Summary for HelpHub Meeting 26 August 2019


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We discussed several issues today.

Excerpts on Archives

Last year it was proposed to replace auto generated excerpts with ToC list items. On today’s meeting discussion it’s been decided to use manually created excerpts which would contain the point of the article in one sentence. Short and concise. more meaning, less space.

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Posts Order on Archives

This was unsolved for a long time. We decided it’s important to order posts according to its content complexity so it resembles “Step 1, Step 2..” format or, if this doesn’t apply, to order according to post’s “importance”. As this is difficult to apply automatically to all categories we decided to use Post Attributes order and intentionally create order which we will specify in WP_Query.

As some articles have more than one category assigned, in which it might have different “importance” and order, we decided to make larger steps between posts using the same logic as menu items in dashboard. So two posts in a succession would have 10 places in between, rather than 1. This should also help with ordering articles published in the future.

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Single article mobile view

Viewing single article on smaller devices reveals the sidebar throughout the whole visible area. The rest of Handbooks solve this by hiding the sidebar altogether. @milana_cap suggested to place search form and single posts navigation instead of sidebar. For this single posts navigation to be useful, the order of posts (above) should be logical and intuitive.

@estelaris said that she’s working on templates and will discuss this issue on #design team meeting this Wednesday, as this is effecting all Handbooks.

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@estelaris is working on overview of HelpHub design. Her analysis can be found in Google Spreadsheet:

After we agree on design template we need to have #accessibility review and usability test. @samikeijonen kindly accepted to perform these testings once we have everything ready.

Content and Rosetta Releases

We skipped these due to absence of key people.

Next Docs meeting is in #docs channel on

Monday, September 02, 2019, 15:00 UTC

You can take a look at the meeting transcript via this link:

Hello Docs folks There’s a new project set…

Hello Docs folks. There’s a new project/set of docs that I think it makes sense for this group to be responsible for, but I want to get your input and see if there are any team members with a bit of a track record of responsibility who’d like to step up and take charge of it/them (someone who’s not already responsible for another big project).

As you probably know, the content on (mostly WordCamp videos, though starting to include other WP presentations and tutorials, all of which you are free to embed in docs) has not been captioned/transcribed. Adding captions/transcripts will make this content accessible to deaf and hard of hearing community members, will make it easier for someone to scan a video’s content, and will allow search engines to get a better index. As we introduce the ability to add caption files, these docs will need to be reviewed and managed.

Volunteers on this project should have good spelling/grammar skills so they can correct errors that captioning volunteers make, and should be willing to watch the videos on to make sure the captioning volunteers did an accurate job.

The way it will work for now is that volunteers who want to contribute captions will do so on a third-party site (we’re recommending, but anything that lets you download a ttml file is fine). They’ll download the caption file (only the ttml format will work on, then upload it to through a form that will be available only to the vetted volunteers (at least for now).

Whoever steps up here will be a hero in the accessibility effort, and will be responsible for wrangling captioning volunteers and ramping up new ones (eventually we should have some better docs and systems in place to require less hand-holding).

If anyone is interested in taking point on this, let’s hear it in the comments, and I can follow up with anyone who’s interested. We’re ready to launch this on Monday.

Note that members of the Accessibility group would participate in this effort under the aegis of the docs team, since docs is a product team, but accessibility is not. That said, someone from accessibility group who hasn’t participated in docs before also would be totally appropriate as the head volunteer.

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