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  • Jeremy Felt 3:37 am on September 17, 2015 Permalink |
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    Multisite objectives for the 4.4 cycle 

    We’ve made a good chunk of progress in the 4.4 cycle thus far and are starting to go in a direction that can be better defined through a handful of objectives. Let’s go through them:

    • WP_Network has been comitted to core. This is one of the major objectives for 4.4 and should be tested thoroughly. #31985
    • WP_Site will follow shortly and is another main objective. This still needs some initial work before commit, and should also be tested thoroughly. #32450
    • In the process of implementing WP_Network, it became clear that now is the time to introduce *_network_option() functions as replacements for *_site_option(). This has long been a one day objective, and now that we have an applicable use case in core, we’re going for it. Follow and help with progress in #28290.
    • In 4.3, we combined the domain/path fields when editing a site in both subdirectory and subdomain mode to allow for easier entry and for the beginnings of arbitrary domain/path support. To complete this, we need to follow up when adding a site if a subdomain install. Subdirectory configurations will remain the same. #31240
    • Adding a field for scheme to the wp_blogs table is still on the table in #14172. This goes hand in hand with the work being done by the HTTP/2 group and could help clear the way for quite a few other HTTPS tickets.
    • WP_Site_Query and WP_Network_Query are probably long shots for 4.4, and may need to wait until 4.5. That said, if progress is made on either in the near future, then we can start to speed that up.

    As we introduce things like WP_Network and WP_Site, we’re going to continue seeing smaller places that can be cleaned up or fixed in a different way. Keep your eyes open for those opportunities. And as always, if you have a ticket you’d like to see through and it’s not on this page, chime in early and let’s get it done.

    Multisite office hours are on Tuesdays at 20:00UTC in #core-multisite. We’ll be discussing these objectives weekly, and the channel is always open. :)


  • Jeremy Felt 6:14 am on July 24, 2015 Permalink |
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    Multisite Focused Changes in 4.3 

    Howdy! We’ve made quite a bit of progress in multisite as part of the 4.3 cycle and have a bunch slated to continue working on throughout the year. If you’d like to follow along, stop by our weekly office hours on Tuesdays at 20:00 UTC in #core-multisite.

    Here’s what we have coming in 4.3…

    Begin streamlining the interface for setting a site’s URL.

    Editing a site’s address for what it is—a combination of domain and path—becomes more straightforward in 4.3. A full address with or without scheme can now be entered if multisite is configured as subdomain. Network administrators have been hacking at this anyway for years when the two fields were separate to provide arbitrary domain support. See #22383 for all the details.

    In combination with this, the checkbox for “Update siteurl and home as well” has been removed when editing a site. Instead we can make an educated decision based on the current state. If the home and/or siteurl domain and path match the existing domain and path of the site, we assume that we can update all values with the new information. See #32503 for details.

    And to better enforce URLs vs domain and path, we’ve improved the default columns displayed in MS Sites List Table. The full URL is now show instead of the domain or the path. We also now show a total user count for each site rather than the first 5 users. See #32434 for details.

    Introduce get_main_network_id()

    This likely isn’t too useful to many, though will come in handy for those working with custom multi-network configurations. It will always return 1 on single site or if the current network has an ID of 1. It will return PRIMARY_NETWORK_ID if defined. And if those conditions aren’t met, it will go to the database to determine which ID is the first in line.

    It is possible to filter this value with the new get_main_network_id filter for those who have multiple networks and would like to avoid the incremental assumptions. See #30294 for the details.

    Visual and interface enhancements:

    • Better responsive styling for my-sites.php, a screen that would love to have a complete overhaul one day but now looks much better on smaller devices. #31685
    • Also in my-sites.php, the Save Changes button is conditionally displayed only if the user is a member of more than one site OR if a plugin or theme has filtered the HTML on this screen and may be expecting a Save Changes button to exist. #32645
    • Achieve parity between single and multisite by removing the Upgrades subsection in the menu and moving Updates to Dashboard. #32431
    • Provide a link to the dashboard when editing a site in the network admin. Previously, only the URL would show in the title area of the site screens with no great way to access the dashboard. Now, the full site name is shown as the title and smaller text URLs are displayed underneath for Visit and Dashboard. #32525
    • Mobile display of the network admin has been improved in general. A few inputs have been adjusted on mobile to make them act as expected. #32643, #32644, #32646. A full sweep of “content overruns” was done to ensure admin screens don’t overflow the screen on small mobile devices. #32846, #32962.

    Bugs of note fixed:

    • Don’t allow usernames over 60 characters long, a limit that was already in place via the database schema but was not enforced explicitly in code. #26784
    • Calculate the storage space used correctly for the main site. Previously, it was possible that the main site would reach it’s calculated space limit because the storage of all other sites was included in the total. #30202
    • get_blogs_of_user() now returns proper values for the archived, spam, and deleted properties. These were previously forced to 0 only when using this function. #32281
    • Deleting a super admin user via wpmu_delete_user() is no longer possible. This matches the expectation previously set by the UI. #32935

    And because some are smaller and were left out of the above, here’s a full list of multisite focused changes made in 4.3.

  • Ryan Boren 12:01 am on July 15, 2015 Permalink |
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    Today in the Nightly: Site icons in the customizer, editor patterns, more accessible comment bubbles, row toggle focus styling 

    Install the nightly, and try out this fresh batch of shiny.

    Site Icons in the Customizer

    I’ve long wanted site icons in the customizer alongside site title and tagline. The identity information that I always want to edit when first setting up a site are now all together in the customizer.

    For more visuals, see these visual records.

    See #16434.

    Editor Patterns

    Create bulleted lists, ordered lists, and blockquotes using markdown like patterns. I find this particularly handy on phones when the editor toolbar is offscreen.

    Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 4.39.12 PM

    See #31441.

    Better focus styling for list table row toggles

    See #32395.

    Better accessibility and design for the comments bubble

    The comments columns in our list tables were among the most confusing for screen reader users. Accessibility and visuals are now improved.

    See #32152.

    Eliminate content overruns on small screens

    An audit of content overruns on small screens resulted in many fixes.



    See #32846.

    Styling improvements on small screens for Right Now in the network admin

    See #32962.

    Improved header information in Network Admin Edit Site tabs

    • Use the site’s name rather than URL in the Edit Site header.
    • Provide “Visit” and “Dashboard” links for the site on all tabs.



    See #32525.

    Disambiguate “Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu”

    In the customizer, a menu’s auto-add pages option is now separated from the preceding menu location checkboxes.

    See #32820.

     Passwords UI Improvements

    Passwords received a couple of improvements. The show/hide toggles look better, and passwords ui is on the install screen. Passwords on the install screen still needs a little more flow work.

    See #32589 and #32925.

    For more visuals, see these visual records.

    Reduce link noise in media library list view

    This is visually subtle but removes confusion for screen readers.


    See #32254.


    Previously: Today in the Nightly: Customize in the Toolbar, Passwords UI, List Tables on Phones, Dashicons

  • Ryan Boren 11:25 pm on July 8, 2015 Permalink |
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    Today in the Nightly: Customize in the Toolbar, Passwords UI, List Tables on Phones, Dashicons 

    Development leading up to the first beta brought several visual changes. These are available right now in the nightly build. Switch a site to nightly builds and try them out.

    Customize in the toolbar

    To disambiguate between links to the Customizer and links to the Appearance screens from the front-end, Customize now has a top-level toolbar button rather than having links to it mixed with dashboard links in the site menu. This context mixing leads to disrupted user expectations as they navigate, as well as experiences that feel slower or actually are slower in some cases. See #32924.

    This means an additional top-level menu item, but the existing links to Widgets and Themes in the dropdown will now point to the admin, as the Dashboard and Menus links do. The advantage and goal for this change is to make it clear that you are about to enter the customizer. Deep links have not been added back in this go-round; this means that direct links to Header and Background are currently absent (with a very narrow exception related to old browsers). Those two deep links are still available in the admin menu under Appearance, which similarly mixes context but has not yet been addressed.

    More changes are coming to the toolbar. Peek at a possibility for more general improvements to the toolbar, being discussed in #32678.

    Phone friendly list tables

    List tables now scale down to phones. The column truncation strategy they used before didn’t scale down to small screens. A single column layout with disclosures is the new strategy. Some of our most important screens use list tables, notably Media and Posts. Truncated columns was number 5 on our top  5 impediments to flow on touch devices list.



    See #32395.

    For more screenshots, see these visual surveys of the list table screens.

    Toolbar interaction fixes for touch devices

    I’ve been wanting this one for a long time.  Toolbar interaction was number 3 on the top  5 impediments to flow on touch devices.




    See #29906. That ticket is a good read.  It has: Visual feedback and visual surveys. Punting a working fix to the next release so that a new, more future proof approach could be tried. Development of touch capability detection. Working around iOS. Development of testing checklists. Lots of iteration.

    Passwords UI

    The password set/change UI was updated with these improvements.

    • Generate the password for the user
    • More tightly integrate password strength meter
    • Warn on weak passwords

    See #32589 for more screenshots.

    Dashicons update

    Dashicons received a big update.

    New icons:

    • .dashicons-admin-customizer (f540)
    • .dashicons-admin-multisite (f541)
    • .dashicons-editor-table (f535)
    • .dashicons-filter (f536)
    • .dashicons-hidden (f530)
    • .dashicons-image-filter (f533)
    • .dashicons-image-rotate (f531)
    • .dashicons-layout (f538)
    • .dashicons-sticky (f537)
    • .dashicons-thumbs-down (f542)
    • .dashicons-thumbs-up (f529)
    • .dashicons-unlock (f528)
    • .dashicons-warning (f534)

    Updated icons:

    • .dashicons-plus (f132)
    • .dashicons-yes (f147)


    See #30902.

    Better styling for .form-invalid inputs

    See #32490.

    Responsive styling for my-sites.php

    My Sites now moves to a single column layout on narrow viewports. Here it is on an iPhone 6, an iPad, and a Macbook, as well as at full-width.

    Here’s what it looked liked before.


    See #31685 – Better responsive styling for my-sites.php

    Crosslinking Customizer Panels

    The graf in the Menus panel details about using the Customize Menu widget now links directly to the widgets panel.

    customize menus details

    See #32742.

    You might notice the misaligned question mark icon on that screenshot. #32733 is tracking that.

     Easy switching between production and nightly builds

    The beta tester plugin makes it easy to switch a site to nightly builds. Now switching back to the latest stable build is just as easy. It’s not the prettiest, but it is shown only to beta testers and will suffice until we finally refresh the Grand Unified Updater screen. For info on using the beta tester plugin to test with nightly builds, see the Beta Testing page of the core handbook.

    See #32613.


    Previously: Today in the Nightly: Site Icons, Text Editor in Press This

    • Remkus de Vries 10:21 am on July 9, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Love the move of giving the Customizer its own top level link. Love it.

    • nikeo 8:48 am on July 9, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hi, thanks for this post.

      Funny : the customize button is something I’ve had to remove from my theme last year because there was “no real justification for elevating the Theme settings page to admin toolbar status.”
      See here : https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/18164#comment:5

      Well, I guess this is now 100% justified and of course I think this button is an excellent choice ! :)

    • Jon Brown 12:51 am on July 9, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      “Customize in the toolbar” getting it’s own top level menu is going to make me SOOOoooo happy you have no idea. Every time since 4.2.2 I hit that widgets link and get thrown into the customizer I scream curses at it my installs. Also just inspired me to write a plugin… to scratch another itch I’ve long had around that menu.

    • Thong Tran 12:06 am on July 9, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Awesome updates. Btw, the ability to move a widget from one widget area to another has gone (in Customizer) in WP 4.3 beta 1, please bring it back.

      • Nick Halsey 3:50 am on July 9, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        To support a broader UX change made in #31336, it is no longer possible to drag & drop items between widget areas. However, the move-to-area functionality is still present along the reorder buttons when you enter the “reorder” mode, similar to the click-to-add functionality in the admin page.

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    Multisite Office Hours Recap (June 23, 2015) 

    Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 20:00 UTC in #core-multisite.

    Today’s chat log
    Overall 4.3 Release Objectives

    Last week’s (and this week’s) objectives:

    • More flow, more tickets, more observations to aid with Network Admin UI improvement.
    • Get a good patch up for #31240, possible commit.
    • Ongoing iterations, progress, discussion on `WP_Network` and `WP_Site` (and friends).
    • Write post, generate discussion around HTTPS in multisite for real (lower priority).

    It was a super light weight week for multisite, so not much progress. There was some traffic on existing tickets, but not much new activity. Summer lull… 🌞

    @hugobaeta gathered a few UI/UX tickets for WCEU contributor day – #32525, #32645, and #32647. We also have the general Admin UI screen sweep spreadsheet. Another ticket in that vein via @johnjamesjacoby is #32754, which is a string change but goes along with UX.

    If anyone has other UI/UX tickets, please make note. I’ll be poking around on Saturday. For anyone attending WCEU contributor day, a server with multisite is available for you to test on. I’ll hook some others up with super admin access beforehand.

  • Jeremy Felt 9:20 pm on June 16, 2015 Permalink |
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    Multisite Office Hours Recap (June 16, 2015) 

    Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 20:00 UTC in #core-multisite.

    Today’s chat log
    Overall 4.3 Release Objectives

    Last week’s objectives:

    • New tickets to address found issues in flow. These issues logged in the screen sweep spreadsheet.
    • Iterations on `WP_Site` and `WP_Network`. Discussion around iterations.
    • #22383 and #32503 committed.
    • Write post, generate discussion around HTTPS in multisite.

    Today’s meeting agenda:

    • Progress on capturing, observing, ticketing flows.
    • Next steps to combined domain/path UI – Add New site flow #31240
    • `WP_Network`, `WP_Site` progress – @jjj
    • Open floor for tickets, thoughts, etc…

    Topic Details:

    Progress on capturing, observing, ticket flows:

    Tickets #32647, #32645, #32643, #32644
    chat log

    • @earnjam added iPad flows.
    • @sharonaustin captured a bunch of flow data/notes and will be posting it to Make/Flow soon.
    • Some great progress was made over the weekend during the WCPHL contributor day. #32643 was opened and committed as an example of the process. #32644, #32645, #32646, and #32647 were also opened.
    • @earnjam is going to take the lead on getting #32647 and #32645 ready for next week as part of a My Sites overhaul.
    • The bugs from #32643, #32644, and #32646 are likely found in other places throughout core as well.
    • We should collaborate on a flow/design/admin ui/network admin ui contributor doc for WCEU with some basic “here’s what we need” guidelines. @helen @boren @sheri

    Objectives for next week: #32645, #32647 committed. More flow, more tickets, more observations. :)

    Next steps to combined domain/path UI

    Tickets: #31240, #22383, #32434, #32503
    chat log

    • #22383, #32434, #32503 are all committed and closed. 👍
    • Originally #31240 seemed kind of off the table for 4.3, but it seems very possible now. @jeremyfelt will take a shot at getting that prepped for next week.
    • Once these are both in, we should start having some validation questions pretty soon.

    Objective for next week: Patch and/or commit for #31240.

    Progress on `WP_Network`, `WP_Site`

    Tickets: #31985, #32450, #32504, #31148
    chat log

    • @earnjam is going to open a ticket to track `WP_Site_Query` and take a stab at that.
    • We need to iterate some more on the other existing patches.
    • Completely comfortable with progress on this continuing through 4.3 for a target of 4.4 early. It would also be nice just to get it in now. :)

    Objective for next week: Iterations, progress, discussion.

    Other items:

    • @jeremyfelt owes an HTTPS in multisite post still. Maybe by tomorrow?
    • No other items. A pretty quiet chat today.

    See you next week!

  • Jeremy Felt 3:50 pm on June 12, 2015 Permalink |
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    How you can help with the Network Admin UI during contributor day 

    A previous write-up explains how you can help test and capture the network admin UI. Here’s a specific version for how you can help during contributor day this weekend.

    There are four steps to the workflow at the moment:

    1. Capture a visual record of network admin screens.
      • Ideally on a device/browser combination that has not yet been captured.
      • If comfortable, post the screen captures and notes on make.wordpress.org/flow.
      • If you need access to Make/Flow, ask in #core-flow on Slack or around the physical room you’re in (if it’s full of contributors).
    2. Observe screens, actions, and results throughout the network admin.
      • This can happen during or after step 1. You can also just do this without the first step.
      • Look for things that don’t make sense, visual errors, pieces that are difficult on mobile, etc…
    3. Document observations in the screen sweep sheet.
      • This can be with or without a Trac ticket. With or without a screenshot.
      • Acts as a note so that we know that to come back to as part of the overall admin UI improvement effort.
    4. Help with the screen sweep sheet.
      • Open a ticket if there is none. Add screenshots if there are none. Confirm/deny the issue.
      • And patch. If there’s a ticket on the screen sweep sheet that you can patch, submit away.

    While this is an ordered list, you do not need to treat it like one. Pick a step that feels comfortable and concentrate on that. If you need guidance, there are folks in Slack that are always happy to help.

    Current captured visual records:

    By all means, if you have a device that is already captured, don’t hesitate to capture it in your own way or to skip step 1 entirely and start observing.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Saravanan 2:57 am on June 13, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I would like to help out with this. I will need access to sites to test them on my iPhone 6 plus; and Mac. Thanks.

  • Jeremy Felt 10:07 pm on June 9, 2015 Permalink |
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    Multisite Office Hours Recap (June 9, 2015) 

    Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 20:00 UTC in #core-multisite.

    Today’s chat log
    Overall 4.3 Release Objectives

    Last week’s objectives:

    • Have all 3 of these tickets closed and committed. #22383, #32434, #32503
    • Additional iterations on `WP_Network` and `WP_Network_Query`.
    • Generate discussion around HTTPS on #14172. @jeremyfelt will gather a list of HTTPS related tickets.
    • Nexus and iPad flows. Tickets created for bugs found in existing flows. Volunteers needed! :)

    Today’s meeting agenda:

    • Status on additional flows/visual records and next steps toward ticket creation.
    • New thoughts/discussion on `WP_Network`, `WP_Site` and friends?
    • Status of #22383, #32434, and #32503
    • Open floor for tickets, thoughts, etc…

    Topic Details:

    Status on additional flows/visual records. Next steps toward ticket creation.

    chat log

    We have new flows captured. @kraftbj posted the Nexus 6 results and @earnjam will be posting iPad shots within the next couple days. @topdown volunteered to capture screens for Samsung Note 8 and possibly other devices as well.

    To date, our device list includes: Nexus 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and Desktop, with additional screens specific to network upgrade.

    We posted some info late last week on how someone could help test and capture the network admin UI. Test installations of multisite are available for anyone to use if you have a device but just have no way of accessing a multisite installation. Please leave a comment on the post or in #core-multisite if you’d like to get started.

    As we create tickets and find bugs, we need to populate this spreadsheet as part of the overall screen sweep effort.

    Objective for next week: New tickets to address found issues. These issues logged in the screen sweep spreadsheet.

    New thoughts/discussion on `WP_Network`, `WP_Site`, and friends?

    Tickets: #31985, #32450, #32504, #31148
    chat log

    Not much discussion here. @johnjamesjacoby is going to have iterations of `WP_Site` and `WP_Network` this week. We should have a chat in #core-multisite soon after.

    Objective for next week: Iterations on `WP_Site` and `WP_Network`. Discussion around iterations.

    Status of #22383, #32434, and #32503

    Tickets: #22383, #32434, #32503
    chat log

    Objective for next week: Let’s cross our fingers that these are closed by tomorrow.

    Other items:

    Tickets: #14172, #32602
    chat log

    • @jeremyfelt still needs to generate discussion around HTTPS for #14172
    • @ipstenu found an issue with the plugin details modal when viewing plugin details on a sub site that has a different domain/scheme from the network admin. The switch to `network_admin_url()` that causes this came in #17902. A new ticket #32602 is open.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Jeremy Felt 7:24 am on June 5, 2015 Permalink
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    Help Test and Capture the Network Admin UI 

    One of the wider objectives of WordPress 4.3 is to improve on the Network Admin UI. This includes refining the experience on different device sizes. We first need to capture a baseline of existing screen flows and identify tickets from that.

    We need help capturing this data. :)

    Having access to a local, multisite WordPress installation is the preferred method, as you’ll have an easier time making changes, applying patches, and generally having control over the data. Here are some guidelines for testing locally:

    Realizing that installing and configuring multisite locally can be a barrier, a test server is available for anyone to access. This test server has two network installations, one for subdirectory and another for subdomain. Data will be reset on a regular basis. This allows anyone to go through the various network admin tasks.

    Both networks are running trunk as of about 20 minutes ago. I’ll be making an effort to automate the maintenance of that setup.

    If you’d like a super admin account to these networks, leave a comment below or ping @jeremyfelt anywhere. #core-multisite is preferred. I’ll create a matching username to your wordpress.org profile name and set you loose to capture and break things at will. :)

    Once you have a test network available, here are the things we need captured:

    • Add a new user to a site when the user does not currently exist as a network user.
    • Add a new user to a site when the user does exist as a network user.
    • Install, enable, and then activate a theme for a single site on the network.
    • Install a theme and enable it for use on a network.
    • Install and then activate a plugin for use on a single site on the network.
    • Install and then network activate a plugin.
    • Create a new site on the network.
    • Update a plugin.
    • Update a theme.
    • Edit the domain/path for an existing site on the network.

    Once captured, it’s great to share all of the data on the Make/Flow site, with a description of the screens tested and the device/browser configuration. If you need access to Make/Flow to post your results, leave a comment here or in #core-flow.

    Specific details on each of these screens should also be added to this spreadsheet that the overall Admin UI team is using to coordinate efforts. Feel free to capture one workflow or many.

    If you notice a bug in the screens you have captured, or in the screens captured by somebody else, it should be reported. Ask in #core-multisite or #core-flow on Slack if you need any help.

    • Saravanan 8:03 am on June 20, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      @jeremyfelt, I would like to help out with this. I will need access to sites to test them on my iPhone 6 plus; and Mac. Thanks.

    • Sharon Austin 4:58 pm on June 12, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Apologies, @jeremyfelt, I just read the latest post sent out about testing the UI…I will put the screenshots on #makeflow, Thanks again.

    • Sharon Austin 8:55 pm on June 11, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      @jeremyfelt I have sent you email with the first summary (Subdirectory) to your gmail account. If you wouldn’t care to look it over before I post, that would be a favor. Feel free to share it if you think it is okay to share. I’ll work on the Subdomain tomorrow.

      Thanks again for doing this.

    • Sharon Austin 6:19 pm on June 9, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      @jeremyfelt Thank you, got ’em. While I’ll go in right away, I may be quiet for a few days to lurk, watch, and make sure I understand what you’re looking for…I want to give feedback that is well-targeted to the needs. Thanks again for doing this.
      @ubernaut recommendation so noted! :-)

    • Ben Hansen (ubernaut) 2:53 pm on June 6, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      you should add checking out the user list to that list :)

    • Sharon Austin 12:10 pm on June 5, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I would love to be able to help out with this….as much as for some guidance on “how” to do a proper test as for any other aspect! Thank you for creating the opportunity!

      • Sharon Austin 5:31 pm on June 5, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Sorry, not sure if I needed to be more specific in my request above. I would like a super admin account for user: sharonaustin for testing Network 1 and Network 2. Thanks again for doing this.

        • Jeremy Felt 6:32 pm on June 5, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Thank you! You should have two emails with account information for the networks sent to the address used to leave this comment.

    • crplz 10:02 am on June 5, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      would love to contribute in this as almost 100% of the sites we manage are Multi-Site enabled. Have tons of experience facing problems managing several wp networks loaded with users/cpt/etc.

      Can I get a super admin account? #core-multisite

      • Jeremy Felt 6:31 pm on June 5, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Great! You should have two emails with account information for the networks sent to the email used to leave this comment.

  • Jeremy Felt 6:08 am on June 3, 2015 Permalink
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    Multisite Office Hours Recap (June 2, 2015) 

    Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 20:00 UTC in #core-multisite.

    Today’s chat log

    Overall 4.3 Release Objectives

    Last week’s objectives for dev chat:

    • Wrap-up #22383, #32434, and #32503 and then take a look at the add site flow and validation in `update_blog_details()`.
    • Continued progress on `WP_Network`, `WP_Site`, `WP_Network_Query`, and `WP_Site_Query`.
    • More thoughts on tracking scheme in `wp_blogs` for sites. #14172
    • More flows and network admin UI tickets from those flows.

    Today’s meeting agenda:

    • Status of #22383, #32434, and #32503
    • Status of `WP_Network` #31985, `WP_Site` #32450, `WP_Network_Query` #32504, and `WP_Site_Query` (likely #31148)
    • Tracking scheme for a site in `wp_blogs` is still looking for feedback, owner, etc.. #14172
    • More flows and network admin UI tickets from those flows.

    Topic Details:

    Arbitrary domain/path combinations in edit site:

    Tickets: #22383, #32434, #32503
    chat log

    • #32503, removing the home/siteurl mirror checkbox, is either ready to go in or very close. @jeremyfelt will take a closer look for commit.
    • #22383 is close, though the latest patch tracks scheme, domain, and path. We can leave scheme out for another ticket in the future. @earnjam is going to take another look, @jeremyfelt will also take a look for commit.
    • We talked through #32434 and decided to try using a URL (combined domain/path) column and converting the users column to a total count rather than a list of the first 5 users. @ocean90 is working on this.

    Objective for next week: Have all 3 of these tickets closed and committed.

    Progress on `WP_Network`, `WP_Site`, `WP_Network_Query`, and `WP_Site_Query`:

    Tickets: #31985, #32450, #32504, #31148
    chat log

    We chatted through the approach we’re using with `WP_Network` and `WP_Network_Query`. @johnjamesjacoby built the first patch by pulling most current network related code into the `WP_Network` class with the intent to break pieces out into `WP_Network_Query` once we have more of a handle on things. @jacobsantos had some good feedback on possible design approaches as he’s seen some common looking patterns/properties in `WP_Widget` and `WP_Customizer`.

    Objective for next week: Additional iterations on `WP_Network` and `WP_Network_Query`.

    Tracking scheme for a site in `wp_blogs`:

    Tickets: #14172
    chat log

    @johnjamesjacoby had some good concerns about possible approaches with tracking scheme. We’d like to generate a larger conversation around this topic. A few specific questions are:

    • Things that the current code prevents or prohibits. Or what does/doesn’t work in core now.
    • Exactly how capable do we want this to be.
    • Does the oncoming “TLS everywhere” of HTTP/2 change this discussion?
    • What concerns are there around introducing a new field on `wp_blogs`. How are large networks affected?

    Please leave any thoughts in the comments here or directly on the ticket.

    Objective for next week: Generate discussion. @jeremyfelt will gather a list of HTTPS related tickets.

    Network Admin UI flows for Make/Flow:

    chat log

    @ubernaut added many iPhone 5s flows, so we’re up to a handful now. @kraftbj is going to do Nexus flows and @earnjam is going to handle iPad.

    Objective for next week: Nexus and iPad flows. Tickets created for bugs found in existing flows. Volunteers needed! :)

    Thanks everyone!

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