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Mobile Team Update – July 31

WordPress iOS and Android version 13.0 are now available for beta testing (Call for Testing: iOS, Android). Sign up here to join the beta program on iOS or follow this link on your Android device, tap on Become a beta tester.

Highlights for the last two weeks:

  • Block Editor: The block editor is now auto-enabled upon opening a post that contains blocks. UX improvements for adding new blocks, bug fixes for image captions on Android.
  • Full Site Editing: Working on a proof of concept for a cross-platform Gallery block.
  • Offline Support: Implemented offline publishing on iOS, added support for setting the featured image for a post while offline on Android, and improvements to offline error messages on both platforms.
  • Infrastructure: Wrapped up the initial UI test project and continued to improve release tooling.


Community Team update – 18-07-2019

The Community Team meets twice a month, first and third Thursday, at two different times to cover different timezones.

Agenda and Slack logs from July 18 11:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC.

Deputy updates

As usual, Community Team members are busy doing Meetup and WordCamp application vetting, having organiser orientations, mentoring, organising events, replying to Help Scout tickets and helping organisers in general. Team and it’s members have no blockers with their work,

Ongoing discussions

WordCamp PWA Retrospective
Leading up to WordCamp Europe, the organising team enchanted the wordpress.org to be progressive web application (PWA). The PWA was deployed right before WordCamp Europe 2019 and was tweaked during the event. Key feature of this version was offline mode and custom “Day of event” frontpage that showed real-time schedule to visitors. We are now gathering feedback how PWA development process went.

Proposal: QR code for WordCamp badges
@casiepa has put together proposal on adding QR codes to WordCamp badges. Proposal is to send QR code to attendee after buying the ticket. That would make checking the attendee as arrived whole lot easier, allow easy on-site badge printing, t-shirt size check and possibly printing the code to badge for sponsors to scan. Discussion about this proposal is ongoing in the post comments.

Announcement: guidelines for using Trello
Community Team started a test phase for using Trello to organise its “big picture” work as a tool for general project management. The test phase will continue to the end of 2019 and team will evaluate pros and cons at the end of the year.

Call for volunteers: Handbook Working Group
Community Team started efforts to audit, rework and move content from P2 to our handbooks. @francinca has posted about forming working group and invitation to volunteer in it is open.


For a long time, Community Team didn’t provide numbers from its work. This update is to change it.

Numbers below are for two weeks before the Community Team meeting on 18-07-2019, as team meetings are bi-weekly and that sets the reporting interim to two weeks. In next update, our numbers will also indicate the change.

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Update: Sanctions and Open Source

A Bit of Background

Late in December last year, Slack started disabling accounts for people in countries with US sanctions on them. This month GitHub has begun to restrict access to accounts for those same people. This applies to anyone connecting to services from Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria (regardless of whether they live there or not) and applies to Automattic’s work as well as the work we all do in the WordPress project.

There was some general discussion on Twitter in December that died down, and now we’re starting to see some chatter in our community about the recent changes from GitHub.

What We Know

Here is a preliminary take, published at this stage in order to keep everyone as fully informed as possible, since public discussions of the issue are ongoing.

The trade sanctions that precipitated the recent bans by GitHub (and Slack last year) are United States sanctions and GitHub (Microsoft) is required to obey them. The sanctions apply to certain countries, and have the largest impact on paid online services and proprietary software.

In the instance of Slack, there is the potential for excluding contributors in those countries, not because of what WordPress offers, but because of the tools we use.

WordPress is in a different position than GitHub, in a few ways:

  • WordPress doesn’t provide a service; our software is publicly available and offered for free.
  • WordPress is not encrypted.
  • The GitHub account suspensions don’t apply to open source (as noted here https://twitter.com/natfriedman/status/1155311122137804801)

What Next

At the moment, the GitHub changes don’t come with any direct risks to us. The Slack changes have some risks to our contributor participation. In both cases this has raised a number of questions about how to be certain the project is still able to function despite any nation’s political maneuvers.

This is a very technical set of rules. We’re continuing to research them with people who are experts in the area. As you might expect, since we are a global project, there is a lot of information to gather before making any short or mid-term choices that affect us all. I will update this post with more information when I learn more.

To Do – Josepha

  1. Reach out to other open source CMSes to see if there are already learnings we can benefit from.
  2. Reach out to other OS community leaders to see if they have any insights into how it affects their projects.
  3. Reach out to legal experts for advice.

To Do – Everyone

Regardless of the future solutions for WordPress, one thing everyone can do now is make your concerns known to your local and regional lawmakers. Any advocacy we can do in this short-term moment can have major impacts in the future.

Plugin Review Team: 29 July 2019

Plugin Status Change Stats

  • Plugins requested : 167
  • Plugins rejected : 5
  • Plugins closed : 22
  • Plugins approved : 64

Plugin Queue Stats (current)

  • Plugins in the queue (new and pending)* : 729
    → (older than 7 days ago)** : 629
    → (2019-07-15 – 2019-07-22) : 80
    → (new; not processed or replied to yet)* : 24
    → (pending; replied to)* : 705

Help Scout Queue Stats

  • Total Conversations: 361 (+55%)
  • New Conversations: 283 (+80%)
  • Messages Received: 369 (+12%)
  • Customers: 306 (+51%)
  • Conversations per Day: 45 (+55%)
  • Busiest Day: Friday
  • Customers Helped: 292 (+74%)
  • Replies per Day: 74 (+108%)
  • Closed: 320 (+96%)


Design Team Update – July 26th

Another fortnight has passed and the design team filled it with weekly meetings and lots of great work. Triages continued every Monday for core/meta and Tuesday for Gutenberg. 5.3 release tickets were focused on and the ‘needs design feedback’ label.

Specific update posts:

Here are a few more things that were accomplished:


Proposal: a WordPress Advisory Board

Update, Aug 13: There seems to be general consensus that this should move forward. There were a lot of questions raised and identified risks to be aware of, so I’ll draft a post with next steps and get the foundational work done. Thank you to everyone who participated! Comments are now closed. ~Josepha

At the end of 2016, Matt created two growth councils to amplify efforts to bring open source to a wider audience, and fulfill the WordPress mission to democratize publishing. Last December, they held their final meeting — I was fortunate to work with both of these groups, and am so grateful for the way the people involved generously donated their time to the project.

My Takeaways

During the 10 months that I met with them, I saw many things that worked and learned about many things that didn’t.

  • Working: There were a variety of markets represented, and people at the top of their field across the board. Every member came with a feeling of selfless coopetition that drew them together. There was a lot of insight at each table and a lot of opportunity to see a bigger picture than usual.
  • Not Working: Gathering everyone monthly was difficult and keeping work moving between meetings was a struggle. Decisions became prone to analysis paralysis. It was unclear how to step up or step back as time and circumstances required.

I think that holding on to what worked could be a major win for the WordPress project overall, if we can find a way to clear away the things that didn’t work.

Proposal: a WordPress Advisory Board

Who: A nomination-based group made up of members of the WordPress ecosystem, with set term limits.
What: A traditional advisory board providing information on industry trends and risks as well as non-binding strategic advice to the Project Lead and Executive Director.
When: Meeting quarterly.
Where: Video calls with high level notes published afterward.
Bonus: The Executive Director (me!) will be a permanent observer and facilitator of the advisory board meetings, and Matt will attend some, but not all meetings.

Additional Clarifications

On nominations: I think that a traditional board process of nomination and self-nomination will serve this group well. Good ideas can come from anywhere, and open nomination process can help get voices that might otherwise not be heard. I would like to reserve the right to invite nominees (for diversity and representation purposes) which will be key for keeping a well-rounded group on hand. Existing members select candidates from nominees.

On non-binding strategic advice: I am not proposing that this group would function as a final-say, decision-making body for the WordPress project. It should serve as a collection of bright, insightful people who have contact with clients and end-users of WordPress. This removes the “analysis paralysis” challenge that the growth councils faced.

On set term limits: Since, in my mind, the group won’t be a direct decision-making body and won’t have any fiduciary duties, I would suggest some flexibility in setting term limits as we get started. My ideal is a 2 year limit, though there is wisdom in a shorter limit, too.

Next Steps

I’d like to open the comments to discuss this idea. If feedback is broadly supportive, let’s start with the following steps:

  1. As a proof of concept, assemble the existing growth council members into the first iteration of the Advisory Board.
  2. Start this initial group with a 12 month term (taking us to the middle of 2020).
  3. Publish an announcement that includes 1) who is on the advisory board, 2) companies/verticals represented on the advisory board, and 3) information on how to nominate yourself or others for future participation.

If you have feedback on or questions about this proposal, please share that in a comment on this post!

Theme Review update for July 22, 2019


  • 75 new tickets are waiting for review.
    • 0 tickets are older than 4 weeks
    • 31 tickets are older than 2 weeks
    • 40 tickets are older than 1 week
    • 54 tickets are older than 3 days
  • 57 tickets are assigned.
    • 51 tickets are older than 4 weeks
    • 54 tickets are older than 2 weeks
    • 56 tickets are older than 1 week
    • 61 tickets are older than 3 days
  • 29 are approved but are waiting to be made live.

In the past 7 days

  • 452 tickets were opened
  • 461 tickets were closed:
    • 411 tickets were made live.
      • 25 new Themes were made live.
      • 386 Theme updates were made live.
      • 13 more were approved but are waiting to be made live.
    • 42 tickets were not-approved.
    • 8 tickets were closed-newer-version-uploaded.

A new version of the Theme Review sniffer was published. And the agenda for the next meeting was also posted.

#themes, #trt

Plugin Review Team: 22 July 2019

Due to vacation, the numbers this week are quite ‘off’ norms.

Plugin Status Change Stats

  • Plugins requested : 149
  • Plugins rejected : 3
  • Plugins closed : 19
  • Plugins approved : 25

Plugin Queue Stats (current)

  • Plugins in the queue (new and pending)* : 730
    → (older than 7 days ago)** : 608
    → (2019-07-15 – 2019-07-22) : 102
    → (new; not processed or replied to yet)* : 98
    → (pending; replied to)* : 632

Help Scout Queue Stats

  • Total Conversations: 233 (-29%)
  • New Conversations: 157 (-40%)
  • Messages Received: 329 (-24%)
  • Customers: 203 (-28%)
  • Conversations per Day: 29 (-29%)
  • Busiest Day: Monday
  • Customers Helped: 168 (-40%)
  • Replies per Day: 35 (-50%)
  • Closed: 168 (-34%)


Support Team Meeting Updates for July 18th

Items covered at today’s Support Team Meeting:

  • Helper Scripts
  • Breakfix Lessons

Read the Make/Support blog post for more details.