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  • Jan Dembowski 10:04 am on June 25, 2015 Permalink |  

    Agenda for June 25th support meetup 

    For today’s meetup there will be no agenda, it will be an open floor discussion.

    Please bring to the meetup any topic you’d like to discuss.

  • Jan Dembowski 2:25 am on June 19, 2015 Permalink |

    Support Team meetup summary for June 18th 

    Items discussed at today’s Support Meetup:

    Instantbird for Windows works with the Slack IRC gateway

    @zoonini and @jcastaneda were able to get Instantbird for Windows working. However it is very chatty with IRC status messages. Hiding those with styling won’t help those who use a screenreader so another way is being looked for.

    A draft of a short installation document is being worked on and should be available in a few days. This effort is so that a11y users can access the Slack channels and participate.

    Reminder: don’t log into other people’s WordPress installations

    This week there was a forum topic about a site that was compromised. The OP became convinced that it was due to a theme author logging in upon the OP’s request. It was a misunderstanding, but a good example that when you log into someone’s WordPress installation that way then you could be setting yourself for some real liability.

    When providing support look, suggest, ask questions and gather data to help people. But don’t request and account to be able to log in and see the problem first hand. That’s going too far and could lead to trouble for the person helping.

    Reporting sock puppets

    If you report suspected sock puppet accounts please check the validity of those accounts first.

    Sometimes people do have the same IPs because they’re connected via a VPN provider, a shared ISP or may be at a meetup with other people. Look at the user’s profile and posting history. If the account is valid then there may be good explanation.

    In one case there was a meetup and it turned out a group of people decided to leave reviews. If you only look at IPs then you may be affecting legitimate forum users.

    Offering something for reviews

    It’s been occurring more lately: authors offering discounts on pro add-ons in exchange for 5 star reviews. That’s a good way for an author to get all of their 5 star reviews deleted.

    • Asking people to review your plugin or theme is cool. We want real and legitimate feedback.
    • Offering to compensate people in exchange for a review of your plugin or theme? Bribery.

    If you come across a plugin author doing that then please collect the details and take a screenshot. Web pages can be changed but a screenshot makes an unpleasant conversation short. Send the details to the plugins team but for themes please ping the #forums Slack channel.

    View today’s meetup transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

  • Jan Dembowski 10:23 am on June 17, 2015 Permalink |  

    Agenda for June 18th support meetup 

    Item’s for discussion at this week’s support meetup:

    • Instantbird for Windows works, instructions to follow. Thanks @jcastaneda and @zoonini for keeping on this. 😀
    • A case study topic for why no one should log into another user’s installation happened.

    For any other items please reply in the comments below or feel free to introduce it during the meetup.

  • Jan Dembowski 12:30 pm on June 12, 2015 Permalink |

    Support Team meetup summary for June 11th 

    Items discussed at yesterday’s support meetup:

    a11y access to Slack for the #forums channel

    Or any Slack channel. It really irks me that Slack is not yet a11y friendly, though I do believe that is being worked on.

    Focusing on Windows, Jose and I played with Instantbird for Windows to see about either getting the IRC gateway working. It should work, the IRC gateway works for other IRC clients easily. The XMPP gateway was also tested or as I like to refer to that gateway as BLAMO! I can’t get it to work with any XMPP client on Mac or PC.

    The IRC gateway complains that Instantbird isn’t sending a password. It was pointed out to me that Instantbird does post contact info and this weekend I’ll send an email to them for help. There may be a “/about config” setting that I’m missing.

    Get ready for the pending 4.3 beta

    If you look at the 4.3 project schedule then you’ll see that the planned date for beta is July 1st. Please start looking at the nightlies. There was some discussion about changes to 4.3 and the customizer but with every release there will be people who dislike change and the support team should be ready.

    Before anyone reading this thinks “The Support Team is being arrogant and presumptuous against users!” just be aware: hardly anyone ever posts to the support forums or IRC with topics like “I just wanted to say how awesome and well received this latest version is.” That has happened but it’s rare.


    If you are a plugin author and you’re not happy with or think a review should be deleted then do not contact the plugins team about that. Do not. That is not what the plugins team is for. Reviews are sometimes deleted but that’s a judgement call for the moderators.

    Regarding people leaving reviews in exchange for anything, this is the verbiage that should be used.

    We truly do welcome honest reviews. But offering something in exchange for them is unlikely to lead to honest reviews. It leads to only positive reviews, and this we see as an attempt to game the system.

    Which is all that needs to be said about that. If it’s not in the predefines yet then I may add that.

    Plugin security updates

    The recently patched Woocommerce security issue was discussed. As always, keep your WordPress installation, plugins and themes up to date. It’s the best and easiest way to remain secure.

    Take the 2015 bbPress survey

    Please take a moment and fill out the bbPress survey. It’s important to gauge the response from the user base and your input there will help.

    View today’s meetup transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

    • Ipstenu (Mika Epstein) 3:09 pm on June 12, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      > If you are a plugin author and you’re not happy with or think a review should be deleted

      I should elaborate. This comes up when people get 1-star reviews and get upset and accuse the reviewer of being a liar, or a scammer, or their competitor.

      Not that we don’t care but … not everyone will like your plugin. It happens. Reply like a mature, sensible, person. Don’t attack them, don’t insult them. Find out why they don’t like your code, see if you can improve it. Remember, the reviews CAN BE CHANGED. That’s right! If I leave a 1-star and you win me over, I can change that to a 5-star.

      How you behave on the forums, in public, reflects more on you than your code :)

      If someone’s messing with your reviews by leaving sock-puppet reviews, yes, report them. The tag is ‘modlook’ though. If it’s bad, the forum mods will let us know what’s up. There is some overlap between the teams, but basically if you want plugin reviews to happen faster, let the forum team review forum issues :)

    • @mercime 6:02 pm on June 12, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Thank you as always for your meetup summary Jan.

      Three cheers for helping us spread the word about the 2015 bbPress Survey :)

    • Kathryn 9:35 pm on June 14, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The IRC gateway complains that Instantbird isn’t sending a password.

      I just tested this Slack with Instantbird on a Windows VM and had the same issue. Let me know if they get back to you.

    • Jose Castaneda 1:31 am on June 16, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      There may be a “/about config” setting that I’m missing.

      Precisely this! Can be reached by going Tools > Options > Advanced > Advanced Configuration. You’d have to create a new entry for the server password and then you should be able to connect.

  • Jan Dembowski 9:39 am on June 10, 2015 Permalink |  

    Agenda for June 11th meetup 

    Items for discussion on tomorrow’s support meetup:

    • Slack a11y access – Looking for a Windows client and Jose and I had problems with Instantbird. The IRC gateway was stable (not on Instantbird when I tried) but I could not get the XMPP gateway working for anything.
    • Pending WordPress 4.3 beta cycle begins – Tentative dates? Has anyone installed the latest trunk?

    If there’s anything you’d like to add for discussion then please reply in the comments or via the Slack channel.


    • schulte 5:00 pm on June 10, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’ve been on the bleeding edge nightlies on my localhost install for sometime now and only recently installed the Menu Customizer plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/menu-customizer/). It’s very impressive to see the menu controls within Appearance > Customize. I must admit, it did jar me for a second to work with it there instead of on Appearance > Menus. Some users might complain, but the majority of folks should be enamored with making menu changes and seeing them as a “live preview” before publishing.

  • Jan Dembowski 6:40 pm on June 4, 2015 Permalink |

    Support Team meetup summary for June 4th 

    Items discussed at today’s support team meetup:

    Don’t be “That Guy” while moderating

    If a forum member needs moderation then please tag the account and moderate the posts. Unless their URL is spammy or porn then don’t change or delete the URL from their account profile.

    Moderators contacting forum members via email

    If you’re a moderator and see some behavior in the forums that you’d like to email the forum member about then as long as you’re professional and explain the who’s and the why’s then that’s fine. Sometimes the best way to sort out something is via an email.

    If you don’t feel comfortable with that and still believe an email is necessary then please reach out to the other moderators. Another moderator can send that email instead.

    Slack and a11y

    A long standing issue with Slack is that it isn’t very a11y friendly and does not work for screen readers. Kathryn Presner (@zoonini) is working with Jackie McBride (@abletec). to see if Instantbird can be configured to use IRC as a gateway into the WordPress Slack channels. If that does work then the goal is to get it documented and inserted into the support handbook.

    It’s a huge issue that the Slack channels are not available to a11y users.

    IRC doc-bot needs restarting

    doc-bot for IRC went down and in the interim @Clorith has made ContriBot available in it’s place for now. Clorith reached out to sivel to see if the old doc-bot can be put back.

    View today’s meetup transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

    • schulte 9:22 pm on June 4, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Would it make sense to add the ‘Moderators contacting forum members via email’ part to the Support Handbook, maybe somewhere within the ‘Appendix: Being a Forum Moderator’ section?

  • Jan Dembowski 10:24 am on June 1, 2015 Permalink |  

    Agenda for June 4th Support Meetup 

    Last week was a bit off as it was a short week in the U.S. and the meetup was ad hoc without an agenda. That’s fine and happens; sometimes the discussion is open floor.

    This week’s agenda (so far) is these items:

    • Don’t Be That Guy™ while moderating – This will get expanded of course. 😉
    • Moderators contacting forum members via email and when that’s alright to do.
    • Slack a11y – This really needs to get attention from SlackHQ. Or we can document the IRC gateway so that everyone can participate.

    For any other subjects you’d like to discuss please reply in the comments below or talk about it in the Slack #forums channel.

  • Jan Dembowski 7:56 pm on May 21, 2015 Permalink |

    Support Team meetup summary for May 21st 

    Items discussed at today’s meetup:

    WP.org Forums Plugins Audit

    We’re all excited about having the existing forums upgraded to a current version of bbPress. We started talking about JJJ’s post on the forums plugins and we segued into the eventual upgrade. It was a good talk and JJJ was invited to the #forums channel. Mika posted her notes from the 2014 community day about the tools we need and we discussed how and where to contribute.

    The current WordPress forum plugins are not opensource but their replacements will be. If you are interested in contributing to what is need (see Mika’s post) please reply here or on JJJ’s post.

    Ideas for Learnups

    Support learnup topics covered included

    1. Filtering the posts to find those areas you like to support
    2. Supporting CSS topics
    3. Supporting actions and filters topics

    If a learnup is scheduled then it should be recorded. A Google Hangout Learnup? That could work.

    The purpose of a learnup is to share methods for supporting those topics. So a CSS support learnup isn’t about learning CSS but providing support for CSS forum topics. This could encourage more people to jump into the forums and provide support.

    View today’s meetup transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

  • Ipstenu (Mika Epstein) 4:48 pm on May 21, 2015 Permalink |
    Tags: , Tools,   

    Forums: The Tools We Need 

    Back at WordCamp SF (in October 2014) we discussed the forum tools we needed to have in the ‘eventual’ port of the forums to bbPress 2.x. We then put it to the side because that port was miles away.

    It’s getting closer, so I’m posting the notes because, as JJJ said:

    > Once we can compare needs to the plugins list I posted on make/meta, then we can work towards a setup where all support forums run unified code.

    So please, read this list and bring up anything we’re missing or you think we should ditch.

    (More …)

    • Stephen Edgar 10:18 am on May 26, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Some of the following are duplicates of what’s already outlined above, others is more information I collated from the wp-forums mailing list before the switch to Slack.

      ### bbPress Moderation

      • [ ] Tools for WordPress dot org forum moderators https://github.com/keesiemeijer/WordPress-moderator-tools
      • [ ] Recent activity e.g http://www.stoerke.be/recentforumactivity/?profile=netweb&pages=2
      • [ ] Add support for drop down form to add WordPress version to topic (see 1.x theme `version_dropdown()`)
      • [ ] Add bozo bbPress #459
      • [ ] Add `resolved/not resolved/not a support question` support bbPress #1720
      • [ ] Add support for ‘moderator’ only posted forum see https://wordpress.org/support/forum/wp-advanced
      • [ ] Add support for drop down form to add WordPress version to topic
      • [ ] Add ‘Mod Watch’ see https://codex.wordpress.org/Forum_Welcome#Being_.27Mod_Watched.27_or_Banned
      • [ ] Fix/Redo/Update text_domain strings
      • [ ] `Hacks` forum is a sub forum of `Plugins and Hacks`
      • [x] Added `bbp_forum_subscription_link` with RSS link to ‘content-single-forum.php’ template
      • [ ] Adding tags eg. ‘modlook’ etc, can anyone add a new tag?
      • [ ] Blocking users i.e. `?spammer=true`
      • [ ] Give users the ability the convert a review to a support topic see https://twitter.com/chip_bennett/status/435477320628207616
      • [ ] Add support for custom titles for Plugin/Theme authors ala ‘Official Rep’
      • [ ] Add a ‘firehose’ view, all topics and all replies sort by date/time created
      • [ ] Do not ‘bump’ – Can we add a check for the content that if it is eg less than 3 words and contains bump? and/of in form-reply check if the current user was the last user reply and put up a notice outlining the bump rules.
      • [ ] Having the option to add an “mod eyes only” note to the account is something that’s been on the wish list since… forever.
      • [ ] Template notice after subscribing to a topic or forum eg. ‘You are now subscribed to this topic – unsubscribe or view your subscriptions’
      • [x] Allow topics to be stuck to individual forums
      • [ ] Add `resolved/not resolved/not a support question` support [bbPress #1720](https://bbpress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1720)

      ### bbPress B-Tag

      • [ ] Add revisions to user profile edits
      • [ ] Allow moderators to edit users profiles
      • [ ] Add b-tag bbPress [bbPress #459](https://bbpress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/459)
      • [ ] Add ability to automatically delete b-tagged users posts (topics and replies)
      • [ ] Blacklist support aka b-tag’ing accounts e.g an auto-delete-post blacklist for really lame keywords
      • [ ] Ipstenu’s ‘button of power’ <- Hitting that button on a user will mark the user as a b-tag on forums, ideas, plugins, themes i.e. Any of the sites in the multisite network

      ### bbPress Views

      • [ ] Add bbPress View `support-forum-no`
      • [x] Add bbPress View `modlook`
      • [ ] Add bbPress Views `plugin-reviews`, `plugin`, `theme-reviews` and `theme`
      • [ ] Per forum views, eg. ‘no replies’ or ‘Not Resolved’ for each forum
      • [ ] Create a view of ‘no replies’ and ‘open’ (i.e. not closed)

      ### Decisions

      • [ ] Who should be able to subscribe to entire forums? Everyone or Moderators only? (excluding plugin/theme authors)
      • [x] Deprecated `untagged` view https://wordpress.org/support/view/untagged
      • [ ] Single Forum and Single Topic Templates Notices (at the top of the page)
      • [ ] Should bbPress’ own search and search form be used and if so where?
  • Jan Dembowski 10:29 pm on May 19, 2015 Permalink |  

    Agenda for Thursday May 21st meetup 

    Item: Per Jon’s post, give thought to the WordPress forums plugin audit. Seeing the forum upgraded could add some much desired functionality and if you can help/look please do.

    Item: Support Learnup ideas – Still a thing. 😉 It may be that learnups are best suited for an in-person meetup or WordCamp contributor day. But ideas for learnups should be discussed. *cough* looks in direction of @bethannon1 for help here *COUGH!*

    If there is anything you would like to discuss this Thursday please post in the comments or at the meetup.

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