Team Goal Setting 2022

It’s that time of year – looking back at our progress over the past year and looking ahead to next year. It’s been a few years since the Training Team set goals for the year ahead.

We are planning to have a meeting around team goals on December 6 (or 7th in APAC) at 7PM UTC. Time is hard. Here’s a quick way to check in your locale:

I can’t wait to see where we are headed. Those previous goals were before Learn launched, and before we had Workshops and Courses.

Reach out to @hlashbrooke in the training channel for an invite to the goal meeting.


Goals for 2017

In 2016 we had a pretty clear goal set out for us. We haven’t had any discussions about goals for 2017, though, so now is the time!

Does anyone have something they would like to see from or for the team this year? Put your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll prioritize everything in the coming weeks!