Marketing Team Notes — May 15th, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @yvettesonneveld, @makewebbetter, @swinterroth, @aurooba, @dhruvpandya, @miker, @ndidinkabu, @maedahbatool, @Ryan Bickett, @michelleames, @siobhanseija, @rahuldsarker, @Fadda, @harryjackson1221, @webcommsat,

Notes Taken By: @aurooba

Slack Timestamp

New Person Thread

Celebration/Achievements in the Last Week

  • @siobhanseija: I think Translation Day was a great success! @zetaraffix and @abhanonstopnewsuk put a lot of time and energy into it, so that’s good. I joined in a panel about subtitling videos there, and quite some people were enthusiastic about joining the initiative.
  • @yvettesonneveld: That is awesome to hear! They did an awesome job! And so did you!
  • @maedahbatool: Yes it was a great team effort.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk The marketing team and many of our campaigns/features and work were featured quite heavily during the campaign and in some of the promotions. Good presence on the organizers’ team too. Go, marketing team!

Task Lead Updates

Showcase Redesign Organization and Requirements

Five for the Future (5ftF) Landing Page Content on WP Marketing

  • Trello Card:
  • @miker: There is still no update on this, as the page itself is being designed. Awaiting feedback/next steps, etc. – but for now, this is where it should be

What to do when the worst happens – Crisis communication for plugin developers

  • Trello Card:
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk (@webcommsat): once Siobhan, Joost and I can chat about how we progress this card. Will add a link to the thread. Then we will need more people to be involved as three of those who had hoped to be from the marketing team are no longer available due to work commitments. If you have an interest in plugins and have experience of dealing with issues with them, please do consider assisting on this card. We will be having meetings on the slack channel and a focused zoom call to bring together specific aspects.
  • @rahuldsarker: What kind of experience is required? Plugin Development experience? I used to a Developer long back. But from last 3.5yrs am fully in management and Digital Marketing.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk (@webcommsat): Thanks for asking @rahuldsarker. If you were involved in dealing with plugins and how to resolve issues or communicate with plugin developers if a problem arises, this would be really useful. Perhaps we can chat sometime once I have spoken with Siobhan and Yoast.

WordPress Translation Day

  • Trello Card:
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk (@webcommsat): Detailed update from WordPress Translation Day and subtitling campaigns coming next week after statistics are gathered. There will be specific help from marketing requested for some of the translator short feature stories. These can be quite self-contained and are ideal for people with good editing and writing skills.
  • Those interested were asked to add their name to the thread in the meeting or DM @abhanonstopnewsuk. No one is alone and you’re welcome to volunteer, everyone will be supported.

New Business

Publish a “How to create a WordPress business website” Landing Page on on WP Marketing

  • Trello Card:
  • @miker started a discussion which included @aurooba, @yvettesonneveld, and @abhanonstopnewsuk (@webcommsat) about an issue with an image showing Gutenberg’s review stars in the Plugin Directory (which has already been resolved in Trello), and a question about where the landing page copy lives.
  • As @abhanonstopnewsuk (@webcommsat) explained:
  • We don’t have that link @aurooba and one we have been following up. Once we know where Joe (@joelobo) has got to on the tutorial side or if his availability has changed to work on this, we have another person to link in with and yourself and can see how we take this forward.
  • Yvette, yes I think in terms of the article on its own, this is in the list for publishing on when we have more ability to do this and has featured discussions with Joost. I agree though that having a tutorial sitting alongside it would be a better provider and more useful to newcomers. I am keen that we do use any tutorial work Joe has been working on and if he is at the stage where he needs others to be involved, we can arrange this. I have said I will go back the training team when we know more of where we are with this work, as they would need to help review any tutorial we develop. Hope the above information assists.


Several members were looking for tasks they could contribute to and were offered options by  @yvettesonneveld, @miker, and @webcommsat.

WordPress Translation Day 4

Saturday 11 May 2019 – 24-hour marathon for #WPTranslationDay

Participate in person at a local Meetup or globally online

Banner for WPTranslationDay 4 - 11 May 19

Be part of translating one of the world’s most popular web platforms into as many languages as possible.

WordPress is a popular choice for developers, writers, business owners, eCommerce platforms and hobbyists. People from many different walks of life continuously add to its development and improvement, resulting in WordPress powering more than 33% of websites **.

Versatility and the vast global team working on it are central to WordPress’ increasing popularity. Translating WordPress in multiple languages helps to make the platform available in many more parts of the world. The Polyglots Team has played a remarkable role in leading and bringing together this translation work.

** Figures from a report by W3Techs (2019)

WordPress Translation Day 4

On 11 May 2019, this 24-hour event will be aimed at the translation of all things WordPress, from core to themes, and from plugins to marketing. Moreover, it will celebrate the achievements of the Make WordPress Polyglots Team and thousands of volunteers worldwide who give their time and skills to make this online platform available in so many countries and languages.

WordPress Translation Day 2019 is the fourth event organized by members of the Polyglots Team to acknowledge the efforts of all those involved in translating the platform’s numerous aspects and features.

Read more about the event on news

Discover the local Meetup events for the 2019 WordPress Translation Day.

Watch the #WPTranslationDay livestream including talks, panel discussions and interviews.

Share your participation in the fourth translation day event with e-badges and banners.

In this feature, thanks to contributors Maedah Batool and Saqib Ameen and we are sharing a quick guide to help explain what is involved in translating WordPress. Abha Thakor and Raffaella Isidori bring you news from #WPTranslationDay and stories from some of the people in the Polyglots Team to inspire you to join in.

Contribute to WordPress through Translation

Maedah (pictured standing) shares her enthusiasm
for open source with colleagues

Translate and contribute

Maedah Batool, a member of the Make WordPress Marketing Team, has contributed as a translator for three years.

She shares her enthusiasm for the polyglots and encourages others to give it a try. She said: “Most of the time when it comes to contributing to open source software people are under the impression that it is only through code. But I take part through translation, which is a productive way of contributing to open source. Moreover, being a part of this vibrant WordPress community I feel that it is my responsibility that I contribute my part in making WordPress available to my local community and in my native language, Urdu.”

Along with other local groups across the world, Maedah is organizing a Meetup for the global event, collaborating with the Locale Manager. The local event will seek to engage undergraduate college and university students, picking up on their enthusiasm for learning new things.

“What I like the most about these events is the collaborative effort which is being done on a mass level. Moreover, it feels like some sort of celebration, a kind of festival which brings together developers, writers, tech enthusiasts and more, all targeting the same aim,” added Maedah.

Be part of a global festival

Pantip Treerattanapitak, who is a Core and Theme Development Contributor for the WordPress project, is co-organizing a translation event in Thailand. She believes that taking part in translating as part of a global festival and having the opportunity to read materials in a native language can provide the springboard to help people new to WordPress get more involved.

She has seen from her own experience how the translation events can bring people into the community. Pantip joined the Polyglots team in 2016 at the first global event. She said: “My favourite thing is being at a local translation event and knowing that there are people in cities and countries out there doing the same thing. It’s also lovely to see the result from our combined efforts at the end of the day.”

Translation promotes inclusivity

Jeroen Rotty, who contributes to the polyglots, support and documentation teams, is helping to run an event in Belgium. He said: “I think everyone should be able to use the software in their native language.” He had followed the previous editions of the Translation Day event from his home, and inspired by this he reached out to a few Meetup organisers in Antwerp to create an event for it in the city. He said: “I like the inclusiveness of the community. Everyone is welcome to participate and lend a hand to contribute to WordPress Translations.”

Help your local community

Mainul Aion has been involved in the global event and translating into Bengali since 2016. The Translation Day event increased his interest in contributing to the wider project and he is now getting more involved with the Marketing Team too. He said: “I love WordPress and try to help my local community. I want to play a part in translating WordPress to make it even more available for people who are not comfortable using it in English so that they can utilize it to the fullest.”

How to Start Translating WordPress

This short guide has been created by Saqib Ameen, a WordPress developer, and the Locale Manager for the Urdu language. For the past three years, he has been contributing to WordPress and organizing community events. He has successfully led the translation of five major WordPress releases into Urdu. He has also supported many people in getting started with translation.

He said: “I translate because I believe in the open source ecosystem and the fact that we should give back to the community. WordPress changes lives of many (including mine), and it’s our responsibility to give back in everyway possible. That’s why I translate and play my part.”

Translating WordPress can be an easy and straightforward process. Below are a few simple steps from Saqib which you can follow to get started.

Step 1: Create a Account

You will need an account on This helps you connect with others and logs your contributions to the Polyglots Team for a Contributor Badge.

Step 2: Find Your Locale

The next step is to go to, the WordPress Translation page and find your locale. WordPress locale codes are defined for languages which you can use in your plugin or theme. Some languages have the same WordPress locale code as their language code, e.g. the Japanese language code as well as the WordPress locale code is “ja”.

However, there are languages which have different locale and language codes. For instance, in the case of Indonesian the language code is “id”, while its WordPress locale code is “id_ID”.

The WordPress Translation page contains a list of all the locales. You can use the search box to quickly locate your locale. For example, in my case, I am navigating to Urdu (ur).

Screenshot of the Locate Your Locale webpage

Step 3: Select the Project

When you navigate to your locale, you will find a list of projects available for translation. It includes different releases of WordPress, Plugins, Themes, Meta, and Apps which you can translate. Select the project you want to translate.

Screenshot of how to select the project

When you go to any of the projects, you will see a dedicated project page. It will contain detailed statistics, a list of contributors, a list of editors, and a list of sub-projects. For example, in the screenshot below I have navigated to the `5.2.x – Development` project. You can pick any of these sub-projects based on its status (like Remaining Strings, Waiting + Fuzzy, etc.) and start contributing to it.

Screenshot of how to choose strings

Step 3: Start Translating

Inside a sub-project, you will find a list of strings in that particular project. You can navigate to untranslated strings using the Untranslated filter on the top. Once you have them, double click any string, add its translation and submit.

When you submit the translation, it goes into waiting category. An editor will review the translation and approve or reject it. There are also a few other categories of translation strings which you should know:

  • Warnings: these are translated strings but have a mismatching HTML tag or an unequal number of sentences. You can either suggest a correct translation or editors can explicitly approve them. They usually marked by a red background.
  • Current: these are the approved translations. They are usually marked by a green background.
  • Fuzzy: these translations need to be reviewed for accuracy. Most of them are taken from the previous versions of the project and might have changed. They are marked by an orange background.

Note that, when you double click any string, you will find the reference of the string on the right side. You can always check references to get context and translate better. Always remember one thing, never do a literal (word by word) translation.

Screenshot of Start Translating

Translation Resources

There are also plenty of resources available if you need any help. You should to get yourself familiarized with them to assist you in your translation work.

  • Translator’s Handbook: an official handbook by the WordPress Polyglots team which contains details about the translation process and how you can get involved
  • Translation Teams: a list of all the translation teams. On the team page for your chosen language, you can view the contributors and editors involved in translation
  • Slack Team: it contains a list of the Slack URLs for all translation teams. Make sure you join them to get in touch with your locale translation team. Let them know when you translate something, need some help, or want to become an editor of your plugin/theme
  • Glossaries and Style Guides: every locale team also builds its own Glossary and Style Guides which helps in the translation process
  • Polyglots Blog: the official blog of WordPress Polyglots. Here you can see all the updates on translation and can make a request as your last resort.

So, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to contribute to WordPress through translation and affecting more than 33% of internet users. Also, you can earn a Contributor Badge for translation which appears on your profile.

If you would like to collaborate with the Polyglots Team you can attend its weekly meetings on Slack in #polyglots channel, every Wednesday at 11:00 UTC and at 15:00 UTC.


Thanks to @maedahbatool and @saqibameen, contributing writers to this piece, and for the training guide. Thanks too to writers and editors @abhanonstopnewsuk, @zetaraffix and @siobhanseija.

The WordPress Translation Day event includes a number of marketing team members in its organizing team. This is another example of cross collaboration in the community, and how you can contribute to many aspects of developing and sustaining the platform. To find out more about how to get involved, here are some links.

The teams involved in Making WordPress

Videos on some of the ways you can contribute

Why contributing to WordPress benefits everyone


Marketing Team Notes — May 08th, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @siobhanseija, @maedahbatool, @harryjackson1221, @makewebbetter, @abhanonstopnewsuk, @miker, @yvettesonneveld, @dhruvpandya.

Notes Taken By: @maedahbatool

Slack Timestamp

Celebration/Achievements in the Last Week

Task Lead Updates

Marketing Team Notes — May 01st, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @siobhanseija, @maedahbatool, @hedgefield, @harryjackson1221, @yvettesonneveld, @miker, @abhanonstopnewsuk, @michelleames, @Ryan Bickett, @makewebbetter

Notes Taken By: @michelleames

Slack Timestamp

New Person Thread

Celebration/Achievements in the Last Week

  • @michelleames: The official WCUS site launched today:
  • @harryjackson1221: We had a terrific meeting Monday for the Showcase, and (I believe) we have finalized the submit a site form!
  • @michelleames: I’m really excited about all the work we’ve done on that @harryjackson1221 and really appreciate your leadership on the project.
  • @yvettesonneveld: Apologies for not making that meeting. I’m having a week with lots and lots of curveballs.
  • @harryjackson1221: I love the wonderful work we are doing there – it’s really starting to come together! And no worries @yvettesonneveld – we missed you but carried on in your memory.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk: Lots of work done on a number of cards. Thanks, everyone for your messages and input. We achieve amazing things working together.

Task Lead Updates

  • @hedgefield: Thanks! I had a lovely time dropping by on Monday to discuss the WordPress showcase plans. I’ve continued work on them afterward and would like to show you the next iteration.
  • @harryjackson1221: This week, @makewebbetter did some great work on the Gutendev Case Study. I have promised to do an editorial pass, but have not gotten to it yet! I have not forgotten, I will work on it throughout today as I get time. Definitely, appreciate the effort!
    • This week at the Showcase Action Item meeting, @hedgefield stopped by to share the design he is working on and has updated to share today (Thanks x10000!). We also worked out the single post content format (tentatively) and identified some action items; We need a running style guide and get the wireframe updated (completed). Finally, we need to start adding new cards to rework the current published case studies into the new format and get some more screenshots. I am working on a draft for the card description for guidance when writing them, will share in the coming week for feedback.
    • One last thing, we need a checklist and process for outreach, so we can start recruiting more content and writers for this project
    • If you wish to meet with us this coming Monday to help out, we will be here at 10 AM EST! The Trello link is an invite, open invitation to all newcomers!! This is a great way to start getting involved.
  • @miker:
    • Trello
    • Five for the Future (5ftF) Landing Page Content on WP Marketing
    • Objective: Create copy for the 5 for the Future Landing page. Task Lead: Miker Done = Copy complete and accepted by the Meta and/or Design teams for the redesign.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk: Update from me on WordPress Translation Day promotion materials have been written by @abhanonstopnewsuk and @zetaraffix and sent to @siobhanseija and @joostdevalk for reference and usage for his article for
  • The website for the event as a whole is at and on Twitter @TranslateWP.
  • The community has been promoting the event and it will feature again in this Month in WordPress.
  • @maedahbatool and five other marketing people (thank you all) have drafted sections of a blog to go on the Marketing blog this week. We are working on combining these items and finalizing the text with the WordPress Translation Day leads.
  • Trello WordPress Translation Day 4 Blog Post on WP Marketing
  • Aim: To write a promotional post on WordPress Translation Day 4 to appear on the Make WordPress Marketing blog. WPTD4 will be on 11 May 2019. [Note, not called ‘Global’ at the beginning]
  • 24 hr global event with local meetups and video presentations online, where we translate WordPress into more than 200 different languages
  • Maedahbatool: WordPress Translation Day 4 Blog Post →
    • I worked with @saqibameen and got the post about GWTD4 ready.
    • Here’s the link to the draft. You folks can take a look and add your feedback.
  • Miker:
  • @siobhanseija: I have some updates from Abha!
    • Thanks to @Rubio for all the work on this card. @abhanonstopnewsuk has been working on taking it forward and we hope to have it ready and finalized with WPTV for use in June in time for WCEU. This will be very useful and support work from the Abha is to work with @Rubio , Mark Smallman on the answers to queries and iPad filming questions. This will also cross-promote and link to the video interviews campaign, which the three have been heavily involved with.
  • This is planned for publication as a blog on marketing in June 2019 with quotes/ visuals coming from WordCamps Rotterdam, London, and Bristol. Queries have been sent to Europe to see if there are additions or further examples. There may also be an opportunity for there to be a meeting of those interested in sustainability at WCEU.
  • The second part of this card is linked with the community. Work continues on this and there will be a subgroup meeting in the marketing channel to look at the survey questions. *Please reply to this thread if you would like to be involved* and we can make sure we send you details as well as posting in the channel.
  • Next Wednesday they’ll be trying to have a Zoom call, if people who indicated they have specialisms in this area and wanted to help, can they leave a note on the thread with their time zone.
  • And another one
  • Subtitling is taking place and Abha will update more at a later time. Thanks to @swinterroth for stepping in and helping out!
  • @siobhanseija: So, a lot is happening and it’s looking great if you ask me.
  • @yvettesonneveld: It makes me so happy to see all those new contributors involved in these projects!
  • @siobhanseija: We also have another video blog that is nearly ready to publish, and Abha and I have been discussing how we can use the piece Ndidi wrote at WC London as it is a lovely story from a first-time contributor!

X-post: 5.0 Release Retrospective Wrap Up

X-comment from Comment on 5.0 Release Retrospective Wrap Up

Marketing Team Notes — April 24th, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @maedahbatool, @miker, @swinterroth, @dhruvpandya, @siobhanseija, @harryjackson1221, @ndidinkabu, @makewebbetter, @Ali-WPFiddlyBits, @yvettesonneveld, @immeet94

Notes Taken By: @maedahbatool

Slack Timestamp

New Person Thread

  • @Ali-WPFiddlyBits — Hi, it’s Alison from #WCLDN. @siobhanseija — It’s great that @Ali-WPFiddlyBits joined in today. At WordCamp London, she worked on one of the case studies. I haven’t looked into it yet so I’m not sure of its status right now. I think someone was checking it!

Celebration/Achievements in the Last Week

  • @siobhanseija — While catching up with what happened in the marketing channel earlier, I was very happy about the sub-meetings in the channel. I think those are great!
  • I “pitched” my first company in the wild on the WordPress showcase hopeful to get a submission from them shortly.

Task Lead Updates

  • @maedahbatool — I have started working on this card → Managed to get one of the Locale Manager for Translation @saqibameen on board. He’ll be working with me on this. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get the final draft ready by next week. Since we are approaching May 11th.
  • @siobhanseija — That’s great Maedah! I was asking @abhanonstopnewsuk how this was coming along as indeed, the date is getting closer.
  • @swinterroth — I’m still curious about this item, wasn’t sure if a status meeting was ever planned with @abhanonstopnewsuk:
  • @siobhanseija — I think @abhanonstopnewsuk is very happy that you’d like to join this project! She won’t be able to make today’s meeting as she’s out for a few days. I think she’ll be back this weekend. So maybe you could start by reading what’s already there and maybe writing up some of your thoughts? Then Abha can help you jump right in when she gets back.
  • @siobhanseija — (Sorry no Trello card, will make one right now) I did a quick read of @ndidinkabu’s blog post about WC London, which is a really nice overview of her experiences there. I think this is great for people that are hesitant about contributor days! I’d like to add a bit of text to introduce her story and explain what CD is and why we’re sharing her story. Then I’ll share it with @abhanonstopnewsuk for a final check and it’ll be ready to publish asap.
  • @harryjackson1221 — Submit a Site wireframe This week, we met Monday regarding the Showcase Action Plan. Since it was a Holiday, there was not many of us. We are closer to agreeing on the form content and should be able to wrap that up in the coming week. For anyone that wants to attend, it is in this channel on Monday, 2 PM UTC (10 AM EST)! This is a great way to get started contributing if you are new.
  • @siobhanseija — Here’s an update from @abhanonstopnewsuk who couldn’t attend today’s meeting: The next series of video interviews have been produced. The production of Video interviews with Sabrina Zeidan, Dan Maby and Gary Jones have been completed and were published on WordPress.TV earlier in the month. We are working on subtitling of these videos. If anyone would like to assist with subtitling these short videos or one of our longer interviews which are being finalized, please reply to this thread or contact @abhanonstopnewsuk or @siobhanseija on how to get started with Amara for subtitling. Thanks especially to @Rubio for his ongoing work on this series.
  • @harryjackson1221 — Gutendev Case Study @makewebbetter has begun working on this case study, so I am going to add you to the card as the task lead and move it into “In Progress”. If you need any assistance, feel free to message me, I am glad to help out! I will also email them in the coming week, to see if we can get more information from them on their project.

Marketing Team Notes — April 17th, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @yvettesonneveld, @fike, @michelleames, @swinterroth, @abhanonstopnewsuk, @immeet94, @Kate Bolin, @ndidinkabu, @makewebbetter, @siobhanseija, @dhruvpandya, @miker, @Davide, @maedahbatool, @BreannMcDede

Notes Taken By: @fike

Slack Timestamp

New Person Thread

  • @Davide: Hi guys. I’m new here and I really need help on-boarding as this is my first time.

Celebration/Achievements in the Last Week

  • @michelleames: We had our grand opening yesterday.
  • @abhanonstopnewsuk: 10 more different language video suggestions from for the marketing videos project. Including some in Japanese and Chinese. Thank you to all those who have contributed and spread awareness.

Task Lead Updates

  • @abhanonstopnewsuk: Sponsors document working with for community.
  • The two remaining questions from the community has been progressed at the Contributor Day at WCLDN with the help of some of the community team members and sponsors present. In the next fortnight, we should be able to return this to the community to relook at, together with the survey questions suggested. A follow up with WCEU sponsors lead has come up from the latest review. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed.
  • @miker: We have talked for some time about improve the Five for the Future messaging from and at events. We are ready to start writing copy for the actual page. To this end, we have a meeting set up with @andreamiddleton at 3 PM EST on Friday.
  • The objective of this, in the short term, will be to write copy for the new page. The objective for the long term is to establish a communication channel, and process to better serve processes relating to 5ftF.
  • I haven’t actually confirmed a venue for this conversation on Friday, but my hope is that we can do it on this channel (to combat the proliferation of private limited use channels).
    There are a few 5ftF cards, but I have yet to create a card for this specific initiative.
  • I will have a card created and updated by the Friday meeting.

New Business

  • @abhanonstoponewsuk: Available to new people and existing team members.
  • Plugins:
  • If you are interested/have knowledge of plugins to work on this card or already have your name down. We are trying to organize a meeting. We have not been able to get a date that has worked for everyone. To try and maximize availability and progress this, we will now have the majority of the meeting here on slack and use zoom if we need to share screens, as has been suggested, to better understood the issues for plugins and plugin developers.
  • If you are a plugin developer and in the marketing, team insight would be particularly appreciated.

X-post: The Get Involved table at WCEU 2019

X-comment from Comment on The Get Involved table at WCEU 2019

Marketing Team Notes — April 10th, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @siobhanseija, @immeet94, @fike, @makewebbetter, @KateBolin, @maedahbatool, @miker, @harryjackson1221, @jonoalderson, @dhruvpandya, @yvettesonneveld, @ryanbickett

Notes Taken By: @immeet94

Slack Timestamp

Celebration/Achievements in the Last Week

  • @Kate Bolin: I can set up and take down a stand at a WordCamp in under 15 minutes.
  • @siobhanseija: A lot of great work was done at contribution events this weekend! At WordCamp London, we boarded a few new contributors. They did some great work and finished 3 case studies. Also, @Ndidi Nkabu and @domkawula worked on a roundup of the day. Dominik is editing a video and Didi has set up a blog post to accompany that.
  • @siobhanseija: Meanwhile, at WordCamp Torino, people teamed up with WPTV to do some video interviews as well. They’ve also collected information on what each table was working on, and will publish a blog post on the WordCamp Torino site. They’ll share the link in this channel. CC @GiuliaRobert
  • @Ndidi Nkabu: Hello! Thank you all for helping me get situated on my first Contributor Day. I’ll get the blog post to you in the next couple of days. WordCamp was a revelation. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Task Lead Updates

Marketing Team Notes — April 3rd, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @siobhanseija, @immeet94, @fike, @makewebbetter, @harryjackson1221, @amandagorman, @reimark, @phil, @jonoalderson, @FahimMurshed, @yvettesonneveld, @maedahbatool, @ryanbickett

Notes Taken By: @michelleames

Slack Timestamp

New Person Thread

  • @fike: Hi! Nice to e-meet you all. I’m Fike from Indonesia, I’m working full time as a freelancer, but mostly working as Caldera Forms’ content manager. Already in the Trello board. Would love to take notes next week.

Celebration/Achievements in the Last Week

Task Lead Updates

  • @siobhanseija: This is actually @joostdevalk’s project but definitely worth mentioning: he got a sign off from #design for the new mobile page! Trac ticket:
  • @harryjackson1221: WordPress Showcase Redesign Organization and Requirements We have created the wireframe for the new form to be used for collecting info about possible showcase entries from the site. We also agreed upon a meeting time, which is 1500 UTC on Mondays (I think), or 10am EST. If you wish to be added, let us know and we can recreate the DM and share the macro goals.
  • The Showcase Trello Board
  • We have been working on adding the case studies to this board. I wanted to talk with the rest of the team about reworking the previous case studies. Should they be moved to this board for the rework? That could be great work to be done during Contributor Days at upcoming camps.
  • @siobhanseija: Just checked the Trello board and I don’t think there is anything left that is urgent for now, especially as a lot of team members are busy preparing for WordCamp Torino and WordCamp London this weekend. And there may be other WordCamps taking place as well!

New Business

  • @siobhanseija: Well, I have an important PSA! As the clock has changed for part of the team, the meeting time changes after today! *We will meet an hour earlier than we did today.* For everyone unsure of the meeting time next week, check after today! It’ll show you the correct time in your own time zone.
  • @siobhanseija: Quite a few contributor days this week, so if you have any projects you could use some help on… ping me! I’m trying to work out what there is to work on, for both London and Torino and maybe others that want to work on marketing.
  • @siobhanseija: Also, if you’re attending a WordCamp contributor day in the near future and would like to work on marketing but don’t know how: let us know! We can help you find and/or prepare work. It’s probably time to start thinking a bit more about WCEU (WordCamp Europe) as well as June is approaching.