We’d like to move onto official infrastructure. is probably the best place.

  • When creating it, please set it to use PHP7.
  • We’ll also need SSH access for @coreymckrill, @hlashbrooke, and myself.
  • Hugh will need commit to

After it’s setup, we’ll migrate the code and content. Once that’s done, we can transfer the domain and change DNS to point to



Enable SSL for on sandboxes?

Can we enable for sandboxes? It would make debugging Trac and other resources in production easier if we could have the CDN hitting developer sandboxes instead.

As far as I can tell, The only thing that needs doing is adding the * cert to the hostname.

Right now when sandboxing the process requires you to load a resource, approve the invalid cert, reload the other page, and then rinse-repeat when the browser starts rejecting the cert again randomly.


The Codex /FAQ page no…

The Codex /FAQ page no longer works and instead appears to force a download of the content of the faq.php mediawiki file instead based on

Can we add some kind of nginx rule to force mediawiki to be loaded in that scenario instead?


Thanks in advance.

Hey, could I please be…

Hey, could I please be granted phpMyAdmin access for Thanks!


.svn directory accessible on

Reported in which I’m closing as N/A since this has no security impact in this case. Still, it would be nice to block access there if only so we don’t get more reports.


Announce WordCamp deployments in Slack

This is a low priority, but it’d be helpful to announce deployments in Slack, like we do with

I added support for it to deployed.php in [dotorg13900], and tested the necessary changes to the deploy script in ~/ on my sandbox.

Someone from Systems will need to commit/deploy those to the actual script, though.

Thanks 🙂


Could you please forward ``/``…

Could you please forward to @matt okay’d the change.



Could you please add a…

Could you please add a redirect from to, to not have that be a dead end anymore?




Can I please have commit…

Can I please have commit access granted to both and for the username espellcaste?

Renato is a several-year contributor to both projects. He will be working on merging his WP-CLI work into the bb’s, and I expect him to stick around once that work is complete.

We had the Uncle Ben call together last week to set expectations, and he has secure passwords on all of the relevant things.

#buddypress, #bbpress, #commit, #prio3

SSH access to

Could I please have SSH access to the site? I need to setup “thank you” emails for donations.