We’d like to move onto official infrastructure. is probably the best place.

  • When creating it, please set it to use PHP7.
  • We’ll also need SSH access for @coreymckrill, @hlashbrooke, and myself.
  • Hugh will need commit to

After it’s setup, we’ll migrate the code and content. Once that’s done, we can transfer the domain and change DNS to point to



Enable SSL for on sandboxes?

Can we enable for sandboxes? It would make debugging Trac and other resources in production easier if we could have the CDN hitting developer sandboxes instead.

As far as I can tell, The only thing that needs doing is adding the * cert to the hostname.

Right now when sandboxing the process requires you to load a resource, approve the invalid cert, reload the other page, and then rinse-repeat when the browser starts rejecting the cert again randomly.


The Codex /FAQ page no…

The Codex /FAQ page no longer works and instead appears to force a download of the content of the faq.php mediawiki file instead based on

Can we add some kind of nginx rule to force mediawiki to be loaded in that scenario instead?


Thanks in advance.

Please update the forward of…

Please update the forward of slackinvitehelp@w….org to forum-password-resets@w… instead.


Please install `make` & required dependancies on sandboxes

It seems that some node modules need to compile various things, particularly libsass.

To reproduce:
cd wp-content/themes/pub/wporg
npm install

If you need the raw log output, you’ll find those in ~/.npm/_logs on my sandbox.

At least pub/wporg, pub/wporg-main, and pub/wporg-plugins currently have the same issue.


Change all SVN PHP Linting to PHP7?

Core needs some PHP7-syntax files for the tests folder (latest PHPUnit requires PHP7) to provide a compatibility layer which operates between PHP 5.2 and 7.2 with the default-installed PHPUnit

We’ve previously enabled PHP7 linting for meta.svn and plugins.svn, can we extend that linting to all svn’s?
I don’t expect that a PHP5-specific lint is really required by any of the remaining repo’s. bbPress/BuddyPress/core are going to need PHP7 files at some point, glotpress/ would benefit from PHP7 syntax too.

ref: &


Hey, could I please be…

Hey, could I please be granted phpMyAdmin access for Thanks!


WordCamp Let’s Encrypt Script Broken

We received warnings from Let’s Encrypt that many of the certs have not been renewed, and will invalidate on March 25th.

I’m guessing there are some necessary things that didn’t get transfered from LAX to ORD.

There may be some details in the letsencrypt-update.log, but I don’t have access to that on production anymore.

I tried setting up a test environment on my sandbox, but couldn’t because pip isn’t available. That may be the problem on production as well, but I can’t test any further until it’s on our sandboxes.

@barry, can you please take a look as soon as you have time? Let me know if there’s anything I can do on my end.


.svn directory accessible on

Reported in which I’m closing as N/A since this has no security impact in this case. Still, it would be nice to block access there if only so we don’t get more reports.


Access to mysql* commands in sandbox

In our previous sandboxes, @iandunn and I were given access to mysql and related commands on our sandboxes so we could run a database update script. It appears that access did not carry over to the new sandboxes. Can we get it restored?