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Highlight: Use straight apostrophes.

Use straight apostrophes, the same character as a single quotation mark (‘). It is completely fine to use straight apostrophes in code snippets.

Apostrophes in contractions

Use an apostrophe to indicate the letters omitted in contractions.


  • I’m – I am.
  • they’ve – they have.
  • don’t – do not.

For more information, see Contractions.

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Apostrophes in plurals

Don’t use apostrophes to form plurals of nouns and abbreviations.


Not recommended: page’s, FAQ’s

Recommended: pages, FAQs

To pluralize a number, add an -s at the end without any apostrophe.


Recommended: The 2000s

Recommended: Type five 7s.

Don’t add an apostrophe and s in abbreviations of measurements to indicate plurality. For example, 50 mi or 10 mm; not 50 mis, 50 mi’s, 10 mms, or 10 mm’s.

Avoid pluralizing symbols, signs, and individual letters by adding an apostrophe and an s at the end.


Not recommended: Invalid characters include x’s, $’s, @’s, and #’s.

Recommended: Invalid characters include the letter x and the symbols $, @, and #.

For more information, see Plurals.

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Apostrophes in possessives

Use an apostrophe to form the possessive case of nouns. To form the possessive case of a singular noun, add an apostrophe and an s, even if the noun ends with an -s, -x, or -z. For plurals ending with an -s, add an apostrophe only.


  • John’s software
  • Buzz’s laptop
  • application’s password
  • bus’s architecture
  • class’s description
  • CSS’s file
  • OEMs’ products
  • business’ earnings
  • classes’ declaration
  • Jones’ programs

Exception: If a proper noun ends with an s, you can either use an apostrophe and s or just an apostrophe.
Exception: The possessive of it is its and doesn’t have an apostrophe. Be wary of common mistakes such as confusing you’re (a contraction for you are) with your, and its with it’s (a contraction for it is).

Don’t use an apostrophe with possessive pronouns.


Not recommended: The website is your’s.

Recommended: The website is yours.

Add an apostrophe and s to the end of a company, product, or brand name. In general, avoid forming possessives of company, product or brand names, regardless of who owns the name.

For more information, see Possessives.

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