For those who don’t follow along with Make…

For those who don’t follow along with Make/Design and are interested in exploring some UI/UX ideas and projects, I just posted a few possibilities as a prompt of sorts. There are a number of needs, from strategy to interface design to front-end build to whatever back-end changes need to happen to support. None of those projects currently have active owners, so if you’re interested or if you have any ideas of your own, shout in the comments.


8/20 UI Chat Agenda: 4.4

After a few weeks off from regular meetings while the final touches were put on 4.3, let’s have our weekly UI chat, today at 17:00 UTC. Inspired by @wonderboymusic‘s call for 4.4 wishlist items, let’s talk today about what our bigger projects are in the world of UI and UX, what our wishlist items are, and what we can reasonably target for 4.4.

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UI Chat Agenda, 6/4

Quick check ins on:

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UI Chat Agenda, 5/28

Quick check ins on:

  • List tables (@stephdau): #25408
  • Media list table (@ericnkatz): #32398
  • Select2 testing (@afercia): #31696
  • Pattern library / CSS roadmap
  • Screen-by-screen sweep:
  • Open floor / ticket scrub and commit what we can.

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UI Chat Agenda, May 21

Quick check ins on:

Specific assignments for:

  • Screen-by-screen sweep
  • Trac gardening

We’ll finish off with open floor / impromptu Trac scrub and see what, if anything, can get committed now.

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Weekly core UI meetings for 4.3

Remember weekly UI chats? It’s been a couple years since they wound down, but I’d like to get them started again for at least the 4.3 cycle, as we have some efforts that are not specific to a given feature or component team. UI chats are also a great way for newer contributors to get involved, as there are often a number of smaller patches that can be made and committed quickly. We’ll hold meetings each Thursday, starting this Thursday, May 14, 2015 13:00 UTC-4 in the #design channel in Slack. Updates will be posted here on Make/Core.

For this week, let’s touch on these points:

  • Better responsive list tables.
  • Getting rid of media-new.php.
  • Screen-by-screen sweep for low-hanging fruit on small screens and touch devices (e.g. inconsistent spacing or font sizes at a given media query point).
  • The state of the CSS roadmap.
  • Coverage for other working groups (passwords, network admin, editor, customizer, anything else?).
  • Bug gardening team (see the UI focus on Trac).
  • Open floor (sound off below ahead of time if you wish – remember that this is about admin UI).

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Dashicons in WordPress 4.1

WordPress 4.1 includes 20 new fresh and clean icons. Thanks to @liljimmi, @melchoyce and @empireoflight.

Media Icons

Icon CSS Class Code
dashicons-controls-play f522
dashicons-controls-pause f523
dashicons-controls-forward f519
dashicons-controls-skipforward f517
dashicons-controls-back f518
dashicons-controls-skipback f516
dashicons-controls-repeat f515
dashicons-controls-volumeon f521
dashicons-controls-volumeoff f520

Posts Screen (updated)

Icon CSS Class Code
dashicons-align-left f135
dashicons-align-right f136
dashicons-align-center f134
dashicons-align-none f138


Icon CSS Class Code
dashicons-phone f525
dashicons-building f512
dashicons-store f513
dashicons-album f514
dashicons-palmtree f527
dashicons-tickets-alt f524
dashicons-money f526

To get a complete overview of all icons please visit

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Core CSS: A potential roadmap to sanity

At the community summit, we discussed a core CSS roadmap, initially a discussion about preprocessors in regard to their role in WordPress, both in the admin and in bundled themes. Recently, there has been significant discussion about the initial use of a preprocessor in the development of Twenty Fifteen that was not included when it landed in core. We discussed what role preprocessors may play with our default theme development and core WordPress for the long term.

In this post, you will find some history, some observations, and an outline of where we can go next to bring some sanity to our admin CSS as well as move into the future.

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Dashicons in WordPress 3.9

WordPress 3.8 has introduced an icon font for the WordPress admin, named Dashicons. Dashicons includes 167 icons until now.
WordPress 3.9 includes 30 new fresh and clean icons. Thanks to all contributors to ticket #26936, especially @melchoyce and @empireoflight.

Media Icons

All media file type icons got a huge facelift, see #26936. There are also two new icons for the playlists feature.

Icon CSS Class Code
dashicons-media-archive f501
dashicons-media-audio f500
dashicons-media-code f499
dashicons-media-default f498
dashicons-media-document f497
dashicons-media-interactive f496
dashicons-media-spreadsheet f495
dashicons-media-text f491
dashicons-media-video f490
dashicons-playlist-audio f492
dashicons-playlist-video f493


With the update to TinyMCE 4.0 you can now use four new icons for editor related UI.

Icon CSS Class Code
dashicons-editor-contract f506
dashicons-editor-break f464
dashicons-editor-code f475
dashicons-editor-paragraph f476


Use dashicons-external for external uses or randomize a list with dashicons-randomize.

Icon CSS Class Code
dashicons-external f504
dashicons-randomize f503

WPorg specific: Jobs, Profiles, WordCamps

We all WordCamps.

Icon CSS Class Code
dashicons-universal-access f483
dashicons-universal-access-alt f507
dashicons-tickets f486
dashicons-nametag f484
dashicons-clipboard f481
dashicons-heart f487
dashicons-megaphone f488
dashicons-schedule f489


Have you already tried the live widget previews? You should. The following icons are created for this feature.

Icon CSS Class Code
dashicons-archive f478
dashicons-tagcloud f479
dashicons-text f480


The minus icon has an alternative icon, plus now too. Welcome.

Icon CSS Class Code
dashicons-plus-alt f502


End of .

Icon CSS Class Code
dashicons-microphone f482

To get a complete overview of all icons please visit

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I made a proposal over on the UI…

I made a proposal over on the UI group blog that we abolish the UI group.

GASP! But why would you want to kill your baby, Jane??

tl;dr version: Core UI should just be part of this /core team with a UI component owner. Instead of a separate UI group (that wound up being the core ui/css group), we create a central Design Corps made up of designers (graphic, interaction, web, print, etc) that contribute to all the groups across the wp project, not just core UI.

Proposal has some support over on UI blog in comments.


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