Submitting a Patch

Overview Overview

Once you’ve edited the file and tested it, you need to create a patch and upload it to the corresponding Trac ticket so other people can see and test the changes. You can create a patch a number of ways.

When using an IDE or a Subversion client a patch can be created directly by the application. The patch should be created from the root directory (the folder that contains the /src directory, the wp-config-sample.php file, etc.).

Windows Windows

If you are on Windows, consider using Tortoise SVN. You can read our tutorial on creating a patch with Tortoise SVN..

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Mac/Linux Command Line Mac/Linux Command Line

From Mark Jaquith’s Tutorial

Make a patch, for filename.php:

$ svn diff filename.php > filename.diff

Make a patch for all files modified in the checkout:

$ svn diff > big_patch.diff

Apply a patch from someone else:

$ patch -p0 < patch.diff

There are some GUI options for the Mac, as well — you just need it to create patch files (Versions cannot, for example).

Also: creating SVN patches using Git, from Cristi Burca.