I’ve just posted a potential CSS roadmap for…

I’ve just posted a potential CSS roadmap for core over on Make/Core. For those of you who don’t follow along there, I’d love your eyes and thoughts.

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Made a ticket for something that has bee…

Made a ticket for something that has been on our radar since 2.7 was in development, but just never got any kind of prioritization because it was minor compared to more serious UI things. That said, since it’s kind of minor, would be a nice thing to whip out.

Ticket #17028 – Move the “last edited at” text and saved/updated/published notices in post/page editor
1. The timestamp of the last save is currently displayed at the bottom right of the editor box. It would make more sense for this information to be tied to the Publish box instead.
2. The yellow alert boxes that appear at the top of the page are weird. a) They should appear closer to the button that caused the action (general usability/accessibility best practice), so probably by the Publish box. b) Once you edit anything on the screen, the “post updated” (or saved, etc) text should go away, because it is no longer current.
Am thinking we could combine these two things into one flexible status message that’s located in or adjacent to the Publish box.

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