Twenty Fourteen theme project update

We’ve made lots of great progress over in Twenty Fourteen theme land.

This update is long because it’s my first one since we kicked off. Subsequent reports will be shorter.


In short, make it an awesome default theme.

1. Polish, “break”, and perfect the theme.
2. Add enhancements and new features.
3. Integrate with 3.8 plugin projects as we can.

Who we are

(These are usernames.)

  • Leads: lancewillett, obenland, and iamtakashi
  • Many patches have come in! Thanks to: cainm, celloexpressions, DrewAPicture, eherman24, Frank Klein, georgestephanis, iamtakashi, Jayjdk, jeherve, joedolson, Jonnyauk, kovshenin, Kuzmanov, MikeHansenMe, nofearinc, obenland, rickalee, sabreuse, and SergeyBiryukov.
  • Many other contributors have joined the fun, including but not limited to: cfinke, chellycat, jazzs3quence, johnbillion, karmatosed, McGuive7, nacin, nhuja, paolal, RDall, rmccue, taupecat, trishasalas, and shaunandrews.

You can get still get involved in any of these activities:

  • Putting up new tickets for bugs or enhancements (plus a patch if you can).
  • Review and test patches on existing tickets, add comments to the ticket.
  • Join the 3.8 plugin projects like Featured Content.
  • Help with theme breaking: IE, RTL, accessibility.

Big things we’re working on now

So far we’ve seen 38 related tickets in Trac opened, closing 24 already. View all open tickets.

  • (Possible) removal of Custom Header Image support: #25094
  • Accessibility review and fixes: #25054
  • Adding a “Contributor” page: #24863
  • Allowing color customization for “accents”: #25220

The removal of the header image, along with which customization options to allow and support, has been a very healthy discussion. See #25094 if you want to read along.

Big things we’ve already tackled

  • Updating to use HTML5 markup from core for search, comment form, and comment list.
  • Added missing archive templates.
  • Many usability fixes.
  • Lots of code cleanup.
  • Added Editor Styles to enhance the visual editor.
  • Sidebar improvements: widgetizing special Post Formats display, making right sidebar optional, and more.

One thing I wanted to highlight was removing the Social Links options from the theme. Instead inserting the search form and the search form toggle through filterable template tags, so that a plugin could hook in and add that feature back in. (Full chat log.)

Related plugin projects

Work continues on Featured Content and the Authors widget: #24856.

Office hours and Trac triage

We’ve had regular and very productive office hours on Tuesdays and Thursday at 17 UTC (In your time zone: 17:00 UTC). Thanks to everyone who’s joined us, your input is very valuable.

#3-8, #bundled-theme, #theme, #twentyfourteen