When you become a committer

Welcome to being a committer! Here are some things you should know:

  • Make sure you have a strong password: it should be long, random, and stored in the password manager of your choice.
    • Bad: X*7z7XL{kZvky7E(
    • Good: aLy%t;67zvy3VdFwVPKA@VGV?i7oq.63Lj.2aKZ@Tw3].Eu4kVUJJVGyXH7oRL*a
  • Join the #core-committers channel on Slack.  This channel is for onboarding and questions from committers about the act of committing. Tips and tricks for SVN. If something is ready for commit and other code related discussion should take place in #core.
  • Please add svnusername@git.wordpress.org (e.g.pento@git.wordpress.org) to your GitHub account: https://github.com/settings/emails . This will allow the new GitHub mirror (https://github.com/WordPress/wordpress-develop) to correctly attribute your commits. GitHub will try to send a verification email, but it won’t be delivered. There’s no need to verify this email address for commit attribution purposes.
  • Read through this guide on commit messages for a primer on what’s considered best practices.

Tasks to add a committer

  • Ensure the committer has completed the above steps.
  • On a WordPress.org Sandbox, add them to the following lists:
    • /home/svn/etc/develop.svn.wordpress.org in Deploy SVN
    • $committers in .config/capes.php
    • wpTracContributorLabels in the Trac SVN file templates/core/site-specific.html
  • Additionally, add them to the following groups:
  • If the committer will be working on security issues, refer to the Security Team handbook for onboarding tasks.