Design meeting notes for July 18, 2018

In this new format we introduced a week ago, we kick off with inbox triage. You can read the full transcript of this meeting on our Slackchannel


Triage inbox

We have one incoming on the Trello Board: Create a style guide for future pages based on create a website and recent pages for example ‘Get WordPress’.

: It struck me with all the awesome work @cathibosco1 and others have been doing, we are creating a little design language.

This is really exciting but we haven’t documented it.

@hugobaeta  is willing to share his initial work on Sketch and @jayman is up for documenting this in the handbook, with @cathibosco and new contributor @ninjastar willing to help.

Topic of the week: onboarding

To recap, the idea of focusing on topics is we move projects on by focusing on something larger.

For a few weeks, a few people have been adding their feelings and feedback to a document. It’s not closing so don’t worry you can add even after this.

@karmatosed wants to take some time to discuss what is in the doc.

There are a lot of insights, and we agree on the fact that trac is a huge pain point for contributing. Besides, it’s compounded by fact that there are so many different outlets for discussion + work sharing (slack, trello, make, trac, etc.)

Improving the handbook

The discussion continues and we say improving documentation in the handbook would help.

Therefore we need people to help and review/audit the current content. If you’re in for doing so, you can do so in the Google Spreadsheet we created for this. If you have questions, ping @boemedia on Slack.

Next steps would be restructure, add new content and improve current information (not necessarily in that order).

Mentorship/buddy system

Besides good documentation we can refer to, the buddy system is still a strong wish, since the mentorship/mutual help is incredibly important. For starting, @karmatosed suggests putting up a mentor/mentee spreadsheet in Google and a handbook page to it for transparency. She also suggests some limits to the buddy system, that you can read about in our Slack meeting. There will be links to this sheet in the grey box as well in the front of the handbook.

Checking the buddy sheet will be part of the weekly design meeting agenda.

Open floor

Last five minutes are dedicated to the open floor. Anything people want to bring to attention? Anything someone need help on? What are people working on?

Cathi Bosco continues to work on the ‘Create a blog’ page and wants participants to understand she’s consolidating, since there are multiple cards on this topic on Trello. Therefore she mentions it again.

@karmatosed closes the meeting and @garusky thanks by saying these discussions about the onboarding gave him more context.

We’d like to thanks everyone participating in this lively meeting and hope to see you next week either at Monday’s ticket triage or at Wednesday’s weekly design chat.



Design Meeting Notes for July 11, 2018

For all the details, see the conversation in Slack

This week we’re trying a more simplified agenda. This setup should allow us to have more space for everyone’s input. The aim is more discussion and interaction.

  1. Trello inbox
  2. Trello Calls for design: follow up on current projects
  3. Topic of the week
  4. Open floor

Trello Inbox triage

  • nothing new this week

Calls for Design: follow-ups

@estelaris is having a hard time uploading the infographic native files (.ai) to the training GitHub. She requests help after the meeting.

Topic if the Week

The topic of the week will be something we’d like to spend some extra time on. Nothing for today, but will be Onboarding next week

Open Floor

  • people were not sure what to bring up here, but note that it’s ok to bring ideas and concepts to the table that are brand new.
  • reminder about existing cards in Trello: if you see a project on the Trello board you’d like to work on but but status is unclear, check with the person on the card (either there or here in Slack.) They may not have updated it, or have been really busy and would love some help.
  • Filling the time with ticket triage was suggested, but not everyone wants to dive into triage and we already have a separate meeting for that.
  • Don’t forget the triage training for designers happening on Aug. 6, 2018


Design meeting notes for July 4, 2018

There were several items this week that were not on the original agenda, so see the below notes and refer back to Slack

Triage Inbox

Design for page “Create a Website” on on Design team

  • there will be 2 versions of create a website — one longer and more involved and the other with a lot less copy
  • cathibosco will be looking into this and how to reuse some of the ideas from her work for “Create a Blog

#43028: Remove numbers before month in dropdown, it makes user confused when drowdown is not opened

  • comment added: I can see how this could help for scanning and also accessibility. Are there any examples of how other sites do this we can lean on?

Calls for Design: follow-ups

Plugin icons are complete and @cathibosco is doing a review. Last steps:

    • gather everything up and thank the contributors.
    • Also where to send the final package? Ask in #meta Slack and update issue

Create a new trello card for the headers? Same way of working?

@estelaris wonders where to store the Training Team infographic native .ai file she recently finished

  • Should be stored in their GitHub repo. That makes the most sense in this context.

Items labeled ready to review in the meeting

  • Nothing this week


What will be the main focus for the next months for WordPress design?

  • @karmatosed: I wanted to suggest we start each month/ few months focusing on an aspect that needs work. My suggestion is we start with on-boarding. Suggested homework
    • give your feedback at in the shared doc
    • Think of an idea for an onboarding project and bring it to next week’s meeting.

Improve Trello board organization on Design team

  • Do we need this or can we close now? We can iterate later.
  • Some agree, but as part of our onboarding/documentation, the info on the Trello board it shouldn’t be confusing for new people
  • @boemedia: columns onboarding, handbook and outreach refer to the overview in the roadmap card in the team structure column

Triage participation

  • For those of you that haven’t been we do triage at 16:30 UTC in this very channel. We focus through issues for just 1/2hr but it’s a great toe dip into contributing.
  • @karmatosed is happy to train people up who feel ‘hmm leading triage is something I’d like to learn’.

Onboarding for tickets

  • Many people are confused or intimidated by tickets in Trac or GitHub, especially those who are not developers.
  • @karmatosed will be running a ‘non dev’ ticket onboarding session for trac and GitHub – covering Gutenberg also.
  • It will happen in the usual triage slot on Mon Aug 6, but note that it will be an hour long that day. Blog post announcement with details coming soon.


Design meeting notes for June 27, 2018

Transcript of the whole meeting can be found in our Slack-channel.

Sketchpress and WP Admin Design System

Special topic: we spent a good portion of the meeting discussing how to bring together a few amazing Sketch resources that have been developed. The hope if that having one source of truth will make it easier to accelerate design for anyone working in the WordPress community. See Slack for the whole discussion but some highlight are noted here.

The resources and creators are:

  • @Sarah James from 10Up
  • @garusky from Milan
  • @Joen has an extensive Sketch file and library from his work on Gutenberg

Where will this live?

  • The SketchPress repo I created already has traffic and followers, so keeping it all in there might be good
  • A contributions file in the repo would be key to capturing all the efforts that would be merged into the single location
  • A solution is still being discussed…

How can we all contribute to this and help?

  • Let’s all be thinking about this

Triage Inbox

Nothing this week

Calls for design: follow-ups

@cathibosco requests to discuss the ‘Make a blog post‘ page design

  • Everyone agrees that subpages are a good design direction

Infographic of Training Team workflow

  • @estelaris shared that the simplified version is up in Trello and Training team will review and discuss which one they prefer

And that was all the time we had today.


Design meeting notes for June 20, 2018

Transcript of the whole meeting can be found in our Slack-channel.

Triage Inbox

Calls for design: follow-ups

  • @cathibosco has done some really nice work on the design for a ‘create a blog’-page for the Growth Council. We’ve discussion the fact that the page has a lot of content, due to lists. This makes the page very long. We’re exploring the possibilities of using Javascript accordion and will contact the meta team for this. @karmatosed addresses this has quite a few usability and accessibility issues that should be considered.
  • Next card discussed was the design for pages as requested by the training team. @Andi has done some nice mockups for new pages.
  • Also, @estelaris has worked on the Github infographic for the training team, explaining the workflow. WCEU contributor days provided new insights for this call. @foletto and David Needham discussed the design and workflow with Estela and gave her lots of feedback, which resulted in a new design and recommended an simpeler version. The Trello card will be updated accordingly.


Design team related

  • Thumbs up to all those who spoke or contributed at WordCamp Europe last week! – Both @joshuawold and @karmatosed did a workshop/presentation.
    Besides this, @joshuawold and @boemedia lead the design table on contributor day. WiFi was down but we were able to do some work on Trac tickets with laptop sharing, and we did some ui/ux sketching ideas, as well as discussed improvements to the admin. A few additional things as well.
    It was a great day! So many amazing people joined in. A full blogpost about contributor day’s design table will follow soon in this channel 🙂


@karmatosed briefly updates the design team with the current state of Gutenberg. For those who didn’t attend WCEU, the team is currently working towards being functional complete. This should happen in a few weeks. The MVP (minimum viable product) list can be found on Github. After that, the team moves into a bug fixing frenzy. If anyone wants to get involved right now, please use the feedback form included in the plugin. If all goes well, 5.0 will go into beta in August.

If time allows, follow-up on older cards

  • @jayman has spoken to @schlessera on the php/servehappy project at WCEU. They’re on the same page and design work for this will be continued tomorrow. Also, Alex Denning was asked for a content review of this page.
  • @joyously expresses her concern for #43986
    There was a brief discussion about the UX for this php notification and we’ve put the ux-feedback tag back on to get more eyes on the ticket, as currently, mainly the UI is discussed.

Thanks all who attended the meeting. If you have anything to add to these notes, please feel free to add this in the comments.



Design meeting notes for June 6, 2018

The full transcript of this meeting is can be found on Slack.

Triage Inbox

  • nothing new this week

Calls for Design

Infographic of Training Team workflow

  • estelaris shared a first draft for feedback, the graphics are not final
  • The goal is very specific: explain to a non-designer, non-programmer user how the training workflow moves in a very simple language, like e explaining concepts like fork, commit, etc.
  • idea from joshuawold: provide showing that flow applied. Maybe a separate step though

Disable Install Plugin button for PHP required version mismatch 

  • joyously: It just feels to me like the existing patches are making it more difficult for the user.
  • discussion ensued

Future private posts listed as already published with future date specified 


WordCamp Europe

  • NOTE that the 6/13 session of this meeting will be canceled (though the channel is always available for discussions)
  • Some of us (@boemedia @joshuawold et al.) will be working at contribute day, why not open the channel to see who is available to help out? This might happen…

InVision Studio

  • There’s a possibility of getting InVision Studio access for Design Team work
  • Looks exciting but ramping up and adjusting workflows could take some time.
  • It could be a huge benefit to those of contributors can’t pay a pricey license to create.
  • Any Linux version? Likely will be able to use Wine or something similar.

If time allows, follow-up on older cards

Design templates of wp-admin for plugin developers on Design team 

Roadmap – Plan to handle bigger communication projects

  • tammie: Maybe the next meeting after WCEU devote half of it to working out the next focus and getting some actual dates and breakdown?
  • joshua: take care of what’s urgent, but still not forget the important stuff
  • mel: need to have a bigger picture of all ongoing projects


Design meeting notes for May 30, 2018

The full transcript of this meeting is can be found on Slack.

Since last week, we slightly changed our meeting structure, starting with incoming calls for design. This way the actual design requests get more focus. When there’s time left, we discuss other topics or projects we’re already working on.

  • The core-php team requests design feedback on #43986.
    We discussed the screenshots and found there’s a lot of information in a small window. Summarized, we have a few suggestions that we will add as feedback to the ticket, together with a screenshot by @melchoyce, who originally designed the plugin cards.
  • The training team asks for an infographic for Github
    There’s a complicated workflow that the training team would like to clarify with an infographic. This ticket was adopted by @khleomix and new contributor@estelaris, props for that! Together with @juliekuehl, they will work on this.
  • The training team asks for design help for the site
    This website has not been used since 2013 and needs some TLC.  The training team reached out to the design team to redo the website. As this is a fairly large project, there’s no set expectation for finishing this soon. It will either be a project of months. We discussed breaking this project into smaller chuncks, starting with research. Props for new contributor Andi who picked up this call to do initial research in the week coming.

Final question comes from @joyously who asks if we ever triage UI/UX feedback for meta tickets

@karmatosed says we haven’t done for a while, since the list of core tickets got out of control. She suggests bringing this in once a month and asks if anyone is interested in leading this, but no decision on this follows. The list has been added to the feedback section of the design handbook, so if you want to work on one of the tickets async, feel free to take a look.

Thanks everyone for attending and making this an interactive and constructive meeting again.



Design meeting summary for Wednesday May 23, 2018

Howdy! Following are a few of the takeaways from our meeting today, based on the previous agenda.

  1. Simpler agenda – The agenda has been streamlined. This is based on recent feedback, and more would be welcome as we try to hit the right balance of making things clear and getting things done.
  2. Defining design – We’re recognizing a trend in a lot of the tickets we’re trying to support on and tackle. We often run across problems that have been called out, but aren’t easily explained. As a design team we can start to won some of these tickets by clearly articulating (and encouraging others outside of the design team to do the same) the problem in a visual way. The ideal is that as someone new to the ticket (or coming back for the 10th time in as many years) I can get the basic gist of the ticket in a 10 second glance. Sketches, videos, screenshots, very simple bulleted lists, these are some of the ways to tackle this.

Calls for design

  1. Future private posts listed as already published with future date specified – We chatted about this issue and recognized that we couldn’t easily explain what was going on (without taking the time to dig in deep). A comment showing the current state of the plugin will go a long way towards helping us to figure out where to take it next. You can follow the conversation we had on Slack.
  2. Tweaks to menu setup page – Similar to the above ticket, we need to make sure we understand the current state, and then propose a better future state. Putting out a call for anyone who is interested in doing that. If it’s your first time please reach out to anyone on the design team and we’ll be happy to guide through that process. Honestly it’s a ton of fun! There are many examples where someone from the design team was able to do that. You can also follow the Slack conversation we had today.
  3. Error 500 when a user has too many sites – Could use some design team love. If anyone can volunteer to make a tl;dr video clip of the problem it might move the conversation forward. View summary.


  1. Onboarding new contributors – You can follow the Slack conversation. We discussed the best way to onboard new folks, and had some suggestions on how a bot could be used to make that process better (without being obtrusive).


Design meeting notes for Wednesday May 16, 2018

Full transcription of this week’s meeting can be found on Slack, or follow the anchor links in the topics below for a detailed conversation.


Design team related



  • New volunteer orientation
    We discuss this as a basis for onboarding new contributors. As we love the idea of having an onboarding once a month, we try to be careful planning another meeting. Pinging every new person that signs up for the design channel may be too intrusive. As this is a challenge, we eventually came up with a proactive message, like every few days on the Slack design channel, saying: “Are you looking for a way to contribute? Ping x, x or x and we’ll help you getting started”



Triage Inbox

See Inbox column on Trello board. Calls for design made via the Make blog, Slack, etc. should be transferred to Inbox each week, along with any new cards that need to be acknowledged.


  • What belongs in the Design Resources column?
    We’re talking the Trello Column here. Still finding a way to organise our resources while we’re auditing our handbook. @MelChoyce suggests to put WordPress related stuff in the handbook and stuff that supports other tasks in Trello. We agreed on extending the handbook with an Invision page, since we have a sponsored InVision account. We can explain on that page how to request access, how it works and what good add ons are.




Calls for design

See Calls for Design column on Trello board. Anything to be archived? Follow up on in-progress cards, etc.



  • @Joyously points out that the PHP version support page still needs input.
    After the meeting, @boemedia added the note that designers are working on a new mockup, since the current one was outdated. As soon as this new design is ready, it will be posted on the Trello board for feedback.

Thanks again to all volunteers who took the time to attend this week, your input is very valuable.



Design meeting notes for Wednesday May 9, 2018

From this week on, the weekly design meetings occur on Wednesday 17.00 UTC. You can find this week’s design meeting transcript here on Slack, or jump to different topic discussions by using the links in the document following.


Triage Inbox

Calls for design

  • PHP Meeting is revived
    It was a bit confusing, since this ticket asked for both design feedback on the widget that will appear in the WP-admin dashboard, as well as the page the widget leads to.
    From @flixos90: I’m not sure if this fits in your meeting today, so please let me or the #core-php channel know when there’s time for it. We’re also around to help with contextual questions of course. For feedback, please comment on the meta ticket for the page
    We discussed this call for design in today’s meeting, but it still needs some clarification: has core given feedback on the original design of February 2? Design questions are: What color is good? What icons to use? What illustrations could help?
    Should it match the rest of wp?
    Find the conversation on Slack:

Thanks everyone for lively conversations again! Hope to see you all again at next week’s meeting.