The design of WordPress and WordPress.org are constantly evolving. This handbook documents the base design concepts to be used throughout the WordPress ecosystem, as well as more specific design treatments.

Foundations Foundations

In the Foundations section, the WordPress Identity, Colors, Typography, and Iconography are outlined. These foundational elements are to be used throughout the WordPress ecosystem, including WordPress core, WordPress.org, related websites, and even print materials.

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Core Core

The Core section of this handbook will document specific core treatments.

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WordPress.org WordPress.org

The WordPress.org section of this handbook will document specific treatments for WordPress.org including the typography used, metrics (like the grid), and the overall navigational structure (information architecture).

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Peripherals Peripherals

There are a number of other parts of the WordPress ecosystem that will receive their own treatment. Currently, we plan to outline the design treatments for the WordPress Foundation, WordPress.tv, WordCamp.org, bbPress, and BuddyPress.