Weekly design meeting notes of Wednesday November 21, 2018

The full transcript of this meeting can be found in our #design Slack channel. All linked headings in this post jump to where this topic was discussed on Slack.

First topic today is some housekeeping.

Because of WCUS and holidays, some meetings coming up will be paused

  • 5/12: Design weekly meeting
  • 10/12: Triage
  • Week of 24th and 31st: all week meetings cancelled.

Please note the Slack #design channel is always open for design reviews, an ear to listen – feel free to use the channel outside of meetings too.

Figma license for WordPress.org

Figma have donated a license for use contributing to WordPress. It’s worth noting, use of the software isn’t for personal or client work. You can read more about it on the WordPress design blog.

Sarah James is moving the SketchPress library over to Figma and Gutenberg fase 2 will be the main project the design team can work on Figma.

@boemedia notices that it’s hard to learn software when the use is restricted. So there should be some tangible WordPress projects connected to it. @Kjellr says that Figma is actually free for up to 3 personal projects, so it’s easy to set up a personal account.

If anyone has problems signing up for Figma, please ping one of the team reps in the Slack design channel. We’ll help you get things sorted.

New channel for Gutenberg user research

The WordPress Slack workspace is extended with a new channel: #research. If you’re interested in helping out, or know people around you (not only designers but also developers or other roles) who are interested in getting involved this way, please join the channel. You can read more about user testing for Gutenberg phase 2 on the design blog.

Reducing trac keywords for design

Currently, trac tickets that need design eyes have three labels:

  • ux-feedback
  • ui-feedback
  • needs-design

@karmatosed suggests going back from three to two labels, to make them align more and reduce brain pain:

  • one for ‘feedback’
  • one for ‘needs design’

These labels will be used around the three areas that have tickets: core trac, core meta and github for Gutenberg. @karmatosed will write a blog post to propose and take this to core/meta.

Open floor

@estelaris asks if design is currently focussing on the next phase for Gutenberg, or can people help out on other projects?

A few running projects are mentioned and it would be nice of designers could be involved in more things and work on projects without waiting for a meeting to see what’s happening.

A short brainstorm follows about ownership of smaller design projects, to keep track of them and don’t get forgotten. Another thing is, we definitely need more designers, but without mentioning the projects that need work, people joining the channel may drop out again if they think there’s no work to do.

If people have ideas on how to make the work (because there’s plenty of work to do!) more visible, tangible and attractive for new design contributors to work on, please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments.


Weekly design meeting notes of Wednesday October 24, 2018

Following are notes taken from our meeting, you can read the full Slack log, or just catch the highlights below. Tammie Lister led out and Joshua Wold took notes.

Trello cleanup

For the past few months we’ve been using Trello to manage design tasks that don’t fit into Trac or Github. Well, it’s gotten a bit complicated. There’s currently 14 columns. Tammie proposed reducing those down to 5 columns: inbox, backlog, doing, done, contribution day tasks. Then, any design resources could make their way into the handbook. At the end of each month we could then post here with a list of the things that got done. A good way to keep track of things!

This isn’t final, so if you have any feedback please jump in with comments! We’ll likely circle back tomorrow to decide on this. 

Updates in Trello

We closed out a few items that were sitting in Trello for a while: Privacy badges and php meeting. We can always reopen these if progress picks back up. 

Also, for the style guide issue further progress is planned, but has slowed down a tad due to Cathi having less availability. However, her progress updates have been awesome! Appreciate that she’s kept this going.

Trello Inbox

There were no new items in our Trello inbox. That could be a great thing, or an indication of needing to look at a new process. We’ll keep an eye on that. For me personally (note taker) it’s been hard to get used to dropping things into Trello, even though I take a look at it every week. Hoping this new structuring will make that easier! If you’re not sure just drop something into the inbox and we can discuss it. 

Gutenberg usability testing

Sarah James shared last week the work that’s been done in Gutenberg on usability testing. Highly recommend checking this out if you’re interested in Gutenberg or user testing, or both! 

Feedback needed

If you help organize WordCamps we’d love some insights on the following Gutenberg blocks:

Written in Gutenberg. Yay!


Design meeting notes for October 3, 2018

The full transcript of our meeting this week, based on the previously posted agenda, can be found on our Slack channel.

Issue with Gutenberg callout in IE 11

We discussed an issue that was shared in the channel showing a display problem with the layout for the Gutenberg callout in the dashboard in the 4.9.8 WordPress release. Anyone wishing to look at the problem or validate the issue can jump into the newly related Trac ticket.

Calls for design

We jumped into Trello and discussed the existing calls for design. This is for any design related issues that don’t fit into the usual Trac or Github ticket systems.

  • Privacy badge@boemedia reached out to the privacy team for feedback on the badge that’s been created and is waiting for a response.
  • Design for learn.wordpress.org on Design team – The learning team is looking at the best way to move the design forward for the “Learn” website, in efforts to have it believe more with the other sub pages of w.org. Some changes will likely be coming and support is needed to pull it into a new direction. They will be posting an update with more info on what’s needed.
  • Design for “Create a Website” on WordPress.org – Cathi Bosco shared an update and will plan to have an update on this in soon. The previous work on Create a Blog has been finished, which will help unlock this.
  • PHP meeting on Design team – This is being worked on actively, it’s uncertain if input/feedback is needed from the design team in general.

Open floor

We jumped into a few topics.

  • Contributing to WordPress – It’s important to be sharing the value of design contribution for WordPress. So many wonderful folks are helping with moving WordPress forward, sharing their stories, doing the actual work, and much more. If anyone is on the fence about talking about this (maybe at your local meetup, or at a WordCamp?) take a stab at it and jump in. You won’t regret it!
  • Showing readme info in the installed themes page – We discussed the potential of allowing theme creators to display additional information related to their theme in the admin installed themes page. Right now plugin authors are able to show a link to details about their plugin (linking to the appropriate w.org plugin page). It would be helpful to find out what’s possible here, the next step will be for a ticket to get created identifying where this could go.
  • Tooltips in WordPress – A question was raised related to adding tooltips in WordPress and what’s available. A Trac ticket has been created, and as of now it looks like the work is covered. A new ticket may be opened specifically related to the discussion point about adding a new tooltip into WordPress. See Slack log.


Design meeting notes for Wednesday 26 September, 2018

The full transcript of our meeting this week, based on the previously posted agenda, can be found on our Slack channel.

There are no items in the inbox for this week. On the question if anyone wants help on something they’re working on, @joyously mentions that the theme review team has been talking about the need for the themes to show readme files like plugins do. They would need design for core and the repo.

A short discussion on this topic follows, and the proper order to get things going, will be opening a meta-ticket.

Calls for design

Good team work happened on the ‘Create a blog guides content‘. @cathibosco1, @issajohn1 and @hugobaeta have been working on this and Cathi announces it’s a wrap. Pages will be added to w.org soon. John Issa also did a fabulous job and worked on a Sketchfile with styles that can be used and used for other .org pages.

Contributor day guide

@karmatosed and @folletto went to WordCamp Tokyo and they got to try run a new format at the contributor day. They had never had a design table in Tokyo before and it was an incredible experience. The format was written down, the plan that was settled on is one of 2 possible options: with triage and without triage. That last one hasn’t been written yet. But you can comment, add thoughts on the doc that’s already there.

Additionally, @marybaum asks for assistance on trying this format at WordCamp Orlando and Tammie offers to assist remotely.

Open Floor

@joshuawold and @paulbiron are working on a post for the 4.9.8 conclusion. Joshua will add some things from design perspective. The design team is curious to hear about his findings.



Design meeting notes for September 12, 2018

The full transcription of this weeks meeting can be found in our Slack channel.

We started off with another bit of information sharing amongst the group — this time focused on the tools we use to design and communicate.

Tool discussion

  • What are tools you like to use in designing?
  • What are tools you wish could get better?
  • How do you like to share the work you’ve done?

This is a summary of the tools that were mentioned in the meeting:

for rough sketching

  • paper and pen
  • Sketching on the iPad with Linea Sketch or Paper 53.
  • annotating or altering screenshots using browser inspect to make changes

for higher fidelity designing

  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign for annotating mockups/wires for clients
  • WordPress + page builder + css
  • Balsamiq

for prototyping

  • InVision or InVision Studio
  • Balsamiq for mid level prototyping
  • MarvelApp
  • Axure

for planning, content and IA

  • Excel for content audits
  • MindDoodle for mindmapping
  • HotJar for heat maps to guide UX design

for collaboration and communication of designs

  • screenshots and screen recordings with Droplr
  • Zeplin for developer handoffs
  • annotated screenshots or PDFs
  • Marvel and InVision allow people to place comments on the design
  • DropBox Paper for comments and sharing
  • ProjectHuddle
  • Abstract is kinda like github for designers https://www.goabstract.com/
  • Sketch Cloud and Figma allow commenting

Triage Inbox

No new cards this week

Calls for design: follow-ups

juliekuehl brought up Design for learn.wordpress.org

  • The Training Team has been making progress on getting lesson plans ready and it would be great to start preparing to publish them.
  • Andi is working on wires for lesson plan layouts and re-organizing the homepage examples
  • best way to communicate and comment? Maybe Google Drive might work and Google Draw to comment?

boemedia pointed to WordPress logo usage style guide for WordCamps

  • it would be great if everyone could share an example of a WordCamp logo we believe does a good job of showing off how a WordCamp logo could be done.
  • You can see all the upcoming ones here: https://central.wordcamp.org/schedule/

If time allows, follow-up on older cards

Let’s look at a couple Trac tickets

1. Activating a new theme on multisite is very long-winded https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/18301. Needs updated screenshot/flow

2. Option to view condensed diffs for post revisions https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/42086


Design meeting notes for September 5, 2018

The full transcription of this weeks meeting can be found in our Slack channel.

Introduction round

We start off with a brief introduction round: who is who? It’s been a while and this way new and old contributors get to know each other and each other’s background.

Contributing at WordCamps

What has been the experience of leading and attending the design table at contributor days at local WordCamps recently?

@karmatosed kicks of by posting a few talking points:

  • Is splitting design from other teams useful?
  • What should we change ‘now’ based on experience?

The team shares some recent experiences and @karmatosed suggest creating guidance for leading contributor day, but at the same time keeping different cultures, knowledge and skillsets of designers present in mind. A lot of suggestions come up and we conclude with @karmatosed making a Trello action item with some ideas in it that we can work from.

Triage Inbox

See Inbox column on Trello board.

Finally, @joyously asks if we can maybe change the order of the agenda, so we can spend more time following up on older design requests.

Thanks again to everyone who actively participated in this week’s meeting. Feel free to add your thoughts to the comments of this post.


Design Meeting Notes for August 22, 2018

Today’s meeting agenda was a bit light, so we opened did open hours to allow for folks to chat about anything specific items. You can also read the Slack chat log.

Open Floor:

Designing “Create a blog” pages on WordPress.org

@cathibosco asked for feedback on the latest page designs for “Create a Blog”, great job Cathi! We discussed the pages that have been created so far and had some ideas for improving readability and breaking up the long (but important) copy on the pages. If you’re interested in giving feedback feel free to jump in!

Trello cards

We discussed several of the Trello cards briefly, but didn’t have a major update.

Contributor Day

@EstelaRueda asked for some ideas as she is planning for Contributor Day at WC Nijmegen next week. We discussed some great analog ways to get folks prototyping and sketching as they contribute to current design needs in WordPress. You can checkout the Slack chat to jump to that section. Specifically speaking for this event it was recommended to focus on improving the handbook for design.

And that’s it for today. If you want to get involved feel free to jump into Slack and weigh in. We’d love to have you!


Design Meeting notes for August 8, 2018

In keeping with the loose structure, we spent the meeting focusing on a topic of the week and open floor.

Topic: the Design Team Handbook

Problem: a lot of information is there but not always where people expect it, or presented in a way that’s not easy to digest, or with labels people don’t understand.

@boemedia has begun work on a content audit of the 45 or so existing pages. This review will determine:

  • is it there? if not -> add content
  • is it in the right place? if not -> restructure
  • is it presented the right way? if not -> rewrite

@hugobaeta suggested that making the structure more visual might help us to audit and update too.

@karmatosed will get people to help at WordCamp Brighton too.

Others, please weigh in on this async after reviewing the Trello card.

Open Floor: Gutenberg

@kjellr is working on a pending update of the Gutenberg design handbook. Feedback welcome.

Note that this is geared towards people designing for Gutenberg — either contributing to the project, or designing a custom block.

@karmatosed: Gutenberg feedback is being processed. Now is a great time to jump in and leave design reviews.

There are several ways to test, and you don’t need a local install:

  1. Say Hello to the New Editor
  2. Frontenberg, a frontend instance of Gutenberg with some restrictions so that anybody can test it out!
  3. Testing Gutenberg: A playground to test out the latest Gutenberg releases directly on the front-end.


Design meeting notes for July 25, 2018

Howdy! A day late but just as interesting as what you’d have read yesterday. Btw, it’s always lovely to have folks jump in, the last few meetings have been tremendous with everyone joining and weighing in, makes for a healthy and lively discussion. And.. if you couldn’t make it, well.. that’s what this summary is for.

There was no triage or topic of the week, so we’ll move right past that.

A topic we did end up discussing was related to outreach:

Topic: Outreach

Led out by @boemedia, we chatted about plans for an online design conference. You can checkout the previous Trello discussion. Monique is working on a document to share with the team on what the conference could look like. Keep an eye out for that on Trello! Or here, we’ll probably share it here too.

So what’s the TL;DR? Well, that’s not quite decided but here’s a stab at it based on what we’ve discussed so far: we’ll have a remote based design conference, probably 1-2 days long, sometime in Spring of 2019. We’ll have speakers, and hopefully lots of awesome attendees! If you’re reading this you’re probably a perfect candidate for joining us.

In the discussion on Slack we also chatted about the potential of doing a small version of the conference this year, and then leading into the well planned out version in the Spring.

This led into a conversation about the types of folks who get involved in Core, the motivations, and how we all want to help.

A topic of the week suggestion came up: if you’re new to the design team, what guidelines could be followed to understand the users we’re designing for?

Open floor

Design tools and sharing designs

During the open floor portion of the meeting we started chatting about the collaboration process as designers within w.org (yeah, that’s a real url, I just found out a few weeks ago!) design projects.

As designers we’re used to working with visual tools, Sketch or Figma being good examples. In fact, there’s some great pattern libraries for WordPress that we’ve been starting to use. The problem we run into is wanting visual version control. We’re not sure if we have a great answer yet, but it was really interesting to discuss. A few options were mentioned from a commercial standpoint.

We discussed a perfect w.org project that could benefit from version control, and acknowledge that it’s hard to find the perfect balance between open source design team needs and industry best practices.

And some great news!

The oldest UI feedback tickets in Trac are now all in 2018! This does include tickets that were mentioned in Slack, which may not have had definitive progress. However, it’s exciting to see that we’re getting closer.


Design meeting notes for July 18, 2018

In this new format we introduced a week ago, we kick off with inbox triage. You can read the full transcript of this meeting on our Slackchannel


Triage inbox

We have one incoming on the Trello Board: Create a style guide for future pages based on create a website and recent pages for example ‘Get WordPress’.

: It struck me with all the awesome work @cathibosco1 and others have been doing, we are creating a little design language.

This is really exciting but we haven’t documented it.

@hugobaeta  is willing to share his initial work on Sketch and @jayman is up for documenting this in the handbook, with @cathibosco and new contributor @ninjastar willing to help.

Topic of the week: onboarding

To recap, the idea of focusing on topics is we move projects on by focusing on something larger.

For a few weeks, a few people have been adding their feelings and feedback to a document. It’s not closing so don’t worry you can add even after this.

@karmatosed wants to take some time to discuss what is in the doc.

There are a lot of insights, and we agree on the fact that trac is a huge pain point for contributing. Besides, it’s compounded by fact that there are so many different outlets for discussion + work sharing (slack, trello, make, trac, etc.)

Improving the handbook

The discussion continues and we say improving documentation in the handbook would help.

Therefore we need people to help and review/audit the current content. If you’re in for doing so, you can do so in the Google Spreadsheet we created for this. If you have questions, ping @boemedia on Slack.

Next steps would be restructure, add new content and improve current information (not necessarily in that order).

Mentorship/buddy system

Besides good documentation we can refer to, the buddy system is still a strong wish, since the mentorship/mutual help is incredibly important. For starting, @karmatosed suggests putting up a mentor/mentee spreadsheet in Google and a handbook page to it for transparency. She also suggests some limits to the buddy system, that you can read about in our Slack meeting. There will be links to this sheet in the grey box as well in the front of the handbook.

Checking the buddy sheet will be part of the weekly design meeting agenda.

Open floor

Last five minutes are dedicated to the open floor. Anything people want to bring to attention? Anything someone need help on? What are people working on?

Cathi Bosco continues to work on the ‘Create a blog’ page and wants participants to understand she’s consolidating, since there are multiple cards on this topic on Trello. Therefore she mentions it again.

@karmatosed closes the meeting and @garusky thanks by saying these discussions about the onboarding gave him more context.

We’d like to thanks everyone participating in this lively meeting and hope to see you next week either at Monday’s ticket triage or at Wednesday’s weekly design chat.