Twenty Fourteen Project Update

Things we’ve finished:

  • Many accessibility fixes: keyboard navigation for main menu, color contrast, Skip to Content links, remove all unneeded title attributes: #25054
  • Allow featured images to work on pages (not just posts), a better UX for index vs. single views, and better layout and handling when no featured images exist: #25325
  • Simplified sidebars to allow a wider layout: #25031, remove a confusing front-page only widget area: #25565—after a long discussion about the Ephemera widget and how it should interact with the main stream of blog posts: #25330
  • Myriad layout and style fixes

Big things we’re working on next:

  • Deciding on whether or not the core Header Text Color feature should be disabled for Twenty Fourteen: #25540
  • Implementing “Plan B” for featured content: #25549
  • Building an amazing alternative view for front page featured content—yes, a slider! #25550
  • Triage all our open tickets for Twenty Fourteen.

Join in the fun! We have weekly office hours, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Tuesday 17 UTC) as well as general “Bundled Themes” bug scrubs, Fridays at Friday 18 UTC.

[Update: fixed the Trac links. I guess they can’t be in parentheses.]

#3-8, #bundled-theme, #theme, #twentyfourteen