Grant default theme commit to @ianbelanger

I need to get theme commit access for @ianbelanger to manage work on the default themes. Our most recent two theme committers have had to step back and they worked with him directly to do some training/hand off. I will make sure to share the following documentation with him as well:

  • Not a post, but the welcome/onboarding chat as has been passed down to me by @desrosj @mikeschroder and @aaroncampbell.

This is a #prio2, but would be great to get sorted for work on WP5.2.3 and WP5.3.

#commit #themes

Remove trailingslashit rule for theme directory URIs

Currently the nginx rules for the theme directory includes a similar to the following, can we please remove it, as it breaks access to URLs that shouldn’t have a trailing slash, such as
There should already be a handler in the PHP environment to add the trailing slash if it’s missing.

location /themes/ {
        # Add a trailing slash to all themes
        rewrite ^/themes/([^/]+)$ /themes/$1/ permanent;


plugins.svn is very slow

This is a known issue, but it seems like it’s gotten significantly worse in the past ~6 months, to the point where it’s disruptive to workflows, and would delay promptly recovering from bad deploys.

Here are some timings from my sandbox using, using themes.svn as a baseline.

/wp-content/themes ( 10 svn:externals to themes.svn )
$ time svnup

real 0m0.313s

wp-content/plugins ( 27 svn:externals to plugins.svn items, 1 to meta.svn )
$ time svnup

real 3m29.532s

$ time

real 4m44.074s

With a deploy taking almost 5 minutes, there’ll be a lot of extra/unnecessary downtime if we ever need to revert a bad commit and re-deploy.



Proxy Access for @tobifjellner

Hello, can you please set up proxy access for @tobifjellner. He’s a polyglots mentor.

The public key is:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAuf3oli0Y3f1Ym36R/NlcuArgNETjzOdlX4q0dj5i56s80Pp55TdbxU3D0H4hZcVOtacYdkcbrS7Byg/0kfMi0RGBEkKgMv4lBewwHxaegWmkTl38DROssioatAWAOEER9EiMTF6cChM68eolLo6xc7ju9K0gn9Mg98hrbr44f22/BATTDpKGefziCOGHSWxjK8juoD/sKmim/XNLK77/I7KNDNv2qxO3hwtHot5/R2+QfU//1zusJx9OFrJ6mriDENurvGWwXf88QcRkjnQxFUfu+NZLT9x2hR3RsKiG3copmWyVZ7OHFShiizlzvji2N9YDBpFUvBrB6VouIAIDZQ== rsa-key-20190620



dotorg Trac access for SergeyBiryukov

When using the proxy created for me in 2017, I have access to the dotorg SVN, but for some reason I’m still getting “403 Forbidden” when trying to access dotorg Trac to view changesets.

@pento tried to fix this at WCEU last year, but something was still missing. Initially we assumed that capital letters in my username (SergeyBiryukov) might be an issue, but changing it to lower case didn’t help, and the change was reverted.

He suggested submitting a Systems request to look further, which I’m doing now.

If someone could make my dotorg Trac access work, that would be grealy appreciated 🙂


We are discussing moving to…

We are discussing moving to Github for, and would like to know if there are any blockers that we have not considered yet.

Details are in the linked post, tldr: we would keep using SVN as a release tool so that deploy scripts etc keep on working. We will sync to SVN from Git at start of the deploy process.


Proxy Access for Timi Wahalahti

Hi, can you please setup proxy access for @sippis? He’s a deputy on the Community Team.

His public key is:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC7aGQ95XttdBr22T/4P3kfMobW7Itl9kHx6UmNA5Hksa5fHjhSgtdIPmfSXKGG40xxsTFJH+4JLGoFkXyVtngJIMg7wF2As1QsJTKq/RA5dklC7qc8z71QZJKCk1cg89qfXhqhgmjSAy60YRBz1Za14rXX8PXAAT7wdQgS9Z3xvoqgVanmwu+CLFqS1OffdYoBL/vFqCx+9DdGyNsCM4EIAiGKXeNMbW5bzRarSBMJd9N7Bk77CACg4A+vsJUhht8hQtYRi6hKqPM+stA8bUdTjMCfEuy+E0jmxtO34BqVidFhJ0clJUHJrnN65iNJeKlF4+84ZnGgeeFXI5sy264T sippis@Timis-iMac.local

Thanks 🙂


Can I please have `mbstring`…

Can I please have mbstring module installed on my sandbox. I think it is installed on WordCamp/ prod servers, so there might be a mismatch, and is causing me some pain to debug issues.

WordPress Foundation cPanel

Could you please grant myself and @andreamiddleton access to the WPF cPanel, so that we can manage email accounts?


Paul Gibbs (@djpaul) would like…

Paul Gibbs (@djpaul) would like to update the key used to access the proxy server.

(He’s also concerned he may have accidentally blocked himself trying to access it with a mismatched key. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but if it is, can he be unblocked?)

Here is his current public key:

ssh-rsa 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