6.4.3 Maintenance Release Bug Scrub

There is no specific target date for WordPress 6.4.3 yet, but that doesn’t mean work can’t be done to ensure that all the correct bugs are targeted for it and that work progresses towards fixing them. To assist with this, some initial scrubs will be held at the following times:

All Scrubs will take place in the #core room in Slack. The first scrub will be going through tickets in awaiting review that may belong in the 6.4.3 milestone with the goal of triagetriage The act of evaluating and sorting bug reports, in order to decide priority, severity, and other factors. and the second scrub will focus on tickets in the 6.4.3 milestone.

Anyone else that wishes to host a scrub for 6.4.3 is welcome. Please comment here with the time you would like to hold one and I will edit the post to include it. As the documentation on leading bug scrubs states:

Leading a Bug Scrub is something any interested community member can do.

Thanks to @joemcgill for prepublication review

#6-4, #bug-scrub