November 7th Support Team Meeting Summary

We had our final call for changes to the WordPress 5.3 Master List, along with a call for testing of WordPress it self, as the next version of WordPress is scheduled for November 12th.

We discovered that there’s a need for a specific page for Twenty Twenty that the feature theme team has already finalized (teamwork makes the dream work!), which will be linked up properly after the upcoming release.

Fair warning as well, that next meeting we will be utilizing the meeting-opener used by many other teams. The support team in general doesn’t use the /here command, as we wish to avoid notification burnout, but we will be using it for the first meeting after a major release to make sure we can gather any important information that surfaces from users after a release.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of our community from Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, India, Russia and Spain were part of this weeks meeting, with some new members from a few of them stopping by!

One of the contributors asked about information on highlighting topics to see which ones need addressing still, which the support team has a tool for at

Open floor

A request for more details for those running a contributor day was put forth. Turns out the existing page had been edited, and left in a state pending review. This has been re-published and is available at

We would like to improve the getting started documentation, so if you’ve ever held a contributor day and done support, input on what worked, what information you felt was missing, and what could be improved upon is very much welcome at any time.

If you would be so kind, please leave a response to the annual WordPress user survey for 2019.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

🎉 With the influx of new users lately, we’ll revitalize the contributor tips, a crowd favorite.

Helping out is awesome, but be selfish now and then, take the time you need to relax and unwind.

Contributor Tips


Design team update November 8th

The past few weeks designers across WordPress were involved in multiple WordCamps, WC Tokyo and WordCamp US, to name but two of those. There was also a wide variety of work from 5.3 wrangling to Gutenberg and beyond.

The meeting times are changing with daylight saving in some countries.

  • Monday: 17:30 UTC – core/meta triage
  • Tuesday: 17:00 UTC – Gutenberg triage
  • Wednesday: 19:00 UTC – Design weekly team meeting

Weekly meeting

The design team held their weekly meeting at 18:00 UTC in #design. You can catch up on all the notes here:


The design team continues to have triages each week, one for core/meta and one for Gutenberg.

Calls for involvement

Here are some calls for involvement for the design team:

Interesting posts

If you are having a WordCamp that has a design contribution table, please reach out in #design so you can be added in future updates.


Mobile Team Update – November 5th

WordPress iOS and Android version 13.6 will be available for testing later today. Sign up here to join the beta program on iOS or follow this link on your Android device, tap on Become a beta tester.

Highlights for the last two weeks:

  • Block Editor: We added image alignment controls and also Pexels library support on Android.
  • Full Site Editing: Spacer block is merged. The team delivered fixes for beta requests and issues detected during tests. We also made progress in Gallery and SPTs.
  • Offline Support: Offline posting on iOS was merged to develop and high priority issues found in call for testing were fixed.
  • Other Projects: A rough version of dark mode is finished on Android.
  • Infrastructure: Finished configuring notifications for FluxC tests on API change.


Plugin Review Team: 04 November 2019

Following a day of travel, we have great news. The team has onboarded two new members to handle security and administrative details of the plugin team. We’re also working on how to properly separate reviews from ongoing security/behavioural issues.

Plugin Status Change Stats

  • Plugins requested : 159
  • Plugins rejected : 9
  • Plugins closed : 298
  • Plugins approved : 62

Plugin Queue Stats (current)

  • Plugins in the queue (new and pending)* : 700
  • → (older than 7 days ago)** : 595
  • → (2019-10-28 – 2019-11-04) : 70
  • → (new; not processed or replied to yet)* : 51
  • → (pending; replied to)* : 649

HelpScout Stats

  • Total Conversations: 456 (-67%)
  • New Conversations: 215 (-83%)
  • Messages Received: 400 (-72%)
  • Customers: 262 (-39%)
  • Conversations per Day: 57 (-67%)
  • Busiest Day: Tuesday
  • Replies Sent: 406 (-29%)
  • Resolved on First Reply: 34% (-6%)
  • Resolved: 182 (-29%)
  • Resolution Time: 3d 5h (-19%)
  • Customers Helped: 240 (-37%)
  • Replies per Day: 58 (-29%)
  • Closed: 425 (-35%)


WordCamp US Contributor Day 2019


  • Reviewed and commented on a draft document outlining criteria for inclusion of hosts on a new /hosting page on
  • Found a fix for WordPress Travis CI reporting
  • Got access to PHPUnit Plugin reporter used for showing hosting test results
  • Content review and edits to the Hosting Handbook – it had fallen a bit out of date


  • created a list of missing or incorrect information in the Gutenberg block documentation
  • Two reps designated for Gutenberg developer and user documentation
  • Migrated content from Codex to Devhub
  • Tidying up handbook issues
  • Tagging some articles as documentation


  • onboarded new contributors
  • New contributors helped get two new commits in: r46639 & r46640
  • set up and ran a unit test on a patch
  • agreed proposed direction for REST API core authentication support
  • Privacy – potentially displaying privacy info in plugin readme for hopeful adding to plugin repo
  • Roadmap for Site Health + action plan for v2
  • Solicited user feedback on Core 5.3
  • @TimothyBlynJacobs made his first commit to WordPress Core

Kids Camp

  • Started first ever kids camp at a WordCamp US!
  • Scavenger hunt where kids took selfies with people from each contributor team to use in the creation of their WordPress sites!


  • A couple usability testing scripts have been written.
  • Going through all Gutenberg issues labelled as “needs testing” – over 15 tested
  • Helping other contributors get their testing environments set up


  • Translated 5.3 for Dutch


  • Subtitling videos to use for marketing purposes
  • Updates to example sites on
  • Interviewing other teams and working up a recap post


  • Fire, forage, and treasure exercise with post-its
  • Working on Author block
  • Working on processes for product design for WordPress


  • Testing
  • Environment setup
  • Updating new contributor onboarding documentation
  • Regression testing on iOS beta release


  • We’ve gotten everyone acquainted with the accessibility team, how to contribute and where to find important team info
  • We split the group into two: those who are new to a11y and want to go over 101 basics and those more familiar with it and want to learn how to get started contributing
  • We went over Trac and GitHub and learned how to create and give feedback on tickets and issues
  • We discussed the many different ways in which people can contribute, wether that’s with code, design, testing or feedback, everyone can participate
  • Working through Trac tickets
  • Testing, giving feedback, and opening issues for new stuff
  • After lunch we all paired and started diving into Trac. The team is already helping move tickets forward by testing, suggesting solutions and submitting patches.


  • Onboard 4-5 new people to the team
  • Discussing what the causes may be of fewer unanswered issues than normal
  • “No reply” topics down to 4


  • Working on updating Lando testing system
  • Closed several existing issues
  • Work on docker environment to make running tests more reliable


  • Got Aaron access to make this post!
  • Onboarded 4 people
  • Fixed 4 issues
  • Fixes 2 issued for Five for the Future
  • Fixed 1 issue for


  • Onboarding
  • Iterations on Make.WP site
  • Forms, new page templates, and taxonomies for lesson plans
  • Working on lesson plans for:
    • Getting started with CSS
    • Installing plugins
    • What you can do with WordPress
  • 3 new prs for meta site
  • 3 lesson plans were instructionally reviewed.


  • New meetup organizer orientation
  • Documentation for reaching out to prior WordCamp sponsors
  • WC Asia budget review
  • Going through WCUS 2019 photos
  • Working on messaging and benefits around speaker diversity training
  • Onboarding checklists
  • New WordCamp organizer orientation
  • New meetup chapter vetted and ready to launch
  • Diverse Speaker Training Team: Marketing text for promoting our workshop to meetups
  • Diverse Speaker Training Team: Edited training videos
  • Diverse Speaker Training Team: Started creating diverse events self-guided training


  • Teaching people how to access videos from WordCamp that need to be edited.
  • Several people are modding and editing videos from:
    • WCEU
    • Jacksonville
    • Birmingham
  • Two people submitted their first video to wptv
  • Published State of the Word 2019!
  • Onboarded people for moderating and editing


  • Lots of progress planning the WPGraphQL v1.0 Roadmap
  • Onboarded two new volunteers
  • Streamlined flows


  • Working on rate limiting issue

#contributor-day, #wordcamp-us

Five for the Future: Open for Pledges

I’m very proud to announce that the first iteration of the Five for the Future pledge program is open for pledges! Individuals and organizations can now publicly pledge their time to contribute to WordPress in a centralized place that is public and transparent.

The intent of this program is to acknowledge the organizations and individuals who contribute regularly to WordPress, helping to sustain the project and work on ongoing initiatives. My hope is that this will encourage contributions from the wider WordPress community. Naturally, the same expectations for promotion on also applies to this program.

This program wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and hard work of some amazing contributors! Props to all the people who designed, developed, gave feedback, and tested:

@ryelle, @mrwweb,@miss_jwo, @melchoyce, @liljimmi, @jorbin, @jeffpaul, @imath, @iandunn, @hristo-sg, @hlashbrooke, @earnjam, @courtneypk, @coreymckrill, @clorith, @chanthaboune, @camikaos, @angelasjin, @andreamiddleton, @adityakane, @aaroncampbell, @_dorsvenabili

If you have questions, find issues, have suggestions for future iterations, or think of improvements we could make to the program in the coming months, please comment on this post!

October 31st Support Team Meeting Summary

First a reminder that we’re still working on the WordPress 5.3 Master List, to cover items that we foresee users being confused about, viewing as potential issues and so forth.

And of course, please help test the new version before it goes live.

Checking in with international liaisons

Representatives from Sweden, Russia, Brazil and the Netherlands took part in this weeks chat, mostly focused on the upcoming release.

Open floor

A question was brought forth on the process when requesting data deletion from Although we don’t know the exact procedure, the privacy policy does make note that historical data such as commit history for plugins, themes and WordPress core are all retained. There’s also a section on forum posts and topics being historical data, and removing them would cause holes that may destroy the overall understanding of information., As such the user profile is scrubbed and anonymized.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)


Plugin Review Team: 28 Oct 2019

The higher numbers of closures are related to bounced emails. PLEASE check your email addresses in your profile. If they bounce, we can’t get in touch with you to tell you WHY we closed your plugins.

Plugin Status Change Stats

  • Plugins requested : 159 
  • Plugins rejected : 43
  • Plugins closed : 362
  • Plugins approved : 72

Plugin Queue Stats (current)

  • Plugins in the queue (new and pending)* : 664
  • → (older than 7 days ago)** : 579
  • → (2019-10-14 – 2019-10-21) : 66
  • → (new; not processed or replied to yet)* : 19
  • → (pending; replied to)* : 645

Help Scout Queue Stats

  • Total Conversations: 1250 (+285%)
  • New Conversations: 1167 (+345%)
  • Messages Received: 1215 (+305%)
  • Customers: 402 (+43%)
  • Conversations per Day: 156 (+290%)
  • Busiest Day: Sunday
  • Replies Sent: 501 (+13%)
  • Resolved on First Reply: 40% (+6%)
  • Resolved: 244 (+69%)
  • Resolution Time: 4d 1h (-30%)
  • Customers Helped: 344 (+23%)
  • Replies per Day: 72 (+13%)
  • Closed: 575 (+123%)


Accessibility team update – October 26, 2019

WordPress 5.3 accessibility focus

51 accessibility focused tickets were closed in milestone 5.3.

The biggest changes are related to Admin CSS. These changes were documented in a fully detailed dev note:

These changes were extensively tested by @audrasjb and a full report of his tests is available on Make/Core as well:

Widgets now use aria-current attribute to indicate if the current page in the concerned widgets:

aria-label is now used in Post and Comments navigations to add proper context to the related navigation systems:

Twenty Nineteen’s HTML structure was improved to avoid to generate invalid HTML:

wp_die HTML output was improved to avoid to generate invalid HTML:

There were also a number of accessibility focused changes in the block editor to handle Gutenberg Accessibility Audit issues.

The accessibility team also contributed intensively to the development of the new bundled theme, Twenty Twenty.

WordPress 5.3 was a key release for the WordPress accessibility team. Thanks to everyone involved in the accessibility focused Trac tickets and Gutenberg issues 👏

New accessibility team reps election for 2020

The new team reps will be elected on Friday 8 November 2019 at 15:00 UTC on Accessibility Slack channel.

For further information, see the related post on Make/Accessibility:

Accessibility table for WordCamp US 2019 contributor day

@nrqsnchz will lead the accessibility team table at WordCamp US contributor day. @rianrietveld and @nataliemac will help running the table. @nataliemac will also present an accessibility workshop.


Design team update October 25th

The focuses this week for designers were wide and varied. They included 5.3, Helphub and Gutenberg. The weekly triage sessions were held for core/meta and Gutenberg.

Weekly meeting

The design team held their weekly meeting at 18:00 UTC in #design. You can catch up on all the notes here.

Calls for involvement

Here are some calls for involvement for the design team:


There will be several opportunities for designers to be involved in during this event.

  • Testing table: @mapk will be facilitating.
  • Accessibility table: @nrqsnchz will be facilitating.
  • Design table: @joshuawold and myself will be facilitating.

If you are having a WordCamp that has a design contribution table, please reach out in #design so you can be added in future updates.

There was also a weekly Gutenberg design update posted, this included a roundup of everything ‘full site editing’.