Dev Chat Summary: June 12, 2019


@marybaum graciously offered to help lead Dev Chat next week. While many folks will be at WCEU, there are many others that will not. The meeting shall go on! Thanks Mary!

WordPress 5.2.2 Updates

5.2.2 co-lead @marybaum mentioned that tomorrow the RC2 process will begin and the time was agreed to be 15:00 UTC. The following dates are the updated schedule for releases:

Release Candidate 2: Thursday, June 13, 2019, 15:00 UTC
Final Release: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

WordPress 5.3 Updates

@chanthaboune discussed timing for the release saying, “Folks with suggested major focuses have all gotten their best timing estimates to me and it’s shaping up to look pretty good. The focuses seem land-able by late Sept/early Oct, which leaves about a month before WCUS.”

Scope of 5.3 as it relates to the 9 Projects for the Year

@jeffpaul asked “Is the hope that 5.3 includes the final portions of release-related projects from Matt’s list of 9 projects for the year? Asked differently, what remains from that list that we should be aiming to include alongside 5.3?”

@chanthaboune mentioned that the block directory is currently awaiting design feedback. Next steps are to be determined and will be mentioned in a 5.3 update post.

@earnjam said the content registration features for themes seems a bit nebulous. In particular:

Porting all existing widgets to blocks.

Upgrading the widgets-editing areas in wp-admin/widgets.php and the Customizer to support blocks.

@aduth provided a very handy link on the current status of these features on the roadmap:

Jeff asked a follow up question “Is of the remaining projects that are incomplete which (1) are near completion and just need some assistance or (2) are of the upmost priority to try and complete by the end of the year. Knowing the answers to those could help show folks the best places to swarm and help get projects to completion?” @chanthaboune offered to address this and the other roadmap items in a 5.3 update post after WCEU.

@clorith asked “Will this be the final release of the year, and how does that align with our plans to (possibly, depending on how 5.2 rolls along) update minimum requirements to PHP 7.x ?” This will also be addressed in the 5.3 update post Josepha offered to tackle after WCEU. @jorbin shared some great stats on the current state of PHP versions finding that “We are under 20% for below 5.6” which is a massive improvement!

Updates from component maintainers

Call for new maintainers of components:

There are a handful of components that are in need of a maintainer to watch over and nurture them:

@azaozz offered to be a maintainer of Script Loader and everyone cheered! Thank you Ozz! Discussion also took place on the collective noun for multiple Ozz, as it would be greatly appreciated to have more of them to help maintain some of the above components. 🙂

Please comment below this post if you are interested in any of the above components, or feel free to reach out to @chanthaboune if you’d rather volunteer privately.

General Announcements and Open Floor

Jonny Harris is working on a feature plugin that gives REST endpoints for menus. This is in preparation for upcoming navigation blocks, but it also serves as an excellent way of exposing menus to headless applications using WordPress. He would like some feedback on the plugin and would appreciate thoughts on considering this in the scope of 5.3. Please leave on this PR:

@presskopp mentioned a commented made here on the 5.3 call for tickets post. @chanthaboune mentioned that there is agreement and it is wrapped into the triage work from the 9 projects mentioned earlier in notes.

@bph asked, “There is a big knowledge gap that there is actually user documentation available for Gutenberg. Where would a discussion be placed best design/core-editor to surface the document within the block editor?” @aduth said that it was mentioned in a recent #core-editor chat and linked some action items from that chat here: Andrew proceeded to offer to help in creating a GitHub issues for this. @bph offered to make a post to discuss this further. More to come soon!

These notes were taken by @antpb and proofread by @chanthaboune.

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Dev Chat Summary: 05 June

@desrosj facilitated a lively discussion with a number of contributors.


@chanthaboune posted earlier today about new material to help Team Leads get going. If you’d like to get started leading WordPress teams, check out her material and feel free to ask questions or leave comments. The link is

Upcoming Releases Discussion

Point release

@audrasjb, co-lead of 5.2.2, outlined some points about the small number of tickets for the milestone. Since more than 60 tickets are committed in trunk/5.3, the release team suggested looking at landing some of those in the minor. The criteria, per the release handbook: tickets need to be self-contained and may not add new functions/files/filters to Core.

As a result, we have made some minor adjustments to the schedule:

  • Release Candidate 1: Monday, June 10, 2019, 8:00 PM GMT
  • Bug scrub: Thursday, June 06, 2019, 5:00 PM GMT
  • Release Candidate 2: Thursday, June 13, 2019, 5:00 PM GMT
  • Final Release: Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 5:00 PM GMT

Major release

@desrosj reminded the group that @chanthaboune is still working on the logistics for the next major.

Got a ticket targeted for the milestone? Watching a few you’re really interested in? The team invites you to keep on scrubbing!

Call from Component Maintainers

Nothing major to say here

Open Floor

The theme review team is looking for a person with management skills to help accomplish goals and keep track of ongoing tasks.

If that interests you, please check this post out:

Some contributors asked for extra attention on these tickets:

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Dev Chat Summary: May 29th, 2019


@chanthaboune announced that since 5.2 has been successfully released, work will be resuming on the Team Leadership training. A blog post on will be published for anyone wanting to help review the training materials or otherwise indicate they are interested in learning more about how leads lead in WordPress.

WordPress 5.2.2 Updates

5.2.2 co-lead @marybaum updated the agenda with the following proposed dates for bug scrubs and releases:

Bug Scrub: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 14:00 UTC
Bug Scrub: Thursday, May 30, 2019, 18:00 UTC
Release Candidate 1: Monday, June 3, 2019, 19:00 UTC
Bug Scrub: Thursday, June 6, 2019, 20:00 UTC
Release Candidate 2: Monday, June 10, 2019, 16:00 UTC
Final Release: Thursday, June 13, 2019, 16:00 CDT

Special thanks to @desrosj, @karmatosed, and @audrasjb who led bug scrubs in the past week!

Finally, requesting release packagers be available for the scheduled RC1 release on Monday, June 3, 2019.

WordPress 5.3 Updates

Owners of tickets currently milestoned for 5.3 are encouraged to triage them appropriately. If, as a ticket owner, you are unable to volunteer any time to your tickets in this cycle, please unassign yourself. I’d much rather know for sure that I have spots to fill/tickets to move than let anyone feel unnecessary guilt.

A few components are still assessing potential features to focus on. Once those are settled and focus leads have volunteered, then a finalized timeline for the release can be set. A mid- to late-August timeframe was hoped for, but maintainers were clear that expected features/focuses should be decided upon before more firmly committing to a final timeline. There’s no official, rigid requirement of an August release of WordPress 5.3.

@spacedmonkey asked if any key features have been announced for 5.3. @chanthaboune indicated that nothing is solid yet, and more confidence from maintainers about features that can reasonably completed for 5.3 is needed.

@spacedmonkey also inquired about what Gutenberg features should be expected for 5.3. @aduth pointed to a previous #core-editor chat that laid out the expected goals for Gutenberg updates in 5.3.

One of the aforementioned goals was a navigation block in Gutenberg. @spacedmonkey asked whether the new block will use existing menus from WordPress core. This spawned some debate between contributors about how menu data should be stored and the various admin interfaces used to interact with them. No decisions were made, and continuing discussion is encouraged on the relevant tickets at and See the Slack conversation for more of the debate.

Updates from component maintainers

Tickets were to be discussed, but time ran short, so they are included here for some additional visibility.


General Announcements and Open Floor

@sergey asked to open a conversation around changing the invalid and worksforme ticket resolutions in Trac to something more neutral and less confusing for users. The suggested change is: invalidnot-applicable and worksformenot-reproducible. @chanthaboune suggested a Make post for that discussion to allow for a more in-depth discussion.

@desrosj raised a flag for the current, expected size of the upcoming 5.2.2 release. At the time of the chat, there were only 13 tickets in the milestone. Based on past precedent, the release seems to be a bit under the threshold of what usually warrants a minor release. No decision was made, and a make/core post will be created to prompt more discussion of the topic.

Finally, @xkon announced that #core-privacy code has been split into its own files, adhering more to the WordPress Coding Standards and helping with maintainability. Given the better code organization/separation of concerns, now’s a good time to get involved with #core-privacy.

Thanks to all the attendees and everyone else that contributes to WordPress! These notes were taken by @davidbaumwald and proofread by @chanthaboune.

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Dev Chat Summary: 22 May

@chanthaboune served as the facilitator for discussion and many contributors were in attendance.


Nothing major to announce this week. Tune in next!

5.2.1 Debrief

WordPress 5.2.1 released yesterday! For information on the release you may refer to the 5.2.1 blog post. Thanks to @desrosj and @earnjam for leading such a smooth release. As of now, there are no notable issues. If you are seeing any issues, please discuss in the comments below or create a new ticket at:


There are a handful of tickets in the 5.2.2 milestone. A team is needed to help wrangle those tickets into a new release. Now is the time to volunteer for leading 5.2.2. This release would aim to be for a 2 week release cycle to clear up remaining tickets in the milestone. There were two volunteers to lead in chat today: @audrasjb and @justinahinon. Please volunteer in the comments below if you are also interested in leading or co-leading!

@aduth said there was mention of a few issues in #core-editor chat earlier today of Gutenberg bugs which would be nice to aim to include for the release:

Major release (5.3)

Comments were closed today in the call for 5.3 tickets post. @chanthaboune will be pulling those together the submissions and do some outreach to maintainers that have not included items to the post as we prepare for the next major release. These tickets will inform what focuses this release will have.

Calls from component maintainers

@azaozz, is continuing to plan for some recommended changes and focuses for the Uploads and Media components.

@desrosj reminded us that the following components: General Component, Comments, Pings/Trackbacks, External Libraries, Filesystem API, Rewrite Rules, and Script Loader are all currently without any maintainers. If those parts of core interest you, feel free to reach out to @chanthaboune to get involved!

@karmatosed mentioned that there is an editor component triage on Friday at 17:00 UTC, @desrosj and @karmatosed will be running it in #core-editor and the triage will focus on trac tickets.

@johnbillion asked if there were any component maintainers looking for new maintainers of their components and @chanthaboune made the important reminder, “open source is designed to let people move in and out of volunteer positions as needed” If you are not comfortable saying in dev chat that you would like to make changes, please feel free to reach out privately to @chanthaboune or other co-maintainers.

Open Floor

There was an ask by @afragen to have a committer review He also reminded us committers are not the only ones with valuable feedback. Please direct any thoughts about the issue to the ticket, even if you are not one. 🙂

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Dev Chat Agenda: May 22

Below is the agenda for the weekly devchat meeting on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 2000 UTC.

  • Announcements
  • 5.2.1 Debrief
  • 5.2.2 Planning
    • Call for release leads
  • 5.3
  • Calls from component maintainers
  • Open Floor

If you have anything to propose for the agenda or specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

This meeting is held in the #core channel in the Making WordPress Slack.

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Dev Chat Summary: 15 May

@chanthaboune served as the facilitator for discussion and a bevy of contributors participated.


Make sure to participate in the 5.2 release retrospective!

Gutenberg Developer docs now live in DevHub!

Upcoming Releases Discussion

Point release (5.2.1)

@desrosj has offered to be the leader of this point release, assisted by @earnjam. Many emojis welcomed William to the release lead club.

The 5.2.1 milestone in trac should accurately reflect priorities. Anything not marked as high priority is “puntable”. Currently targeting RC on Thursday or Friday this week with a release on Monday or Tuesday next week.

5.2.2 remains a possibility depending on how thing shake out from 5.2.1, what the schedule for 5.3 looks like, and the tickets that remain open after 5.2.1.

Major release (5.3)

The call for 5.3 tickets is posted. It will remain open through the weekend, so team reps and/or component maintainers will have a little time.

Next week the component maintainers should review the tickets in that thread, and then a date for 5.3 will become the target.

Calls from component maintainers

@azaozz, the maintainer for “Upload” is planning to do a “refresh” there. Mostly dev tickets that can be unblocked and fixed. He’s going to come up with a list and share it.

Open Floor

The question of if it made sense to have New Contributor office hours in #core-editor. This question was largely ignored in favor of talking about open issues, but @jorbin came in at the end to say yes since the more it is easy to contribute, the more contributors there will be.

The number of open issues in the editor component was discussed with issues being somewhat fragmented between the Gutenberg GitHub and trac. @aduth suggested using one of the core-editor scrubs each week to focus on the trac tickets. @karmatosed volunteered to organize such a scrub along with @desrosj. It will take place May 24, 2019 at 17:00 UTC in #core-editor

Along the same lines, the question of how to support the classic editor was brought up. In general, no enhancements will be added to it and bugs should be tracked in trac.

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WP5.3: Open Call for Tickets

As we were discussing plans for the next major release in last week’s devchat, it was made clear to me that a great first step would be to have an open call for tickets. Although iterating and stabilizing the new block editor is still top of the list, I’d like to open this call for additional high priority items.

Please leave a comment that links to a ticket you think needs some attention in this release cycle. Note: Adding your ticket here won’t necessarily guarantee inclusion. Still, no one can fix things they can’t see, so bravely and kindly share.