Summary for Docs Team Meeting: January 27, 2020

Facilitator: @kulsumsiddique

Attendance: @kenshino, @bph, @felipeelia, @kulsumsiddique, @audrasjb, @ibdz, @wpza, @felipeloureirosantos, @nullbyte, @kafleg, @atachibana, @nobnob

Note-taker: @audrasjb

Next week Facilitator: @kenshino (but invite for other meeting facilitator is open, please comment below if interested)

Team workflow and badges

@felipeelia: workflow docs are being constructed on Trello. @milana_cap is the one to ask for access if needed.

Badges are being discussed in this P2 post. The contributor badge has been discussed for a while now, trying to reach a number of X micro contributions. On his last comment there, @felipeelia suggested to give the badge right away, just as in Core and Meta. @bph added that there is precedent on other teams and make the contributor badge seen right away: it’s the best onboarding tool we have.

@bph proposed a list of elligible contributions:

  • Fix an article
  • Create meeting notes
  • facilitate a meeting
  • reporting an issue on the comment form?
  • Creating a PR for Gutenberg docs
  • user notes on code reference
  • write an article on HelpHub
  • update an article on HelpHub
  • migrate a page to DevHub
  • Report an issues

@kenshino shared some worries about relevancy: “if we say that fixing a typo is fine – we’ll have a rush of requests to do that to farm badges”. Indeed, Core and Meta have automated system to give props to people who contribute on Trac, based on commit messages. There is no such system for Docs.

@felipeelia argued that 1) People receive core/meta badges sending a 1-line patch ; 2) Coming in to Docs Slack team and reporting a small typo does require some effort. @bph added that working out how to communicate a fix to the Docs team is a significant step. even if the contribution is just a typo fix. @kenshino agreed, but the team must keep an eye on abuse to tighten those rules if needed.

Regarding Team Badges, @kenshino proposed to set up a sheet and to give edit access to people that are running projects within the Docs Team.

HelpHub Survey

Reminder from previous meeting discussions: The goal is to build the questions of the survey with the general theme being “How do you think we can improve the WordPress documentation?”. Some questions using the likert scale to track how good it is now so the Team can repeat the survey in the future. Some open fields to get proper feedback so it’s possible to define future projects better. That would be great for this survey to be ready for WordCamp Asia, in less than one month.

@atachibana is coordinating the effort. @bph proposed to assist on this task.

Step 1 is to start a Google Doc in the team’s shared folder.

This survey and the Docs team focus for WordCamp Asia are set to be the next meeting focus.

@bph proposed to draft a P2 post to ask for questions proposals. @kenshino proposed to review this draft.

#contributor-day, #helphub

Docs Chat Agenda – July 14, 2016

Here’s the agenda for the Docs team weekly chat, which are held Thursdays at 17:00 UTC in the #docs channel on Slack.

Current Projects Updates:

  1. Theme Developer Handbook – @kenshino
  2. Codex Migration (DevHub) – @drewapicture
  3. DevHub – @drewapicture
  4. HelpHub – @kenshino
  5. Inline Docs – @drewapicture

Other Stuff:

  1. Internationalizing documentation
  2. Version articles (HelpHub)
  3. Hosted about pages
  4. Open Floor

#chat, #codex-migration, #handbooks, #helphub

Agenda for Helphub Meeting 24 May

Time/date: Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 14:00 UTC in #docs

Pinging @nlarnold1 @psykro @sarassassin @justingreerbbi @greensteph @rachelwhitton @jayhoffmann @carlalberto @geoffreyshilling @atachibana @jasonpomerleau @sumeet @bellaratmelia @pansotdev @normalize @ankitguptaindia @mikevanlohuizen @ramiy

If you’re helping, have helped or volunteered to help with Helphub, I’m pinging you to bring you back to the fold


  • Status Updates
  • Overlaps with Theme Handbook and how we will handle it
  • Open Floor

#agenda, #helphub

Summary for Helphub Meeting 17 May


@greensteph @justingreerbbi @hardeepasrani @carlalberto @Kenshino

General Progress

I’m charting our progress against an online gantt chart so feel free to help out in any of the processes that are not at 100%. Especially the article rewriting ones!

Search Function and Search Templates

@justingreerbbi has auto complete working and wants some help on deciding what datasets to query to throw inside the auto complete. The search bar dropdown is intended to be modelled against Amazon’s search function.

We believe that people require real suggestions when they do search.

@carlalberto and @justingreerbbi will be collaborating on the styling

Frontpage Templates

@carlalberto will be working on it

Unique Articles that may need help fitting into Helphub

The WordPress Versions articles is an example of a complex article that has relationships to it’s sub articles. Maintaining it may require more than just posts as each version comes with a changelog and a blog post tied to it with other meta data.

The team should be on the lookout for any other unique articles that does not naturally fit into our post templates


We are still hoping to release the first iteration of Helphub in July / August so let’s keep it up!

Help Needed

We still need a lot of help to complete this project. Drop us a line at #docs or send me a direct message (@kenshino)

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

#helphub, #summary

HelpHub Meeting: Mar. 15

Reminder about our weekly HelpHub meeting at 14:00 UTC today. We’ll be looking over some of the recent development and discussing any potential issues.

Time/date: Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 14:00 UTC in #docs

#agenda, #helphub

HelpHub Meeting: Mar. 8

I’m back for the HelpHub meeting this week, so let’s run through a status update and see what we all need assistance with.

Time/date: Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 14:00 UTC in #docs

#agenda, #helphub

HelpHub Meeting Agenda: Mar. 1

I won’t be able to attend the HelpHub meeting today, but @kenshino will be leading the meeting in my absence. This meeting is largely a status update and a discussion about any issues that arise from that, so please keep it focussed and reserve any specific, lengthy topics for after the meeting. I’ll catch up on the back scroll tomorrow and supply any feedback where necessary.

Time/date: Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 14:00 UTC in #docs


  1. Status update
    • Let’s get the latest status update on development and content migration.

#agenda, #helphub

Contributing to HelpHub

We’re at the stage right now with the HelpHub project where we are able to accommodate contributors more easily as well as have tasks for Contributor Days.

If you would like to contribute to HelpHub, then have a look through this guide: – the primary need right now is for people to get involved in migrating content from the Codex over to the HelpHub staging site.

If you have questions or want to know more about how you can work with HelpHub at your Contributor Day then feel free to ping me on Slack.

#contributors, #helphub, #status

HelpHub Meeting Agenda: Feb. 23

With everything moving swiftly along, this meeting is a status update as well as a call for people to get involved in article migration/writing.

Time/date: Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 14:00 UTC in #docs


  1. Status update
    • Let’s get the latest status update on development and content planning.
  2. Call for volunteers
    • We need to move along with the process of writing the initial articles for HelpHub – this is a combination of migrating content from the Codex as well as writing fresh content. Let’s chat about how we can be most effective in doing that.

#agenda, #helphub

HelpHub Status Update: Feb. 17

We had a productive HelpHub meeting yesterday where we made a solid start to the content planning side of things (Slack logs). Development has also been moving swiftly along with some great progress being made on a daily basis.

Staging site

I use the term ‘staging’ somewhat loosely here, but I have setup a site that we are going to use to showcase HelpHub as well as store all the content before it is ultimately moved over to its new home on the network. You can find that site on – it is blocked to logged-out users purely so that any content we add doesn’t start to get indexed by Google, but I’m happy to open it up if that isn’t actually a realistic concern.


Development of HelpHub continues to be managed through the GitHub repo – things are going well with a few features already merged into the master branch. All of the code that has been merged is live on the staging site already and I will be keeping that up to date as we go along. If you have any input on the development then please comment on the relevant issue on the repo.


We’ve started the process of adding content to the site. This will obviously be an ongoing task even after HelpHub goes live, but we’ve put the initial building blocks in place and have started planning for this:

Migrating from the Codex

We took the list of the top 500 codex pages (based on page views) and identified all of the articles that will be relevant to HelpHub (i.e. all of the user documentation) – this has given us 142 articles that will be our initial primary focus for migration from the codex. Those articles are listed in this sheet and we will continue to expand that sheet as needed, but the top 500 pages are the most logical place to start. This migration will most likely have to be a manual process, but I am looking into possible ways to automate it.

Categorising content

Having content is great, but it needs to be categorised well in order to be effective. To that end, we had a healthy discussion on GitHub regarding the categories that we will need to use – any input there would be greatly appreciated. It’s also helpful to bear in mind that the categorisation can (and should) be iterative – we can add/remove/edit categories as and when we need to do so.

If you have any feedback or input on the HelpHub project then please comment on here or jump into the #docs channel on Slack. We have weekly meetings at 14:00 UTC on Tuesdays.

#helphub, #status