Test Team Handbook

Welcome to the Test Team Handbook! In these pages you can learn how and where to get involved in testing WordPress. If you want to help improve WordPress quality and usability, and advance the development process, then you’ve come to the right place!

Duty of Care

While the Test Team originally stemmed from the Core Team, contributions to WordPress testing have grown to encompass the entire WordPress ecosystem. Of course the efforts of Test Team contributors benefit WordPress and the core editor, but also sub-projects like Design and Themes, Accessibility, mobile apps, WP-CLI, Feature Projects, importers, and even WordPress.org itself.

Test Team contributions touch on all aspects of manual and automated testing within the project, including:

With such a wide range of opportunities available, contributors are sure to find an area of interest to help make WordPress better.

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Contributors Welcome

Contributors to testing have a wide variety of experience and technical knowledge, from beginners with little WordPress experience to seasoned developers who have contributed for years.

Just as WordPress is open to anyone and everyone, numerous opportunities exist for Test Team contributions regardless of individual skill level. And, like the larger WordPress community, contributors in the Test Team are enthusiastic to share their knowledge and expertise.

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Where to Find the Test Team

In addition to posts and discussions in the Test Team blog, the team meets regularly on the Make WordPress Slack #core-test channel. Stop on by, and let’s talk about testing!

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Get Started

Ready to get started? Here are some links to get you on your way:

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