Call for Testing: Gutenberg 4.3 Pre-release

This release will have a short turnaround time for testing in order to allow the plugin and core code to get better aligned for merging.

The goal of Gutenberg is to simplify the creation of rich pages and posts in WordPress by replacing old custom HTML, CSS, and shortcodes with native Blocks. The Gutenberg plugin is currently the main focus for the testing group and Gutenberg is the new editing experience in WordPress

To help test, please download from the releases page or use the button above, install/activate the plugin, and try testing any of the items listed below. If you don’t have time to test everything on the list, try just doing a few items. All testing is welcome!

  1. Add several blocks with various alignments (left, right, center) and check to make sure the toolbar appears properly for each one. (11357)
  2. Press meta+A to select a block and meta+A again to select all blocks. Test with Safari and Firefox. (8180)
  3. Test the sibling inserter with Firefox and Safari. (11684)
  4. Create a new post and start typing for at least 10 seconds. Verify that autosave does not occur while typing and that autosave does occur after 10 seconds of no action. (10103)
  5. Add a pullquote and change the colors in various ways. Make sure the text is readable. (10792)
  6. Add a Media & Text block, select the “Stack on mobile” option, publish and view on mobile and see that the blocks are responsive. (10969)
  7. Create a Google Docs document with text that is both bold and italics and that has text with strikethrough, subscript, and superscript. Copy and paste the content into the editor and check that the formatting is correct. (11207)
  8. Drag and drop multiple files into the editor and check that file blocks are created for each one. (11297)
  9. Insert a thumbnail-sized image and set the link settings to media file. Check that clicking on the image from the published post opens the full-sized image. (11254)
  10. Change the permalink for an existing post and save changes. Make sure the “View as” link in the black toolbar at the top works as expected. (11262)
  11. Try opening a draft or a previously published post, do not make changes, close the browser tab—make sure you are not prompted to save changes if you opened a post and did not make any changes. (4687)
  12. Activate a dropdown item, such as the inserter, and click outside of it to close the dropdown. (11253)
  13. Add a YouTube URL to a video block and make sure it gets added as a working YouTube embed. (6824)
  14. Schedule a post and make sure it works as expected. (11418)
  15. Transform a Media & Text block to a video or image block and vice versa. (11420)
  16. Convert a classic block to blocks with e.g. a span with attributes in a paragraph. (11539)
  17. Upload ~10 large (10 MB) images into a gallery and see that they upload without error. (11565)
  18. Use Alt+F10 to navigate to the block toolbar (not the editor toolbar). (11607)
  19. Add a columns block with various content. (11620, 11659)
  20. For more, see issues in the 4.3 milestone.

Accessibility Related

These are accessibility-related testing steps, though anyone can help test these!

  1. Publish a post using the keyboard only (4187).
  2. Navigate through the images in a gallery using the keyboard. Try different browsers. (11205)
  3. Add a link to another existing post from your site using the keyboard only. (10838)
  4. Using a screen reader, add a link, search for a post, select a link, and check that the result is announced. (10838)
  5. Using a screen reader, select multiple blocks, and check that the number of blocks selected is read out. (11422)

Bonus Round

You should test these if you’re willing to dig in a little deeper, if you know of (or can find) custom plugins that use some of the updated capabilities, or if you would like to help test Gutenberg with popular plugins.

  1. Go to More > Options and check the option for Custom Fields. Check that custom fields work as expected. (11084)
  2. Add a left aligned and a right-aligned image to a post. Switch the site to use an RTL language and check that the alignments are the same. (11293)
  3. Add a bunch of meta boxes and check to make sure the editor still has ample room. (11482)
  4. Find a plugin that removes the “kitchen sink” button from the old editor and confirm it works as expected. (10964)
  5. Install a plugin that uses the SlotFill API (for example: DropIt or Yoast SEO) and make sure it works as expected. (11123)
  6. Test with Advanced Custom Forms (ACF).
  7. Test with Yoast SEO.

If you find a new bug, please file it in gutenberg on GitHub. Thank you!

Block developers: make sure to be aware of deprecations.

Please join us in #core-test on WordPress Slack any time if you have questions about testing!

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Media, Editor: Image captions containing <— are truncated, Macnchrome

With 4.3-beta4-33463.

#4-3, #beta, #captions, #chrome, #editor, #macos, #media, #needs-ticket, #visual-bug-report, #web

Customize: Change site icon via customize, Macnchrome

With 4.3-beta2-33249.

#16434, #4-3, #beta, #chrome, #customize, #desktop, #macos, #site-icons

Customize: Change site icon via customize, iPhone 6+

With 4.3-beta2-33249.


  • I couldn’t get cropping to work.

#16434, #4-3, #beta, #customize, #ios, #phablet, #site-icons, #web

A visual survey of site icon terminology

Site icons recently landed in trunk using the terminology “Site icon”. We didn’t go with “favicon”. Favicon is an under-the-hood term, one with a lot of tedious history. Instead, we want to package title, tagline, and icon together as site identity. And, we already have some history with site/blog icon. Here’s a quick visual survey.


4.3 Beta

4.3 Beta uses “Site Icon”

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 6.04.08 PM uses “Blog Picture/Icon”

Jetpack uses Site Icon and references favicon.

Jetpack uses Site Icon and references favicon.

#4-3, #beta, #chrome, #favicon, #jetpack, #macos, #site-icons, #visual-history, #visual-survey, #wp-com

Visual survey of list tables, iPhone 6+

For #32395.

4.3-beta1-33086. Single site. Logged in as an Administrator.

#32395, #4-3, #beta, #comments, #ios, #list-tables, #pages, #phablet, #plugins, #posts, #posts-list, #taxonomy, #users, #visual-survey, #web

Changing site icon, 4.3-beta1-33054, iPhone 6+

Cropping is broken. For #16434.

Macnchrome too.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 6.05.13 PM

#16434, #4-3, #beta, #chrome, #ios, #macos, #media, #modal, #options, #phablet, #settings, #site-icons, #web

Toolbar flow: Delete a post, Create and chain edit a post, iPhone 6+

Here are a couple of toolbar flow vizrecs I had laying around. These were done with 4.3 alpha, before the Customize icon landed in the toolbar.

Delete a post. Exercises Edit and Home in the toolbar.

Create a post and then chain edit it. Exercises + and Edit in the toolbar. Uses View Post in the publish/save notices to link from back to front, rather than the toolbar.

#32947, #4-3, #beta, #editor, #ios, #phone, #toolbar, #web

Toolbar Visual Survey, 4.3-alpha-33003, iPhone 5

For #32678. 4.3-alpha-33003. Single site install. Logged in as an Administrator.

#32678, #4-3, #beta, #ios, #phone, #toolbar, #visual-survey, #web