Weekly core UI meetings for 4.3

Remember weekly UI chats? It’s been a couple years since they wound down, but I’d like to get them started again for at least the 4.3 cycle, as we have some efforts that are not specific to a given feature or component team. UI chats are also a great way for newer contributors to get involved, as there are often a number of smaller patches that can be made and committed quickly. We’ll hold meetings each Thursday, starting this Thursday, May 14, 2015 13:00 UTC-4 in the #design channel in Slack. Updates will be posted here on Make/Core.

For this week, let’s touch on these points:

  • Better responsive list tables.
  • Getting rid of media-new.php.
  • Screen-by-screen sweep for low-hanging fruit on small screens and touch devices (e.g. inconsistent spacing or font sizes at a given media query point).
  • The state of the CSS roadmap.
  • Coverage for other working groups (passwords, network admin, editor, customizer, anything else?).
  • Bug gardening team (see the UI focus on Trac).
  • Open floor (sound off below ahead of time if you wish – remember that this is about admin UI).

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