My leave and Bridget Willard, co-team rep for Marketing

Hey all, just in case you didn’t see I’ll be out on leave until the end of November, and won’t be checking Slack so make sure you direct any questions to #marketing in Slack. I’m excited to see what everyone gets accomplished while I’m out! I’m sure it will be great.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that Bridget Willard @gidgey is being promoted to co-team rep for Marketing and primary team rep in my absence. She’s been doing an amazing job and we’re lucky to have her time!

If you’re interested in getting more involved in .org Marketing, there’s always room for more leaders and doers!

Let Bridget know in the comments if you’d like to become more involved on the team so she can chat with you about taking the lead with meetings, notes, wrangling specific subgroups and/or projects. All we ask are consistency in your dedication and thoughtfulness in your communication – give what time you can, regularly, and let others know when you can’t. 🙂

I’ll see you in a few months!


Marketing to Developers – June 21, 2017 Meeting Notes

If you’re interested in contributing, please have a read through our chat and the items listed below and leave a comment with which you’d like to help build! You can read the whole meeting in Slack here or the recap below.

Marketing WordPress to Developers

This subgroup focuses on providing development– related information, technical use cases and examples, technical best practices, and in general help developers understand how, when, and why to use WordPress when developing websites. Providing information for theme and plug-in developers would also fall in this category.

(Read about the other marketing subgroups in The Four Horsemen of Marketing.)

Team Infrastructure

Coming off of WCEU’s contributor Day, we as a Marketing Team as a whole, are working on systems and processes to help our meetings be more productive. To that end, we are working on making the meetings more efficient and focused (see this Google Doc).

Feedback, as always, is welcomed.

Today’s Meeting

Several things were discussed in today’s meeting lead by @mcdwayne.

  • We now have Trello Boards thanks to Contributor Day efforts. This is the one for this subgroup.
  • We are working on developing a persona document to help us focus our efforts.
  • We have also started two tasks in the Meta Marketing Board for onboarding and how we run our meetings.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Trello Card.

Note: Trello boards are public but you must have an account to contribute. Please PM @yvettesonneveld and she’ll add you to the Developer board.

See you next month!

WordPress Case Studies and Usage Survey

Open Call to Agencies, Clients, and Enterprises

The Marketing Team for WordPress announces an open call for agencies, client companies, and enterprises using WordPress to respond to surveys gathering Case Studies for WordPress and assessing global WordPress Usage trends. We want to hear about how you’ve used WordPress for client solutions and as a web content management platform. The Case Studies along with the Usage Survey report will help us create resources for Marketing WordPress.

At the WordCamp US 2016 Contributor Day in Philadelphia, PA, the Marketing to Agencies and Clients subgroup decided to create a survey for agencies to submit user cases demonstrating great solutions with WordPress. The Case Studies will be part of a Resource Guide for agencies & freelancers to market WordPress to clients that will also provide a Fact Sheet, FAQ, and other information on the features, benefits, and provided value of WordPress.

“Content Management is not just about technology; it is about the nature of your business and content, people, processes, and tools.”

—Ann Rockley, Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Strategy, New Riders, Berkeley, 2003.

Our goal is to identify the needs and pain points of stakeholders (both agency & client-side) for web projects, so that we can provide supporting information about WordPress to address those needs and to counter any obstacles or myths. Ongoing discussions determined that we could also provide a general survey to poll agencies, their clients, and larger enterprises about their use of WordPress and their perspective about the web platform.  The Usage Survey was designed to capture basic trends and the outlook for using WordPress to deliver project solutions for clients as well as a web platform for broad use by enterprises.

We’ve reviewed a range of polls and surveys about WordPress. Matt Mullenweg, a founding developer of WordPress and founder & CEO of Automattic, has provided rich statistics on WordPress adoption in his annual “State of the Word” talks at WordCamps over the years. WordPress hosting businesses have surveyed companies and clients about WordPress. Content Management and Content Marketing news sites provide comparative guides on CMS technologies. High-level industry reports review the commercial web space, including the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management and The Forrester Wave on Web Content Management Systems.

“WordPress has always grown organically through word of mouth and its passionate community, but the hundreds of millions being spent advertising against WP has started to have an impact, especially for folks only lightly familiar with us.”

—Matt Mullenweg, “WP Growth Council,” Matt Mullenweg | Unlucky in Cards, December 2, 2016,

The WordPress Marketing team aims to continue the organic growth of WordPress through its merits and with the support of our dedicated community. We rely upon the engagement of the global WordPress community and the input of users from all parts of the world across industries large and small. We invite you to participate in this process by providing a Case Study of how WordPress solved a client need and by answering some questions about your company and its use of WordPress.

As an agency, please select one representative to offer cases and respond to the survey. If you are a freelancer, respond only if working full-time as a web service provider. If you work in a large enterprise using WordPress, determine the one best staff or officer to respond. These surveys will run through July 14, 2017. We appreciate your time and interest!

Offer a WordPress Case Study

Take the WordPress Usage Survey

Marketing the Community – June 7, 2017, Meeting Notes

If you’re interested in contributing, please have a read through our chat and the items listed below and leave a comment with which you’d like to help build! You can read the whole meeting in Slack here or the recap below.

Recap of Goals/Scope:

Marketing the WordPress Community: this subgroup feel strongly that the community is a very big selling point of the software, and promoting some of the things that are coming out of the community would raise awareness and encourage adoption of the software; that could include raise awareness about accessibility or internationalization advancements, or even helping local groups with marketing materials or resources for their community. (Read about the other marketing subgroups in The Four Horsemen of Marketing.)

Happenings During Today’s Meeting:

Time stamp for Slack .

Recap from last month’s meeting

The meeting was attended by @vishalmukadam, @newyorkerlaura, @andreamiddleton, @jenblogs4u, @bridgetwillard, @conradhallauthor, and @hardeepasrani

We briefly reviewed our WCEU Contributor Day goals, and reminded people about the meeting change poll but focused on one project for today’s meeting.

We talked about what a contributor is. A contributor is someone who invites friends to Meetups, volunteers at a WordCamp, or part of teams. We worked on the WordPress Contributor Campaign call to action. This will be Part 2 of our WordPress.TV Testimonials Campaign.

GDoc for collaboration is here.

Marketing to Agencies & Clients – May 24, 2017 Notes

The Marketing to Agencies & Clients (+enterprises) team met as we continue on two survey projects and our overall goal to provide resources for WordPress adoption though agencies and in enterprises.

Convened by @skarjune at 17:00 UTC, 2017-05-24
Attended by @vishalmukadam, @mcdwayne
Comments by @gidgey, @pollyplummer, @sararosso

Slack Backscroll has details and links


  • Case Study Survey
  • WordPress Usage Matrix & Survey
  • Distribution of Surveys
  • Contributor Day Wishlist
  • Other interests?

Case Studies

We reviewed the Case Study Survey form and determined the questions are fine in a simple open-ended format. We discussed the need and ways to screen out promotional responses to the survey. The concern is to avoid overt plugging of commercial organizations, premium solutions, and brand marketing. This will be handled in two ways:

  • Add a Guidelines preface to the form advising respondents.
  • Review and edit case responses to meet guidelines.

We discussed options for distribution of the survey and made an action list:

  • Blog Announcement of Open Call for Surveys
    • Launch in time for WordCamp Europe & Contributor Day
  • Add to agenda of Contributor Day Marketing Team
  • List bloggers and social media influencers for promotion
    • WP Tavern will cover Open Call launch
  • Do not make a list of targeted agencies
    • (open call avoiding bias and favoritism)
  • Team members may individually contact associates at agencies

WordPress Usage Survey

@skarjune completed a review of the original Fact Sheet for the subteam from which to draw topics for the Usage survey, added those to the matrix for the design of the survey, and revised the questions in the form instrument to cover them.

We reviewed the WordPress Usage Survey matrix that prescribes the form design. Need input on Guidelines to preface questions, and final review of the Benefits, Barriers, and other factors for gathering information about the perception and use of WordPress by agencies and in enterprises.

Next Steps

We’ll keep in touch in the Slack Marketing thread and via direct messages as needed to launch the Open Call for both surveys over the next two weeks, so Survey forms and Announcement post are ready on June 12 in preparation for WordCamp Europe.

Next regular meeting of Marketing to Agencies and Clients subteam is on Wednesday, June 28, 17:00 UTC.


Marketing Slack Meeting Time Poll – Changing time in July

Marketing the Community Slack Time

Are you passionate about marketing? Do you love WordPress and the Community? Each month the Marketing Team meets together in the Marketing Slack channel to discuss ways to make a difference in the lives of those who WordPress.

It all starts with you and we want to make sure you’re on board with us. Please take a few minutes to indicate times when you can join the conversation on Marketing the Community by answering the poll below.


Originally posted in Slack

Marketing to End Users – May 10, 2017 Meeting Notes

Slack meeting backscroll here.

Main things discussed

  • WCEU Contributor Day items
  • This subgroup – continue? hibernate? merge?

Since all marketing subgroups are putting together lists for WCEU workgroups, this group attempted the same. We have a pretty long list of proposed projects (see past notes) and few things in progress so really there’s plenty of choice and opportunity for the contributor day group.

A few which stick out:

  • Fleshing out and creating content for a proposed editorial plan (spreadsheet and related folder for doc drafts)
  • Creating videos for end-users – suggested by @bethgsanders – identifying some top topics and starting outlines for those short videos
  • Updating any Codex documents which have end-user features in them or are introductions for end-users.
  • and many more ideas.

Another discussion we’d love to have in Slack / here in comments / at WCEU Contributor day as well (cc’d @gidgey in Slack):

  • Prompted by the lack of consistent activity in this marketing subgroup specifically – this subgroup is the least-populated (though perhaps largest ‘constituency’ as end users) –@mcdwayne and I discussed whether or not this subgroup should hibernate / needs to be a standalone subgroup / rolled into one of the other, more active subgroups. We’ve had a lack of consistent attendance and contributions in the past few months compared to the other groups, and as I (Sara) will be out on leave for several months I won’t personally be able to stimulate the group myself in the monthly meetings.

Open to your thoughts and comments!

Recap of Goals/Scope: Marketing WordPress to End-Users: this subgroup focuses on marketing to end-users of WordPress: Site Owners, Small Business owners, and Content creators / bloggers / contributors. Information is more focused on the usability of the software, Features and integrations which will help them self-manage their websites, and information comparing WordPress to other website solution. (Read about the other marketing subgroups in The Four Horsemen of Marketing)


WCEU Contributor Day – Marketing the Community Project List

Marketing the Community WCEU Contributor Day Project List

In our May 3, 2017, meeting, the Marketing the Community subgroup spent our time building a list of projects for Contributor Day. These are our meeting notes as well.

My goal for this day is to align your passion as a contributor in teams of two or three people. Let’s be agile.

What are we missing?

Tell us in the comments.

Overall Goals:

  • Coordinating subgroups suggested by @davidvee
  • Soliciting financial support for marketing WP by @davidvee
  • Creating amazing content to use in those marketing efforts @jenblogs4u
  • Changing time of Marketing Channel to 9am PDT and letting each subgroup have their own Slack channel to collaborate throughout the month @gidgey
  • Cross-Team Info Sharing @mcdwayne
  • Clearer ‘getting started’ notes for newcomers (especially since the monthly slack meetings are a tad chaotic) @mcdwayne
  • A project management board (Trello vs Asana vs Jira, etc) @mcdwayne
  • Clearer goals and timelines for deliverables @mcdwayne
  • Moving to a video call system for the monthly meetings.  Slack is awesome for points of data but group discussions tend to become unfollowable at some point.  @mcdwayne
  • Move to an Agile approach with a SCRUM master leading each meeting @mcdwayne

Action Plan for WCEU:

  • Change time to 9am PDT and discuss implementing Google calls to enhance meeting structure.
  • Austin meetup will record WP testimonials and donate video to ad/marketing efforts.
  • Discuss personas and how to engage
  • Review and discuss funding operations for the WordPress Community regarding nonprofit versus commercial activities and how that has evolved, organized, and for sponsor rules at WordCamps. Maybe it should be addressed differently for marketing needs.
  • Discuss involving sponsors in marketing efforts.
  • Create a guide for new folks on how to approach local businesses for sponsorships.


#contributor-day, #marketing-the-community, #wceu

Marketing WordPress to Agencies & Clients – April 26 2017 Notes

The Marketing WordPress to Agencies & Clients team met with new members joining, while some existing members could not attend, and some prospective members who’ve expressed interest in the Marketing channel for this subteam are yet in the wings. Helpful comments and ideas came from new members on our two survey projects and the overall goal to provide materials and supporting information for WordPress adoption though agencies and in enterprises.

@skarjune convened the meeting.
Slack Backscroll

Case Study Survey

The WordPress for Agencies and Clients – Case Study Survey draft completed by @andymci was reviewed. @anafransilva offered some copyediting suggestions on the survey language, made the changes, and suggested “It *may* be helpful to add very short examples of what we mean at each question.” WIth those additions the Survey should be  complete. Next, we need to determine the steps for announcement, distribution, and collation.

@marcuscouch asked “how is it channeled to the target recipients? How do we plan on getting it to the agencies and creators?” @skarjune remembered that we decided not to formally distribute the open survey to a target list, even though we want to reach a range of respondents for their cases, especially recognizable WordPress agencies in the ecosystem. To avoid any favoritism in targeting specific companies or sectors, we will employ both channels and organic outreach via team member networks. The group agreed that WordCamps and Meetups can help announce the survey, and we can individually reach out through the WordPress Community to influencers and disseminate down the chain to get information out about the survey.

@marcuscouch started a Marketing Survey Distro List for bloggers and other outreach contacts for the survey. This is a key component for promotion of the surveys and the results.

We discussed anonymity for respondents and case curation by the team. The survey currently has an opt-in question: “Can we publish your company name with your case?” We don’t want to appear to be making any endorsements, and we may need to eliminate cases that we determine to be promotional in nature. We should be able to feature named company cases that show initiative and provide good examples for the Community and for the broader ecosystem.

The names of clients with cases are problematic as testimonials that can act as endorsements, and some agencies may not respond to protect their clients from being trolled. @skarjune suggested that we mask all client names, and @nagpai wondered if we might contact clients for permission, but he also cautioned: “however other legal aspects need to be taken into consideration too.”

WordPress for Agencies and Clients Survey

@skarjune reported that he did work on the WordPress Usage Survey Matrix to better outline the goal, objectives, topics, and outcomes of a general survey about WordPress adoption and usage by Agencies, Clients, and Enterprises. The matrix outline referenced ideas collected in the WordPress Marketing – Agency FAQs Sheet generated at WordCamp US in December, 2016. @andymci had started a WordPress for Agencies & Clients: Big Questions doc, and @skarjune had solicited input from prospective team members, but no input has been provided. The outline sourced an industry list from SurveyMonkey and considered topics from existing WordPress surveys by WPEngine, Pantheon, and others.


Evaluate WordPress adoption factors & barriers for upscale markets


  • Reasons to adopt WordPress
  • Objections to adopting WordPress
  • Key benefits of WordPress
  • Key barriers of WordPress
  • Usage of WordPress
  • Scale of WordPress
  • Engagement with WordPress Community
  • Role of third-party marketplace

No discussion was had on this survey, and @skarjune invited team members to provide input on the Big Questions doc on: What big questions about WordPress usage and perceptions should we answer in a broad survey? Or, you might contribute questions where case examples could help provide answers.

Next Steps

@anafransilva will review the Case Survey for any additional copyediting and for adding examples where helpful to respondents.

Any team members can input Big Questions, and Marketing channel participants can contact @skarjune in Slack with ideas or comment on this post.

Distro List contacts will be added by @marcuscouch and @skarjune, along with other team members as available.

@skarjune will continue tweaking the Usage Survey matrix and will add and edit questions to the Survey instrument, so that can be reviewed at the next meeting.

All team members should consider how to pursue Next Steps for distributing surveys, collating results, creating reports, and distributing materials; so we can discuss at our next meeting and delegate work.


Documents mentioned above are in the Marketing to Agencies & Clients folder in GDrive.

Contact the Marketing Channel in Slack if you need permission.


Prepping for Marketing at Contributor Day #WCEU 2017 (& Bridget!)

WordCamp Europe and .org marketing go way back! In fact the first Contributor day which featured marketing was in 2014 at WCEU Sofia, during which I spearheaded and led some very enthusiastic participants, well before we had a p2 or Slack channel.

Contributor Day at WCEU 2017

This year, I’m happy to announce that @bridgetwillard will be leading the Marketing efforts at WCEU 2017 Contributor Day! We’re working together to coordinate some of the details ahead of that day, which we’ve started work on below, but be sure to look out for her on the actual day. For my part, I’ll be on leave at that time so I’m grateful others are stepping up and contributing more and more. There’s plenty of room for your contribution!

How can you participate? Read on for some words from Bridget about preparing for Contributor Day, and as always, see you in Slack #marketing

Contributor Day at WCEU 2017

As you know, June 15 is Contributor Day before WordCamp Europe.

The great thing about Contributor Day is that hundreds of volunteers gather in one place to do what do best. And this is the basis of everything we love about WordPress. It’s the most robust CMS with the most generous Community. Honestly, it’s an easy sell.

What’s fun is that we go outside of Slack for a day, leaving our computers (well, not totally — please bring them) and collaborate.

(Did you sign up yet?)

Contributing to Marketing

The Marketing Team (because Marketing is a huge task) has been split into four groups based upon audience personas.

We have quite a few meetings in May. We’d love your help.

Can we do a combined effort in all of our subgroups to focus on a brainstorm list of things that you’d love to be addressed and/or worked on at Contributor Day? That way, those who show up on Contributor Day will already have a list of things to tackle/discuss.

I see this as a great opportunity for all of  us to participate regardless of where you will be physically located on June 15.

So, let’s get together, make a list, and roll up our sleeves!

We’re WordPress. We know Community. Let’s do this.