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The editor component is for the WordPress post editor on the Add New and Edit Post screens, and for the Quick/Bulk edit functionality on the Posts screen.

ūüí¨ Weekly chat Wednesday 13:00 UTC in the #core-editor Slack channel.


Subcomponents: TinyMCE, Autosave, and Quick/Bulk Edit.

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294 open tickets in the Editor component

294 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request
15 5 0
5.3.3 2 1 0
5.4 4 3 0
Awaiting Review 181 32 9
Future Release 24 18 0

294 open tickets. Last 7 days: +2 tickets

93 tickets that have no replies

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  • #45211 ¬†Carriage Return moves focus to bottom of page; bold text removes the following space
  • #45397 ¬†Remove wp_filter from _restore_wpautop_hook function
  • #45398 ¬†Remove tinymce_version from _WP_Editors::editor_settings()
  • #45493 ¬†Square brackets in caption shortcode produce improper formatting
  • #45503 ¬†While Uploading The Image Doesn't Showing Loading Bar ui administration
  • #45554 ¬†Columns pushed to left side by default ‚Äď No longer fill page width
  • #45603 ¬†problem adding link to paragraph
  • #45609 ¬†Issues using v 5.0 on mobile device ui administration
  • #45624 ¬†HTML added to in page script code
  • #45650 ¬†creating errors and spacing issues while pasting text
  • #45660 ¬†Bug in Classic Block . Pictures are placed incorrectly
  • #45667 ¬†Images NOT shrinked, horizontal space totally wasted
  • #45690 ¬†Why has Gutenberg disabled font options?
  • #45695 ¬†Block Editor: Classic block does not respect insert point for adding media.
  • #45706 ¬†Don't want paragraph block to forcefully convert pasted URL
  • #45735 ¬†Multiple Image Selection
  • #45740 ¬†Editing Bug
  • #45754 ¬†UI Breaks when SVG attached as featured image in post add / edit screen ui
  • #45759 ¬†Overlay problem with Gutenberg editor and custom meta boxes
  • #45760 ¬†Tag with & not properly saved by block editor
  • #45833 ¬†Text selection with Ctrl+A in Firefox does not work
  • #45834 ¬†Scroll does not work properly in Gutenberg editor ui administration
  • #45836 ¬†Initial letter is checked but editor does not show this. ui
  • #45843 ¬†In Microsoft Edge, Custom Fields are not saved when "Save Draft"
  • #45872 ¬†MS Edge and Polish letter "ńÖ"
  • #45880 ¬†edit-form-blocks.php shows Warning when $editor_styles include blank element.
  • #45992 ¬†Pressing delete key within a paragraph containing an anchor deletes the anchor (Firefox)
  • #45996 ¬†Block visual editor not accessible if user doesn't have nickname
  • #46001 ¬†when an article edited in html starts with <section> tag, content is not rendered
  • #46153 ¬†Leading space after past text from docx
  • #46157 ¬†Block Editor: Filter to hide screen options panel
  • #46224 ¬†The additional CSS is not reflected in the editor ui administration
  • #46244 ¬†Gutenberg editor ‚Äď Editor Block Toolbar (components list) covered after Page Update ui administration
  • #46261 ¬†Args for register_post_type() missing blocks $template. docs
  • #46400 ¬†Can't scroll content area on post edit page after updating to 5.1
  • #46486 ¬†Custom slug removed when Contributor submits post for review
  • #46628 ¬†I can't create a post javascript administration
  • #46655 ¬†Block editor adding line breaks between blocks
  • #46690 ¬†"Add block " option is disappearing for "Column" Block administration
  • #46817 ¬†Add option for "start" attribute in numeric list
  • #46887 ¬†wp-columns block problem deleting content
  • #46890 ¬†Paragraph block text setting font size display issue
  • #46892 ¬†Heading block property & feature enhancement
  • #47098 ¬†Author being mis-replaced
  • #47404 ¬†If user uses the normal editor and the default "Paragraph" block, then the toolbar is not getting displayed until the user adds content within the "Paragraph" block. But if user is selecting the top toolbar option, then the tools are getting displayed even if there is no content is added in the block.
  • #47410 ¬†On clicking on Full screen toggle button table width is exceeding the editor width.
  • #47474 ¬†Media & text Reusable blocks preview should be display proper
  • #47513 ¬†JavaScript TypeError when Video Playlists use native video elements javascript
  • #47830 ¬†Something prevents code edition of the theme through HTML on the theme editor for test automation purposes
  • #47865 ¬†Custom Post Types ‚Äď Published Posts ‚Äď Preview Changes URL‚Äôs ‚Äď Page not Found
  • #47879 ¬†gutenberg‚Ķ ui docs template performance
  • #47887 ¬†Can't scroll through the More Tools & Options Menu
  • #47900 ¬†Error on update MCE Views in gutenberg block "Classic Editor" administration
  • #47903 ¬†Linktext with formatting (<sub>) is split into separate links
  • #47917 ¬†block editor confirmation message is not translated
  • #47933 ¬†Gutenberg incorrect paste of list text into list block
  • #47949 ¬†Copy and paste block results in extra classic block ui
  • #47950 ¬†Gutenberg Text & Media Block ui
  • #47978 ¬†Upload files with Media Library takes much load time to upload image
  • #48092 ¬†Normal editor on rtl switches shortcode enclosed content and html content rtl
  • #48136 ¬†Please show the full URL address at the top of the editor.
  • #48137 ¬†The link dialog box pop-up should show every link option at once.
  • #48138 ¬†Top tool bar should stay at the top with every log-in.
  • #48139 ¬†Please keep our "MOST USED" icons for the "Add A Block" feature for each editor.
  • #48156 ¬†Block editor image opening error
  • #48196 ¬†The Code Editor generates tag soup with empty paragraphs in td elements
  • #48211 ¬†Minor Gutenberg/editor bug
  • #48391 ¬†Gutenberg block editable after change name ui javascript
  • #48402 ¬†Preformatted blocks do not remove styled line spacing
  • #48418 ¬†Style issue Gutenberg Image block ui javascript administration
  • #48532 ¬†Sometimes image at the top of a page is not showing up in the editor
  • #48640 ¬†Update docblocks of register block type related function and classes docs
  • #48707 ¬†Heading can't start with a number followed by a dot
  • #48708 ¬†HTML anchor for paragraphs as well ui
  • #48735 ¬†Blocks align to left when code is used
  • #48738 ¬†Insert Link Option is not working in new version. ui
  • #48750 ¬†Button Block default style not updated in Gutenberg
  • #48775 ¬†After upgrading to wordpress 5.3, gutenberg blocks started cutting off custom classes
  • #48787 ¬†Classic Editor user interface CSS inconsistencies when toggling "Enable full-height editor ‚Ķ" ui
  • #48793 ¬†Issue in selecting option from auto-suggest drop-down using plugin editor.
  • #48796 ¬†Image size reporting as "thumbnail" after most recent update
  • #48797 ¬†Add "image from this post" feature not available in Gutenberg ui administration
  • #48813 ¬†WP 5.3 can't longer use editPost to change content ui javascript administration
  • #48847 ¬†Gutenberg Editor Safari/OSX Unable to upload video files
  • #48888 ¬†HTML being stripped from shortcode blocks in blog posts
  • #48898 ¬†Issue with Gutenburg OR codeblock plugin.
  • #48911 ¬†LTR, RTL direction functionality to the heading blocks.
  • #49026 ¬†Gallery UI Issue on edit page ui css administration
  • #49092 ¬†Visibility Status
  • #49094 ¬†preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string on line 417 of wp-includes/class-wp-block-parser.php
  • #49138 ¬†Media Text Block CSS is-image-fill applied to all children
  • #49234 ¬†Editor / Categories metabox: form fields issue on small screens ui accessibility css
  • #49293 ¬†When trying to add an existing post category to a post ‚Äď simply check the box of this category ui administration

7 tickets slated for 5.4

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  • #38782 ¬†Insert/Edit link scrolling triggers AJAX requests for both (recent and search) rivers ui performance
  • #39074 ¬†No method to move meta boxes using keyboard ui accessibility administration
  • #39448 ¬†To-do: remove at the end of 2016
  • #44471 ¬†Theme Editor: Modern CSS is marked as errors by CodeMirror
  • #46964 ¬†ID attribute value are used multiple times in "Custom Field" form ui accessibility
  • #48104 ¬†Add the gutenberg_provide_render_callback_with_block_object shim to core
  • #48640 ¬†Update docblocks of register block type related function and classes docs

294 open tickets

Open bugs: 226. View list on Trac

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