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The editor component is for the WordPress post editor on the Add New and Edit Post screens, and for the Quick/Bulk edit functionality on the Posts screen.

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Subcomponents: TinyMCE, Autosave, and Quick/Bulk Edit.

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240 open tickets in the Editor component

240 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
5.0 21 6 0 4
5.0.1 3 1 0 0
5.1 2 3 0 0
Awaiting Review 125 34 9 0
Future Release 16 15 1 0

240 open tickets. Last 7 days: +2 tickets

48 tickets that have no replies

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  • #38055 ¬†<a href> tags disappear when switching from "Text" view to "Visual" view of Page Editor
  • #38782 ¬†Insert/Edit link scrolling triggers AJAX requests for both (recent and search) rivers ui performance
  • #38784 ¬†Set no_found_rows inside _WP_Editors::wp_link_query performance
  • #38934 ¬†Bug with Category selector view when using child categories
  • #39192 ¬†Add the ability to suggest changes to post drafts
  • #39549 ¬†Inline link toolbar via keyboard shortcut in Text view
  • #39574 ¬†Editor patterns: add empty headings/quotes
  • #39790 ¬†When I click on URL button for add an URL to an image a new line is added
  • #39870 ¬†Warning when an inserted link contains &preview=true administration
  • #40021 ¬†Empty p tags when adding multiple consecutive shortcodes in the editor. ui
  • #40023 ¬†Include CPT & term archives in the inline link insert search field administration
  • #40024 ¬†Include CPT archives in the menu cutomizer administration
  • #40540 ¬†Drag and drop of images with captions sometimes works javascript administration
  • #40665 ¬†Edit control on Video inside editor should not show up before selecting administration
  • #40681 ¬†The "Edit Post" page appears to MOVE a category to the top based on bad logic, instead of leaving it under its parent. ui template
  • #40723 ¬†Pasting Word content ‚Äď then trying to remove tags via WYSIWYG ‚Äď does not work administration
  • #41118 ¬†Add post type classes to internal link search results ui administration
  • #41456 ¬†Rename $buttons to $mce_buttons in 'mce_buttons' filter DocBlock docs
  • #41534 ¬†Styles added with `add_editor_style` are not added to custom `wp.mce` views on initial load javascript
  • #41586 ¬†Page Attributes > Parent list doesn't fit screen ui administration
  • #41607 ¬†Cannot scroll down in Firefox 54 and WordPress 4.8.1 using Shift + PageDown
  • #41869 ¬†Documentations was not proper. docs
  • #41880 ¬†Improve comment in functions description for class http file docs
  • #42099 ¬†Serious Bug with iOS and Safari when Using any External Keyboard
  • #42569 ¬†Not able to edit files from Theme Editor option. administration
  • #42587 ¬†Added Css Classes field to wp-link in editor. ui
  • #42792 ¬†Custom Post Editor for Automotive
  • #43297 ¬†One of latest updates broke the editor linking button
  • #43564 ¬†TinyMCE bookmark not removed ui javascript administration
  • #43758 ¬†To not charge the content of the Boxes in the admin page if a boxed is not activated
  • #43833 ¬†Problem to customize anz theme in fresh installed wordpress
  • #43853 ¬†HTML details element toggles on space
  • #44172 ¬†TinyMCE style_formats broken for `a` tags
  • #44408 ¬†Add classes to .post-attributes-label-wrapper paragraphs to make them unique
  • #44465 ¬†WP_Editor change tab also apply to all editors
  • #44516 ¬†Unable to edit theme's file on multisite from default editor
  • #44726 ¬†Try Gutenberg Callout should have modified content or removed when Gutenberg plugin is already installed
  • #45062 ¬†tinyMCE editor breaks captions with HTML
  • #45126 ¬†Expired session post editing continuation bug administration
  • #45127 ¬†Extract the code editor settings from wp_enqueue_code_editor()
  • #45144 ¬†Empty p-tags before image with caption in classic text editor
  • #45211 ¬†Carriage Return moves focus to bottom of page; bold text removes the following space
  • #45234 ¬†Image & Cover Block SCSS inconsistent with Media&Text & Embed Block ‚Äď Forces Theme Acrobatics
  • #45253 ¬†"Unhandled promise rejection" in 5.0-beta2-43852 javascript
  • #45255 ¬†WYSIWYG EDITOR ‚Äď writing a word, marking it for href then continuing problem
  • #45262 ¬†Block Editor: Respect AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL value
  • #45284 ¬†Meta Boxes: Prevent the meta box form from being submitted when pressing Enter
  • #45288 ¬†Block Editor: check style-editor-rtl.css in RTL languages rtl

36 tickets slated for 5.0

View list in Trac

  • #33121 ¬†wp_kses_attr_check fails to process html data-* attributes
  • #39793 ¬†Scrolling up in the sticky post text editor does not scroll the page up to top accessibility
  • #42334 ¬†Enter/Escape keys don't have an affect in the locked content modal accessibility javascript administration
  • #42540 ¬†Don't move focus to the editor when switching editor mode ui accessibility javascript
  • #42645 ¬†Support passing version number to add_editor_style()
  • #42729 ¬†Permit use of 'text-transform' in safecss_filter_attr()
  • #45037 ¬†Improve the WordPress Post editing experience
  • #45057 ¬†Help notice displayed on Privacy Policy page missing in Gutenberg privacy
  • #45067 ¬†Add CSS URL sanitization to kses.
  • #45109 ¬†Introduce editor block related functions
  • #45127 ¬†Extract the code editor settings from wp_enqueue_code_editor()
  • #45158 ¬†JavaScript error when editing posts javascript
  • #45165 ¬†E2E Tests: Copy the setup and the e2e tests from the Gutenberg repository javascript administration
  • #45172 ¬†Custom meta boxes do not show up
  • #45190 ¬†Blank screen for WP 5.0 beta on a web host with a Mod_Security conflict
  • #45192 ¬†WP_DEBUG notice when classic editor is forced and static methods used causes fatal errors. administration
  • #45194 ¬†[Gutenberg] Preload wp/v2/media using the OPTIONS method to manage `upload_files` capability rest-api
  • #45217 ¬†Allow falling back to classic editor via meta box registration.
  • #45236 ¬†Cast the result of the `default_content`, `default_title`, and `default_excerpt` filters
  • #45247 ¬†'Export as JSON' link missing from reusable blocks
  • #45248 ¬†Setting _wpGutenbergCodeEditorSettings is unnecessary
  • #45249 ¬†Default meta boxes appear in block editor's options modal
  • #45250 ¬†Backward compatibility: Impossible to prefill a new post in WP 5.0
  • #45257 ¬†Add custom fields support to the block editor
  • #45262 ¬†Block Editor: Respect AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL value
  • #45263 ¬†The posts page is editable in the block editor
  • #45279 ¬†The order of the Gutenberg stylesheets affects the UI ui
  • #45282 ¬†Block Editor: Don't show the Custom Fields meta box option if the meta box has been removed
  • #45283 ¬†Meta Boxes: Add an action for plugins to print hidden inputs in the meta box form
  • #45284 ¬†Meta Boxes: Prevent the meta box form from being submitted when pressing Enter
  • #45288 ¬†Block Editor: check style-editor-rtl.css in RTL languages rtl
  • #45290 ¬†The equivalent of `gutenberg_wpautop` from Gutenberg plugin is missing in the 5.0 beta
  • #45302 ¬†AJAX post but only got a 500 error ‚Äď WP5.0 Beta 3
  • #45330 ¬†Gutenberg editor with hebrew language does not render correctly.
  • #45338 ¬†Gutenberg classic editor block is not showing custom mce buttons
  • #45342 ¬†Docs: Description is wrong in the return of block_version() docs

240 open tickets

Open bugs: 167. View list on Trac

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