Documentation Team Updates November 8


Theme Developer Handbook

On schedule, will likely release after WCUS.

A feedback mechanism is likely required for the handbooks but is currently on lower priority.

Codex Migration

Tedious manual work, we would love to have this task be worked on via Contributor Days


The REST API documentation is currently being merged in. A handbook will be first created and in-line doc comments will be done in 4.7 release.

Further work on it is being discussed


Development is slowed down but work is continuing.

Inline Docs

Our primary focus is now on the 4.7 docs audit

Next meetings


#docs, #documentation

Doc Team Meeting Updates Nov 1

We will be having the following meetings this week

Summary reports from the previous Helphub meeting can be found here

Short update – longer one next time.



Docs Team Update: September 11, 2014

The following is the status of our current projects:

1. DevHub:

All DevHub-related issues with the parser have been identified.

The workflow has been implemented for editing parsed content in the code reference. Parsed content has been moved to metadata to allow the post editor to be used for curated content.

The content migration workflow from the Codex was discussed. A style guide for the content will need to be written. Redirects will need to be put into place for all content that has been moved.

(9/9/2014 chat summary)

2. Handbooks:

The Seattle Documentation Sprint was very productive. The Plugin Developer Handbook made considerable progress – several pages were completed, reviewed, and are now marked at 100% for content. There are still 6 sections that need to be completed. The Theme Developer Handbook also made progress during the sprint.

If you would like to help out with the handbooks (writing content, editing, proofing, testing), please contact @samuelsidler, @blobaugh, or @sewmyheadon.

(9/10/2014 chat log)

3. Docs at WCSF:

The team discussed what project should be the focus of the 2-day team meetup after WCSF during the 9/11/2014 team office hours. We reviewed the projects listed in @siobhan‘s post. Completing the developer handbooks is the project far enough along that the team could finish them during the meetup. @samuelsidler will work up a plan with both handbook editors for completing the content this week.

(9/11/2014 chat log)


Docs Team Update: September 4, 2014

The following is the status of our current projects:

1. DevHub:

The team didn’t have their regular meeting this week, so there is no report for DevHub.

2. Handbooks:

The handbook teams are moving things along. More progress was made on finishing up sections of the Plugin Developer Handbook. The Theme Developer Handbook was planning for a big push this weekend with the Seattle Documentation Sprint.

If you would like to help out with the handbooks (writing content, editing, proofing, testing), please contact @samuelsidler, @blobaugh, or @sewmyheadon.

(9/3/2014 chat summary)

3. Version 4.0 Codex Page:

@DrewAPicture took the lead on getting the Version 4.0 Codex page prepared before the release on 9/4/2014. Thank you to everyone who pitched in to help!


Docs Team Update: August 28, 2014

The following is the status of our current projects:

1. DevHub:

Some of the pull requests for the parser have been committed. @siobhan will review the open parser issues, and tag any that are related to DevHub.

Work continues on implementing changes to the code reference.

@samuelsidler is working on the handbook content migration, and will report any handbook theme issues encountered during migration.

(8/26/2014 chat summary)

2. Handbooks:

Progress was slow this past week on both handbooks. @samuelsidler said he had some contributors to the handbooks during the WordCamp Boston Contributor Day.

@blobaugh said he needs help with the Sanity Practices page in Section 2 of the Plugin Developer Handbook.

@sewmyheadon said the next Seattle Docs Sprint is coming up on Saturday, September 6.

(8/27/2014 chat log)


Docs Team Update: August 21, 2014

The following is the status of our current projects:

1. DevHub:

The team did a bug scrub of open Meta tickets. There are 6 tickets that will require changes to the parser before they can be worked on. We need a volunteer to step up and help maintain the parser so these can move forward.

Implemention of changes for both examples and explanations in the code reference should happen this week.

(8/19/2014 chat summary)

2. Handbooks:

The handbooks received a lot of attention from both the WordCamp Grand Rapids and WordCamp Maine contributor days. Huge thanks to all the new contributors!

Both handbooks are progressing, and the focus is now on getting them into a usable state so they can be migrated to their permanent home at

The team is considering having weekly online handbook sprints to encourage contributors to work on the handbooks on a regular basis.

(8/20/2014 chat summary)


Docs Team Update: August 14, 2014

The following is the status of our current projects:

1. DevHub:

  • No progress on integrating Posts2Posts with the parser. We’re looking for a volunteer to help move this forward.
  • @coffee2code is currently working on implementing examples in the code reference. Work on implementing voting has been put on hold until that is completed.
  • @DrewAPicture and @coffee2code have been discussing how to implement content in the code reference. @DrewAPicture has offered to spearhead some of the changes needed.
  • @nicolealleyinteractive‘s pull request was merged in, including the archive/search simplification. Other handbook design changes have been merged as well.
  • @ryelle worked up a template for a dashicons page for the Resources section. She will put together a patch so we can migrate it to DevHub.

(8/12/2014 chat log)

2. Handbooks:

  • @topher1kenobe cleaned up the spreadsheet for the Plugin Developer Handbook so that it better reflects the current status of the handbook. He also added Chapter 17 (Helper Tools), and finished the section (pending final edit).
  • @samuelsidler started migrating the Theme Developer Handbook to its permanent home on DevHub (section 1). Adjustments to the handbook plugin/theme will be made, as needed, to ensure the content looks good. Link cleanup will happen as part of the migration.

(8/13/2014 chat log)


Docs Team Update: August 7, 2014

1. Project Status: The following is the status of our current projects:

  • DevHub: Work continues on implementing Posts2Posts in the parser. @coffee2code is working on the voting functionality. The team seems happy with the proposal for dealing with content in the code reference. @coffee2code will work on the implementation. (8/5/2014 chat summary)
  • Handbooks: The Metadata section in the Plugin Developer Handbook is complete, and awaiting review. Part One of the Theme Developer Handbook is nearly complete. The Seattle Docs Sprint last Saturday had several contributors working on both handbooks, and a few new contributors were brought up to speed so they can start working on the handbooks as well. (8/6/2014 chat summary)

2. Weekly Docs Chat: During this week’s chat, we discussed changing the format of our weekly Docs team chat on Thursdays from a formal meeting to general office hours, with a weekly P2 post for the individual teams to post their weekly status update to. With the team working on individual projects, most of the discussion takes place during the weekly project meetings rather than the general chat on Thursday. The full proposal is posted on Make/Docs for the team to review and discuss further. (8/7/2014 chat log)


Docs Team Update: July 31, 2014

The following is a summary of the topics discussed:

1. DevHub: @samuelsidler said more progress was made. @coffee2code is in the process of committing new stuff, including the mods to selectively enable the handbooks (with necessary tweaks and fixes), along with fixes for #437 (Make watch/unwatch a post action link rather than a widget), #439 (add handbook name to the top of handbook pages), and #436 (remove “Flag Unresolved” from handbook pages). He’s also done some initial work on example voting. @siobhan and @samuelsidler are discussing the best way to get general (non-typo) feedback, such as how the site functions, new features, etc. (7/29/2014 chat log)

2. Handbooks: The WordCamp Vancouver Contributor Day had 6 people focusing on the handbooks. Most of them worked on the Theme Developer Handbook, but a couple worked on the Plugin Developer Handbook. @blobaugh and @sewmyheadon send a huge thank you to the WordCamp Vancouver contributors! We also discussed the internal links in both handbooks. Currently there are a lot of links to existing Codex pages that will need to be changed to internal links in the handbooks, and the Codex pages redirected. A full review of all links will take place once the handbooks are migrated to DevHub, and necessary changes made at that time. (7/30/2014 chat log)

3. Seattle Docs Sprint: @sewmyheadon said the next WordPress Docs Sprint is Saturday, August 2, 2014 (today!) at 10am PDT in Seattle. The focus will continue to be on both developer handbooks. Contributors can also participate virtually in the #wordpress-sfd IRC channel.

You can read the chat logs here.


Docs Team Update: June 19, 2014

The following is a summary of the topics discussed during our weekly Docs chat:

1. DevHub: @samuelsidler said Post2Posts still needs to be implemented with the parser. @coffee2code has implemented source code on the individual pages, and is working on implementing the examples functionality. The handbook plugin has been updated with the required changes.

2. Handbooks: Some progress was made this week, mostly in the Plugin Developer handbook. @blobaugh and @sewmyheadon will add the anticipated new permalinks for each page to the spreadsheets for their respective handbooks. Once that is done, @samuelsidler plans to manually migrate over completed handbook pages, one section at a time, to their permanent home on Adjustments will be made to the handbook theme and plugin, as needed, during content migration. Contributor information is being gathered, and will be included on the Credits page in each handbook.

3. Docs Issue Tracker: Development has stagnated on the project, and there most likely isn’t any developer time available right now. I’ll be going through the alpha release post comments, and creating Trac tickets for suggested changes so the discussion can continue on the tickets.

4. Trac Tickets: @DrewAPicture brought up a new ticket that could be an interesting cross-team effort between Core, Support, and Docs: #28551 – Add Better Debugging Documentation Into wp-config.php. In addition to providing more debug constants and documentation, the current user sections of the file can be improved with better inline documentation.

The chat logs are available here.