The Get Involved table at WCEU 2019

Do you love contributing to WordPress? Do you love telling other people about how much you love contributing to WordPress? Would you like those people to start contributing to WordPress themselves? Then do I have the opportunity for you!

tl;dr: Sign up for one or more Community Volunteer shifts at the WCEU 2019 Get Involved table here: (note that there are 2 tabs in the sheet – one for each day).

If you’ve been to WordCamp Europe or US before you’ll be familiar with the Get Involved table – it’s a central location (an actual physical table) where attendees can find out more information about contributing to WordPress. The table is staffed by community volunteers, and we aim to have it staffed by at least one person (but preferably more) from the start of registration to the end of the final session on each day of the WordCamp, not including Contributor Day.

People working at the Get Involved table simply need to be able to explain how WordPress contributions work and help people find a good fit in the project for their particular set of skills.

What we’re looking for here is for community members to sign up for volunteer shifts at the Get Involved tables for WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin. We have split up the two conference days up into 1-hour shifts to make things easier and it would be great to have a selection of people from across the project (not just the Community team) involved here.

The schedule and sign-up sheet is here: – simply add your name to the white blocks in the “Community Volunteers” columns for any shifts that you would like to take. Note that there are 2 tabs in the sheet – one for each day. You can reference the event schedule to make sure you don’t miss any sessions that you particularly want to attend.

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X-post: Recommendations for Updates to Camera Kits

X-post from Recommendations for Updates to Camera Kits

Meet your new WPTV team reps!

Howdy all, voting is closed, and the results are in. Your new co-leads for the community team for 2019 are Pascal Casier (@casiepa) and Michael Wiginton (@roseapplemedia) and congratulations to you both!

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.39.00 AM

Please be sure to attend our weekly meeting tomorrow at 17:00 UTC to wish them well, and thanks to everyone that participated!

WPTV team rep voting is open (again!)

Apologies for pulling down yesterdays poll, we discovered it was not locking out multiple votes so the results could not be trusted. Instead I have created the following Google Survey, so please vote at the below link.

As a reminder, the team rep role does not indicate a position of leadership. Team reps report to the broader WordPress community on the work that the team does. For this reason, while all votes will be counted from the community, votes from active members of the team will be weighted more heavily when selecting representatives for the team.

Thanks again to @casiepa @prathameshp @roseapplemedia for your interest in representing WPTV, and good luck!

Vote here for your next team reps

Note: You will be required to log in to Google when voting (via your Gmail address) to prevent multiple votes, and voting closes December 1st

WPTV Team Rep voting is now open!

Thank you @casiepa @prathameshp @roseapplemedia for your interest in being team lead for 2019. Everyone seemed to like the idea of having co-reps to share responsibilities and support one another so with this in mind I’d like to open voting. Please make two (2) choices in the below poll. The two nominees with the most votes will co-rep the team going forward. Best of luck to you all!

Update: The poll did not lock out multiple votes, so I’ve taken it down for now and will post a new poll. sorry!

* Voting closes December 1st

Now Accepting Team Rep Nominations for the WPTV Team

As is common practice within the WordPress open source project, each community team has one or two representatives who has been nominated by their peers to serve as “team rep” and are responsible for communicating to the other community teams via weekly updates, as well as leading weekly team chats, wrangling new and current contributors, etc.

TL;DR: We are accepting nominations for a new Team Rep for the mod team. If you would like to nominate someone (including yourself) to serve as WPTV team rep for 2019, please comment on this thread.

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Benny, Elvin and Dexter Retiring

by Cemal Tashan

It is that time. We are saying “Goodbye” to Benny, Elvin, and Dexter. They are WordPress TV’s LiveStream kits that have helped many WordCamps to LiveStream their sessions to WordPressers all around the world.

They were in use for several years. The technology has advanced so fast, and the equipment that we used in these kits has become obsolete. With the streaming capabilities of venues where we hold WordCamps and possibility of even using cellphones for streaming caused the use of LS Kits to sharply decline.

Last year only two WordCamps used our LS Kits.Also, we have to pay large amounts to LS for the subscription for live streaming. So this was a mutual decision of the WordPress community.

Please join me saying “Goodbye” to these legends and make sure that you continue listening to their great music.

Community Conduct Project – Kick off meeting scheduled for 17:00 UTC on the 5th September 2017

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for everyone who replied to the proposal for the WordPress Community Conduct Project. We have recieved lots of great feedback and positivity towards the project both in person at WordCamp Europe and online.

We’re kicking off the project on the 5th September 2017 at Tuesday, August 15, 2017, 1:00 PM EDT on the WordPress Slack #community channel

Please see update post for more details..

We will spend some of the time during the meeting to discuss when the best time to meet will be for everyone who wants to participate in the project.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


X-post: Replacing a lost European camera kit + a request for an additional one

X-comment from Comment on Replacing a lost European camera kit + a request for an additional one

WordCamp Europe 2017: The recap

WordCamp Europe (next to WC US) is THE place to be for WordPress fans from all over the world. The yearly event this time happened in Paris on June 15 to 17. It started with a Contributor Day, followed by two days full of great talks.

About 500 people attended Contributor Day and one of the tables was reserved for A team of 8 spent most of the day together: @dartiss @foliovision @sanelakurtek @lesleymolecke1 @mazzomaz @stk_jj @mgelves and myself (@casiepa). After a short introduction on where the WPTV team kicks in, some practical sessions and then also discussions were held.

A summary of the day:

  • Some received videos were reviewed, edited and prepared for upload (add intro, compress)
  • Existing tools for video editing were discussed: Handbrake, iMovie, Sony Vegas and FCPX
  • A discussion was tabled on the reach out for new WordCamps: Reach out to organizers before, explain what WPTV does and can do, make sure they link to the WPTV event from their website afterwards.
  • Another great discussion was held on how to recover ‘orphan’ WordCamps, e.g. existing in YouTube but not in or where no videos were found at all. The team started with Nashik WordCamp and during Contributor Day, the first videos were already uploaded.
  • Some extra thoughts that came up and should be elaborated:
    • Add video links in the handbook to have more visual. For some written texts in the handbook, some videos already exist, so make sure to link them.
    • Get camera kits in Asia and India. To be discussed further if this is feasible.
    • Find a way to add ‘Click here to help’ below any video. How to improve the way of getting videos and contributors? Both on as on YouTube.

Mauricio and myself had a great time talking with the rest of the table and are already checking where to stay in Belgrade for the next WordCamp Europe in June 2018!