Agenda for 2017 January 24

The Theme Review Team holds a meeting weekly and we encourage all members to attend.

Channel: #themereview | Time: Tuesday at 18:00 UTC 18:00 UTC


Demo & starter content

In December we discussed what restrictions we wanted to apply to demo and starter content.

  • We define placeholder content as “Anything that is shown that you cannot pull from the user’s install” (10 thumbsup)
  • There must be a capability check so that placeholder content is only shown to logged in users.
  • For starter content the content provided by WordPress core must be used with an exception of images. (9 thumbsup)

Improving theme author experience

In the last meeting we discussed improving the theme author experience. @ilovewpcom has come up with a few suggestions how we can do this.

  • The theme upload process can be improved to reduce the rate of abandonment. Additionally encouraging theme authors to continue to improve on their themes which would decrease the amount of issues spotted on the first review. Themes with less issues would lead to less subsequent reviews and quicker approval times.
  • On the/themes/ page there is no login link. On the Upload Theme page it doesn’t show  your current account. Related Meta Ticket #1050
  • The third UI issue is that even after getting to your account, there is no easy way to see all your current tickets (with themes in the queue). You have to remember or dig through emails in order to get to Trac, and even then you can’t easily see your current tickets which is difficult and confusing. (@grapplerulrich has create a new report [26]  that will show all of the tickets for themes that the user has uploaded.)

@ilovewpcom has come up with simple suggestions that would have a positive effect on the whole authorship/reviewing process. There are 5 simple mock-ups.

  • The red boxes in the first 3 screenshots show what has been added to the currently existing design.
  • The last 2 screenshots are new pages (including a new “Tickets” tab).

PHP7 Support

I propose to help users switch easily to PHP7 for their websites, themes on the repo should be PHP7 compatible. This would mean themes should not have any PHP notices when running in PHP7. This is not be something reviewers will actively needs to test. There will be an automated check with the new Theme Check plugin that can check for PHP7 support. In the meantime you can the PHP Compatibility Checker plugin. The Theme Preview Site is now running PHP7 also.

Theme Review Shindig

The next shindig is the weekend of February 4. The livecast will focus on hooks and filters.

If you have any topics, then please reply to this post and include the topic, along with a brief description of what you would like to discuss.

X-post: Theme Developer Handbook released

X-post from Theme Developer Handbook released

January 17, 2017 meeting notes

We had a fairly productive meeting with loads of good ideas. Read the Slack transcript here.

Hangout Ideas

Ideas proposed for the next hangout:

  • Working with the customizer, possibly discussing how best to implement options such as slides.
  • Using core hooks.

Disappearing reviewers

The team voted to automatically remove a reviewer if they have not added a comment in the ticket for 2 days after being assigned as the reviewer on a ticket. The ticket would then go back to the top of the queue so that another reviewer could pick it up.

Improving queue

Docs: The discussion evolved into improving the handbook and making things much clearer for theme authors and new reviewers. One proposal is to make February “theme handbook review” month, in which we spend time working on and improving the handbook.

Mentoring: There are a number of people who would like to bring the mentorship program back (+9 in favor). However, the concern is having enough experienced reviewers with the time to mentor new reviewers. If you’re a theme reviewer who would like to mentor, please comment below so that we can have a general count of who might be interested.

Priority queue: +13 votes were registered in favor of the following priority queue idea:

2) Priority queue for theme authors who have had less than 5 issues in their last theme review and they would be removed if they have more than 5 issues in a review. The number of theme authors on the list may be small in the beginning but this will be a goal for theme authors to work to and provide additional motivation to make sure the themes are up to standard. This should be relatively easy to implement with a custom report and perhaps some customisation to the assign review button.

Improving theme author experience

@ilovewpcom is in charge of working on the “theme author experience” project (just came up with that name). If you’re interested in helping out with making the uploading/reviewing experience better (from a theme author perspective) or sharing ideas, ping him on Slack.

Automation Meeting December 22

The last meeting was on November 10, which was a short meeting and there was a bit of confusion about the time change.

As I was unwell one time and recovering from travel we have not had any meetings.

The next one will be December 22. We will be keeping the time at 14:00 UTC as not every country changes their clocks and this UTC time works for everyone.

Channel: #themereview | Time: Thursday at 14:00 UTC 14:00 UTC

The agenda for the 22th December will be

  • Short update from the contributors what they have worked on.
  • Define goals for the next meeting.
  • Discuss any open issues and/or pull requests that need attention.

We need help with the following items.

If you want to to test out the current WordPress-Theme sniff you need to download it from our fork.

There is documentation how you can integrate it with your favourite IDE.

If you are interested in writing sniffs, please DM me on Slack with an issue that you would like to work on and I can help you get started and answer any questions.

Pinging @poena, @frankklein, @jrf, @shinichin, @miyauchi, @iamdmitrymayorov, @jmichaelward, @marius2012, @djrmom

If I have missed any usernames, it’s not on purpose and do consider yourself invited to the meeting.

Community summit 2017 discussion points

The summit is approaching and we need to have a series of discussion points. Over this week, lets get points and then vote in next week’s meeting.

From the blog:

1) Each project team creates a list of relevant topics/issues which are relevant for the progress of the team and the WordPress open source project as a whole, prioritizing topics or tasks which are sensitive enough to specifically require in-person discussion.

2) Each team rep will post their final discussion topic list on the Community Summit blog: Deadline: December 20th