Small Trusted Authors change

As of right now, the Trusted Authors waiting time is 1 week. If you are a TA, you’ll be able to submit a new theme once a week instead of once every two weeks.

This change is intended in part to make being a TA more attractive so all authors up their game.

So, if you’re waiting to upload a new theme, subtract 7 days from your waiting time and submit 🙂

Thank you!

Recap of the Theme Review Coding Standards Meeting

We had a productive meeting today. Juliette Reinders Folmer, William Patton, Ulrich Pogson and I went through all open pull requests and issues of the Theme Review Coding Standards repository. The meeting resulted in closing a lot of pull requests that couldn’t be implemented using Code Sniffer, identifying those that could be quickly rebased and updated to work with PHPCS 3.x, and merging several that were ready to be merged.

We also went through the open issues and closed some, while others were labeled appropriately. On some issues we need a second opinion or more information to crystallize what actually needs to be sniffed for, so be sure to leave a comment.

As development in the WordPress Coding Standards project has been plenty active in the past year, several new WPCS sniffs were identified which we can use for the TRTCS ruleset, so those will be added in the coming weeks.

The authors of the pull requests that need to be updated were notified, and we decided to give them until Monday to respond whether they would like to continue work on the PR or not. After that Juliette will probably update them since she has the most knowledge about writing sniffs.

The way people can contribute, besides writing sniffs (which can be a bit daunting to someone who never wrote one), is to post code examples in the issues or in the pull requests that would correspond to the issue/sniff in question. This really helps with unit testing the sniff as clear specifications make writing the sniff that much easier.

As for Theme sniffer, I’ve written a way to circumvent a possible bottleneck of code sniffer – minified files. This will need to be tested of course. In addition to that, the way files are sniffed will have to be changed – sniffing in batch, instead of the current way of sniffing files one by one. I’ll try to fix that as soon as possible so that you can test it and report possible issues.

Theme Review Coding Standards Meeting on 31st of May 2018

With WordCamp Europe coming closer every day, Juliette Reinders Folmer from the WordPress Coding Standards team and I decided to have a chat about the status of the current Theme coding standards and the Theme Sniffer plugin.

The current focus is bringing the Theme coding standards up to date with the PHP_CodeSniffer (v 3.x) and WordPress Coding Standards (0.14.1) (open PR #145) and finishing up the rewrite of the Theme Sniffer plugin so that it can be used during the Contributors day on WordCamp Europe.

I’ve written about the meeting in the slack channel, you can check that out here.

A meeting will be held on Thursday 31st, 09:00 AM CET via hangouts. You can add the google calendar events to your calendar by clicking these links meeting part 1meeting part 2, the hangouts link is added in the events, but we’ll provide one during the meeting on the theme review slack channel. Be sure you are logged in with google account, so that we can use built-in hangouts functionality like chat, if needed.

The proposed agenda will be:

  • Talk through the PR to update to WPCS 0.14.1 / PHPCS 3.x & merge. #145
  • Go through all open PRs: PRs
    • some will need updating for PHPCS 3.x
    • some will need updating for WPCS
    • some will need reviewing
    • some might be mergeable (after rebase)
  • Go through all open issues: issues
    • create PRs for those where upstream activity has made it an easy fix
    • determine priority and action for the rest
  • Go through the upstream WPCS issue Add sniffs for theme checks to see:
    • what’s still relevant what with the developments in TRT-land
    • what can be fixed easily what with new sniffs having been added to WPCS + PHPCS
    • open issues in WPTRT-CS repo for what remains
  • Go through all WPCS sniffs to see which if any of the new sniffs added should also be added to TRTCS
  • Browse through upstream PHPCS sniffs to see if there are (new) sniffs we should include.

There is still a lot of work to be done, so we would very much like to welcome people to contribute to this project. Contributors can really help us a lot by testing the new Theme Sniffer plugin. Testing sniffs and contributing by writing sniffs is also very welcome. I hope all who are interested and want to contribute will be there so that we can finish this before the WCEU Contributors day.


X-post: Changes that Affect Theme Authors in WordPress 4.9.6

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Trusted Authors Program

We have an excitement announcement to make, we’ve decided to make things easier for you, the authors, by putting together a Trusted Authors Program. Eventually, it will lower the burden on reviewers/leads and we will have more time for other interesting programs. After a few days of brainstorming, here is what we have.

The Trusted Authors Program is an attempt to streamline the review process for authors who are consistently able to show they can to produce high quality code and themes that are in line with the current guidelines.

You should know from the start that applications for the Trusted Authors program and its queue will be handled only by team leads.

To apply to this program, you will need to select the ticket you want us to take into consideration:

  • It can be your latest approved (live) theme (not an update ticket)
  • Ticket in the New or Final Queue.

After that you can post your application in the comments, using this format (make sure you read the entire article carefully before you apply):

User: greenshady Ticket:

The leads will make sure to take a note and contact you if your application is accepted or not.

The ticket you’re applying with must have the following characteristics:  

  1. Escaping/Sanitization – maximum of 3 issues.
  2. Licensing – maximum of 3 issues and you need to be 100% GPL, all your products, either on your website or 3rd party sites.
  3. Content creation – none spotted, this also includes correct use of demo content.
  4. Malicious or egregious stuff – no PHP/JS or any types of errors, no plugin territory functionality. Correct use of prefixing, enqueue, translations, advertising.

As an author, you also need to know that:

  • You can submit a theme once a week (1 week). Please consider that authors in the New queue have to wait for a review and they are also limited to 1 theme/30 days.
  • You must have at least 1 live theme in the directory to be considered.
  • You can’t apply with a child theme, just parent themes.
  • This privilege is not transferable,
  • Themes approved through this program cannot be transferred to other accounts for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Accessibility ready themes are filtered out of the TA queue. They’ll need a11y reviews.

Consequences of not following the rules:

  1. Content creation, licensing issues result in 1 week suspensions without warning and removal from the program. You’ll need to fix the theme, suspension won’t be lifted until you do so.  You’ll be able to re-apply for the program after 3 months from the date when the theme is reinstated.
  2. Any type of hacks, malware, attract a permanent ban and removal of all your themes. (unless you were hacked and can provide hard proof for that).
  3. The other rules result in a warning, a period of 7 days to fix those issues, otherwise point 1’s consequences apply.
  4. We’ll not take into consideration active installs counts, how old a theme is or your financial distress. Suspensions will be applied without hesitation.
  5. Two strikes will result in removal from the program. You will not be allowed to re-apply to the program for a minimum of 4 months. Timescales may be decided on a case by case basis deepening on severity.

We would like to keep things civilized. All complaints are addressed in ticket, don’t call out people on Slack. You can ping any of the team leads if you have any concerns.

Please do not take advantage of being a trusted author. Post reviews will be done at random to ensure the program is not being abused. If we find the program is being abused, any abusive authors will be removed without notice.