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  • Sergey Biryukov 1:52 am on February 14, 2013 Permalink
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    Weekly Bug Scrubs 

    During the latest dev chat we’ve decided to schedule a weekly bug scrub in IRC for the next few weeks each Friday at 11AM Eastern/16:00 UTC, for two hours. Please join us if you’d like to participate in reviewing the patches currently slated for 3.6.

  • Sergey Biryukov 11:14 pm on February 6, 2013 Permalink
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    Ticket Scrub 

    We’ll have a patch clearing session in IRC on Friday, February 8 at 11AM Eastern/16:00 UTC, for two hours. Let’s aim to go through the commit candidates and resolve some of the other tickets currently slated for 3.6.

  • Mark Jaquith 3:08 pm on January 15, 2013 Permalink
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    WordPress 3.6: Code Maintenance and Architecture 

    Like with any release, much more is going on during the 3.6 cycle than just the user-facing items on our agenda. We’d like to hit the following code maintenance and architecture items as well. If your interested or have thoughts, speak up or jump on the tickets! Some of these really should happen early, and they’re pretty much all going to need unit tests.

    Use PDO for MySQL queries

    #21663 — The mysql_* functions in PHP are deprecated, so to get ready for future versions of PHP, we need to start routing queries alternatively for installs that support it.

    Caching and Misc DB Tasks

    No ticket for this? — Use magic methods to cleanup blogid and siteid in wpdb. These should fetch the canonical versions elsewhere. Also, support blog_id and site_id for consistency.

    #23167 and #23173 — Make our object caching more intelligent. One query per cache key. Stored IDs instead of objects where possible.

    #22174 and #20875 — Introduce and use wp_cache_get_multi(). Maybe. A bonus, if there’s time.

    #21760 — get_term_by() calls are not cached.

    #21401 — Load packaged object cache when advanced-cache.php and object-cache.php don’t implement wp_cache_init().

    #22661 — Allow object caches to degrade gracefully.

    Slashing Sanity

    #21767 — Remove stripslashes from API functions.

    #18322 — The Road to Magic Quotes Sanity.

    #22325 — Abstract GPCS away from the superglobals (maybe not, depending on #21767).

    #22023 — Remove UNIQUE for slug in wp_terms. Prep for future taxonomy architecture changes.

    Misc Performance

    #22301 — Performance problem with Recent Comments widget.

    Earlier Discussion

    IRC Logs from discussion of some of these items.

    • Ryan McCue 11:53 am on January 16, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’m happy to lead efforts on #22325 (GPCS abstraction), and work on #21767 (removing stripslashes) and #21663 (PDO). I think a high-level discussion on what we want out of the GPCS abstraction would be nice; @nacin said he was going to make a P2 post about it, but I don’t think he ever got to it with his busy schedule. :)

  • Andrew Nacin 9:21 pm on October 23, 2012 Permalink
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    WordPress.org will be undergoing some maintenance starting Wednesday, October 24, at 11AM Eastern (1500 UTC), which will result in intermittent downtime (physical servers are being moved) over the course of a few hours. (This post originally said Tuesday, October 23, because I wasn’t paying attention to what I was typing.)

    Ideally, api.wordpress.org and the wordpress.org website (including this blog) will not go down, but access to all Trac installs and SVN repositories will be interrupted at some point. The goal is for error messages to be shown.

    I will update this post once the migration is complete.

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