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Block Plugins and the Block Directory

Over on Make Design, the design project for installing plugins from within Gutenberg is underway.

It’s time to kick off the discussion about block plugins themselves. There’s already been some discussion of this on an earlier post about blocks in the plugin directory. That raised a bunch of great points and questions, which this project will attempt to solve.


Our plan is to create a new kind of plugin, where *the plugin is a block*. These plugins will be familiar to plugin developers, but specially crafted so that they can be safely and seamlessly installed by users from within the Gutenberg editor. They’ll be hosted in a special new section of  the existing WordPress plugin directory.

Main requirements:

  • Gutenberg editor designers and developers need a way to search the plugin directory for blocks that can be seamlessly installed.
  • The plugin directory needs to index and show metadata about blocks.
  • Users need a way to make a simple and safe decision about whether or not to install a block.
  • Site administrators need a way to manage the blocks and plugins that are available on a site.
  • Plugin developers need ways to clearly communicate the purpose and features of their plugin blocks.
  • The plugin review team needs to set and enforce clear rules about plugin code and behaviour.


  • We’ll be designing the architecture for a new type of plugin that is focused on single blocks. These plugins are blocks.
  • The  new plugin type will be a subset of the existing WordPress plugin architecture, and compatible with the existing install and update systems.
  • The new plugin architecture will have some additional limitations and restrictions over and above regular plugins, such as limited UI and server-side code.
  • We’ll consider the feasibility of block previews, that could be displayed inside the editor prior to installing the plugin itself.
  • Security implications will be critical.
  • We’ll look at the needs of developers with respect to server-side rendering and core APIs.
  • We’re aiming to produce a simple initial version that can be ready in time for the WordPress 5.3 release.

Next steps:

  • Scoping the plugin architecture in more detail.
  • Designing the simplest block plugin that could possibly work.
  • Creating a separate section within the plugin directory for block plugins.

When and where to follow along:

  • The fortnightly Meta Chat, every second Wednesday at 2100 UTC (right after the Core Dev chat)
  • Regular discussion in #meta between formal chats
  • Important updates will be posted on Make Plugins and Make Meta

Who is involved:

#block-directory, #blocks

X-post: 5.0 Release Retrospective Wrap Up

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X-post: The Get Involved table at WCEU 2019

X-post from The Get Involved table at WCEU 2019

Next ticket scrub on April 18, 2019

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The focus is on Meta tickets with the WordCamp Site & Plugins component.
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Feature and maintenance update for March 18-29, 2019

Here’s a list of the feature developments and maintenance work that was accomplished in the last two weeks:

  • Continued iterating on WordCamp’s shortcode-to-block conversions
    • Introduced the Organizers block
    • Updates to Speakers, Sessions, and Sponsors blocks
    • Began tracking progress in a milestone
  • Investigated and mitigated two server downtime incidents
  • Fixed a problem with retrieving data about meetup events after made an unannounced change to their API
  • Fixed a bug that wiped out sponsor data in some situations
  • Updated the verbiage in ticket receipts to reflect current global sponsors
  • Began the process of implementing a more reliable cron system on


X-post: Weekly Digest | Week 13

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Block metadata in the Plugin Directory

Plugins that are in the Block-Enabled section of the Plugin Directory can now automatically list the blocks that they provide. For example:

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 12.08.24 pm

If available the list is displayed for now in the Description section, between screenshots and the FAQ. As you can see it’s a rudimentary list to begin with, that simply lists the block names and titles. We plan to improve that over time, and to do that we could use your feedback and help.

Because of the difficulty of reliably extracting block metadata from code, the best way plugin developers can ensure their blocks are reliably indexed is to use block.json files as recommended by the Block Registration RFC. We’ve done our best to parse this info out of existing source code, but less than half of Block-enabled plugins were easily discoverable this way. The RFC isn’t yet final, but by experimenting with it now plugin developers can help with feedback and suggestions both for the RFC and for the plugin directory’s use of that metadata.

I’ve opened a general ticket #4345 for discussing improvements to the plugin directory side. The RFC for the block.json specification can be discussed over on GitHub. Feedback, suggestions, and questions are welcome.

X-post: HelpHub Localisation Plan Meeting Notes

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The focus is on Meta tickets with the WordCamp Site & Plugins component.

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