Expired SSL certificate for jobs.wordpress.net

https://jobs.wordpress.net/ needs a new certificate.


Update Public Key for Paul Gibbs

Could someone please update the proxy key for @djpaul?

The public key is here:



Hi, is there a chance…

Hi, is there a chance that we can get more space on the sandbox at nbachiyski.dev.wordpress.org?

We use it to build the POT files for importing them to translate.w.org. Thanks!

#i18n #prio2

Automating ip2location updates

I’m working on automating updates for the ip2location database tables. Barry created the beginnings of a script in [dotorg13140], but it uses mysqlimport, which doesn’t appear to exist on our sandboxes.

Would it be possible to get mysql or mysqlimport installed, or is there another approach that Systems would prefer?

If it’s possible, I’d like to get the script done before WP 4.8 is released on the 8th, since the data in those tables is important for a new feature being launched.


Force SSL for plugins-dev.bbpress.org

It looks like https://plugins-dev.bbpress.org/ uses basic auth and can be used over http. Can we force https?


Remove twentysixteen exception from nightly-builds script

We’d like to bring Twenty Sixteen to trunk, alongside all other default themes.
For that the nightly build script in /usr/local/bin/make-nightly.sh would need to be adjusted not pull in the theme from GitHub anymore. [dotorg13183] removed that from the release script already.

It would be great if it could be adjusted before the next planned release, RC2 on June 1st. Thank you!


Symlink for new template file on meta.trac

[4621] adds a new template file for meta.trac.wordpress.org which, according to @nacin, needs to be symlinked.

Could someone do that please? Thanks!


Missing uploaded files for 2 sites

It appears all uploads for a pair of sites are missing from the filesystem.

This most prominently affects https://make.wordpress.org/training/. All links to uploaded images/files for the site are broken, evidenced on its front-end (namely its handbook, e.g. https://make.wordpress.org/training/handbook/user-lessons/content-editor-overview/), and via the admin media library.

Scanning /uploads (which is a mount to lan.db1.lax.wordpress.org:/home/uploads) from my sandbox confirms that /uploads/28/files/ is indeed empty.

The only other site this also appears to be the case for is https://br.wordpress.org/ (/uploads/62/files/).

Can these files be restored? Any idea what might have happened?


HTTPS for glotpress.org

http://glotpress.org is currently just a redirect to https://glotpress.blog/ but when accessing glotpress.org via https you’ll get a warning about an invalid certificate because it uses the *.wordpress.org one.

Can we get a proper certificate for glotpress.org? Noticed this because https://hackerone.com/wordpress links to https://glotpress.org.


Update public key for Jenny Wong

@miss_jwo has a new public key (the old one is no longer accessible). Can someone please update her proxy access?

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDPWI879mwT38UUj+zRqbgtzKgCXoqcgjrsacZit0B+JvPf3kr6a6cIBiHIs3L9f9wg4ht8aSD8e8u1YQ4YnI9vMyldFtlJ1KqqsM01IotWDJIe8b3ad/TtBDBmCxh65amxl5wj0Vdfl6bg3YFQJo1d6lemZqQmsE/m2zTxwdEZYcr/xp/k97tUFVPpWIuwj7W5bSZEFwTGB3i7BZBWc0ufgkw6iTvrHHGqwRBvQ2SpQC6gInUi6oEPpnx4tgPrEu1wKZwvDZGdJVQifLOx1KF4JXmupB2nYs+s/iOueQd5ajdSALnBOTCiyY4GO9FGmdPveYpq678OsTjo67sQ6QDf jenny@Bishop