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Marketing Team Notes – February 27th, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @siobhanseija, @maedahbatool, @joostdevalk, @yvettesonneveld, @harryjackson1221, @joelobo, @michelleames, @abhanonstopnewsuk, @jonoalderson, @newyokerlaura

Notes Taken By: @maedahbatool

Slack Timestamp

Celebration/Achievements in the Last Week

  • @siobhanseija — I joined the organising team for WordCamp Nijmegen, which should be a lot of fun!
  • @joostdevalk@jonoalderson and I had our first requests for analytics data from other teams, that was nice.
  • @michelleames — Personally, I was announced as Keynote for WordCamp Kent. And asked to keynote another that isn’t public yet.
  • @newyokerlaura — Working with the WCUS team to onboard new folks.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — Sponsorship post is all finished after review, feedback phase with sponsors, editing etc. With @siobhanseija for final steps. Great team input on all aspects. A good example of how all our skills come together.

Task Lead Updates

  • @joostdevalk:
  • Still thinking about what the history page should be and discussing that with Matt and others.
  • The design of /mobile/ will be discussed in the #design meeting tonight.
  • The design of the showcase has been discussed in the #design meeting last week, it needs some updates.
  • @jonoalderson and I are still working on getting better analytics measurements across the board.
  • We’re also working on improving SEO, we’ve had some nice changes this week with titles of WordPress themes and plugins now actually containing “WordPress Theme” & “WordPress Plugin”.
  • @siobhanseija: https://trello.com/c/CPcpxveZ/201-first-time-at-contributor-day-heres-what-you-need-to-know
  • I just didn’t get around to this before but I’m hoping to kick-start it this week
  • I just discussed with @joostdevalk that posts like this one may need a different place or input from a different team. But we’d like to at least start writing from the perspective of joining the marketing team.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — There are lots we have been doing at WCEU which will help with information and cross-links too.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk:
  • What to expect as a contributor feature including interviews with a number of contributors is all finished bar one photo.
  • @newyokerlaura — This is awesome. I will pass this info to Aaron Campbell who is spearheading the WCUS Contributor Day Team. It (why contribute post) for the marketing blog as the first step, but think this would work well promoting it on the “make community”. I would suggest it for WordCamp.org news and can speak to Hugh there about it if you’re happy @joostdevalk.
  • @joostdevalk — Sounds good @abhanonstopnewsuk. Speaking to Hugh would be a good thing. I think the make marketing blog is great for our internal communication, but for stuff that deserves more eyes, and a lot of this does, we should be looking at better places to publish it.
  • @siobhanseija — Yes, the team has been creating some valuable content, nice work! Especially @abhanonstopnewsuk, you’re on a roll and I love how you get so many people involved on the docs!
  • @joelobo:
  • A couple of months back we spoke about getting this post which I wrote on .org in some form: https://make.wordpress.org/marketing/2018/11/07/how-to-create-a-business-website-with-wordpress/ What’s the best way to approach this?
  • @joostdevalk — Joe, I’m working on a plan for a wordpress.org site structure that allows for this type of content to exist. I think almost everyone agrees that it’s needed, but we don’t have a logical place for it to “live” yet.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — This post has had a lot of contribution and writing team as a whole and getting direct feedback which meant we were able to get a great package together.
  • @joelobo — Agreed. I’d argue it could on as it is on .org with a few minor tweaks. Perhaps I’m wrong.
  • @yvettesonneveld — The fact that so many now agree that it’s needed already is a huge win. We will find that gorgeous home, I’m sure!
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk:
  • The what to expect as a sponsor has had a lot of work on it and feedback from WordCamps and sponsors, so it could be a real benefit for sponsors teams at WordCamps if available via the handbook too.
  • @yvettesonneveld — I wonder if it would be helpful to repurpose this blog post into a pdf document that organizers in charge of sponsoring could share with potential sponsors too. Like an e-guide.
  • @newyokerlaura — There’s a lot that could benefit from being in PDF format.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — Sounds excellent. We would need to get community ok on content first, I suggest. Happy to talk to the team there as I had to check items with them for this and WCLDN sponsors recently, which fed into this document too.
  • @siobhanseija — Yeah, I’ve been discussing this with Joost as well. A lot of the posts we did over the last months are valuable and should have a different place!
  • @newyokerlaura — I know this may sound crazy, but having a document respiratory. Like a Library divided by topic might help. Can grab what they need.
  • @joostdevalk — Well the handbooks are meant to be that. But more and more I’m coming to the conclusion that we probably need to be maintaining sections in other team’s handbooks.

New Business

  • @joostdevalk:
  • I’ve been talking to @johnparkinson about getting some of the awesome posts about videos by @siobhanseija and @abhanonstopnewsuk to be cross-posted to blog.wordpress.tv
  • @yvettesonneveld — Maybe the design team could help them create a slide template. With some slides and a free Zoom account, it’s easy to turn the blog posts into video as well.
  • @harryjackson1221:
  • We are still working on organization and submission requirements for the Showcase, and have a Doodle to help us set a meeting up to allow for the most people to attend. Feel free to plug in in some availability on that here: https://doodle.com/poll/n6462yvsmtcmd2s5
  • We have identified a few action items last time, and hope to flesh those out further the next time we meet – which will hopefully be in the next few days. Once we have a list of people wanting to attend, we can create a DM and share the agenda and other items we have come up with so far.
  • @siobhanseija — I think I’d like to join! I’ll fill out the Doodle later on.
  • @joostdevalk:
  • I’d love all your input here: https://make.wordpress.org/marketing/2019/02/20/gutenberg-page-changes/
  • @siobhanseija — Yes! Actually, this is something I meant to touch on today. So anyone can chime in, Joost asks for input on the make/marketing blog, like the post above. He also shares the posts in this channel, but you might have missed them. If you have any input, please do comment on the post! This is also great if you just don’t have your opinion ready right at the moment you see the question. You can think about it a bit more and still share your two cents.
  • @joostdevalk — Yeah the goal here is to make larger decisions based on input that people can give when they have time, not on whether they show up for the meeting.

Gutenberg page changes

The “problem”

The Gutenberg page on /gutenberg/ talks exclusively about what we’ve started calling the block editor elsewhere. When you read that page you:

  • Could be lead to believe it’s the end result of the Gutenberg project;
  • Could mistakenly believe that what we now call the block editor is still called Gutenberg;
  • Have no clue about the next phases of the project, even though those are well defined.

Initial thoughts about a solution

After some initial discussions in #core-editor today I’m leaning towards a solution in the following form:

  • Move and modify the current page to be a page about the block editor that lives either under /about/features/ or as a subpage of /gutenberg/. I think the former is a better long term solution. The modification most needed is calling the thing block editor instead of Gutenberg.
  • On /gutenberg/ we should explain the goals of the Gutenberg project. We should link to that new block editor page but also explain Phase 2 and 3 and what we’re currently doing in Phase 2. We could then link this page from /about/roadmap/ too. This could be as simple as linking to https://make.wordpress.org/design/tag/gutenberg-weekly/ initially or more if we have people with time and inspiration to build that.

I’d love feedback on all of the above in the comments 🙂

Marketing Team Notes – February 20th, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @siobhanseija, @maedahbatool, @miker, @webcommsat, @dhruvpandya, @harryjackson1221, @jenblogs4u, @joostdevalk, @maziar

Notes Taken By: @maedahbatool

Slack Timestamp

Celebration/Achievements in the Last Week

Task Lead Updates

  • @siobhanseija — The Social Media Plan for WordCamps publication has stalled. Question for Joost to help move this forward again to its various publication locations. https://trello.com/c/Z9uQJlQk/21-creating-a-social-media-plan-for-wordcamps
  • Why You Should Contribute to WordPress? https://trello.com/c/xSdYhWbQ/243-why-you-should-contribute-to-wordpress. @abhanonstopnewsuk — Contributor Day piece – just final elements. Any joy finding a US pics? Siobhan, anything further you want to add? Thanks, everyone for all the work on this and the reviews. @siobhanseija will check this week and check with colleagues for pics.
  • @miker — 5 for the Future Email Template for Contributors to Use to Approach their Company https://trello.com/c/V7dAnfne/220-5-for-the-future-email-template-for-contributors-to-use-to-approach-their-company. We’ve had the card on the 5 for the future messaging for a while, but I think it’s fair the focus has shifted pretty dramatically away from recruiting since we had the initial conversations last year. It would be worth a conversation in the near future on our overall priority level for it.
  • That being said, I am still working on this. Part of what I see us needing is some shareable content to go along with it. We have put out a lot of text-based content, but have limited options with that.
  • I am working on a proof of concept video (as a personal contribution) that I think could generate some attention. I have a voice artist I’ve worked with before record some audio which was completed this week. I am working on the video now, but have it largely complete. I am hoping I will have a finished version for next week.
  • @siobhanseija — Sounds like exciting stuff @miker! I’m curious to see what comes of it!
  • @miker — I want to improve on the video side, so figure this would be a good way to kill a couple of birds with one stone.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — What can sponsors expect at WordCamp? https://trello.com/c/f4iXxZqb/203-what-should-new-sponsors-expect-at-a-wordcamp
  • @yvettesonneveld and @Kate Bolin have reviewed and added considerably to the Sponsors piece. Two additions are being incorporated this afternoon. Thank you both. Siobhan your previous questions have now been answered too.
  • In answer to the one remaining question on the document, we have decided to link directly to the community guidance for sponsors to ensure it is up-to-date. This will be updated today and ready for the publication queue, completing four rounds of edits.
  • Pictures – if anyone has group sponsor shots from a WordCamp which could be used, please add them to them to the Trello card with credit details.

New Business

  • @harryjackson1221 — There is work for a new person to do here. Met with @abhanonstopnewsuk, @Rubio and we really made some progress on fleshing out the showcase organization, and requirements for entries. We identified some action items, and I am going to be moving those up in the agenda if anyone wants to pitch in on the task. Just ping one of us, and we can add you to the DM, and update you on the previous discussions! https://docs.google.com/document/d/10k6WNb2wCOU5yJHDqE1KGiJwrpWDu9pfzQ-hnxV2QCk/edit#
  • @harryjackson1221 — I am creating a Trello card for this right now, and will update with a list of action items and milestones later today. https://trello.com/c/SdIcVK6q/257-showcase-redesign-organization-and-requirements
  • @Rubio — Sounds good! I’ll look into it later today. Thanks for doing that. I think we can really nail down what’s needed for the new submission form and hopefully make getting the showcases out more effectively and with a better production value/game plan.
  • @harryjackson1221 — I think we should create another doodle and we can map out another meeting that more people can attend.
  • @harryjackson1221 — If anyone wishes to help out with the Showcase Redesign project, @Rubio has created a Doodle to help us decide on the best time to meet. Feel free to join the conversation: https://doodle.com/poll/n6462yvsmtcmd2s5
  • @Rubio — Here’s the doodle: https://doodle.com/poll/n6462yvsmtcmd2s
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — Global WordPress Translation Day 4 – this will take place on 11 May 2019. Please do share the dates and add them to your diary.
  • Would anyone like to write (or help write) a short promotion on this for the marketing blog? This could be a task for someone who is also a polyglot or wants to learn more about being a translator.
  • @maedahbatool — I’ll write a small post on the marketing blog.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — WPTV has a story which can do with some marketing help. It has lots of statistics. If you are keen on stats, please reply to this thread and we can link you with the information. There will be lots of support available from marketing and WPTV, so great for new people to work on too. @siobhanseija and I have been working alongside WPTV during the last year and they have some very good community stories to share and very friendly team. We have many in this team who also contribute to WordPress.TV.
  • @siobhanseija — At WordCamp London (first weekend of April), I’ll lead the marketing table at Contributor day. I’ll be preparing it so that we can make optimal use of our time and resources there. If any of you has a specific project you think would fit the bill, let me know! There is where quite some people there last year, albeit mostly new contributors, so I think we can get a lot done in one day! https://trello.com/c/lehg6Aho

@siobhanseija@mcdwayne has left this Slack channel. I wanted to take a moment and thank him for all the time, effort, and wisdom he brought to this team! He’s decided his passion now lies in other areas and is looking into contributing to the subjects that spark his joy now, so to say thanks for everything you did Dwayne! Hope to see you soon.

Marketing Team Notes – February 13th, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @siobhanseija, @miker, @abhanonstopnewsuk, @dhruvpandya, @katebolin, @newyorkerlaura, @maedahbatool, @meher, @yvettesonneveld, @jenblogs4u, @joostdevalk @jonoalderson

Notes Taken By: @Kate Bolin

Slack Timestamp

Celebration/Achievements in the Last Week

  • @miker — We set a date for the local meetup here in Virginia Beach. It’s sort of slipped in regularity here, but looking forward to having a consistent meeting again.
  • @siobhanseija — In March there’ll be a Contributor day at the Yoast Offices, open to anyone! Should be fun while it spreads the word about contributing. Might inspire others to organize more outside of WordCamps.
  • @newyorkerlaura — Working on the WCUS marketing and communications plan for 2019. New city, new challenges.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — @Priscilla Bocage and I had a very productive marketing table at WordCamp Zaragoza working with Contributors in the marketing video series with a simultaneous virtual contribution from other locations and assistance via the marketing slack. Lots of wonderful new suggestions, input on reviews and a test of our updated language tabs to make it easier for non-English speaking countries to participate. Also, some input into case studies and feedback on how local sites can contribute more to this, which we are considering in the Spotlight review.
  • @harryjackson1221 — A full update on the marketing video project is planned for a blog on the whole project to coincide with its first year anniversary later this spring. Thanks to Priscilla for working with me on the preparatory material before the event and for leading the marketing table at Zaragoza. Hanks too for all those who contributed.

Task Lead Updates

New Business

  • @siobhanseija — I have been trying to help move along a project mentioned in a previous design meeting and would like to check if anyone here can help me out. @estelaris has done an awesome job translation this: https://make.wordpress.org/community/files/2018/03/WordPress-GetInvolved-2up.pdf, into a lot of languages. See: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/meta/get-involved
    Now, we’re unsure where to take this to have it turned into cards. Does anyone know of anyone that initiated this project, or might know anything about it? @jenblogs4u mentioned @sheriebeth before and I have reached out a few weeks ago, but haven’t heard anything back yet.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — Update on sustainability ideas for WordCamp. Went to the community meeting and the outcomes are short term. The community would like a blog to encourage other WordCamps to contribute sustainability ideas and share them on the community-events channel too. We have a draft from the sustainability channel on UK Slack, which I will share on the Trello card. If anyone would like to help the marketing team take this blog forward, that would be great.
  • Long term: Writing a section in the handbook on the community on thinking about sustainability for WordCamps. This could be done with the assistance of the marketing team too and then Community would be able to finish adjusting it into the style for the handbook too.
  • @miker — Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by sustainability?
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — Eg. Swag, recycling facilities, disposable cups vs reusable cups @miker.
  • @newyorkerlaura — I’ve been working on sustainable swag ideas for a client. I’d be happy to join this card and contribute.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk is looking for some help! Help from “anyone on the marketing team who also has experience of working on sponsors negotiations and agreements for WordCamps”.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — What can sponsors expect at WordCamps?
  • @Breann McDede and I have worked further on this during the last two weeks. I have raised some queries with the community team to check two facts.
  • Help wanted @siobhanseija — if anyone on the marketing team who also has experience of working on sponsors negotiations and agreements for WordCamps, could they please reply to this thread and we would value their input.
  • Aim: to have this completed for the publication review queue next week.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk — Will be organising a plugin discussion next week on one of our Trello cards on crisis comms, anyone interested with experience of plugins marketing, please let me know. Will add more to this thread later.

Video Roundup: Tips for Organizing a WordPress Contribution Event

Are you planning a contribution day or event for WordPress? Then learn from the best! We’ve rounded up some great videos from WordCamps around the world. In these videos, you will find tips for what you need to consider and how to market your day or sessions to both new and established contributors.

This third in the series of blogs highlights some of the visual resources available on WordPress.tv to help you recruit attendees and plan your events. Previous articles in the series explore how to contribute to WordPress and becoming part of the WordPress community.

WordPress.tv Videos on Organizing a Contribution Event

We have selected three videos that cover important aspects of organizing a contribution event. If you feel inspired by this selection, head over to WordPress.tv. There are more videos available on the subject there!

Standalone contributor days

In Italy, standalone contributor days have been used to build up interest and understanding of what it means to be part of the international open source project WordPress.org. Francesca Marano explores how other groups can use similar techniques to develop a following and encourage MeetUps and WordCamps in their locality. This inspirational talk also covers how to create a WordPress.org login and a Slack account, two of the tools people will need to join and communicate with WordPress’s team of contributors.

Francesca Marano discusses standalone contributor days

The benefits of holding a contribution event

If you are unsure of the benefits of holding a contribution event or the range of ways you can get involved, this video is for you. In this interview with Rocio Valdivia about the 500-strong WordCamp Europe contributor day in 2017, you’ll find great quotes about shared learning and experience. Also: how working together and attending an event can expand your network. It’s not just the project but the people, who benefit from contributing!

Interview on summary of contributor day at WordCamp Europe 2017 – Rocio Valdivia

Guide to organizing a contributor event

For further inspiration on designing a contributor event, watch Sonja Leix’s talk. It provides a step-by-step guide to organizing contributor days, contributor nights and special MeetUp events focused on individual Make WordPress teams. It also has ideas for how to support people who want to get started with developing WordPress.

Sonja Leix on designing for the community

Join this blog series team!

If you would like to contribute to WordPress at an event, or from work or home, helping out with this blog series can be an easy way to join the community or try something new.

You can add to a shared spreadsheet of video links from WordPress.TV, videos that you think highlight the community. You can review a recording on the list for sound quality and key learning points, or subtitle one of the short films to help make the library on WPtv more inclusive.

Join the Make WordPress Marketing Team on slack to find out more. You can also contact either @webcommsat or @siobhanseija.

Related resources

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this post and everyone that continues to help us identify and review videos. Also to @webcommsat and @siobhanseija for leading the WordPress.tv marketing videos initiative and its blog series.

#contributor-day, #contributor-event

X-post: Strengths and Challenges: Follow Up

X-comment from +make.wordpress.org/updates: Comment on Strengths and Challenges: Follow Up

Marketing Team Notes – January 30th, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @joostdevalk, @maedahbatool, @jenblogs4u, @harryjackson1221, @meher, @michelleames, @yvettesonneveld, @Jayman, @aaroncampbell, @jonoalderson, @luehrsen, @zetaraffix, @kenshino, @PriscillaBocage, @abhanonstopnewsuk & @dhuruvpandya

Notes Taken By: @yvettesonneveld

Slack Timestamp

Celebration Thread

  • @joostdevalk has initiated a redesign for the WordPress showcase that will also include case studies. Pragmatic from the UK is donating design hours. Wireframes for the design have been created already.
  • WordPress has reached a 33% market share.
  • @Miker attended a WP meeting in Richmond last week and received some positive feedback on the work of the marketing team.

Task Lead Updates

Short History of WordPress

Trello Link: https://trello.com/c/gA79CUOg/249-a-short-history-of-wordpress

  • @joostdevalk will be reviewing this and will try to move it to the next step, hopefully, this week.

Case Studies

Trello Link: https://trello.com/c/ZnT2LCjn/58-read-and-format-case-studies-from-survey-answers

  • @harryjackson1221 mentions that the case studies could use some love. Add yourself to the card, reach out to him. This is a great project to get started on if you’re new here and looking for something to do. @joostdevalk shares he’d like to get a case study done on the github.blog site.
  • So far we have not reached out to publishers actively. @kenshino inquires after the reason to truncate case studies and leaving out names. @harryjackson1221 refers to the guidelines on the Trello card and also shares he gladly makes sure people / companies get a proper attribution.
  • The new Case Study wireframe will include room for agency tags, so that agencies can link to an overview of case studies published on the WordPress blog.

5 for the Future Email Template for Contributors to Use to Approach Their Company

Trello Link: https://trello.com/c/V7dAnfne/220-5-for-the-future-email-template-for-contributors-to-use-to-approach-their-company

  • @miker shares that he has removed the deadline from this card, as that deadline related to WCUS. This is a long term project and still is in progress.
  • @miker is recruiting contributors to help out spreading the message on social and someone to participate both in the hosting and in the marketing team to improve communication between those two teams.
  • @joostdevalk mentions that he is in touch with the hosting team regularly and is willing to take on that role for now. Also, @maedabatool offered help.

New Business Thread

  • @birgitpaulihaack posted a comment on last weeks meeting note requesting social media sharing buttons.
  • @joostdevalk, @kenshino, @maedabatool, @harryjackson1221 agree that nobody’s using them anymore and they add they make web pages bulkier than necessary.
  • Mobile can easily share anything from their phone and @jonoalderson adds that the Chrome native share dialog makes sharing without on-page buttons a breeze too.

Next Weeks’ Meeting

  • Our next meeting is planned for February 6th, 2019 at 7 am PST, or 15:00 GMT.
  • @joostdevalk won’t be able to attend due to YoastCon, some of the other team reps may not be able to attend either. Please keep an eye out for the blog and the marketing channel for an update.

Marketing Team Notes – January 23rd, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Slack Timestamp

Meeting Attended By: @siobhanseija, @maedahbatool, @coachbirgit, @joostdevalk, @jenblogs4u, @harryjackson1221, @meher, @abhanonstopnewsuk

Notes Taken By: @harryjackson1221

Announcement from @joostdevalk

We are changing the time of the weekly meeting to 7AM PST, or 15:00 GMT.

We began the meeting by discussing the team process, and the time of our weekly meetings.

The main point of the article is that the meetings are for reporting, and not mandatory for team members to attend. We are using the channel for discussions, and when they lead to decisions, we are going to be posting them on the make.wordpress.org/marketing blog.

All of the team reps for Marketing will have editorial access moving forward. This way, when we post updates for the team, anyone has the opportunity to chime in via the comments, and it is easier for people to keep track of the team’s movement.

Celebrations This Week

Task Lead Updates

A Short History of WordPress:

Showcase Updates

  • @joostdevalk is going to share a blog post about some changes we see needed for the Showcase (https://wordpress.org/showcase/) to make it a bit more modern, and allow our case studies to be a part of that. @harryjackson1221 is super interested in contributing to this effort, and anyone else that wants to be in those discussions can do so in the Slack Marketing channel, as well as in the comments here.
  • @joostdevalk is planning on attending the #design meeting later today and asking for help, and we want to get this project moving fast. The target date for this update is the end of February.
  • We also talked about creating a Trello card for this, but it was decided that a small working group with resources and a project manager will be capable of getting the job done in a better fashion. So far, @harryjackson1221, @michelleames, @meher, @abhanonstopnewsuk have all showed interest in contributing to this project.

New Business Thread

One of the first changes @joostdevtalk has started implementing is removing the mentions of us being an all volunteer team. Yoast has decided to donate 50% of @siobhanseija’s working hours to coordinate the work being done on this team. While that does not mean that involvement as a volunteer is any less appreciated, but it is simply no longer true of this particular team and we feel it is best to not misrepresent moving forward.

WordCamp Zaragoda Contributor Day

We will be supporting the marketing efforts at WordCamp Zaragoda Contributor Day this weekend. @abha will post a link in Slack by Friday if anyone is around to welcome and support the group. We may need to support some access to Trello and other tools during the onboarding process. Thanks to @Priscilla Bocage who will be marketing on site.

Showcase redesign

The marketing team would like to redesign the WordPress showcase and the processes around it. The showcase, when used well, is one of our most powerful marketing tools. We can and should use it to show off the most inspiring and innovative uses of WordPress from around the web.

Features to add

The showcase lacks a few features that in our eyes are essential to make it truly successful. The things we should add:

  • Case studies – The marketing team currently does these on the Make/Marketing blog but that doesn’t seem like a good spot. Adding more depth and reasoning as to why a site is in the showcase would make it more worthwhile.
  • A one-line description – For use in search engine meta descriptions, on social when a showcase is shared, and in listings, showcases should have a one-line description.
  • Add (mobile) screenshots – We currently only feature one screenshot per site, adding a few more to highlight nice sections of the site would be good. In those sets of screenshots, we should also make certain to include mobile screenshots.
  • Highlight agency and hosting company – The showcase has tags for WordPress.com and WordPress.com VIP but currently not for any other companies. We should add tags (or a custom taxonomy) for different hosting companies and agencies as their cases come into the showcase, and highlight them more prominently on the showcase pages. This will make it worthwhile for agencies to submit their best work.
  • Add tags – We can’t currently link to a listing of sites that, for example, do cool stuff with Gutenberg. Adding tags would allow grouping sites in other ways and show off uses of WordPress better.

Design changes

The Showcase needs design changes to overcome the following problems:

  • A slightly dated design – The design currently looks slightly dated, especially on the single pages.
  • Mobile version – The current design doesn’t work too well on mobile and actually has a double hamburger menu, which is confusing.


As we’re building this, we should make sure that the Showcase can also be added to Rosetta sites in the future. Local showcases are much more useful for local marketing teams.

Process changes

There are a few things in the process around the Showcase that we should change:

  • We’re not 100% sure all sites currently listed in the Showcase are running WordPress. We should change that.
  • There are hundreds if not thousands of submissions waiting to be added to the Showcase. We should probably never have thousands of sites in the showcase, so we need a way to clean up that list.
  • Sites that are in the showcase should be re-evaluated yearly to see if they are still a good fit.

Promotion changes

When sites get added to the showcase, that should be a thing we as a community (and specifically also the agency and hosting company involved) celebrate.

We’re thinking about the following ways of promotion:

  • Tweet new additions from the WordPress account and likewise share them on our other social profiles.
  • Give sites and agencies a badge to show that their work has been acknowledged.
  • Highlight them as “New” on the frontpage of the Showcase for a while.

Share your thoughts!

Did we forget things? Should we not do some of the above? Let us know.