Could you please grant @ocean90…

Could you please grant @ocean90 access to release packaging? He already has MC access.
The change was okay’d by @matt.


Analytics access

Hi there, could @dd32 (in case he doesn’t have it), @tellyworth, and I be granted Google Analytics access to the group again? It’s currently blocking us from testing #1017-meta and moving forward with SEO work for the growth council. Thanks!



Upgrade Node/NPM on Build Server

Could Node please be upgraded to the latest LTS version (8.11.2), and NPM upgrade to 6.1.0?


Transferring DNS to

I’d like to shut down the CloudFlare account I created for Can we have host DNS instead?

Notably, before the switch is made, these redirect rules would need to be replicated in some way:


Please install `make` & required dependancies on sandboxes

It seems that some node modules need to compile various things, particularly libsass.

To reproduce:
cd wp-content/themes/pub/wporg
npm install

If you need the raw log output, you’ll find those in ~/.npm/_logs on my sandbox.

At least pub/wporg, pub/wporg-main, and pub/wporg-plugins currently have the same issue.


WordCamp Let’s Encrypt Script Broken

We received warnings from Let’s Encrypt that many of the certs have not been renewed, and will invalidate on March 25th.

I’m guessing there are some necessary things that didn’t get transfered from LAX to ORD.

There may be some details in the letsencrypt-update.log, but I don’t have access to that on production anymore.

I tried setting up a test environment on my sandbox, but couldn’t because pip isn’t available. That may be the problem on production as well, but I can’t test any further until it’s on our sandboxes.

@barry, can you please take a look as soon as you have time? Let me know if there’s anything I can do on my end.


Access to mysql* commands in sandbox

In our previous sandboxes, @iandunn and I were given access to mysql and related commands on our sandboxes so we could run a database update script. It appears that access did not carry over to the new sandboxes. Can we get it restored?


WordCamp Deployments broken

Deploys were initially working after they were setup, but the past few days it it looks like they’ve stopped working, or are only partially working. The script still reports that it finished successfully, but the effects of commits are not showing up anymore.

It used to take about a minute to finish, but now it finished almost immediately, so I wonder if part of it is dying early or something. If I svn up on my sandbox, the commits are there; it’s just production that doesn’t have them.

Here’s two examples:


Browse to, look at the Contact Information metabox. If the commit is applied, you’ll see * at the end of most of the input fields.


This is setup as an svn:external to plugins/wordcamp-reports. We’ve never had problems using GitHub as an external before.

Browse to, you should see a field instead of the field


PDF generation doesn’t work on new WordCamp server

Hi, it doesn’t look like wkhtmltopdf has all of its dependencies on the new server:

wkhtmltopdf -d 300 -T ’10’ -R ’10’ -B ’10’ -L ’10’ ‘/tmp/wcdocs_5a831fa5c3b96/sponsorship-agreement.pdf.html’ ‘/tmp/wcdocs_5a831fa5c3b96/sponsorship-agreement.pdf’

wkhtmltopdf: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Expired SSL certificate for needs a new certificate.