March 7th Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

The first iteration of user documentation for the new block editor is now live, either via but also from the Support page under the title “Writing Posts” for general discovery.

As some may have noticed recently, we’ve lost a lot of wonderful German contributors. In light of this we’ll be reaching out to the existing moderators there to see if anyone would want to be the liaisons between our global team and their local one, as well as how things are going, and what we can do to help.

If you are a part of the German community and would like to help out there, or have questions, feel free to reach out. This also goes if you’re from another community and would like to get more involved, we’d love to welcome you into our midst!

Another subject in this weeks meeting is burnout, and because @macmanx puts it better than I, here is a quote:

When we say “please take the time you need” (or similar) whenever you mention burn-out or other difficulties contributing to the forums, we mean it sincerely in a “I care about you” fashion, not a “go away” fashion.

When you tell us you need to step away, please don’t expect us to ever push back.

Every contribution you make is valued and appreciated, but we want you to put your needs first. We can guarantee that we’ll do our best to stay on top of things while you’re out, and that the forums will still be here if you want to come back. What we can’t guarantee is your health and happiness, and that’s why we’d rather you always put that first.

If you need to step away, please do so. We want you to take care of yourself, and we’ll look forward to when you’re feeling ready to return.

On a somber note, long time contributor and community member Alex Mills passed away recently. As one of his requests, we would love to help keep his plugins going, someone is taking ownership of maintaining them already, but if you wish to help out in supporting one or more of them, it would be very much appreciated.

WordPress 5.1

We’re seeing an increase in plugin compatibility issues leading to broken media libraries. We’ve been unable to pinpoint the source, as it’s happening with many plugins, so this may be bad caches, hopefully we’ll learn more and have something a bit more solid, but worth noting.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of the Italian, Swedish, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and Indian communities were present for this weeks discussions.

The Russian team has some intercommunication troubles they are working out, and we’ve offered to assist in any way we can if they wish it.

Open floor

Reviews with links in them are often frowned upon, as they are at times used for spam, but some users do it without being aware that it’s bad at all.

Based on this, if a review contains a link, we’ll now do the following:

  1. Remove the link from the review (but leave the review if it’s legitimate)
  2. Leave a user note of the action
  3. Post a response letting the reviewer know that links shouldn’t be used in reviews.

This way we educate users, without causing distress or anger. This of course does not apply to obvious spam entries, which get treated like any other spam.

In other news, the WordPress 5.0 retrospective kickoff was posted over at

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)


Theme Review update for March 4, 2019


  • 140 new tickets are waiting for review.
    • 64 tickets are older than 4 weeks
    • 93 tickets are older than 2 weeks
    • 114 tickets are older than 1 week
    • 125 tickets are older than 3 days
  • 36 tickets are assigned.
    • 37 tickets are older than 4 weeks
    • 38 tickets are older than 2 weeks
    • 38 tickets are older than 1 week
    • 39 tickets are older than 3 days
  • 13 are approved but are waiting to be made live.

In the past 7 days

  • 335 tickets were opened
  • 338 tickets were closed:
    • 307 tickets were made live.
      • 27 new Themes were made live.
      • 280 Theme updates were made live.
      • 8 more were approved but are waiting to be made live.
    • 29 tickets were not-approved.
    • 2 tickets were closed-newer-version-uploaded.

#themes, #trt

Plugin Review Team: 04 March 2019

Note: Plugin rejection count is estimated right now.

Plugin Status Change Stats

  • Plugins requested : 163
  • Plugins rejected : ~105
  • Plugins closed : 39
  • Plugins approved : 96

Plugin Queue Stats (current)

  • Plugins in the queue (new and pending) : 575
  • → (older than 7 days ago) : 506
  • → (2019-02-25 – 2019-03-04) : 60
  • → (new; not processed or replied to yet) : 14
  • → (pending; replied to) : 561

SupportPress Queue Stats

  • Total open tickets : 15
  • → (with no activity in last 7 days) : 1
  • Within defined 7 day time window:
    • Total : 283
    • Closed : 280
    • Open : 3


5.0 Release Retrospective Kickoff

Even though we are many months past the 5.0 release date, this is one of those times where “better late than never” is true. The few times that a release retrospective has been held, it was hosted on, and consisted of open-ended questions with answers in the comments.

However, as I’ve looked back over past releases, it is clear that code isn’t the only thing that goes into a successful release. So, I’m going to try a different way (kudos to @karmatosed) to hold an asynchronous and open retrospective here on our shared blog/P2.

It’s not entirely possible to do a traditional retrospective in a project this size, so I’m going to try something a little different. I’m collecting feedback in the survey linked below. The feedback that is shared will be anonymized and published to this blog, so if you’re not yet subscribed, now is the time to do it!

5.0 Retrospective Survey

The survey asks for your username, which is specifically for my use in case I need to follow up with some clarifying questions. It’s open for two weeks, until Friday, March 15.

Design Team Update – March 1st

It’s been a busy few weeks in the design team. Weekly team meetings and triage continue.

Here are the weekly notes:

Some highlights from the last fortnight:


X-post: Global WordPress Translation Day 4 is coming

X-comment from Comment on Global WordPress Translation Day 4 is coming

February 28th Support Team Meeting Summary

The Health Check plugin is nearing ready for a new release, once the accessibility tickets are handled, and the design implementations are finalized, we’ll be looking to make any string changes needed and getting a new version of the plugin out.

It’s desirable to get the plugin version out, before the parts planned for core are created, as it lets us know that the base going into core is reliable.

Support Appreciation Day was an item we discussed a few weeks back, and we believe it has some merit. After a bit of initial brainstorming, we’ve opened up the document for wider sharing and input to ensure we get all the bits and pieces right.

If you’re interested, and perhaps you’d like to help put things together in some capacity, please give the post about it a read and get in touch.

WordPress 5.1

One week in, and we’ve thankfully not observed any major issues with WordPress 5.1 that haven’t already been tackled in some form or another. We’re looking at a smooth release at this point.

Checking in with international liaisons

We had members of the Italian, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Urdu, Indian and Hindi communities take part during our weekly chat.

Open floor

We had a question about embedding an image uploader in the support areas of, and although sharing screenshots is a hurdle for users, we don’t wish to take on responsibilities for the media users may upload. CloudUp and imgur should both auto-embed on the support forums though, and are great alternatives. was also mentioned as an option, as they have a comprehensive guide on taking and sharing screenshots.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)


Mobile Team Update – February 26th

WordPress iOS and Android version 11.9 will be available for testing later today. Sign up here to join the beta program on iOS or follow this link on your Android device, tap on Become a beta tester.

Highlights for the last two weeks:

  • Gutenberg mobile: We are releasing v1.0! Please head over the announcement post for more details.
  • We are making progress on the Post Filter improvements in Android, and we have improved analytics events to analyze offline usage.
  • We fixed the existing UI tests and started the development of new ones for critical flows.
  • We started looking into mobile Gutenberg automated testing.


Plugin Review Team Status – 25 Feb 2019

The high number of closures was due to bounces, but also cleaning up roughly 300 plugins that were approved in 2017 and never used. This periodic maintenance frees up plugin slugs so that other people may request them.

Plugin Status Change Stats

  • Plugins requested : 188
  • Plugins rejected : 9
  • Plugins closed : 412
  • Plugins approved : 118

Plugin Queue Stats (current)

  • Plugins in the queue (new and pending)* : 548
  • → (older than 7 days ago)** : 487
  • → (2019-02-19 – 2019-02-25) : 65
  • → (new; not processed or replied to yet)* : 21
  • → (pending; replied to)* : 527

SupportPress Queue Stats

  • Total open tickets* : 4
  • → (with no activity in last 7 days)** : 0
  • Within defined 7 day time window:
    • Total : 477
    • Closed : 473
    • Open : 4


February 21st Support Team Meeting Summary

General anouncements

The Health Check plugin is getting a visual overhaul with a new UI and UX. With this comes a noticeable amount of strings, both changes and new ones. In light of this there’s a ticket up for going through the various strings and states for them.

Once things are ready, we’ll also have the Accessibility Team look over it, this is especially important as parts of it are planned for inclusion in core.

WordPress 5.1

It’s release day! And unless something happens we will see WordPress 5.1 be released today.

As always, this means we will be following the proceedings in our Release Day Checklist, most importantly that we will keep channel banter to a minimum until over the weekend. This is done so that any issues that arise can be communicated clearly without being lost behind emoji and the likes.

A small set of users may be affected by a JS error in 5.1 as noted in #46280, the Hotfix Plugin has been updated to address this issue for now.

Checking in with international liaisons

Members of the Russian, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Urdu, Serbian, Brazilian and Greek communities were present for this weeks chat to let us know things are progressing well for them.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)