iOS app site deletion, iPhone 6+

Testing site deletion with build on an iPhone 6+.

Some screenshots:

Here is the site after deletion:



  • On the delete confirmation screen, I didn’t read any of the text on my first time through. I saw a text input in a delete confirmation and assumed my password was needed. I pasted my password and noticed that it was shown in the clear. Hmm. I noticed also that the delete site button was still disabled.  Hmmm. Finally, I read the text and saw that I was being ask to perform a different kind of AYS gymnastic, typing in the site name.
  • Otherwise, the process was straightforward and worked.
  • Not pictured in the screencast: To test this I created a new site. If you are scrolled down the site list when adding a new site, you won’t see any acknowledgment that the new site was created successfully. You must scroll up to see the new site at the top of the list.


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