Weekly Design Updates

This is the weekly call for updates for those contributing to design, as outlined here.

The idea of these it to keep all designers connected. If you are contributing to design please add your reply as a comment to this post by Thursday 23:00 UTC. All comments will be combined into a weekly update post on Friday for the design team.

Not a designer but you have something you’d like us to work on? No problem, you can also leave a comment. Just tell us what it is, if a specific team or skill also tell us that.

Just reply to the following:

  • What did you work on this past week? Anything completed (don’t forget a link to show us the amazing work!)?
  • What are you currently focusing on?
  • Anything you need help with? Got a tricky project? Are you looking for a task? Perhaps you know about a task that needs a designer or need a buddy to work on something (let’s support each other)?
  • Any links for inspiration you want to share (doesn’t have to be WordPress design links)?

Bringing back office hours

Iterating on how meetings works is a great way to approach things. Weekly updates have been happening for three weeks and seem to be working. One thing this didn’t cover was a chance to focus on tickets, issues and work together. Lets try and fix that by bringing back a weekly office hours.

When? Thursday 13th July 16:00 UTC

What? The idea is you can bring any ticket you want discussed, any issue you need help with. You can also pop along if you are just looking to get involved with the design team more. Unlike a meeting, it’s a chance to work together on something or move each other along.

There will be no set agenda. We will give opportunity for topics as comments, or to bring them to the office hours. It’s a first come, first served basis in that sense. Sometimes we may just have a discussion around one, sometimes it may be more.

This week we already have one discussion point:

  • Customizer: Should we stop contextually hiding features? #40432

Got another? Bring it along to the office hours and lets discuss.

WordCamp Europe Contribution Day

This is an update on what the design team did at WordCamp Europe contribution day. This time we tried a few things, we did both group work and workshops. The idea in doing this was we gave people a range of options to help them contribute. A huge thanks to everyone that attended.

Gutenberg session

The first session of the day in the core room was about getting to know Gutenberg, we encouraged as many to go to that. It is important that designers get to also know and be involved.


The first workshop was lead by @michaelarestad and myself. We began by adding our thoughts around functionality of WordPress. We added these post-it notes to a wall and then did some organising them. From that we moved into looking at the problem areas, what experience had a positive or negative impact – we used a happy/sad scale. We also looked at what the experience was like away from desktop. Here is a gallery containing photos from that workshop session:

After that session, @johnmaeda took us through some explorations. We got to know everyone who was there and also amongst other things explore what our fears were about WordPress. Here is a gallery of that workshop:

The groups

After lunch, we moved into group work. This was where we roughly split into the following groups:

  • Gutenberg: focusing on usability testing and getting everyone focused on finding the issues with Gutenberg and enabling others with the usability tests.
  • Customizer and UI/UX triage: we combined those areas and ended up focusing more on ticket triage.
  • Dashicons: this team sped through tickets and really got a lot done.

The current state of Dashicons

Dashicons got a huge push forward on contributor day at WordCamp Europe. Members of the WordPress community interested in design and, more specifically, iconography, met to discuss the state of the icons that appear throughout the WP admin experience.

We started by reviewing each issue listed in the repository for Dashicons, many of which were requests for new Dashicons.  In the spirit of keeping the core set of Dashicons as lean as possible, most of the requests were closed. However, several issues warranted action, and are now being resolved.

Dashicons is evolving. From its earliest inception, to a major redesign, to now, Dashicons is filling a demand for icons that communicate fundamental ideas, render clearly on all resolutions, are accessible by and inclusive of everyone.

New projects are constantly emerging as WordPress grows. And new WordPress projects need new Dashicons. Take Project Gutenberg, a major focal point in this year’s #wceu, for example. There are many areas where the iconography it utilizes could be improved. That’s where we need your help—to define the appropriate design and function of new icons that are needed, and to examine and critique the icons it currently uses.

Get started by visiting the Dashicons Github repository, and joining the discussion in the #design-dashicons channel on Slack. Come join us!

This week’s design meeting agenda for May 25th

This week’s chat is happening today 20:00 UTC.

This weeks agenda is:

    Lets discuss meeting formats

  • Open floor

Feel free to leave a comment and we can discuss anything people want.

See you in the #design channel in Slack

Help write the usability scripts for alpha testing of gutenberg

There are 3 new issues on the editor repo that need contribution help, writing the test scripts for alpha testing. These tests are important and a great chance to get involved:

Test one – comparison: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/649
Test two – new content: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/650
Test three – discoverability and feel: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/652

Meeting changes for 2 weeks

There will be no regular meeting for the next 2 weeks, instead we are trying something a little different. At Thursday 20:00 UTC on the 4th and 11th May, there will be a drop in time in #design. Everyone is welcome to come, bring a ticket or discuss any topic you want about design.

Don’t forget during these two weeks the Customizer and Editor still have meetings that designers are welcome to join:

We will see how these meetings go and review at a regular meeting on Thursday May 18th 20:00 UTC.

New handbook pages

I have taken some time to get the handbook including some new pages. The idea is we make it easier for contributions and also existing contributors.

Note: Please be aware this is very much v1 of these pages, if you have anything to add just let me know. Edits welcome 🙂

New pages

Summit new pages

In an attempt to document discussions and the community summit, I have created a section in our handbook. We may decided to not keep this, but so we do not lose topics this felt a good step. There are two sections:

Section adjustment

I have included a new section called ‘Design Guide’. This now contains all the handbook pages on styling and design across the project.

Help make these better

A way you can help is by adding anything you don’t see here as something you think we should have in our handbook. We now have an FAQ page, is there a question you think we should answer?

This week’s design meeting agenda for April 27th

This week’s chat is happening today 20:00 UTC.

This weeks agenda is:

  • Half an hour ticket triage in UI/UX queue: bring any tickets you want looked at.
  • Open floor

Feel free to leave a comment and we can discuss anything people want.

See you in the #design channel in Slack

This week’s design meeting agenda for April 20th

This week’s chat is happening Today 20:00 UTC.

This weeks agenda is:

  • Open floor

Feel free to leave a comment and we can discuss anything people want.

See you in the #design channel in Slack