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  • Joe McGill 4:01 am on September 2, 2016 Permalink |
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    Media kickoff meeting recap (August 26) 

    This is a recap from the the Media Component kickoff meeting last Friday, August 26. The main goal of this meeting was to discuss potential focus areas for 4.7. Read the conversation log in #core-images on Slack. Our next meeting is Friday, September 2 at 19:00 UTC. The agenda will be to continue discussion on priority projects and review media focused tickets on Trac.

    Attendees: @joemcgill, @bravokeyl, @mike, @azaozz, @nonproftechie, @designsimply, @johnbillion, @iseulde, and @paaljoachim.

    Media library organization improvements

    Defining scope for this project is important in order to make meaningful progress. Here is an outline of the plan that was discussed:

    • Start simple by addressing #22744
    • Begin discussing a default taxonomy structure for media in Core
    • Research existing plugins that address media organization and review approaches to taxonomy/data structure and UX/UI (@paaljoachim volunteered to put together an initial list in this Google Doc)
    • Research non-WP apps for UX/UI inspiration

    We may only do bits of this in 4.7, but the research should result in an initial proposal/road map for the media library including any recommendations about data structure, API, or UI changes that may be required.

    PDF thumbnails (#31050)

    @markoheijnen is leading this effort. People can get involved with testing and knocking out the final bugs/edge cases. Assistance from people with existing PDF/ImageMagick experience would be grand.

    Add WP_Image and/or WP_Attachment (#23424)

    Core could benefit from a standard way of modeling attachment data, including methods for generating/retrieving pieces of that data without redundant calls to lower level functionality. However, as @johnbillion pointed out, this should start with a well defined set of use cases which demonstrates the problems we would be addressing by adding new classes.

    This is probably a lower priority for this release unless there is increased interest.

    Better full size image optimization (#37840)

    Many authors upload and embed unoptimized full size images in their content. We may be able increase front end performance by optimizing full size uploads. Some initial suggestions to this end include:

    • Look into creating an official ‘full’ or ‘master’ size which would replace uncompressed uploads on the front end and could potentially be used to speed up additional edit operations.
    • It’s important that the original upload be stored as is and not affected at all so we always retain a “gold standard” backup.
    • We would need to account for times where users are optimizing their images before uploading, i.e., this new method shouldn’t add page weight.
    • If adding a new size is required for this, it will likely require optimizing the time and memory it takes to resize to avoid the dreaded “HTTP Error” (#37853)
    • Additionally, could we be smarter about creating intermediate sizes and only do so when an intermediate size would reduce file size and not just dimensions?
    • We may want to define maximum dimensions for the “full” size.

    Core media widget (#32417)

    A lot of progress has already been made on this feature, but it seems to have gotten stuck in a complexity/decision rut. The media component team may be able to help shepherd this project in 4.7 by supporting those already working on it.

    @designsimply suggests simplifying the approach to only support images for a V1 may help move things forward. Either way, decisions need to be made about what should be supported in an MVP and a plugin should probably created for testing.

    HTTPS issues

    We fixed many HTTPS bugs in 4.4 and 4.5, but there are still many remaining issues.

    @johnbillion is planning on leading a working group to pick this effort back up fo 4.7, with a focus on:

    1. Fixing HTTPS bugs, and
    2. Aiding users switching from HTTP to HTTPS, in whatever form that takes.

    Copy/paste images directly into the editor (#27970)

    This request gained some interest in the wishlist post. @azaozz and @iseulde have looked into this in the past and it seems the concerns outlined in the original ticket remain, so this is probably still a wontfix for now.

    • FolioVision 12:34 pm on September 2, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Thanks for this very comprehensive summary Joe.

      You wrote:

      Look into creating an official ‘full’ or ‘master’ size which would replace uncompressed uploads on the front end and could potentially be used to speed up additional edit operations. It’s important that the original upload be stored as is and not affected at all so we always retain a “gold standard” backup.

      I really like the idea of a standard master size maximum (with potential for special case override even if it has to be done in wp-config.php).

      I disagree strongly about not touching the original upload. WordPress is not a raw file image archiving system and should not be used as such. It’s not fair to webhosts (remember WordPress is supposed to play well in shared hosting) or in the end to users as it leaves users with absurdly large media folders.

      What could help is if we build in best practice image optimisation so that these masters are stored properly but without excess weight.

      Those who do want to build an image archiving system with WordPress should be able to override these defaults to store the original image but not easily. This would benefit 90%+ of the people running WordPress to run smoother faster sites which are more easily migrated. I don’t see a good reason for the 10% usage case to slow sites all over the world and create crazy storage issues for hosts.

      Perhaps I’m missing something here. I’m making one side of the case, but from experience. We host clients with very image intensive and high traffic sites. We also deal with neophyte clients who upload large quantities huge images with zero need to store originals on their server. Setting up each site to behave in a sane way is a big time drain. I can’t imagine the nightmare for hosts who run normal shared hosting businesses.

  • Jeff Paul 1:02 am on September 2, 2016 Permalink |
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    Dev Chat Summary: August 31 (4.7 week 2) 

    This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from August 31st (agenda, Slack archive).

    Holidays & Scheduling

    • Reminder to announce meeting moves or cancellations (e.g., Monday is US Labor Day holiday, Monday after is Eid al Adha)

    Update on 4.6.1

    #36335: Autoloader and #37699: Globals

    • Discussion framing: see these as being feature projects in their own right, examples of when features can’t be actual plugins and why it’s better to think of them as projects. How can these be worked on effectively?
    • Discussion:
      • New project on GitHub that’s a clone of the WP Git repo
      • grunt patch allows you to use GitHub PR URLs, which can help facilitate testing for people that prefer using SVN or are using SVN for their trunk installs.
      • Trac + SVN workflow seems to work best when we’re dealing with patches and discussion leading to an individual commit; is probably a pretty poor option without some additional tools.
      • Creating feature branches for wide-ranging work seems to be a better fit and allows for less churn of the code in trunk at the same time as other major work.
      • Nice to review & collaborate on a big feature on a GitHub feature branch as opposed to wrangling conflicting and amending patches on Trac
    • Suggestion to @wonderboymusic: fork @jorbin‘s GitHub mirror, use GH issues and develop in various branches as makes sense (or even separate forks entirely if issues become unwieldy across very different projects), and use PRs to run existing CI setup. PRs can then be used as patches in grunt patch
      • If treated as a feature project, all of that project’s management happens wherever the lead feels best serves that project. There should also be weekly meetings with updates posted on Make/Core. @wonderboymusic to determine a meeting time and post about it next week.
      • @wonderboymusic@helen in agreement on approach; GitHub repo created
    • Related question: How do we determine what sort of tasks should be feature projects? Who decides that? And when?
      • Some things to think about – is it a lot of churn? Does it need to span multiple releases and/or is it a “done when it’s done” process? Is there a lot of design and user testing involved? They exist whenever somebody has a thing they believe belongs in core and wants to run with it in that way. Getting feedback is an evolving process.

    4.7 Project/Feature Proposals

    • Goal: come out of this with the start of a list of projects and a point person for that project, to be fleshed out with more participants and meeting times over the next week.
    • @johnbillion – HTTPS
    • @celloexpressions – Customize component project & owner
      • Create page-based nav menus without leaving live preview – #34923@celloexpressions (follow up tickets forthcoming)
      • A new experience for themes in the customizer – #37661@celloexpressions
      • Code-editing gateways, via CSS – #35395@johnregan3
      • Customizer browser history – #28536@westonruter
      • Refactoring sliding panels UI – #34391@delawski
      • (maybe) Customize transactions (with no UI) – #30937@westonruter
      • will track all of the Customize projects with the weekly Customize component meetings and Make/Core posts usually posted on Thursdays starting this week
    • @krogsgard – REST API
      • had a productive start on Monday and will have a summary up shortly
    • @boonebgorges – #20875
      • work with cache drop-in authors so that we can start leveraging across WP
    • @davidakennedy – #19627
    • @helen – there needs to be a dedicated theming API/support team because there will be a Twenty Seventeen; actual details on that next week. There will need to be really robust teams on both the theme and theme support pieces, likely with subteams even.
      • @karmatosed: splitting core themes as a bucket for all theme into, core themes and theme functionality
      • @helen: noting that theme functionality will spill over into other components (media seems incredibly likely)
      • @themiked: interested in theming work, on the API/support side if that’s whats needed
    • @joemcgill – Media focus candidate & owner; will shepherd these through regular #core-images meetings
    • @azaozz – will publish “4.7 editor wishlist” by the end of the week
      • to include Nonce refresh/saving without page reload, and few others
    • @sc0ttkclark – Fields API

    Ways YOU Can Help!

    • Please comment below if there are things that didn’t get mentioned that you’d like to lead.
    • Design help and user test coordination (alongside @karmatosed) desired on #37661 by @celloexpressions, please respond if you’re open to help on this.
  • Jeremy Felt 3:41 pm on September 1, 2016 Permalink |

    4.6.1 Release Candidate 

    A Release Candidate for WordPress 4.6.1 is now available. This maintenance release fixes 16 issues reported against 4.6 and is scheduled for final release on Wednesday, September 7.

    Thus far WordPress 4.6 has been downloaded almost 7 million times since its release on August 16. Please help us by testing this release candidate to ensure 4.6.1 fixes the reported issues and doesn’t introduce any new ones.

    All Changes

    Here’s a list of all closed tickets, sorted by component:


    • #37680 – PHP Warning: ini_get_all() has been disabled for security reasons


    • #37696WP_Comment_Query loses sql_clauses with object cache


    • #37683$collate and $charset can be undefined in wpdb::init_charset()
    • #37689 – Issues with utf8mb4 collation and the 4.6 update


    • #37690 – Backspace causes jumping


    • #37736 – Emails fail on certain server setups

    External Libraries

    • #37700 – Warning: curl_exec() has been disabled for security reasons (Requests library)
    • #37720 – The minified version of the Masonry shim was not updated in #37666 (Masonry library)


    • #37733cURL error 3: malformed for remote requests
    • #37768 – HTTP API no longer accepts integer and float values for the cookies argument

    Post Thumbnails

    • #37697 – Strange behavior with thumbnails on preview in 4.6

    Script Loader

    • #37800 – Close “link rel” dns-prefetch tag


    • #37721 – Improve error handling of is_object_in_term in taxonomy.php


    • #37755 – Visual Editor: Weird unicode (Vietnamese) characters display on WordPress 4.6



    • #37731 – Infinite loop in _wp_json_sanity_check() during plugin install


  • Andrew Rockwell 12:56 pm on September 1, 2016 Permalink |

    Week in Core, August 23 – 30, 2016 

    Welcome back the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes [38346-38455]. Here are the highlights:

    • 110 commits
    • 62 contributors
    • 111 tickets created
    • 20 tickets reopened
    • 128 tickets closed

    Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for the period above. The following is a summary of commits, organized by component.

    Code Changes


    • Hide the “No activity yet” smiley from assistive technologies. [38448] #37511
    • Improve the file upload inputs styling [38435] #35552


    • Allow WP_Screen to be checked via autoload in convert_to_screen(). [38414] #36335


    • Underline links in the admin footer for better accessibility. [38347] #37529


    • Check that ini_get_all() exists before calling it, allows us to work around hosts who disable the function for “security purposes”. [38431] #37680
    • Fix failing external HTTP tests after [38411] [38416] #36335
    • After r38409 and r38410, revert r38402 which reverted r38399 [38411] #36335
    • Run composer install after r38409. [38410] #36335
    • Move composer.{json|lock} into src. [38409] #36335
    • Revert [38399] as it’s broken /build/ and subsequently core.svn.wordpress.org [38402] #36335
    • Autoload classes using a Composer-generated PHP 5.2-compatible Autoloader [38399] #36335
    • Exclude more files from the autoloader.classmap in composer.json. [38395] #36335
    • Add composer.lock and src/wp-vendor files. Nothing is using this code yet, just going through the motions. Ignore the files in src/wp-vendor/composer that will explode in PHP 5.2. [38394] #36335
    • Run composer require xrstf/composer-php52 to get the updated suggested version. Change the vendor-dir to wp-vendor. [38393] #36335
    • Exclude some files from the Composer autoload setup via exclude-from-classmap. [38391] #36335
    • Load option.php in wp-settings.php, not in functions.php. [38386] #36335
    • Add a composer.json file to the project. No code relies on it (yet), and no vendor dir is checked in (yet). No autoloader is being used (yet). Taking this first step will hopefully encourage the perfectionists of our world to scrutinize each line [38384] #36335

    Build/Test Tools

    • Add support for is_front_page() to assertQueryTrue() and assert that all the tested conditions are supported by the method. [38405] #37849
    • Remove many unnecessary calls to rand_str() which can, in theory, fail at random. Static strings are much more appropriate. [38382] #37371
    • Ensure the Tests_Query_Conditionals tests set up the environment correctly before re-registering initial taxonomies. [38407] #37851
    • Require Basic_Object and Basic_Subclass files earlier in call stack [38445] #37523
    • Add docblocks for Basic_Object and Basic_Subclass classes. [38444] #37523
    • Use shared fixture in comment_exists() tests. [38372] #37842


    • Don’t do direct SQL query when fetching decendants [38446] #37696
    • Add support for all HTTP protocol versions when returning a 405 from wp-comments-post.php. [38432] #37863



    • Allow users to more seamlessly create page-based nav menus during customization [38436] #34923
    • Circumvent the customizer attempting to preview links to static assets (such as uploaded images) [38396] #37828



    • Alignment after [38369]. [38370] #37770
    • Correct various documentation around object and stdClass types. [38369] #37770
    • Add a missing parenthesis in an example in the DocBlock for wp_redirect(). [38350] #37770
    • Improve the docs for the_title() and make them more consistent with the_title_attribute(). [38348] #37732


    • Fix jumpiness on pressing backspace and delete in the Text editor. [38426] #37690
    • Use Beacon API over sync request [38425] #
    • Improve word-count.js documentation. [38358] #37718


    • Wp-settings.php loads class-wp-embed.php, which currently produces side effects. Move the global instantiation to wp-settings.php. WP_Embed is then in a file by itself. [38362] #37827
    • Add a missing regex delimiter for Facebook URLs. [38368] #34737
    • Add support for embedding Facebook posts and videos via oEmbed. [38367] #34737
    • Many of our oEmbed providers now default to HTTPS embeds, redirect to the HTTPS oEmbed endpoint, or have complete support for HTTPS even if they don’t default to HTTPS [38366] #28507
    • Always use the HTTPS endpoint for YouTube embeds. The scheme parameter is no longer required as all YouTube assets now use HTTPS. [38365] #36274, #28507


    • Ensure that there is only one class named ftp, which is what is expected in the loading of this arcane library. This ensures that an autoload generator, something along the lines of Composer, won’t hiccup when it gets to these files. [38380] #36335


    • Move ‘WP_Feed_Cache’, ‘WP_Feed_Cache_Transient’, WP_SimplePie_File and WP_SimplePie_Sanitize_KSES into their own files via svn cp. If we move forard with autoloading, class-feed.php is useless. We could even remove it now, and just load these new files in wp-settings.php. That can be decided post-mortem. class-feed.php is an interesting name: there is no Feed or WP_Feed class. [38354] #37827


    • Add a parameter to wp_send_json_error(), wp_send_json_success(), and wp_send_json() for specifying the HTTP response code [38422] #35666
    • For a performance boost in remove_accents(), convert chr() calls to string literals. [38359] #37643


    • AJAX actions for List Tables do not need to declare global $wp_list_table. List tables on admin screens are in global scope, and they contain hooks that don’t pass the the list table as context, hence using globals there so that functions can import them. That problem does not exist in the AJAX actions, which are virtually impossible to hook into as is. [38455] #37699
    • Move _WP_List_Table_Compat into its own file. [38392] #37827
    • There is no good reason for class-wp-site-icon.php to drop a global instance of itself whenever the file is loaded. The lone use of the global instance of WP_Site_Icon is in an AJAX action that provides virtually no way to override – the file is loaded immediately before the global is used. [38355] #37699
    • Correct the documentation for the wp_dropdown_users_args filter description and its parameters. [38406] #37770
    • After r38303, replace usage of global $_wp_additional_image_sizes with wp_get_additional_image_sizes(). [38383] #37699
    • Move WP_Session_Tokens and WP_User_Meta_Session_Tokens into their own files via svn cp. If we move forard with autoloading, session.php is useless. We could even remove it now, and just load these new files in wp-settings.php. That can be decided post-mortem. [38353] #37827
    • Move WP_Text_Diff_Renderer_inline (behold that lowercase “i”) and WP_Text_Diff_Renderer_Table into their own files via svn cp. [38352] #37827
    • Break up class-IXR.php into individual class files. [38389] #37827
    • After [38399], update the .gitignore file accordingly. [38401] #36335


    • Accept non-string values in cookies, fixing a regression since 4.5. [38430] #37768
    • Handle an edgecase within the URI parsing library included in Requests, where if a double slash exists at the start of the path the URL is passed to cURL malformed. [38429] #37733
    • Separate the test for wp_parse_url() with -1 as its component into a separate test, so the remaining tests can use strict type checking. This helps avoid gotches with the potentially empty values (ie. null) that we’re testing for. [38453] #36356
    • The tests for wp_parse_url() can’t be strict on type because this causes the tests to fail on PHP 5.2 which, bizarrely, returns the results of parse_url() (when called with a $component parameter) in a different order to later PHP versions. [38452] #36356
    • Prevent a fatal error on PHP < 5.4.7 due to changes introduced in [38449]. [38450] #36356
    • Add a $component parameter to wp_parse_url() to give it parity with PHP’s parse_url() function. [38449] #36356


    • Correct various instances of incorrect usage of esc_attr_e(). [38424] #37457Iimprove accuracy of docs. [38360] #37585
    • After r38364, check that global $wp_locale is an instance of WP_Locale before calling ->is_rtle() in is_rtl(). [38438] #37827
    • Retire another remaining wp-includes/locale.php require, and instead load the required WP_Locale class directly. [38404] #37827
    • Move is_rtl() to l10n.php (which loads way earlier). Load WP_Locale file in wp-settings.php. Retire wp-includes/locale.php – it only loaded the class and the one function, is_rtl(). If someone loaded this file for fun somewhere else, it would be a fatal error. [38364] #37827


    • Move WP_MatchesMapRegex into its own file. [38376] #37827
    • Remove class-feed.php (There is no class named Feed or WP_Feed, it just loads other classes) and, instead, move the require calls to the only place they are ever included: inside fetch_feed(). This simplifies the include path. [38374] #36335
    • Remove session.php and, instead, move the 2 require calls to wp-settings.php. This simplifies the include path. [38373] #36335
    • Load class-phpass.php (PasswordHash class) early in wp-settings.php, instead of require_once()’ing it in several places. [38371] #36335
    • Move is_wp_error() to load.php so that WP_Error is in a file by itself. [38363] #37827


    • Add a $wp_error parameter to wp_insert_attachment() to give it parity with wp_insert_post(). [38408] #37813


    • Move get_current_site() to load.php so that it can be used in more places, instead of importing global $current_site. [38388] #37699


    • Add unit tests. @group external-oembed is not run by default. [38454] #32360
    • Move _wp_oembed_get_object() to embed.php, where all of the other embed functions live. WP_oEmbed is then in a file by itself. Load class-oembed.php in wp-settings.php and remove extraneous include calls. [38361] #37827


    • Correct an invalid peramstructure tag in a test. [38417] #37858

    Post Thumbnails

    • Prevent post thumbnail previews from spilling into other images [38433] #37697

    Posts, Post Types

    • Introduce a missing private query var that should have been introduced as part of #15459 [38451] #15459, #34982
    • Don’t improperly cast IDs when fetching post, user, or term objects. [38381] #37738

    Press This

    • The file for the WP_Press_This class should not produce side effects. Similar to what we did in r38355 for WP_Site_Icon, drop the instances of global instantiation for $wp_press_this via loading the file. The variable can be set inline when necessary. In most of those places, if the global is already set, the file does not load and stomp it currently. [38397] #37699


    • Add and improve tests for query conditionals on the front page and home page. [38413] #37851
    • Collapse several of the is_* methods using __call(). Add method annotations. [38356] #37830
    • Move WP_Query into its own file via svn cp. [38351] #37827


    • Only users who can manage options should be able to trash/delete the page for posts or the front page, as they are the only users who can restore it or subsequently alter the “Front page displays” setting. [38378] #37580
    • Set a property, $db, on WP_Roles to reduce global imports. [38387] #37699

    Script Loader


    • Return a 403 instead of a 200 HTTP status when check_ajax_referer() fails [38421] #36362
    • Trigger a _doing_it_wrong() when check_ajax_referer() is called without its first parameter. This brings it inline with check_admin_referer(). [38420] #36361


    • Remove unnecessary uniqueness check in get_attachment_taxonomies(). [38437] #37368
    • Eliminate unnecessary variable in WP_Term_Query. [38377] #37544


    • Correct the type for the $name parameter of the get_header, get_footer, get_sidebar, and get_template_part_{$slug} hooks. [38434] #37770
    • Correct the list of possible values for the dynamic portion of the {$type}_template_hierarchy and {$type}_template filters. [38428] #14310
    • Introduce tests for the theme template hierarchy. [38419] #14310
    • Update filter names in the inline documentation for the get_*_template() functions. [38418] #14310, #37770
    • Remove failing tests introduced in [38390]. [38403] #14310
    • Begin introducing unit tests for the expected theme template hierarchy. More to come. [38390] #14310
    • Make the template hierarchy for a given template type filterable [38385] #14310


    • Change the default font for the vi locale to the same stack as he_IL. [38427] #37755
    • Fix toolbars alignment in RTL. [38349] #37760

    Unit tests

    • Enforce $args object in wp_nav_menu() & Walker_Nav_Menu [38400] #24587


    • Don’t display PHP errors during installation [38423] #37358
    • After [37687], fix the number of params passed to the upgrade hooks [38415] #37731
    • Wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader-skins.php is unused, remove it. All of the same includes are loaded in class-wp-upgrader.php. [38379] #37827


    Thanks to @afercia, @Akeif, @andizer, @Ankit, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @celloexpressions, @Chaos, @danielkanchev, @dd32, @deeptiboddapati, @diagnose, @DrewAPicture, @DylanAuty, @Engine, @flixos90, @fo, @Frank, @Frozzare, @GaryJ, @gitlost, @grapplerulrich, @Gupta, @helping, @henrywright, @ionutst, @iseulde, @issue, @ixkaito, @JakePT, @jipmoors, @joemcgill, @johnbillion, @JohnPBloch, @jrf, @K, @Klein, @kraftbj, @mapk, @melchoyce, @mrahmadawais, @nmt90, @ocean90, @pento, @peterwilsoncc, @Presskopp, @Rarst, @rodrigosprimo, @SergeyBiryukov, @shayanys, @stephenharris, @swisspidy, @swissspidy, @this, @TimothyBlynJacobs, @tnash, @to, @tollmanz, @valendesigns, @westonruter, @wonderboymusic, and @zsusag for their contributions!

  • Helen Hou-Sandi 5:39 pm on August 31, 2016 Permalink |
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    Dev Chat Agenda for August 31 (4.7 week 2) 

    This is the agenda for the weekly dev meeting on August 31, 2016 at 20:00 UTC:

    • General reminder: as holidays or other conflicts come up, be sure to announce meeting moves or cancellations. For instance, next Monday is the US Labor Day holiday and the Monday after that is Eid al Adha.
    • Update on 4.6.1.
    • #36335: Autoloader and #37699: Globals – what could and should happen in order to be effective and move forward?
    • 4.7 project/feature proposals: who wants to work on what?
    • Triage of tickets marked early for 4.7 (milestoned and unmilestoned).

    If you have anything to propose to add to the agenda, please leave a comment below. See you there!

  • Aaron Jorbin 12:16 pm on August 30, 2016 Permalink |
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    The Upcoming Week in 4.7: August 30 – September 4 

    This is the jump-start post for the first week of the WordPress 4.7 release cycle. Many projects are still putting together pinkprints for success, so this week is all about getting 4.7 off to a flying start. 🛫

    Priority tickets this week:

    There are currently 3 tickets that require very early consideration.  Please follow them, give feedback, and help test where applicable.

    • #17817: do_action/apply_filters/etc. recursion on same filter kills underlying call
    • #37699: Death to Globals Episode #1: A Registry, A Pattern
    • #36335: Next generation: core autoloader proposal

    Core meetings this week:

    All meetings in the WordPress Slack #core channel unless specified otherwise.

    Things to do this week:

    • Meander through the wishlist comments and give feedback where you feel comfortable
    • Working on a project that you would like to target for 4.7?  Make sure to talk to @helen.
    • Schedule a bug scrub.
  • Peter Wilson 2:49 am on August 30, 2016 Permalink |
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    Bug Scrub: Performance Focus 

    A bug scrub against the performance focus keyword will be taking place on Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 4pm UTC+10.

    There are currently 138 tickets open against the report in various stages on the road to resolution.

    Testing of tickets always smooths the road to commit so it would be dandy if you (yes you) could jump in and test some patches in advance of the scrub.

    Feel free to drop some notes about tickets on trac or in the comments if you can’t make it to the scrub. It’s scheduled for an Australian friendly time. 🇦🇺

  • Joe McGill 3:15 pm on August 26, 2016 Permalink |
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    Media Kickoff Meeting for 4.7 

    We’re planning to have weekly meetings in the #core-images Slack channel throughout the 4.7 release cycle. The kickoff meeting is set for today, August 26, at 19:00 UTC. We will use these meetings to keep projects moving forward and to discuss any priority tickets that require discussion.

    Meeting Agenda

    The main purpose of the kickoff meeting is to identify the priority projects for 4.7 and to determine who is available to work on those projects. We will also review the current meeting schedule to see if a different time would be better for those wanting to be involved.

    Potential Focus Areas for 4.7

    • Improve media library management (#22744, explore default taxonomy structure, UX issues)
    • Better PDF management (#31050)
    • Create a standard WP_Image or WP_Attachment class (#23424)
    • Better optimization of full size images (#37840).
    • Core media widget (#32417)
    • Address HTTPS issues with media (#34109, #25449, #35182, etc.)
    • Improve responsive image defaults.
    • Support responsive images in WP_Customize_Media_Control (#36191)
    • Support responsive images in the editor.

    Wishlist Tickets

    Additional issues that were mentioned in the comments of the 4.7 wishlist post include:

    • Return option for media_sideload_image()  (#19629)
    • Add hook in wp_ajax_save_attachment() for additional attachment fields (#23148)
    • Updating link URL on image within admin with gallery (#13429)
    • Accents in attachment filenames should be sanitized (#22363)
    • Reconsider SVG inclusion to get_allowed_mime_types (#24251)
    • Dynamic image sizes in the editor (#35094)
    • Paste images into content area (#27970)
    • Add a drop zone to the the featured image meta box.
    • Revisit the Image Flow project.
    • Improve documentation/instruction for the WP media modal.
    • Address inconsistencies in the media library UI (see comment).


  • Aaron Jorbin 8:02 pm on August 25, 2016 Permalink |
    Tags: ,   

    Bug Scrubs for 4.7 

    Ensuring tickets move towards a resolution is one of the most important things we can work on as a project. Bug Scrubs serve as one of the ways to make this happen. For 4.7, I would like to invite you to run a WordPress bug scrub. Bug Scrubs can have a general focus, focus on a specific component, or focus on a specific report (such as ancient tickets). Want to learn more? Here is a list of “Potentially Asked Questions”. Have an unanswered question? Ask it in the comments.

    (More …)

  • Nick Halsey 5:37 pm on August 25, 2016 Permalink |
    Tags: ,   

    Customize Kickoff and Weekly Meetings for 4.7 

    We’ll be holding weekly meetings for the Customize component during the 4.7 cycle, to discuss both larger projects and smaller tickets needed attention. Meetings will be held on Mondays at 17:00 UTC in #core-customize and will last up to one hour, with additional continuous discussion happening throughout the week in the channel and in tickets.

    The first meeting, on Monday, August 29th, will also serve as a kickoff for the customize efforts in 4.7, following up on yesterday’s general 4.7 kickoff.

    Agenda for 2016-08-29 Meeting

    The goal of this kickoff meeting will be to identify scope for 4.7 for the customize component. Most importantly, we need to identify larger projects that shouldn’t be considered for 4.7 (such as the customize posts project), so that we can prioritize those efforts that could get into 4.7 from now until beta 1 hits. We will take some time to post any updates on future release projects each week.

    Potential 4.7 Projects

    • Create page-based nav menus without leaving live preview – #34923
    • A new experience for themes in the customizer – #37661
    • Code-editing gateways, via CSS – #35395
    • Customizer browser history#28536
    • Customizer notifications center – #35210
    • Customize snapshots/transactions#30937
    • Refactoring sliding panels UI – #34391
    • Improve UI for linking preview elements to controls – #27403
    • Twenty Seventeen – the customize team should be involved with the new theme, so that we can build any new core API that can facilitate it. Since default themes should be “state of the art”, let’s make sure that every option can be previewed instantly with postMessage, and fully supports selective refresh.

    Active Future Release Project Updates

    Additional Tickets Needing Attention

    • Improving contrast and UI consistency in the customizer – #29158needs-testing
    • Improve custom background properties UI – #22058 – needs additional feedback on the latest proposal, and a patch
    • Appropriate means for themes to add top-level promotional links – #37335 – needs input from theme review team

    Ticket Scrub

    • Identify tickets ready for commit consideration, and 4.7 milestoning from future release tickets with a patch.
    • We’ll pick a different query to triage each week. For example, bugs awaiting review (need verification).

    We’re looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!

    • Ahmad Awais 10:25 am on August 26, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Looking forward!

    • Martin Šnajdr 1:32 pm on August 26, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Please, implement something like “Reset all to defaults” button and a possibility to import/export settings. I know there are plugins for that, but if Customizer is created to replace all the “Theme Settings frameworks”, those should be the core features.

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