Posting on behalf of @julia ullrich We need…

Posting on behalf of @julia.ullrich. We need proxy access for Lauren Zarzycki (.org username @laurenzarzycki) and trusted deputy access on the network. She needs to access the payment dashboard in the network admin, as well as individual payments/reimbursements on each WordCamp event site for bookkeeping purposes.

Her public key is:


#proxy, #wordcamp-org

Proxy Access for Jenny Wong

@miss_jwo has been added to the Community Team’s Super Deputy group, so she’ll need proxy access (similar to a previous request for the original group).

She’s gone through the security checklist; could someone please set her up? After that’s ready I can help her configure her laptop.

Jenny, please post your public key in the comments.

#proxy, #wordcamp-org

Per @jenmylo we’re granting limited Super Admin capabilities…

Per @jenmylo, we’re granting limited Super Admin capabilities on to trusted volunteers. They’ll need proxy access like regular Super Admins.

The whitelist of users is defined in the global config, and the code to grant them the extra capabilities is in an mu-plugin on

@kcristiano and @brandondove are the first two that will need it, can you please set them up? (karenalma is also in the whitelist, but she should already have it).

Brandon and Kevin, can you please post your public SSH keys here? If you haven’t used SSH keys before, GitHub has some good instructions (just ignore everything after step 2).

It boils down to running this in a terminal:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

Make sure you post the public key (, not the private key (id_rsa). The private key should be treated like a password and kept secret.

Once the Systems team grants you access, I’ll follow up to help you set it up on your computer.

#proxy, #wordcamp-org