Weekly design meeting notes of Wednesday November 28, 2018

Howdy! Another great week, and another meeting in the #design team. Following are notes shared from the discussion. If you prefer the uncondensed  version of things, you can checkout the Slack log!

Contributing at WordCamps

Props to @folletto and @karmatosed (along with others who helped finesse the wording) for an update to the guide for leading contributor days at WordCamps. Definitely worth checking out if you anticipate doing so in the near future. 

Design for learn.wordpress.org

@Andi shared an update on the progress happening here. You can also checkout the work on Trello. Some great feedback was shared during the meeting, and at this point support is requested from the design team to comment on the styling, layout and usability issues. You can checkout the Trello card and share your feedback.

Figma followup

A brief discussion was shared regarding plans to convert the SketchPress work into Figma. Excited to see this progress forward as @Sarah James works on it. 

Benchmarking work on Sparkle

@melchoyce has begun benchmarking other site builders in anticipation of Gutenberg phase two. She shared a great post following her process and review of Sparkle. 

Planning for 2019

@karmatosed posted an update on plans. To quote in full (really, just wanting to try out this Gutenberg block):

Finally, I would like to suggest one week in December we use our team meeting to think about 2019. We just all got very emojicited (so a word) about having a goal and as a team we’ve not generally set yearly goals.
Maybe we could this year have some projects we outline that we want to do and make it our focus? Gutenberg of course and core is a constant, but it could be worth planning a little. What do people think?

Tammie Lister

(Yes, I wanted to do illustrations again, but ran out of time!)

Facilitating a contribution day for design handbook update

As previously discussed in Slack #design, @folletto and myself worked on a contribution day format suggestion. This was tested at WordCamp Tokyo and from there a document was created to iterate based on feedback.

There is now a new handbook page, this is just a suggestion but has a guide to help you facilitate a successful contribution day for design.


Design meeting agenda for Wednesday 21 November 2018

This week’s meeting will be at 19:00 UTC in Slack #design. @boemedia will be taking notes and I will be facilitating. Here are the suggested topics:

  • Housekeeping: meeting times coming up adjusting for holidays.
  • Tools:  Figma is available for every contributor to use for WordPress work (yay!), any other tools people are using we could consider?
  • Gutenberg phase two has begun research and you can get involved.
  • Core design labels: proposal to distill down to 2 (from 3) and have ‘needs design’ and ‘needs design feedback’.
  • Trello board: inbox and checking up on work in progress.

If there is anything you would like to see added to the agenda, please leave a comment.


Design meeting agenda for Wednesday 3 October, 2018

The weekly design meeting is on Wednesdays at 17.00 UTC (see it in your time here). If you have anything else to add, please comment below or mention it on our Slack channel #design.

  • Calls for design
    follow-ups (if any) on our Trello board
  • Design ticket triage
  • Open floor – anything you’d like to share?



Design meeting agenda for September 26, 2018

The weekly design meeting is on Wednesdays at 17.00 UTC. If you have anything else to add, please comment below or mention it on our Slack channel #design.

  • Triage Inbox
  • Calls for design: follow-ups (if any)
  • Contribution day plan document: opinions and insights.
  • Open floor: we’ve not had one for a while, let’s have one! Bring your questions, thoughts, comments and insights.



Design meeting notes for August 1st, 2018

This week’s design team meeting was held yesterday at 17:00 UTC. You can catch up on the archive here.

Here are the summary notes:

  • There are no items to triage in our inbox.
  • There was an open discussion.
  • A weekly update on Gutenberg design was asked for and will be added.
  • This week Gutenberg released 3.4 and there is a weekly meeting still happening every week at 13:00 UTC on Wednesday’s in #core-editor. The project is in new feature freeze still but iterations and feedback is welcome.
  • 4.9.8 is due out and @joshuawold talked about what the experience was like for him and gave his insights from co-leading.
  • A final mention is worth adding of the #core-test channel and make.wordpress.org/test where you can find usability testing for the project.

You can join the chat each week in #design at 17:00 UTC on Wednesdays.

Design triage learning session on August 6th

During the weekly meeting a week ago, there was interest in having a video learning session using Zoom for design triage. This would be how to contribute using both Trac and also GitHub for Gutenberg. It is aimed at being for designers who want to learn more about what triage is and how to use Trac and GitHub, but anyone is welcome.

Some points suggested to cover are:

  • What the life is of a ticket or an issue.
  • What labelling means: specifically what ones designers need to know.
  • How trac works for tickets.
  • How GitHub works for Gutenberg issues.
  • How design triage sessions work.

The session with be on August 6th at 16:30 – 17:30 UTC. This will run instead of the usual triage session and be an hour long. Zoom will be used for the session over Slack, the idea being to ‘see’ and screen share.

A link will be given as a comment here and in chat.wordpress.org #design before the start of the meeting. You will need to have the Zoom software installed to join.

In order to make this a session that everyone attending gains the most from I would love to know what you would like to see covered in this session. The session itself will have a format but questions along the way are most welcome.

This week’s design meeting agenda for January, 25

This week’s #design meeting is happening Thursday, January 25 18:00 UTC.

This weeks agenda is:

Feel free to leave a comment and we can discuss anything people want.

See you in the #design channel in Slack


Design meeting summary January 18

TL;DR – We just had a really productive meeting where we touched on design needs, adding some structure to the work the design team is doing, as well as reporting on all the awesome stuff getting done. Interested in helping? There’s something here for you!

Below are the exciting things we covered in the meeting!

Calls for design

We’re looking for help, if you think you’re a match please reach out! If you have a call for design yourself you can add it as a comment on this post or join the weekly #design meeting and we can discuss after covering other items.

  • Design a featured imageA new blog post is will spread the word about make.wordpress.org to encourage folks jumping in and helping. The marketing needs someone to design a featured image for the blog post.
  • Design interface for plugin/theme compatibility with Gutenberg in WordPress admin – Now that Gutenberg is getting closer we need a way to reflect in the WordPress admin whether a plugin or theme is compatible with Gutenberg. This is a perfect ticket for a designer who’s interested in supporting a few hours a week for the next month on UX work related to sketching out ideas and figuring out how this would look.
  • PHP Servehappy project – Servehappy had been officially approved as a feature project for WordPress. We need a designer to work with the development team on what a page would look like talking about this project. In particular the design needs to present this linked content. The person doesn’t have to be technical as that could ensure the target market is reached correctly. However, it’s important that they are able to connect with the development team to bridge the gap of communication between what the team is building create and what users need.
  • Create a dashicon for WordPress Coding Standards. We need someone to create a new dashicon! That’s a ton of fun for the right person. You can more about dashicons here and here and here’s a tutorial on making one. If you’re interested this could be perfect for you.
  • Improve the content of the Grey Box™ on the Design page – It’s supposed to be a welcome to the team and sharing more about how to get started. Link to edit screen.
  • Plugin search – The team is working to identify what information will be good to use for filters and how to present that information. The plugin directory has been recently redesigned, so it will be important to take that into consideration (and not undo all that work) when helping the team add search filtering to the design.

If you’re interested in helping reach out to Tammie Lister or Mel Choyce and they can connect you. Or you can comment in the Slack channel on the specific request (make sure to checkmark “also send to #design” if you do, so that it doesn’t get missed: https://d.pr/i/ExTJ3o)

Structure of the design team

  • Trello board – We’ve created a Trello board to handle any issues that aren’t in Trac or Github. We had a great discussion about how the Trello board can be structured, how cards can be labeled, etc and ended on a good point for today. We’ll also discussed the need for folks to post to it. This board could ultimately replace the calls for design page on Make, with that page linking back to the Trello board.
  • We also have a Start Here card that will need some love. Then whatever happens here should get updated back into the design handbook.
  • It was also noted that it could be helpful for handbooks to start looking more like the Gutenberg one.

Monthly recaps

We’re going to start moving from weekly calls for design updates to instead posting a monthly summary based on the weekly #design meetings.@joshuawold and @boemedia will post the summary, and if a third person wants to help out we won’t say no! 🙂

Next steps

If you’re still reading this, and haven’t yet felt you can make a contribution to the design of WordPress, we can emphatically answer that you can! It might feel a bit overwhelming on where to start, the easiest way is to join the next #design meeting and look for an opportunity to give your support, or grab one of the calls for design issues above and jump in.


This week’s design meeting agenda for January, 18

This week’s #design meeting is happening Thursday, January 18 18:00 UTC.

This weeks agenda is:

Feel free to leave a comment and we can discuss anything people want.

See you in the #design channel in Slack