Time to Set Team Goals for 2019

It’s that time of year when we need to evaluate how we did against our goals for this year and make new goals for the upcoming year.

In 2018 our goals were to:

1. Create handbook
2. Move lesson plans to GitHub
3. Restructure make.wordpress.org/training
4. Fix broken images
5. Update lesson plans for 4.8-4.9/Gutenberg
6. Make workshop recommendations
7. Accessibility workshop

In fact, 2018 was a year where the team underwent a major restructuring of its tool and processes and we accomplished goals we hadn’t imagined when the year started. So our accomplishments for the year can be summed up as:

1. Create handbook (expected by the end of the year)
2. Move lesson plans to GitHub
3. Restructure make.wordpress.org/training
4. Fix broken images (perhaps not all are fixed, but moving to GitHub addressed the problem)
5. Make workshop recommendations
6. Onboarding improvements including a PDF and videos
7. Team management on Trello and in Waffle.io
8. Creation of the https://wptrainingteam.github.io/ page
9. Work towards the relaunch of the learn.wordpress.org site including collaboration with the #design, #marketing, and #meta teams.

Goals that we didn’t quite accomplish include:

1. Update lesson plans for Gutenberg
2. Accessibility workshop

So, for 2019 what should our new goals be? I’d propose a couple to begin with:

1. Launch learn.wordpress.org
2. Create several lesson plans to combine into an accessibility workshop (the ARIA session from WordCamp US has caught my eye…)
3. Use resources from WordPress.tv more often as a basis for lesson plans
4. Collaborate with other efforts such as the diversity speaker training and Kids Camp to get their material available from the learn.wordpress.org site
5. Increase the number of regular contributors to the team

These all seem very do-able. What else should the team be working towards? What should we have for stretch goals? All comments and ideas welcome!

We’ll also be discussing this during our meeting this week. Everyone is invited to join in the discussion!!!