WordPress 5.3.2 Maintenance release schedule

Shortly after WordPress 5.3.1 was released, a couple of high severityseverity The seriousness of the ticket in the eyes of the reporter. Generally, severity is a judgment of how bad a bug is, while priority is its relationship to other bugs. TracTrac An open source project by Edgewall Software that serves as a bug tracker and project management tool for WordPress. tickets were opened. The CoreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. team immediately scheduled two bug scrubs to help these tickets moving forward.

Main tickets addressed in 5.3.2:

  • Date/Time component: #48957 – Call to a member function format() on boolean in wp-includes/feed.php
  • Upload component: #48975 – Fix unhandled upper/lower case change in wp_unique_filename()
  • Media component: #48960 – Failed to open dir: No such file or directory in Windows
  • Build/Test tools component: #48145 – Random PHPPHP The web scripting language in which WordPress is primarily architected. WordPress requires PHP 5.6.20 or higher test failures
  • Administration component: #49003 – Permalink buttons lack color contrast in most alternate color schemes

For reference, see the full 5.3.2 report on Trac.

@azaozz @sergeybiryukov and @audrasjb will take care of this maintenance release as 5.3.2 is coming very shortly after 5.3.1 was released.

Expected schedule for 5.3.2:

  • Release Candidaterelease candidate One of the final stages in the version release cycle, this version signals the potential to be a final release to the public. Also see alpha (beta). 1: Tuesday December 17, 2019 around 20:00 UTC (start of the release process)
  • Final release: Wednesday December 18, 2019 right before or after the devchat weekly meeting

#5-3, #minor-releases