DB stats table repair – new-api-stats

Looks like db2.stats has some corrupt tables, looks like wp_versions and archival_wp_versions are affected.

This has caused WP version stats to cease to operate as expected: https://wordpress.org/about/stats/

I’ve put the stats scripts into maintenance mode to prevent it trying to write to these tables (while still processing autoupdate stats/etc), if I’m not around to do it myself, please execute UPDATE `rev2_ingestion_settings` SET `value` = '0' WHERE `key` = 'maintenance_mode'; afterwards to re-enable it, if possible.


Hi, can the following users…

Hi, can the following users get MC and GA access for dotorg? Release management is not needed, it’s for stats.

  • callye
  • dansoschin
  • eidolonnight


cc @andreamiddleton