New table column for

Hi, for an upcoming update of GlotPress I need a new column user_id_last_modified for the translations table.

The query:
ALTER TABLE translate_translations ADD COLUMN user_id_last_modified bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL;
Running this query on my local dump took 9 min 32.67 sec (35207550 rows affected).

@barry: Can you run the query on each server like you did for the index change? Thank you!


Hey folks! It looks like…

Hey folks! It looks like all outgoing e-mail via our SupportPress install on ( is broken. I’m getting the following error when attempting to send manually via wp_mail():

SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

Let me know if you need any additional details, and thanks!

There’s a virus message on…

There’s a virus message on the wp-testers mailing list archive.


low priority Another #https report came in this…

(low-priority) Another #https report came in, this time for which is not using the buddypress cert, but rather than wildcard.

Although is the canonical SVN location, shows up in search results and is affected by the HTTPSEverywhere-type browser extensions too.

502 Bad Gateway errors

The number of reports for 502 Bad Gateway errors is increasing recently.

My first report for 502 errors was for https://* requests on Jan 7th. This was solved by @barry, “some memory corruption probably caused by a bug in pecl-memcache that we are working on fixing“.

Around April 3rd I got a few reports for but couldn’t confirm them.

On April 13th I reported that the https://* issue happens again. This issue is still there, see #dotorg-warnings.

Since this Monday we’re getting reports for 502 Bad Gateway errors on our make sites. For example returns a 502 which prevents adding new comments.


But there are also new reports for (when submitting translations) and for localized sites:

Image 2016-06-07 at 9.56.15 am

The 502 errors do not happen on our sandboxes, only in production. Can someone please look into this? Thank you!


Low priority It looks like https security wordpress…

(Low-priority) It looks like doesn’t act the same as

http: (note: p2 automatically https’s the below urls, edit post to see raw)
$ curl -IL | grep Location


  • invalid cert (multipattern)
  • redirect to default cpanel URL

The URL is used as a shorthand in some documentation AFAIK, mentioned to me by @netweb who uses HTTPS Everywhere which triggered this.


Could I please have the en US utf8…

Could I please have the en_US.utf8 locale setup on my sandbox please?

I need it to finish the work on the Plugin Directory ZIP/SVN handling with non-ASCII filenames.

For reference, locale -a only lists C, C.UTF-8, POSIX currently, while I know production and some other sandboxes have en_US.utf8.

As a new member of the community team…

As a new member of the community team, I’m needing Super Admin access for the network. My username is hlashbrooke.

Posting on behalf of @julia ullrich We need…

Posting on behalf of @julia.ullrich. We need proxy access for Lauren Zarzycki (.org username @laurenzarzycki) and trusted deputy access on the network. She needs to access the payment dashboard in the network admin, as well as individual payments/reimbursements on each WordCamp event site for bookkeeping purposes.

Her public key is:


#proxy, #wordcamp-org disk space

We’re getting low on disk space for again; it was down to ~2 GB today. I pruned some things and got it back up to ~6 GB, but wanted to get the ball rolling on a long-term solution.

The Community Team has discussed this in the past and decided that we’d strongly prefer to not delete old messages, because we sometimes need to go back and reference them. For Central’s accounts, there are also some legal restrictions around contracts, etc that need to be kept.

The last time this happened, sysmonk increased the space from 20 GB to 50 GB, but we’ve used that up in the past two years. We’re expecting to have about 125 WordCamps this year, and that’s growing 10% – 15% each year, so I don’t think the current solution is going to work for much longer, unless we can get a much larger chunk of the 300 GB available on the server.

What kind of options would you recommend? It might be good to answer the SSL/webmail question first, since we might end up migrating to Google Apps or something if modern webmail isn’t an option.

#disk-space, #mail, #wordcamp-org