Twenty Fourteen Project Update

Home stretch. Let’s polish.


  • Launched the theme on (announcement, Theme Showcase page)
  • Many, many fixes to get ready for code freeze (see all commits since our last update): including RTL, IE, contextual help, layout, etc
  • Improvements based on feedback from core dev team (simplification, code readability and commenting)
  • Lots of activity at the WordCamp London Contributor Day

A special thanks to everyone who participated in our “device testing and bug hunt” activity at WordCamp London, including but not limited to binarymoon, jartes, erichmond, janhenckens, sonjanyc, amistad18, iv.dimova, kdankov, robert olsen, iandstewart, chellycat, sixhours, cainm, blankthemes, thomasguillot, kwight, Frank Klein, siobhan, and defries. And all three of us on the Twenty Fourteen team were present: lancewillett, iamtakashi, obenland. [These are usernames.]


  • Wrap up final bug fixes: see open tickets
  • Make a Codex page for Twenty Fourteen help and tips—@siobhan to create the draft and kick it off


What’s a pragmatic solution for detecting mobile and table devices? We’d like to use wp_is_mobile() but that seems designed for only admin use since it assumes no page caching. See notes at #26221.

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Twenty Fourteen Project Update

Crunch time! We’re working hard to make sure everything’s ready for 3.8 release. We’ve listened to all your feedback, thank you—including lots from last week’s dev chat. We’ve made significant improvements in the last week.

Many improvements

  • Many design changes to make the “first run” nicer and look better without featured images #25859 #25758
  • UI for Featured Content moved completely into Customizer (tag, display, count) #25549
  • Added contextual help and tips around the admin interface for setting up the Featured Content area #25837 #25869
  • Performance tweaks for faster loading #25876 #25922
  • IE, RTL, and i18n fixes #25036 #25625 #26071 #25144 #25625 #25888

Author widget

Too late to get it into 3.8 dev? It’s fairly light and can merge right away.

Last week at 3.8 features-plugin meeting we forgot to suggest this; we’d worked on it as a plugin first, see #24856: “Authors widget to highlight authors.”

This is a new widget for any theme to use, but we’d planned to show it off with Twenty Fourteen because as a magazine theme it’ll feature and show off multiple authors.

On our radar

  • Strategy for 3.7 and earlier non-MP6 handling #25906
  • Accessibility feedback on the slider
  • More work on contextual help and the user experience with Twenty Fourteen, maybe including user testing and research
  • Launching the theme on to get early feedback from real usage
  • Code review with core dev team

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Twenty Fourteen Project Update


We’re right on target—making lots of progress on the main features in the theme. Finishing up within 1-2 weeks, then switching gears to verifying and testing (things like device testing, RTL, older browser support, accessibility, and more).


  • Implemented alternate slider view for featured content #25550
  • Implement featured content settings for authors to control which posts are displayed, and how many #25549
  • Used SVG images instead of CSS3 gradients for speed and responsiveness, more browser support, and vector-based scalability r25865
  • Allow any page to be set as front page #25685
  • Several passes at CSS code revamp to meet WP style standards and better organization and efficiency #25592
  • More accessibility fixes #25054


  • Accessibility feedback on the slider
  • Featured content options moved completely into Customizer (tag, display, count)
  • Accent colors: decide on keeping this feature in the theme #25563 #25580
  • Decide on pros and cons of creating an extra-large image size for full-width featured images #25758

On our radar

  • RTL and IE fixes
  • Mobile and tablet device testing
  • “Breaking” the theme in every way possible

Join us! Weekly office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays at November 5th, 2013 17 UTC.

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Twenty Fourteen Project Update

Things we’ve finished:

  • Many accessibility fixes: keyboard navigation for main menu, color contrast, Skip to Content links, remove all unneeded title attributes: #25054
  • Allow featured images to work on pages (not just posts), a better UX for index vs. single views, and better layout and handling when no featured images exist: #25325
  • Simplified sidebars to allow a wider layout: #25031, remove a confusing front-page only widget area: #25565—after a long discussion about the Ephemera widget and how it should interact with the main stream of blog posts: #25330
  • Myriad layout and style fixes

Big things we’re working on next:

  • Deciding on whether or not the core Header Text Color feature should be disabled for Twenty Fourteen: #25540
  • Implementing “Plan B” for featured content: #25549
  • Building an amazing alternative view for front page featured content—yes, a slider! #25550
  • Triage all our open tickets for Twenty Fourteen.

Join in the fun! We have weekly office hours, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Tuesday 17 UTC) as well as general “Bundled Themes” bug scrubs, Fridays at Friday 18 UTC.

[Update: fixed the Trac links. I guess they can’t be in parentheses.]

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Twenty Fourteen project update

We’re continuing regular office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Tuesday 17 UTC) as well as general “Bundled Themes” bug scrubs, Fridays at 18 UTC.

Done since last time:

  • Accent color theme option added: #25220
  • Added a “Contributor” page: #24863
  • Lots of layout and style fixes
  • Fixing how Genericons are loaded: #25085

In progress:

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Twenty Fourteen theme project update

We’ve made lots of great progress over in Twenty Fourteen theme land.

This update is long because it’s my first one since we kicked off. Subsequent reports will be shorter.


In short, make it an awesome default theme.

1. Polish, “break”, and perfect the theme.
2. Add enhancements and new features.
3. Integrate with 3.8 plugin projects as we can.

Who we are

(These are usernames.)

  • Leads: lancewillett, obenland, and iamtakashi
  • Many patches have come in! Thanks to: cainm, celloexpressions, DrewAPicture, eherman24, Frank Klein, georgestephanis, iamtakashi, Jayjdk, jeherve, joedolson, Jonnyauk, kovshenin, Kuzmanov, MikeHansenMe, nofearinc, obenland, rickalee, sabreuse, and SergeyBiryukov.
  • Many other contributors have joined the fun, including but not limited to: cfinke, chellycat, jazzs3quence, johnbillion, karmatosed, McGuive7, nacin, nhuja, paolal, RDall, rmccue, taupecat, trishasalas, and shaunandrews.

You can get still get involved in any of these activities:

  • Putting up new tickets for bugs or enhancements (plus a patch if you can).
  • Review and test patches on existing tickets, add comments to the ticket.
  • Join the 3.8 plugin projects like Featured Content.
  • Help with theme breaking: IE, RTL, accessibility.

Big things we’re working on now

So far we’ve seen 38 related tickets in Trac opened, closing 24 already. View all open tickets.

  • (Possible) removal of Custom Header Image support: #25094
  • Accessibility review and fixes: #25054
  • Adding a “Contributor” page: #24863
  • Allowing color customization for “accents”: #25220

The removal of the header image, along with which customization options to allow and support, has been a very healthy discussion. See #25094 if you want to read along.

Big things we’ve already tackled

  • Updating to use HTML5 markup from core for search, comment form, and comment list.
  • Added missing archive templates.
  • Many usability fixes.
  • Lots of code cleanup.
  • Added Editor Styles to enhance the visual editor.
  • Sidebar improvements: widgetizing special Post Formats display, making right sidebar optional, and more.

One thing I wanted to highlight was removing the Social Links options from the theme. Instead inserting the search form and the search form toggle through filterable template tags, so that a plugin could hook in and add that feature back in. (Full chat log.)

Related plugin projects

Work continues on Featured Content and the Authors widget: #24856.

Office hours and Trac triage

We’ve had regular and very productive office hours on Tuesdays and Thursday at 17 UTC (In your time zone: 17:00 UTC). Thanks to everyone who’s joined us, your input is very valuable.

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Twenty Fourteen theme project kick-off

Are you interested in contributing to the new default theme?

Twenty Fourteen example

We’ll kick off office hours for 3.8 cycle next Tuesday August 13, 17 UTC, in #wordpress-dev IRC. Covering goals, scope, and how best to split up tasks. If time allows we can jump into tickets.

Then throughout the 3.8 cycle making the office hours a habit on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 17 UTC.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it every single chat—we’ll be posting here with the twentyfourteen tag to keep you updated—and you can follow commits and tickets via Trac.

For a bit of background on the Twenty Fourteen theme, see notes in #24858 and the already-growing list of open tickets. Let’s get to work!

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We’re getting very close This week focusing on…

We’re getting very close.

This week focusing on RTL again, especially concerning :before and :after and Genericon placement, see #24287. Turns out we’ll need flipped versions of lots of the glyphs—which Joen is now working on. After Joen completes the Genericons font updates are ready we’ll sync them into Twenty Thirteen.

Next is another quick pass at editor styles, including RTL support there.

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Twenty Thirteen project update, April 23, 2013

The focus for Twenty Thirteen right now test, test, and test. Polish, polish, and polish. The IEs, RTL, testing with lots of popular plugins. Getting things working smoothly with the new core post formats functionality.


  • Launch on currently blocked by the pending final version of the post formats UI.
  • With core team: make a decision on how “structured-post-formats” should be used and declared (if at all) by the theme.
  • With core team: make a decision on fixed navbar—”stay or go.”
  • With Joen, making Quote style improvements.

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We love testers We’d love more people to…

We love testers

We’d love more people to install Twenty Thirteen, with special emphasis on trying out all the new Post Format features.

Also, if you have access to Windows with various versions of Internet Explorer we especially need help testing out some IE8 and IE10 issues (see Trac list link below).


  • Address open tickets in Trac, fix bugs and make improvements
  • More browser, device, RTL, and i18n testing
  • Post formats testing. For example, looking at the output from post_formats_compat(), making suggestions like Image should use wp_get_attachment_image() there for filters and correct core class attribute values in the resulting HTML.
  • Review and possibly refactor the js/functions.js JavaScript file, going to all procedural/functional or moving to a new architecture—the key is to be consistent with it within the file. We can also look at namespacing the events.
  • Ask Joen to do another design audit, checking versus his design vision for things like spacing, colors, and post formats.

Office hours

We’ll get back to office hours in #wordpress-dev IRC over the next few weeks, Tue and Thu at 17 UTC.

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