We are discussing moving to…

We are discussing moving to Github for WordCamp.org, and would like to know if there are any blockers that we have not considered yet.

Details are in the linked post, tldr: we would keep using SVN as a release tool so that deploy scripts etc keep on working. We will sync to SVN from Git at start of the deploy process.


Change plugins.svn linting to PHP 7.current please

As a follow up to https://make.wordpress.org/systems/2018/03/12/change-all-svn-php-linting-to-php7/ and https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3791 can we please switch the PHP linting for plugins.svn to 7.2 and keep it up-to-date with newer PHP branches as they’re deployed for WordPress.org?

Although this is specifically for plugins.svn, the same should be applicable to all SVNs now, as any which require an older PHP version will be enforced through Travis and other tools.

Having the linter exclude newer syntax is becoming a limitation for plugin developers and with the work being done around plugins specifying minimum PHP versions, and increasing the WordPress minimum versions, is going to result in more plugins requiring PHP 7.1/7.2/etc.


Proxy Access for Timi Wahalahti

Hi, can you please setup proxy access for @sippis? He’s a deputy on the Community Team.

His public key is:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC7aGQ95XttdBr22T/4P3kfMobW7Itl9kHx6UmNA5Hksa5fHjhSgtdIPmfSXKGG40xxsTFJH+4JLGoFkXyVtngJIMg7wF2As1QsJTKq/RA5dklC7qc8z71QZJKCk1cg89qfXhqhgmjSAy60YRBz1Za14rXX8PXAAT7wdQgS9Z3xvoqgVanmwu+CLFqS1OffdYoBL/vFqCx+9DdGyNsCM4EIAiGKXeNMbW5bzRarSBMJd9N7Bk77CACg4A+vsJUhht8hQtYRi6hKqPM+stA8bUdTjMCfEuy+E0jmxtO34BqVidFhJ0clJUHJrnN65iNJeKlF4+84ZnGgeeFXI5sy264T sippis@Timis-iMac.local

Thanks 🙂


Can I please have `mbstring`…

Can I please have mbstring module installed on my sandbox. I think it is installed on WordCamp/WordPress.org prod servers, so there might be a mismatch, and is causing me some pain to debug issues.

WordPress Foundation cPanel

Could you please grant myself and @andreamiddleton access to the WPF cPanel, so that we can manage email accounts?


Paul Gibbs (@djpaul) would like…

Paul Gibbs (@djpaul) would like to update the key used to access the proxy server.

(He’s also concerned he may have accidentally blocked himself trying to access it with a mismatched key. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but if it is, can he be unblocked?)

Here is his current public key:

ssh-rsa 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


bbPress Git mirroring to Github

Similar to https://make.wordpress.org/systems/2016/12/20/deploy-key-and-mirroring-for-github-repo/ can we please add the same thing for bbPress?

Repo to mirror into is https://github.com/bbpress/bbPress

Ref: https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/637

Update proxy whitelist

I’ve been getting 403s when trying to access dotorg trac from my home network. Not having access has become a sizable pain over the past month—is there way we could get that whitelist updated please?


Change spam auto-delete threshold on Marx cPanel

We’ve gotten a few reports lately of emails not making it to our HelpScout instance. Looking at the Spam Filters settings in cPanel shows one potential culprit:

The current Auto-Delete Threshold Score (4) is lower than the Spam Threshold Score (5). This will cause the system to automatically delete messages that it did not previously consider to be spam. We strongly recommend that you increase your Auto-Delete Threshold Score.

When we try to change the threshold number to something else, like 5 or 6, the UI shows that the change was successful. However, after refreshing the page, the UI once again shows that the threshold is still 4. I suspect that this number must be hard-coded in a config file somewhere.

We would like to get this number bumped up to 5 or 6.



Request to remove Subversion repo for old bbPress plugin

An old bbPress.org forum user made a request to remove their old bbPress 1.x generation plugin.

Their request:



This is my first time seeing anyone ask for this, so I’m not sure what’s achievable. If it’s possible and there’s a way to do it from my sandbox, I’m happy to help moderate these.