First steps

So you want to contribute to the design team? That’s great. The team is open to anyone and you can easily get started. First up, a warm welcome, we need designers in this project so you are very welcome indeed 🙂

As a team we work on a lot of different things; from core to Dashicons and beyond. Here however are some good first steps as to how you can contribute to the design team.

  1. Create a user account or login.
  2. Join Slack and say ‘Hi’ – that way we can know you are looking to get involved and welcome you. Visit and sign up using your user account.
  3. Subscribe to the blog on Being subscribed to this blog lets you keep in touch with the team and updates.
  4. Find out the ways you can contribute here.

Invision access
Everyone gets access to Invision to help contribute. You can request access here.

We try to review this form as often as possible, but f it takes to long, please ping one of the design team reps in #design in Slack for quicker access.