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As part of the official documentation roadmap devised by the Docs team in Cincinnati in 2013, much of the work the docs team is doing of late centers around migrating useful content from the Codex to official handbooks or to the developer hub, with the ultimate goal being to eventually shut down the Codex.

NOTE: User documentation such as installation, maintenance and how-to-use guide are migrated into ‘HelpHub’. Refer https://make.wordpress.org/docs/handbook/helphub/

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Getting Started Getting Started

To begin, we’re tracking migration of Codex to the Code Reference in this spreadsheet: 


Functions and Hooks contents are migrated as in-line docs. Classes contents are migrated as in-line docs and ‘Explanation’ field in Code Reference. Also, all Example (or Usage) are migrated as user comment.

Contents Migration Contents Migration

Contents should be converted to inline docs. You need developer’s environment for it. Please refer: 

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Class contents Migration Class contents Migration

Refer WP_Query Code Reference. Basic descriptions are in-line docs, but almost all explanations are in the ‘Explanation’ custom field. Follow the same convention for other classes.

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Example Migration Example Migration

Example or Usage are migrated as Comments of each page. Refer this document for more details:


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Review Review

check out these resources:

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Progress Stats Progress Stats