Marketing Team Notes – January 10, 2018

Marketing Team Vision

Our vision for the Marketing Team is to be the go-to resource for strategy and content for other WordPress teams.

Getting Involved

All are welcome and encouraged to join in, comment on posts, and participate in meetings and on projects:

Today’s Meeting

Today’s meeting was the first time the group met after our December break. We recapped where we are on various projects on the Trello board. Read the backscroll on Slack here

Videos on Gutenberg Testing

Leads on Trello Card: @jeremyfremont @tashan

@jenblogs4u and @tashan stated they were being uploaded for editing  but I can follow up on that.

@bridgetwillard Pinged  @jeremyfremont on the card and changed the deliverable date to 1/15.

WCUS Recap of Contributor Day

@mcdwyane updating purpose on Trello Card which was a little vague

@bridgetwillard will be following up here. There are three purposes for this item when completed: blog post published on Marketing, Pinging @andreamiddleton to get it on News, Sending to @newYorkerLaura for post on WCUS

Getting the Word Out about Make WordPress

Lead: @maedahbatool

@maedahbatool reports that they collaboratively live wrote this piece but, it needs to be finalized.

@harryjackson1221 @jenblogs4u are also working on this

@McDwayne suggested maybe just a bunch of tweetable bites compiled into a blog post

Some thoughts regarding if the finished product is a Wishlist vs. Deliverable Copy to be posted

At the moment, it seems like it’s just an initiative to share, but it would be great to have some standardized posts we could use to tweet and share. Item is evolving.

Liaison Program

Lead: @jasonpknill

The idea was first floated at WCUS Contributor Day. It’s currently on the back burner.

Make WordPress Teams Updated Front-Facing Design

Leads: @kevinwhoffman @mapk

They want the design team to work with each of the Make WordPress teams on a front-facing update  

@mapk stated that @kevinwhoffman had some great ideas around this and began the leg work already. I’m not sure where it’s at right now though.

@harryjackson1221  would like to assist as well

@bridgetwillard will update the Trello Card but wait for design before this goes too far in motion

Promoting the Donations to the Foundation

Lead: @parth

@bridgetwillard pinged Parth in the Trello card and made the due date 1/15. If it’s a blog post, we should be able to hammer out that copy.  


Leads: @marybaum @jenblogs4u

At WCUS @andreamiddleton asked us to write copy for this.  It was originally written in German for CMSGarden. @jenblogs4u stated that they worked on just translating the item, but that it needs to be examined for culturally appropriate language.

@nuanel has a lot of experience with working in translation teams and  will work on it over weekend

@Mcdwayne will also assist

Public Policy Guide

Lead: @jasonpknill

This was started at WCUS and has several team members working on it such as @jasonpknill and @Dustin Nay in the Trello Card.

Might be a good one to chop into smaller pieces for deliverables, the overarching goal is great but can Marketing alone do this? Community and at least a few other teams might need/want to be involved.

After much discussion it will be chopped into bite sized bits. Thoughts include a list of people to reach out to, where WordPress stands regarding security, accessibility, etc. It was decided that we can leave this card as the overarching card and link the new cards from within it.

@Miker may tackle some of this card

Navigating Trac

There is no one person leading the charge here from marketing as it requires specialized knowledge that is not the team’s forte.

@flixos90 from the core team was pinged for advice. He has worked with marketing before on other projects. He responded that  “I have a few thoughts on this myself, but I’m not sure who to particularly recommend to ask. Maybe a good spot could be to join the core dev chat and ask for feedback there. Or, since you’re talking about onboarding, we have a weekly new contributors meeting that would be particularly useful.”

@newyorkerlaura stated what we need is along the lines of Getting Going With Trac: How to 101

@McDwyane will work from a slide deck that  @flixos90 used to present on this topic. He’s turn it into a doc and then we can go from there.

There’s a loose Feb 7 due date.


Lead:  @harryjackson1221

@harryjackson1221 reports that they are doing some surveys on WP Personas here, and should have the results of that around March-ish/ If they move the date, he can set a Google reminder to update the marketing team when they have it completed

An update of the project is currently scheduled for 14th of March, but could be sooner if thing progress more quickly

There is no update

Glossary of Terms

Lead: @newyorkerlaura

@mcdwayne completely the definitions and alphabetized the document. We all agree that alphabetical order is the best way to go rather than alphabetical within subcategories.  

@newyorkerlaura proofread and add in supporting links.

Right now the document needs a technical review. @harryjackson1221 and @abhanonstopnews will help with this aspect

The project is 90% complete. If we have the technical review it can be the first project done in 2018

End Meeting Time Stamp. 

Notes taken by: @newyorkerlaura

Meeting attended by: @newyorkerlaura @bridgetwillard @nuanel @mcdwayne @jenblogs4u @miker @maedahbatool @skarjune @harryjackson1221 @abhanonstopnews @flixos90

Marketing Team Notes – December 20, 2017

Marketing Team Vision

Our vision for the Marketing Team is to be the go-to resource for strategy and content for other WordPress teams.

Getting Involved

All are welcome and encouraged to join in, comment on posts, and participate in meetings and on projects:

Today’s Meeting

The marketing team has unified at WCUS. Here is the document for our meeting notes. Feel free to read the scroll back in Slack.

We do not have a meeting 12/27/17 or 1/3/18.

@bridgetwillard began the meeting by starting a discussion on “cleaning things up” and getting our ideas down.

Task of the day ‘WP Jargon Glossary for New People’

@harryjackson1221 suggested we organize jargon terms alphabetically, rather than sorting in categories, @bridgetwillard agreed; there was some discussion regarding how to sort the terms.

@harryjackson1221 suggested using brand descriptions from the actual brands, such as MySQL, Apache, React.

Assisting Core-Flow with review of Gutenberg Usability Videos

@bridgetwillard and @harryjackson1221 discussed helping the core-flow channel get people to assist processing Gutenberg videos, by blogging or tweeting to raise awareness.

WCUS CD Recap – All on WP Marketing

@bridgetwillard is going to work on the WCUS recap and have @newyorkerlaura publish it on the WCUS site

Sample Case Studies

@harryjackson is working on writing copy from submissions to outline the case studies, will present at next meeting on Jan 10th for help editing
To Do List

@bridgetwillard and @harryjackson1221 both agreed to end the meeting early, to work on the tasks that discussed above; will reconvene next year

Notes taken by: @harryjackson1221

Meeting attended by: @bridgetwillard @harryjackson1221 @sereedmedia @taraclaeys @meher @josh

Marketing Team Meeting Notes – December 13, 2017

Marketing Team Vision

Our vision for the Marketing Team is to be the go-to resource for strategy and content for other WordPress teams.

Getting Involved

All are welcome and encouraged to join in, comment on posts, and participate in meetings and on projects:

Today’s Meeting

The marketing team has unified at WCUS. Here is the document for our meeting notes. Feel free to read the scroll back in Slack.

Task of the Day:

Working on ‘WP Jargon Glossary for New People’ card.

Team members found some acronyms and group names (meta, polyglots, core) confusing, as well as tools (ie trac); how to find/update P2, taxonomy and accessibility terms, open source, and many others.

Some well-known WordPress sites have created their own glossaries, such as WP Beginner and wpmudev. There’s also Codex, which was noted as useful when learning CSS but not necessarily for encouraging people to become contributors.

Glossary Criteria/Rules

Criteria: We want the glossary to be newbie-friendly and searchable. One proposal was to build sections and alphabetize terms within each section. Minor note: be careful with camel casing (ex WordPress; WordCamp; cPanel – any brands that need to represented consistently)
@harryjackson1221: “PHP, MySQL and LAMP/LEMP should all reside in the same section.”

There may be certain terms in the glossary that can have more than one meaning, we should include all if we can

Potential Additions

@jeremyfremont mentioned he worked on a general Internet jargon glossary, whose terms may be useful to copy and paste. Many of the terms defined here are not WordPress specific, but there are a handful that may be useful. No copyright concerns as he wrote and defined all the items.

Useful for Later

@skarjune noted the Handbook should be used for the Glossary, but we cannot add any plugins. Design and setup on ORG are locked down.

Bridget’s idea: Include the glossary in our handbook.

Questions for Later

What’s the best way to organize our glossary? Alphabetical? Sub-categories? Alphabetize and then link from categories? Categorized with an alphabetized index? Perhaps a compromise btw section and alpha? We’ll ask the design team for help after we’re done.

Should we define what a profile page contains? (ex: You want a gravatar because…)

One of our Trello boards is a trac onboarding doc we need some help with (put a pin in this item and request assistance)

How far into team-specific terminology do we want to get? “There’s stuff like GTE that’s used a lot in #polyglots or deputy by the community people.”

@abhanonstopnews: may be worth having someone review some of the channels to see what terms frequently come up which might need to be added to the glossary?

Action Items

@harryjackson1221 will create categories (ex: Community; Hosting/Servers; Development) and @AfshanaDiya can alphabetize. Anchor links to accomplish TOC? Page jumps? What about adding IDs they link to?

@skarjune has seen a placeholder but not any implementations of anchors in other handbooks. He will check with meta team for advice/examples.


Notes taken by: @alisonsmith

Meeting attended by: @bridgetwillard @Harryjackson1221 @sereedmedia @dhruvpandya @miker @abhanonstopnews @bseekins @nuanel @riankinney @AfshanaDiya @meher @skarjune @newyorkerlaura @jenblogs4u @westcountymedia @jeremyfremont


Marketing Meeting Notes – December 6, 2017

Marketing Team Vision

Our vision for the Marketing Team is to be the go-to resource for strategy and content for other WordPress teams.

Getting Involved

All are welcome and encouraged to join in, comment on posts, and participate in meetings and on projects:

Today’s Meeting

The marketing team has unified at WCUS. Here is the document for our meeting notes. Feel free to read the scroll back in Slack.

WCUS Outcome

  • No more subgroups, we are one unified group. Trello board collapsed into one entity. Thank you  to @mcdwayne and @annelieke who did this merging
  • To reiterate EVERYONE has the ability (AND PERMISSION) to make a Trello Card. We have instructions here:
  • The projects from the former subgroups are still valid. We just want to continue to work and function as one team.
  • Be sure to subscribe to the Marketing Blog so you read our weekly updates. Our blog is at
  • Reminder to us all to say and use on things and not just use the jargon “P2”. Make it easier for all who are not as up on jargon to follow along.

To Do List:

We have 4 main things at the moment:

  1. Contributor day Suport:
  2. The End User Persona card is something we are still working on. @Miker updated the card.  We have resources allocated to a formal WordPress User Persona Research project starting in January.  We are basing this on the persona research from the Nielsen Group.  @Miker will provide the results of this research as the project progresses. @harryjackson1221 is also currently working on this today
  3. There are a few pieces of content regarding WCUS teams that need to be merged. A post on our blog will be put together regarding this by @gidgy

Task of the Day: Getting word out about

  1. Challenges include that the current naming is a mouthful and not self-explanatory to newcomers
  2. What should we call when we tell people that’s how you contribute?
  3. Perpetual Confusion between .org and .com is a consideration and a hurdle
  4. I Make stickers designed by @harryjackson1221 and distributed during WCUS  trying to help alleviate the confusion
  5. Messaging like this on Twitter by @jenblogs4u (in fact everyone Tweet it out!) is important “Do you #design, #develop or #blog in #WordPress? Did you know you can get the latest news, discover events and get involved with the #community at” We cannot repeate this message too much
  6. Vital Hashtag information: We all should be using #MakeWordPress and #Community is to get the other people seeing that tweet.
  7. This is a possible resource, but it’s a little hard to navigate that is where the making of a hanbook comes in. @Mcdwayne and @skarjune are on this
  8. We are writing copy that promotes to the general public (meaning people who want to contribute but don’t know where to start). @tlctara has volunteered to start this.
    1. @angelkiss might provide some graphics
    2. Needs to be language that doesn’t have too much jargon
    3. Must be newcomer friendly, but also understandable for “old timers” who are up on the jargon. So unless something is done to change the term/announce a change in term, leads will still use P2. Currently team reps like @gidgy have the experience that when they were newcomers that this term “confused me and made me feel left out and confused … made it harder to contribute and feel helpful” therefore let’s use new and old terms side-by-side to make all feel welcomed and to stay informed. For example, “Our marketing blog (A.K.A. the P2) recaps the work the marketing group of volunteers is tackline.”
    4. @newyorkerlaura suggested that we need a jargon guide for newcomers. @Mcdwayne made a Trello card for this.
    5. Possible resources for several items above from WCUS 2017 website
    6. Photos taken from WCUS going to the Google Drive soon via @NewYorkerLaura


Notes taken by: @NewYorkerLaura

Meeting Attended by: @bridgetwillard @meher @NewYorkerLaura @skarjune @mcdwayne @maedahbatool @alicestill @harryjackson1221 @dhruvpandya @jenblogs4u @taraclaeys @miker @bseekins @chanthaboune @westcountymedia

Marketing Trello / WCUS Internal Recap from @McDwayne

Dwayne McDaniel gives an update on the progress post-Contributor Day, a recap of our revised vision, and current state of our tasks.

We got a LOT of stuff done this weekend for WCUS Contributor Day. (Slack Timestamp)

One of the biggest changes we made was simplifying into one team again, removing the idea of the subgroups. As a result we merged all the Trello boards (except Marketing Meta for now) into a single board. This “new board” lives here.

We did a list scrub after the event.

Don’t worry; we did not delete a single card or anything.

However we moved a LOT of old cards into either Wish List (for things no one has ever touched after card creation) and into the new Backlog/Stalled Projects list.

The qualification for the move into those lists was a card had no new comments or evidence of ongoing effort for the last 90 days.

If a card was moved in error, let’s move it back. If a card needs revamped as we move forward to better serve our new collective vision of being the copy and marketing strategy resource armada of the whole WP community, then let’s make that happen! Again, nothing was deleted.

So, the numbers as they stand at the moment for cards per list:

  • To Do = 3 cards
  • In Progress = 10 cards (all actively being worked in last 90 days)
  • Need Approval = 4 cards
  • Done! = 23 cards (WOOT!!!! This is an incredible number! Thank you)
  • Wish List = 17 cards
  • Backlog/Stalled Projects = 18 cards

That is a lot of cards, and for the first time since we moved to Trello, they are all transparently in one board for us to contemplate and act on.

Also, we have added a new board, just for onboarding new folks! it is called First Time Here, and it is located here.

This is specifically designed as a tutorial/testing area for people new to the team. Once you get Trello access, this will serve as a guide for how the boards work in general and give a ‘safe space’ to experiment as they are ramping up.

We acknowledge that these rather large moves were not well communicated before Sunday. Sorry to anyone who’s email box got flooded by card movement announcements. Moving ahead, now that we are consolidated it is going to be much easier to communicate and appreciate all the support we have gotten as we enter the next phase of making this community awesome with our combined skills.

Thank you for making WordPress. Let’s make it ever better by providing marketing copy and resources to our fellow WordPressers.

Hope to see you on Wednesdays at the slack meeting.


Marketing Team Contributor Day 2017 Recap

Marketing Team Contributor Day 2017 Recap

Our vision for the Marketing Team is to be the go-to resource for strategy and content for other WordPress teams.

We were excited to have a well-attended group of people who were enthusiastic about marketing. Multiple people mentioned this was their first WordCamp and their first Contributor Day. They were so elated to be part of the community making WordPress. It was amazing to see so many people new to the community step up and become part of the new generation of Contributors.

We worked on fresh copy for the German Community called CMS Garden, which is an open source advocacy group publication encouraging developers and users to explore WordPress as their CMS of choice to meet their business goals. We’re excited to help them improve copy and have begun work on a press kit.

Another team has started to collaborate with the TV team on a video project. They are interviewing people about their Gutenberg User Testing experiences. This marketing effort will help the Gutenberg project gain support throughout the entire WordPress community.

We use Trello to project manage and are happy to have added ten new projects to our in-progress list including Contributor Day email copy, public policy guide for governments, and promoting the donation page for the WordPress Foundation. We’re so proud to have added over 20 new contributors to the Marketing Team and look forward to a brighter future together!

Marketing to Agencies & Clients – November 22, 2017 Meeting Notes

The Marketing WordPress to Agencies and Clients subgroup focuses on materials and resources for agencies to market WordPress to clients, as well as providing technical and business information to larger businesses and enterprises.

Slack Timestamp:

Notes compiled by @meher


  • How To Proceed With Case Studies
  • Working on Cases


@maedahbatool, @meher, @harryjackson1221, @skarjune – main attendees.
@gidgey – For admin support
@AfshanaDiya, @dhruvpandya, @sagarprajapati – At the start of the meeting.
@mcdwayne, @miker – Missed the meeting.


At the start of the meeting, there was confusion for the time of the meeting. Is it 15:00 UTC OR 16:00 UTC? This is because of the daylight to standard time. @gidgey confirmed that the meeting time is 8 am pacific (15:00 UTC in Standard, 16:00 in Daylight Savings).

If someone sees the #marketing meeting time listed improperly somewhere please post the link on the #marketing slack channel or ping @gidgey.

@maedahbatool and @skarjune have been discussing how to proceed with Case Studies.

General consensus at last meeting was that we could summarize cases with HTML posts in the Handbook, but the best format for distribution of Case Studies would be PDF, to provide for a generic rich content format that can be widely shared and retain Marketing as the source with a proper license for sharing. More discussion of acquisition, formatting, and distribution of Case Studies is needed.

@maedahbatool suggested to stick to the preview case study which got published.

@skarjune shared Trello card for the task – Read and format Survey answers. No work has been done as the members who were going to work, seem no longer involved in this task.

@maedahbatool suggested that there were total 13 WordPress agencies who have shared their findings. Some of the data which is submitted, does not permit to reveal client name and companies. This seem an interesting challenge.

@skarjune explained that the survey answers should be useful for Agencies to either adopt WordPress or explain to a reluctant client. He say that the cases need to be reviewed, edited, formatted, and check with the respondent that will be published. If no one is interest at this time, maybe this can be considered at #WCUS Contributor Day.

@harryjackson1221 suggested that we need some sort of style guide. He said he will get @miker to help him out and see what they can come up with. @skarjune suggested it is a good idea to draft for a group review, perhaps for for feedback during WCUS Contributor Day.

@maedahbatool suggested that we go with quality not quantity. We should first preference to all those who have submitted all form details.

@harryjackson1221, said that he can procure some other cases as nice as the sample provided, as some of the answers have a lot of info, others not so much.

@skarjune suggested that publish a set of 3 cases to start with, that might generate more responses.

Marketing to Developers – November 15, 2017 Meeting Notes

If you’re interested in contributing, please have a read through our chat and the items listed below and leave a comment with which you’d like to help build! You can read the whole meeting in Slack here or the recap below.

Marketing WordPress to Developers

This subgroup focuses on providing development–related information, technical use cases and examples, technical best practices, and in general help developers understand how, when, and why to use WordPress when developing websites. Providing information for theme and plugin developers would also fall in this category.

Read about the other marketing subgroups in our new handbook we’re building.

Today’s Meeting

As local WordCamps continue to host contributor days or tracks, we’ve noticed a bit of frustration in the onboarding process. We decided to tackle getting on WordPress, Slack, and Trac in the following documents. We’ll write the copy and ping Community.

We decided to write a marketing brief for onboarding to which we submitted to meta’s trac.

We also made a Trello card for Navigating Trac, requested from some of the Core folks.

Also, we are finalizing and reviewing the copy for Why WordPress.

We will not meet again before Contributor Day for WCUS, so if you plan to be there, some of these projects are a great place to get started.

Attendance : @maedahbatool @skarjune @mcdwayne @meher @westcountymedia


Marketing to End-Users Subgroup – November 8, 2017

Subgroup Goals

Marketing WordPress to End-Users: this subgroup focuses on marketing to end-users of WordPress: Site Owners, Small Business owners, and Content creators / bloggers / contributors. Information is more focused on the usability of the software, Features and integrations which will help them self-manage their websites, and information comparing WordPress to other website solution.

Meeting Notes

Slack Timestamp


@skarjune @bridgetwillard @harryjackson1221@mcdwayne @maedahbatool @dhruvpandya @abhanonstopnews @miker @meher


  • Review Trello board items:
    • Why Use WordPress / Amym blog post for end users
    • Personas Doc
    • Promoting Gutenberg to end users
  • WCUS Contributor Day
  • Wishlist


The group discussed and worked on the “Why Use WordPress” for End Users document. @harryjackson1221 is leading the effort and managing edits. There was a start on comparing .ORG and .COM versions of WordPress, but it was decided to drop that. It’s not been easy to differentiate the two, the differences continue to shift, and there are many resources on it. End users may become more confused by the platforms and their differences. So, the document will focus on the general features of WordPress from the .ORG perspective.

The group discussed whether to include paths for using .ORG software, such as: However, that’s a very limited list, so better not to make specific recommendations for hosting options.

It was noted that Marketing has a “WordPress Reasons” document on GitHub, but there are some problems with it. It’s two years old, so some things are out of date. While there are PDF and HTML versions, it was created with Adobe InDesign, which is proprietary software. The group will consider adding a task to convert that document to another source for updating.

It was suggested to add some examples of major sites using WordPress.

Personas was mentioned, but the group felt that didn’t need to be considered for the “Why Use WordPress” document, and Personas was not otherwise discussed, though @Miker may do some work on that.

@Skarjune suggested that Promoting Gutenberg be cancelled as a Marketing task, and the group agreed that it was too soon to work on it and perhaps too controversial at this time.

“Why Use WordPress” & Personas should be the focus on work for Marketing to End Users at the WCUS Contributor Day in December.

Marketing To Community – November 1, 2017 Meeting Notes

If you’re interested in contributing, please have a read through our chat and the items listed below and leave a comment with which you’d like to help build!

You can read the whole meeting in Slack here.

Recap of Goals/Scope

Marketing the WordPress Community: this subgroup feel strongly that the community is a very big selling point of the software, and promoting some of the things that are coming out of the community would raise awareness and encourage adoption of the software; that could include raise awareness about accessibility or internationalization advancements, or even helping local groups with marketing materials or resources for their community. (Read about the other marketing subgroups in our new handbook we’re building.)

Today’s Meeting

As always, we focus on one task at a time. Last month we worked on to the video curation document that @jenblogs4u started and published it today

We also started working on “WCUS Contributor Day 2017” wishlist – the Trello card is here.


@westcountymedia @maedahbatool @bridgetwillard @dhruvpandya @vishakha @sagarprajapati @parth @harryjackson1221 @mcdwayne @jenblogs4u @ronakganatra @skarjune