Can I please have commit…

Can I please have commit access granted to for the username casiepa?

Pascal has been contributing to localizing bbPress and moderating the forums for several years. He’ll be helping the rest of the team maintain strings going forward.

(He has secure passwords on his, Slack, and GitHub accounts.)

#bbpress, #commit, #prio3

Tighten the config block rules.

Currently the 403 LB block for config is being too greedy. Can we please tighten it up to allow legitimate urls such as these through?,

Ref: #4776-meta



Remove old bbPress1 Search blocking

Currently requests to /support/search.php and /plugins/search.php are blocked for GoogleBot at the LB
Since neither of these URLs are in use today, can we remove these blocks?

Low-priority ref #4765-meta



Update some 302 redirects to 301s

Hi, as per #4630-meta can we update the following 302 redirects to 301’s?


Additional ones via #4075-meta


Here’s a diff that should apply to the web role:

Index: wporg-redirects.conf
--- wporg-redirects.conf	(revision 9066)
+++ wporg-redirects.conf	(working copy)
@@ -112 +112 @@
-	return 302;
+	return 301;
@@ -134 +134 @@
-	return 302;
+	return 301;
---	(revision 9066)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -36 +36 @@
-	rewrite ^/extend/?$ redirect;
+	rewrite ^/extend/?$ permanent;
@@ -88 +88 @@
-		rewrite ^ /support/ redirect;
+		rewrite ^ /support/ permanent;
@@ -91 +91 @@
-		rewrite ^ /support/ redirect;
+		rewrite ^ /support/ permanent;
@@ -99 +99 @@
-		rewrite ^/tags/(.*) /support/topic-tag/$1 redirect;
+		rewrite ^/tags/(.*) /support/topic-tag/$1/ permanent;


#4075-meta, #4630-meta

Redirect$ to Currently…

Redirect$ to

Currently if a user visits url into a browser, they hit a nginx 404, The nginx configuration isn’t setup to allow an index.php file to be served for that domain, so could we either have it redirect the root to or haveindex.php support enabled?



Blackberry Mobile App Trac being targeted for hacks

We’ve noticed an influx of new entries in the BlackBerry Trac that are hacky/spammy. Example:

Can we block this from happening for the existing bad accounts posting and also prevent it from happening further? The BlackBerry app is also dead (for several years now) so we can freeze the entire site or get rid of it entirely.

#mobile #prio3

Make GSOC trac read-only

It’s getting pentested:

Can we make it read-only, and if not, then maybe back it up and shut it down, or put it behind proxy auth or something? It’d be nice to preserve the content for history, but it’s probably not worth maintaining anymore, and definitely not worth cleaning up after pentesters.


Add SSL redirect to

As per can we please enable a HTTP -> HTTPS redirect for that keeps the REQUEST_URI intact?


Can bbPress.trac please get Core’s…

Can bbPress.trac please get Core’s Ticket Workflow enabled for it? Same as Meta/BuddyPress already have.


#prio3 #trac

As per can we…

As per can we update all of the Trac instances to have default_charset = utf-8?

A number of Trac instances are set to default_charset = iso-8859-15.

#prio3 #trac