Could you please grant @ocean90…

Could you please grant @ocean90 access to release packaging? He already has MC access.
The change was okay’d by @matt.


bbPress Git mirroring to Github

Similar to can we please add the same thing for bbPress?

Repo to mirror into is


The SSL certificate for “”…

The SSL certificate for “” is set to be the same one as the cert for “”. Presumably this is because they’re both pointing to the same place which is doing the redirection, but the incorrect domain on the certificate causes an error.

So, needs a new SSL certificate set up on it.


Update proxy whitelist

I’ve been getting 403s when trying to access dotorg trac from my home network. Not having access has become a sizable pain over the past month—is there way we could get that whitelist updated please?


Remove ‘branch’ functionality from

As reported by #3686-meta the theme ‘Branches’ is appearing as a special item in the code browser.

Could the following rules be added to wp-themes/conf/trac.ini under [svn] to disable Trac’s default svn structure handling which we don’t use on that instance?

(I’ve tested that this works as expected under a local trac)

#prio3 #trac


Analytics access

Hi there, could @dd32 (in case he doesn’t have it), @tellyworth, and I be granted Google Analytics access to the group again? It’s currently blocking us from testing #1017-meta and moving forward with SEO work for the growth council. Thanks!



Feedly RSS blocking

As pointed out by we’re currently disallowing the Feedly RSS reader to use the Trac RSS feeds.

Is there any possibility of allowing that? Is it blocked for a specific reason? etc.


Hi, could the to…

Hi, could the to redirect please be updated to maintain its path?


#prio-3 redirect updates

Hi, Could the following changes to please be made?

  • Change rewrite ^/my-patches$ /report/25; to rewrite ^/my-patches$ /report/29;
  • Add rewrite ^/my-patches/all$ /report/25; after the above rule



Change spam auto-delete threshold on Marx cPanel

We’ve gotten a few reports lately of emails not making it to our HelpScout instance. Looking at the Spam Filters settings in cPanel shows one potential culprit:

The current Auto-Delete Threshold Score (4) is lower than the Spam Threshold Score (5). This will cause the system to automatically delete messages that it did not previously consider to be spam. We strongly recommend that you increase your Auto-Delete Threshold Score.

When we try to change the threshold number to something else, like 5 or 6, the UI shows that the change was successful. However, after refreshing the page, the UI once again shows that the threshold is still 4. I suspect that this number must be hard-coded in a config file somewhere.

We would like to get this number bumped up to 5 or 6.