Survey to be ready to be distributed at WC Asia, in one month.

The goal is to build the questions of the survey with the general theme being “How do you think we can improve the WordPress documentation?”. Some questions using the likert scale to track how good it is now so the Team can repeat the survey in the future. Some open fields to get proper feedback so it’s possible to define future projects better.

@estelaris worked on the subcategory issue That was her first draft in trying to organize the articles, but she needs help to define the subcategories.

A discussion started about the relevancy of categorization, but the Team agreed categorization makes sense when there is a lot of content as users would be able to filter what they want to look for. @kenshino noted that we’re trying to solve a discovery issue and those won’t be solved with one method. Categorizing them is a start. But a proper search system is also necessary.

@estelaris and @atachibana are going to work together on sub-categorization system.

New readme.txt file for the Developer Handbook

@carike noted that the Core Privacy team discussed the proposed headers for readme.txt files. There is some debate about whether external calls need to be one item or split into three. Everyone agrees with the headers in general though. Next step is a meta ticket. They cannot update the readme.txt before the new headers are added, as this would lead to confusion.

Custom fields page

@leogermani edited the Custom Fields page as previously discussed. He added an entry to the Workflows card in Trello about Code reference.

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Summary for Docs Team Meeting 13th January 2020

Facilitator & Attendance

Facilitator: @leogermani

Attendance: @bph, @atachibana, @milana_cap, @kartiks16, @kenshino, @audrasjb, @pbrocks, @WPZA, @aurooba, @ibdz, @nullbyte, @estelaris, @felipeelia, @tomf, @felipeloureirosantos, @marcio-zebedeu

Note-taker: @kartiks16

Next week Facilitator: @felipeelia


Discussion on the Docs team organization in general Workflows

We added current workflows to this trello card -> | If anyone wants access they can approach @milana_cap

For now, we have a few workflows defined. We are missing on reporting an issue: Gutenberg for developers handbook | any dev handbook | docs team handbook | HelpHub content

@milana_cap will add workflow of reporting the issue in trac and link to core handbook for contributing.

@leogermani will add info on DevHub

For Gutenberg dev handbook we have a workflow defined by @pbrocks


@milana_cap started the discussion in p2, all are requested to share their thoughts.

Docs Team Handbook
Workflows and badges pages:

Once we have all those things defined we can add those pages to docs team handbook

Progress of the survey :

@atachibana is working on the progress

Helphub Localization

We have it here:

@felipeloureirosantos suggested that they don’t have updates there so far as well. There will be in the next weeks.

We have slack channel #meta-helphub as a contact point between our team and the meta team to get updates on this and speak with them about this issue.

@felipeelia mentioned here is a meta ticket for that too. @milana_cap will bring some more information on this in the next meeting. @kenshino suggested bringing @netweb to share thoughts

General topics

@joyously brought the topic of Custom Fields article in HelpHub (, which is missing some information on how to diplay the custom fields (original codex article:

@Kenshino (Jon) and others argue that this is end-user docs and should not have this kind of information. It should have a link instead.

@felipeelia suggests to link it to:

@leogermani will make the edits on this topic

Remove paragraph of BitNami in the multisite considerations article

Topic brought by @René Hermenau. The pege mentioned is Everyone agreed to remove it. @atachibana will do it.

Improve docs on Multisite

Also a topic that @René Hermenau suggested, make it clearer that Multisite is a choice that brings more complexity to the installation. A quick discussion came up on how to show pros and cons so people can make a informed decision. @nullbyte would be volunteering it.

Plugins Handbook i18n

@Pascal might be able to help.

Specific headers, this kind of stuff needs to be there, @milana_cap will do that.


Updates from @atachibana : We redirected 314 of 1069 (29.4 %) of Code Reference’s Functions part

Open Floor

@bph shared that we made progress on the meta-trac ticket. feel free to comment,

@bph asked should the documentation for Gutenberg End User have a section for features only available in the plugin? They are future features for Core, so it might make sense to have future features/changes. to which @leogermani responded as long as it’s clear that it’s not available in core yet, and @kenshino mentioned it should only feature Core info

@kenshino shared few small things i.e. He started a thread in the Advanced WordPress Facebook group, if you are in the group. Some interesting comments so far. It is noticed that many people still don’t know that we’ve stopped updating Codex. We ought to talk about WC Asia Contributor Day and plan properly for it very soon.

@leogermani mentioned In the header of our page on we have, under “Want to get involved” a phrase that says “the many Contributor handbooks” linking to our handbook. Shouldn’t it just say “Documentation team handbook”? Also, he thinks the contents of the header should also be subject to a review now that we are reviewing everything and to which @milana_cap & @kenshino suggested that we will alter it.

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Summary for Docs Team Meeting 25th November 2019

Facilitator & Attendance

Facilitator: @aurooba

Attendance: @kenshino, @nao , @bph, @kartiks16 , @mkaz, @pbrocks, @milana_cap, @estelaris, @jaime-wedholm, @arnelcus , @nullbyte, @kulsumsiddique , @ibdz

Note-taker: @kartiks16

Next week Facilitator: @kulsumsiddique


Docs Team Handbook Discussion & Tracking Doc changes across DevHub & HelpHub

  • To determine a few focuses and rotate amongst them. @kenshino wrote a P2 about this –
  • @milana_cap came with a suggestion on noting down what were your problems, concerns faced by the one who facilitated the meeting for the first time.
  • @aurooba created a link to all additional questions/thoughts/concerns about facilitating in here so we can get this figured out.
  • @kenshino created a dedicated Google Drive Folder which contains different areas of Docs covers. We can start a document there for everyone to add their thoughts/questions about facilitating, and then work on creating a set of guidelines. It will be helpful for team members and for newcomers.
    Google drive folder:
  • Past discussion about assigning sections of the handbook to different team members: @milana_cap was supposed to write a p2 post about that. We can reuse trello board which we used for re-organizing the old Handbook.
  • Create a P2 Post on the discussion on how we would like to proceed ahead, Trello or Trac? @milana_cap will be creating a P2 post which will help to figure out on the trello/trac

Project Updates

  • @atachibana provided below update
    Content: 264 of 1069 (24.7%) pages were redirected. Last week was 256 of 1068 (23.9%).
  • HelpHub localization @milana_cap see some content has been imported to Serbian rosetta but some are still missing.
  • @nao started this status doc to collect team progress. Checking in with other teams now.

Open Floor

  • @bph asked Block editor End-user Documentation is part of …… HelpHub? Answer to it is yes which is confirmed by @milana_cap

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Restarting Weekly Docs Chats

Hey y’all,

It’s been awhile since we had weekly docs chats, and I think it’s about time to start them up again.

In making the decision to skip the weekly chats and move to monthly chats, then later to skip all chats altogether, I think we managed to completely unwind all of the organization around docs team initiatives and projects. Not good.

We need to reverse the reversal!

Re-starting Weekly Chats – Sept. 3

Per the time and date in the sidebar here on make/docs, we’ll be restarting weekly chats at Thursday 18:00 UTC 2015 in the #docs channel on Slack.

In a couple of days, I’ll post an agenda for Thursday’s meeting. The gist will be that this week, I’d like to talk about status reports on the Theme Developer handbook, HelpHub, and other projects. Mark your calendars and join us!