Speaker Lesson Plans

There are some almost-done lesson plans that will make up a speaker workshop track. The background on these is that some awesome people in Vancouver and elsewhere ran special workshops to encourage more diversity in speakers at WordCamps in their area. They then turned those workshops into lesson plans. Though the lesson plans aren’t quite done, they have been almost done for a very long time.

I connected with @jillbinder, who had spearheaded the workshops and these plans, in advance of WCUS this past winter and she and I created a list of very specific tasks that need to happen with these plans in order for them to be considered “done.” We didn’t go through these tasks at the WCUS contributor day because of how the team reoriented at that time. I think this is a fairly interconnected list of individually manageable tasks and I am expecting that we’ll run into some minor questions as we’re reconciling all of these things.

The speaker workshop will contain the following lesson plans:

For all speaker plans, we need to:

  1. Create consistency by changing all places in the plans where <group>, <Diversity Group>, or anything else like that appears to read <specific group> or <not specific group>.
  2. Change spelling throughout to correspond with American English.
  3. Change any reference to “module” to “lesson plan.” These plans were written when we were still calling lesson plans “modules.”
  4. Read through and make sure any women-specific language is taken out of the lesson plans (above) and workbooks (see item #6 in this list). The original pilot workshops were geared towards women.
  5. Make sure the teacher notes for each plan match what is in this Google Doc.
  6. The handouts that were made for the original workshop need to be split up so that each handout corresponds to a lesson plan and that they are not bundled as one big workbook.
  7. The agenda is incomplete in the description parts of the plans and could be added once any incongruities with the Vancouver script are clarified (see below tasks).

In relation to specific plans:

  1. Finding a Topic for a WordPress Talk – go through content and exercises and decide what to merge from the Vancouver script Google Doc.
  2. Creating Your WordPress Talk – this plan needs to be created from the Vancouver script Google Doc.
  3. Writing the Pitch for your WordPress Talk – go through content and exercises and decide what to merge from the Vancouver script Google Doc.
  4. Imposter Syndrome – The materials that were open sourced by the Ada Initiative can be adapted into an optional imposter syndrome training.

We are looking for a few volunteers to help with going through this list and helping to get the speaker workshop past the finish line and into copy editing and testing.

If you can help with any of the tasks listed out here, please pipe up in the comments! If you have questions, please ask those too!

Recap of June 13, 2017 Meeting

Lesson Plan Updates
None given.

Copyediting Updates
@mike_piercy is still working on grammar changes and the navigation order of links.

Testing Updates
melindahelt is still working on the full-day WCKent workshop.

Q&A and Announcements
@bethsoderberg took the temperature on a video chat for 6/27 and a larger virtual summit later in the summer.

melindahelt recommended having two video calls so that folks who are not as “Americas” based time zone might be able to have exposure to the team and then contribute async going forward. She will look into how Community has done it.

melindahelt also noted she is not pinged whenever P2 gets updated unless she’s mentioned in it. A settings change was made and this meeting recap will be a test by not using the @ with melindahelt’s name. Another test is a new email entered by @bethsoderberg.

@bethsoderberg will be looking into it, as well as the images lost from the LPs with the theme switchover.

@bethsoderberg may miss this meeting next week. @juliekuehl will lead it.

@mike_piercy asked about access to theme files, widget and Menu sections in the handbook. @bethsoderberg is bumping up his permissions.

Recap of May 16, 2017 Meeting

Lesson Plan Updates
@jenwill working on Enqueuing Scripts and Styles with @parthmaier’s help. She has some questions but he’s been too busy to respond. She asked about a code snippet. @juliekuehl thought it might be overkill for a beginning how-to lesson and suggested different code including just the CSS, noting all comments where just her own opinion. @melindahelt reminded us we need to make sure the plugins called are free and in the repo. @bethsoderberg concurred. @Jenwill also thinks just enqueuing a simple .js file is better than adding jQuery. Consensus reached.

@donkiely just finished a draft of Child Themes lesson plan and submitted it for review. It’s is called “Child Themes (twentyseventeen).”

Copyediting Updates

@donkiely audit project on hold until images are again available to the LP pages.

@awakekat asked about the topic: `get_template_directory_uri()` and `get_stylesheet_directory_uri()`

@jenwill will touch on that in the enqueuing lesson. @juliekuehl thinks it should be a blog post but that the lesson plans are showing best practices. @melindahelt asked if it should be an LP side-bar. @jenwill suggested pointing out which to use in the parent theme and which in the child theme and link tumor info in a blog post or another LP (@juliekuehl added developer.wordpress.org also). @melindahelt suggested either developer or codex or another LP.

Testing Updates

@coachwp had planned to do some testing but it was postponed.

@melindahelt reminded us that anyone – not just team members – can use the planes and we should let anyone know if they are looking for material.

Q&A and Announcements

@donkiely updated the Style Guid to show the short codes for emphasized text inline. Asked how to get the editor to stop changing the escape character, which now reverts to tip. @mike_piercy recommends . Discussion going offline.

@mike_piercy discovered the Next and Previous buttons are going by post date and @juliekuehl thinks they will have to be manually changed and said we need to brainstorm a strategy for that.

@donkiely remembered someone dropping in with a suggestion, @coffee2code. Suggested putting in a ticket. Possibly @chanthaboune did, but not sure.

@mike_piercy asked what P2 is and discussion went on to explain the theme naming of the blog and posting system for the teams.

@melindahelt remembered that a person’s first post has to be approved.

@donkiely ended things by noting he’s using [ tip ]Use the [/ tip ] short code to highlight tips but with a warning not to include spaces.

Agenda for May 2, 2017 Meeting

The training team will be in the #training channel on Slack later today for our weekly meeting at our regular time: 19:00 UTC. If you can’t make it, please leave us a note in the comments and we’ll include your thoughts and/or updates in the meeting!

1. Welcome!
2. Lesson Plan Updates
3. Copyediting Updates
4. Testing Updates
5. Announcements and Questions

Recap of March 14, 2017 meeting

Lesson Plan Update



@Donkiely said the Themes/Plugins Relationship lesson plan (https://make.wordpress.org/training/handbook/theme-school/themesplugins-relationship/) is copyedited but really needs someone knowledgeable in the subject to go over it. The LP seems more like an outline than a finished product.

@coachwp agreed. Paul and I worked on that and it might need more information.

@chantaboune volunteered to take a look at it.

@donkiely copyediting site performance LP.

Question regarding customizing header and background images and if it had been edited. @skarjune had fixed some problem found earlier and @estes.chris went over it as copyeditor.

Testing Updates

@coachwp did High Level Overview and One Touch Install using Bluehost and both went well. Question is being written up by @melindahelt.


@chanthaboune asked if we should be working to help create some movement around learn.wordpress.com work. @bethsoderberg replied: I think it would be super helpful if people workshopped a plan around how to present the completed lesson plans, perhaps a list of suggested workshops or a new teacher’s guide, etc.

@melindahelt pointed out that Trello cards can’t be edited. Thought is that it may be because people have to be granted membership, which is limited in free version. @melindahelt and @bethsoderberg will research further.

@melindahelt wondered if we would move the meeting due to DST.

Voted to vote. Discussion switched to audit of discussion times for everyone. Final decision was to meet at the same time DST.

Recap of March 7 Meeting

Lesson Plan Updates

None given.

Copyediting Updates

@donkiely: Finished the WooCommerce plan. Many changes, so a review is needed.

@bethsoderberg will mark it in need of review.

Testing Updates

@coachwp giving first session in NYC Mar. 8.

@skarjune started ongoing between workshop on WordPress Content Management with a focus group of 4 communications professionals.

This continued with a discussion of confusion between .com and .org, and between WordPress and commercial site builders. @skarjune is starting with getting a wordpress.com account as an introduction into the ecosystem. Also discussed is the differences in the admin interfaces and how that can be confusing to a person new to WordPress.

WCEU Community Summit

@chanthaboune and @bethsoderberg are trying to dig up the suggested topics from a CSV and PDF. Request for more topics.

@chanthaboune wondered if @wpaleks and @juliekuel would be available.

@bethsoderberg: one suggested topic is: Certification / Gamification / Testing / Whatever

@bethsoderberg, viewing Preview of CSV/PDF files, found several that were just titles with no description and tagged with other a bunch of other teams.

@bethsoderberg: I think it’s hard to propose much given that we know most of us won’t be there.

@chanthaboune agrees and suggest that we not have any topics but that she come as a rep proxy.

@bethsoderberg suggest a virtual “team summit” video meeting after WCEU to have an open forum with this team. Cannot talk about things discussed at WCEU because of safe spaces rule.

@donkiely: Is Trello current on what LPs are ready for copyediting.

@bethsoderberg: It is unless there are updates from last week.

@donkiely to update on some that he may grab

Recap of February 28, 2017 Meeting

Lesson Plan Updates
@juliekuehl is working on Internationalization this week.

@esteschris: copyediting is done on https://make.wordpress.org/training/handbook/theme-school/customizer-header-and-background-images/

@chanthaboune is pulling all the theme lessons into a workshop for Hack the Hood.

@morganestes tested https://make.wordpress.org/training/handbook/user-lessons/choosing-and-installing-a-theme/ at the OKCWP meetup Feb. 27. There’s a typo on the quiz that mixes up the right answer numbers, but the rest of the content in the lesson plan is good. The quiz is at https://make.wordpress.org/training/handbook/user-lessons/choosing-and-installing-a-theme/#quiz

Community Building
@juliekuehl suggested Certification / Gamification / Testing / Whatevs
She will be submitting it at https://wceurope.polldaddy.com/s/community-summit-2017-call-for-non-active-contributors

@melindahelt asked about the status of the Trello board. Will ask again when @bethsoderberg is present.

Recap of February 21, 2017 Meeting

Slack log (requires Slack login to view. Set one up if you don’t have a Slack account).

Lesson Plan Updates

Copyediting Updates

  • @bethsoderberg has an audit update. There are a few lessons that we’re missing updates on. Current Trello board: https://trello.com/b/zFnkQF91/wordpress-training-team-copyediting-flow
    • Let’s do a better job of sending links to lessons when we talk about them in chat.
  • @esteschris, @vmarie is also interested, @donkiely, and @meaganhanes are in need of new lessons for copyediting.
  • @esteschris: Copyediting is done on https://make.wordpress.org/training/handbook/theme-school/customizer-header-and-background-images/ and had questions about how to make images available for everyone. Chris will confirm all necessary changes are made.
    • Once we’ve edited it, do we move it on the board?
    • No, let’s do it in the weekly check-ins (either Slack or on the agenda post) so that it’s all tracked in one place.

Testing Updates

  • @coachwp’s program starts on March 8th. This program is for kids and features 6 sessions once a month.
  • Morgan Estes is testing Choosing and Installing Themes with the Oklahoma City meetup group


  • WCEU has a community summit AND a contributor day this year, so let’s figure out if we have topics we need to cover.
  • Please leave feedback on the accessibility workshop outline: https://make.wordpress.org/training/2017/02/14/accessibility-lesson-plans/
  • @esteschris and @chanthaboune will be at the WordCamp Atlanta contributor day.

Accessibility Lesson Plan(s)

Currently there is a lesson plan titled “Theme Accessibility” (https://make.wordpress.org/training/handbook/theme-school/theme-accessibility/). Upon initial testing of this lesson plan, feedback was received that indicated we should consider a user-oriented lesson and a theme-developer oriented lesson.

So the questions are: should there be two accessibility lesson plans, one for users and one for theme school? If so, what would they look like? If not, what would that look like?

Discuss. 🙂

Agenda for February 14, 2017 Meeting

The training team will be in the #training channel on Slack later today for our weekly meeting at our regular time: 20:00 UTC. If you can’t make it, please leave us a note in the comments and we’ll include your thoughts and/or updates in the meeting!

1. Welcome!
2. Lesson Plan Updates
3. Copyediting Updates
4. Testing Updates
5. Announcements and Questions

Did I miss something? Add it in the comments!