Training Team Goals for 2024

You can find our asynchronous discussion on Team Goal Setting for 2024 here.


In 2024, the Training Team will shift Learn WordPress from theory to outcome/project-based learning, explore new streamlining technologies, improve team processes and increase global community/contributor engagement.


The Training Team’s values are DEIB, Collaborative, Sustainable Growth, Impact, and Empathy. Folks can read more about them on our Team Values handbook page.

Goals to roll over from 2023

Listed below are goals session participants thought would be good to roll over into the 2024 goals.

  • Continue work on Learning Pathways
    • Create a Marketing Campaign for Learning Pathways with Marketing
    • Work with the Community team to promote Learning Pathways
  • Establish monthly recurring onboarding Online Workshops in different time zones for training team roles
  • Continue involvement with the redesign work happening on Learn
  • Audit Handbook


The new goals session participants would like to see the Training Team work on this year are listed below. The next step is for folks to volunteer and take ownership.

Q1 – January to March 2024

Q2 – April to June 2024

  • See Learn redesign to completion with Learning Pathways as the focus
  • Create and maintain shared resources that promote the Training Team and Learn
  • Create or update a handbook page that clarifies where people’s contributions to the team will appear/be displayed
  • Any goals rolled over from the previous quarter.

Q3 – July to September 2024

  • Work with the Community team to promote Learning Pathways at Meetups
  • Figure out a method to manage localized content translation
  • Launch Learning Pathways on Learn WordPress
  • Migrate/Deprecate Learn content
  • Run 1-2 outcome/project-based course cohorts
  • Any goals rolled over from previous quarters.

Q4 -October to December 2024

  • Create a system for better surfacing Training Team member’s contributions
  • Audit Handbook
  • Any goals rolled over from previous quarters.



Attendees: Thanks to @bsanevans, @piyopiyofox, @lada7042, @devmuhib, @ardhrubo, @westnz, @sierratr 

Proofreading: Thanks also to @bsanevans and @piyopiyofox for proofreading this summary of the goals for 2024.

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