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  • Marius (Clorith) 12:47 am on October 27, 2015 Permalink |  

    Agenda for October 29th Support Team meetup 

    1. WordPress 4.4-beta1, A/B forums and break stuff
    2. The use of here tags on Slack for meetings, should we or shouldn’t we?
    3. Pages helptext
    4. Your item here? Post it in the comments below and make us proud!

  • Jan Dembowski 11:41 am on October 23, 2015 Permalink |

    Support Team meetup summary for October 22nd 

    Items discussed at yesterday’s Support team meetup.

    Wrangling volunteers

    1. We want to encourage people to become a part of support and stick around.
    2. We want to recognize and let people know when their efforts are good and appreciated.
    3. We do not want to create situation where gamification can occur.

    Lots of people do provide support in the forums and IRC but burnout is a real thing. It’s easy to become enamored with helping people (or any group effort) but it’s also easy to over do it. Recognizing people’s efforts and encouraging them can help retain people for the long term.

    *Re-reads above*

    Cheerful reminder: volunteer support is not a job, though some of the problems for the community effort are the same.

    Taking breaks and setting your own pace helps anyone who provides support. Part of encouraging people to stick with it is to remind them that they can stop, take breaks or even walk away. The support team is totally cool with that and appreciates all and any time put in.

    We also discussed recognizing people people for their work. Part of that is to reply into a resolved topic with something like

    Hey, that was a really good thorough reply. Thanks for that, it’s really appreciated.

    Or even Tweeting a “Thank you” to them with a link to the topic. Everyone appreciates being recognized and there’s no one who won’t be glad to get a thank you.

    Hangout for Contributor Day at WCUS

    At last years WCSF the teams had tables for contributor day and a good time was had by all. But not everyone can attend so the idea is to possibly setup an online hangout where people can contribute remotely at the same event.

    Yes, The #forums Slack channel will be used very heavily that day but some sort of video’ish solution would be very cool too.

    We also talked about the possibility of doing something like that for the Community Summit but need to check about that. The Community Summit is invite only and is a safe place, meaning no Tweeting, blogging or socializing what is discussed. Having a hangout may not keep with that so that needs to be confirmed.

    Read the meetup transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

  • Jan Dembowski 11:32 am on October 21, 2015 Permalink |  

    Agenda for October 22nd Support Team meetup 

    Continuing the conversation from last week:

    For any other items please use the comments here or bring your idea up in the #forums Slack channel.

  • Jan Dembowski 5:03 pm on October 16, 2015 Permalink |

    Summary for the October 15th support meetup 

    Items discussed at yesterday’s Support Team meetup.

    Volunteer wrangling

    I missed the meetup but what was discussed was how to encourage people to volunteer for support.

    The difference between support and other teams is that we’re a responsive team. All other teams have goals like “Make translating easier” or “review more things”. The support team is the team that responds to forum topics or helps via IRC.

    Saying “make more members of the team” is vague. If you replied to a topic in the forums, helped in IRC or provide support at a WordCamp or meeting then you’re in. You’re part of the support team even if you are not aware of it.

    Encouragement is the thing. If you see someone helping over time then let them know. Invite them to the #forums Slack channel. Let’s get to know them and show them we’re welcoming them to the team.

    This is where the terminology became fun. What defines team membership for support?

    Forum moderators are a part of the support team, being a moderator is not a requirement to be a member. What is needed is to create more of a sense of community between people who help with support, whether they’re a moderator or not. That role or responsibility started to discuss a person or role to have that responsibility.

    A volunteer wrangler is tentatively defined as someone who

    • Spots people in the forums or IRC who should be invited to Slack
    • Recommends people get badges
    • Encourages people for their good replies in the forums or IRC
    • Recommends people for… becoming a forum moderator?

    This lead to a discussion about process and @bethannon1 and @kenshino offered to bounce ideas together for a process for a volunteer wrangler. The idea of encouraging more people into support will continue at the next week meetup.

    Check out the transcript, it was a good conversation.

    Read the meetup transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

  • Jan Dembowski 11:15 am on October 15, 2015 Permalink |  

    Agenda for the October 15th meetup 

    It’s very last minute but for today’s meetup I’d like the agenda to continue this idea:

    How do we as a team invite and encourage more people to volunteer to help users?

    I may not be able to make today’s meetup but I think this is an important topic to talk about. The support agenda for the community summit is filling in but this IMHO should be bumped up on the list.

    For any other items please reply in the comments or bring it up at today’s meetup.

  • Jan Dembowski 12:00 pm on October 9, 2015 Permalink |

    Summary for the October 8th support meetup 

    Items discussed at yesterday’s Support Team meetup.

    Should the the wp-forums list go away?

    Lately the wp-forums list hasn’t been very active. The few emails there could have been handled in the forum or the Slack #forums channel. After some discussion it was decided that while people are encouraged to use the #forums Slack channel and the list will remain in place.

    The use of that list will be discouraged (Slack really is faster) but less technical users and those who can’t use Slack will/can use it. If there’s a conversation that needs to take place and easily accesible to all then the make/support P2 should be used.

    The Meetups sub-forum

    We voted the Meetups sub-forum off of the island.

    It’s not really useful and people have sometimes mistaken that as the forum to arrange for in-person support. A meta ticket was submitted and the idea is to direct people to use http://wordpress.meetup.com/ instead.

    Community Summit Agenda for Support

    So far the agenda items for the community summit are these:

    • bbPress 2.x forum upgrade (complicated, and much thanks to those who are working on it)
    • HelpHub participation by the support team

    Here’s a few more that came up

    • Annual audit of the Support Handbook
    • Clearing out stale forum admin and moderator accounts (already in progress)
    • How do we as a team invite and encourage more people to volunteer to help users

    That last one got everyone excited. The support team is sometimes asked by forum members “how do I become a moderator?” but the answer really should be “why do you need to be a mod?”

    Just about everyone who is a moderator finds themselves clearing the spam queue, dealing with run away topics and abusive or just misguided forum members. Answering support topics often gets pushed down on their to do list.

    While performing those admin tasks is useful, we really want to work out ways to encourage and welcome people to help users first.

    That idea will be kicked around some more and @bethannon1 shared a very cool support handout she made (a Slack account required is required to view that PDF file).  This idea will be definitely worked on at the next meetup; welcoming and encouraging people to support others is a cool idea.

    Not quite in the meetup notes

    @abletec mentioned that she’s had some good a11y results with Firefox, Slack and NVDA and at my request she emailed me those details. I don’t know what those things are exactly, but the draft post for Slack and Instantbird could be updated and included in the handbook. Documenting how a11y users can participate is a good thing. 😉

    If you are a moderator then you may want to look at @keesiemeijer‘s Moderator Tools. He’s made changes and incorporated ideas from @anevins and @clorith. My favorite new feature is that it highlights hidden links in posts. That’s a common spammer practice and his script makes admin’ing the forums much easier.

    Read the meetup transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

  • Jan Dembowski 11:43 am on October 7, 2015 Permalink |  

    Agenda for October 8th meetup 

    It’s a light week for me agenda wise.

    • Items for the Community Summit (see last week’s summary).

    Aside from that it’s an open floor. Please reply in the comments or reply in the #forums Slack channel.

  • Jan Dembowski 3:32 pm on October 2, 2015 Permalink |

    Support Team meetup summary for October 1st 

    Items discussed at yesterday’s Support Team meetup.

    Reminder: Slack is public and logged

    Please remember that the Slack sessions are logged and public. Very public. It’s easy to forget that and make a comment about someone who will see it immediately or later when they look at the logs.

    If there’s something that needs to be dealt with privately then that’s where it should happen. I’m sure we all have experienced when a flippant off hand comment came back later and made things complicated. And while the DMs in Slack are intended to be private and not released, be aware that Slack is like any other social service that you do not personally manage.

    A little caution can go a long way. 😀

    Community Summit agenda for the support team

    As we get close to December this will keep coming up. This is the list so far.

    • bbPress 2.x for the support forums. It’s a complicated matter and we still don’t have a way to clone people and/or have a Tardis to help those people cross their own time line. Please consider pinging @clorith or @justingreerbbi if you’d like to help in vetting plugins for that migration.
    • HelpHub participation. There is a recurring HelpHub meeting, please participate. There’s a lot to cover and HelpHub would be a great support tool.

    Profile Badges

    While the possibility of automating them may exist someday, for now badges are manually assigned to accounts. After bbPress 2.x is rolled out (there’s no ETA on that) then badges may become automated.

    Read the meetup transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)

  • Jan Dembowski 10:02 am on October 1, 2015 Permalink |  

    Agenda for October 1st support meetup 

    The end of summer/start of fall is never a good time of year for me. The agenda is very last minute. 😉

    Items for discussion at this week’s meetup:

    • 2015 Community Summit agenda for the Support Team.
    • Open mic night! As long as it’s related to support.

    Please feel free to comment here or use the open mic on the #forums channel.

    • Matthew 12:50 pm on October 1, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hey guys. Last night my Slack account got disabled after someone hacked into it on another computer and uploaded malicious files. Is there a way to get it back?

    • Justin Greer 11:22 am on October 1, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      bbPress 2.x. We all want this to happen and in order for it to happen “sooner” (I say this loosely), we need help from anyone we can to port old 1.x plugins to 2.x.

      Also the HelpHub project was kicked off to weeks ago (first slack meeting). Anyone interested in helping or just wants to see what is going on can visit the #docs channel @9AM EST

  • Marius (Clorith) 9:39 pm on September 18, 2015 Permalink |  

    Freenode IRC name cleanup 

    Freenode will be doing some services maintenance on October 2nd and remove inactive accounts, this means that if anyone has “prominent” names and want to retain them, they should make sure they’ve identified to their names before that date to avoid being removed as inactive.

    Freenode put out the details on http://blog.freenode.net/2015/09/services-database-purge/ but in essence: If you’ve not identified within the past 120 days, you’ll be removed.

    This is particularly important for the names set as founders of the various WordPress channels.

    Normally, a channel gets dropped, or moved to a successor if one is set, when the founders names are removed, we’d like to keep our channels even if we primarily use Slack :)

    A quick check of the channels I know of shows the following founder names that haven’t identified in quite some time, and should do so before the cutoff date: @photomatt @nacin @samuelsidler @westi @aaroncampbell @waclaw @koke and @jjj

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