Visibility into mail failures

Right now I’m blind to any errors that occur with messages sent from the web server. This week there was a Core bug that resulted in many (most?) messages being rejected by the receiving MTA, but I didn’t know for several days, until the reports started coming in from users and the Core bug was discovered.

I think two things would help resolve this, but I’m open to whatever suggestions you have.

1) Set the Envelope-FROM to instead of I’ve already setup the address.
2) Grant read access to mail.* in the logs directory

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Posting on behalf of @julia ullrich We need…

Posting on behalf of @julia.ullrich. We need proxy access for Lauren Zarzycki (.org username @laurenzarzycki) and trusted deputy access on the network. She needs to access the payment dashboard in the network admin, as well as individual payments/reimbursements on each WordCamp event site for bookkeeping purposes.

Her public key is:


#proxy, #wordcamp-org disk space

We’re getting low on disk space for again; it was down to ~2 GB today. I pruned some things and got it back up to ~6 GB, but wanted to get the ball rolling on a long-term solution.

The Community Team has discussed this in the past and decided that we’d strongly prefer to not delete old messages, because we sometimes need to go back and reference them. For Central’s accounts, there are also some legal restrictions around contracts, etc that need to be kept.

The last time this happened, sysmonk increased the space from 20 GB to 50 GB, but we’ve used that up in the past two years. We’re expecting to have about 125 WordCamps this year, and that’s growing 10% – 15% each year, so I don’t think the current solution is going to work for much longer, unless we can get a much larger chunk of the 300 GB available on the server.

What kind of options would you recommend? It might be good to answer the SSL/webmail question first, since we might end up migrating to Google Apps or something if modern webmail isn’t an option.

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Allowing SMTP

The Community Team is discussing e-mail options for WordCamp organizing teams, and one of the potential solutions is to allow SMTP traffic from outside the network. If that was done, then the teams could send out mail from accounts, rather than having to setup a Gmail account that messages get forwarded to, and sending mail from that.

I don’t know why SMTP is currently blocked, though, so I wanted to find out if allowing that traffic is an option or not.

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Can we please install and activate the OAuth…

Can we please install and activate the OAuth PECL extension for Probably version 1.2.3 since the latest seems to be PHP7 only. We’re going to use it to authenticate with QuickBooks Online.



Hi We’re ready to start converting the second…

Hi! We’re ready to start converting the second batch of WordCamp domains to the correct URL structure. Can we install the certificate and the nginx config on the server please?

  • /home/wordcamp/letsencrypt/output/batch-2.crt
  • /home/wordcamp/letsencrypt/output/batch-2.key
  • /home/wordcamp/letsencrypt/output/batch-2.nginx.conf

The paths in the nginx config might need to be adjusted depending on where you put it. Also @barry mentioned we should probably use maps in the nginx configs for this, so I’ll be reworking the LE script a bit, maybe before the next batch.

Thank you!

#ssl, #wordcamp-org

Hello again I need a couple of changes…

Hello again! I need a couple of changes on to move forward with the Let’s Encrypt stuff:

  • An include of /home/wordcamp/letsencrypt/output/*.nginx.conf in the http context. These files will be generated dynamically, each will have a server block listening on 443 with one or more domains, paths to the SSL certs and an include of camps-common.
  • Privileges to reload the nginx server.


#ssl, #wordcamp-org

I’m working on integrating Let’s Encrypt with WordCamp…

I’m working on integrating Let’s Encrypt with Can I please have the following packages installed on the server?

  • python-dev
  • libffi-dev
  • libssl-dev
  • virtualenv


#ssl, #wordcamp-org

Hi If possible could we please get a…

Hi! If possible, could we please get a binary of wkhtmltopdf on the server? We’re going to use it to generate PDF-invitations to WordCamp speakers and attendees.



Proxy Access for Jenny Wong

@miss_jwo has been added to the Community Team’s Super Deputy group, so she’ll need proxy access (similar to a previous request for the original group).

She’s gone through the security checklist; could someone please set her up? After that’s ready I can help her configure her laptop.

Jenny, please post your public key in the comments.

#proxy, #wordcamp-org